Cameron: Avatar 2 Going into Ocean, Re-Release On the Way

April 20, 2010
Source: Hero Complex


I knew it! What "place" does James Cameron love spending more time in other than outer space? Under the water, of course, he loves diving and most of his movies have had an underwater element or inspiration to them. In a brand new interview with Hero Complex, Cameron openly confirmed that the sequel, Avatar 2, will focus "on the ocean on Pandora, which will be equally rich and diverse and crazy and imaginative." It's an interesting interview so I suggest reading the entire thing, since Cameron talks about the re-release and all the radical environmental "reactions" to Avatar (like these crazy protesters in Palestine). Read on!

First up, Cameron confirms that Avatar will get re-released back into theaters sometime this fall with extra footage. "We're working on finishing an additional six minutes of the film - which includes a lot of Weta work - for a theatrical re-release in August… We're going to wait until there's a time to come back in, inject the new footage into the mix and see if we can interest people in the Avatar experience in theaters." That last bit was in response to the DVD release this week and allowing some time for people to want to go see it in theaters again. I think once they see it in 2D, even on Blu-Ray, people might start to yearn for 3D again.

As for the sequel and going underwater, we'll just let Cameron himself explain he wants to do in this one:

"We created a broad canvas for the environment of film. That's not just on Pandora, but throughout the Alpha Centauri AB system. And we expand out across that system and incorporate more into the story – not necessarily in the second film, but more toward a third film. I've already announced this, so I might as well say it: Part of my focus in the second film is in creating a different environment – a different setting within Pandora. And I'm going to be focusing on the ocean on Pandora, which will be equally rich and diverse and crazy and imaginative, but it just won't be a rain forest. I'm not saying we won't see what we've already seen; we'll see more of that as well."

In our big wrap up last December on where we might go and what we might see in Avatar 2, the focus was more about branching out to "other moons of the Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A solar system." But in the back of my mind, I knew that Cameron was going to venture underwater at some point. After the success of Avatar ($2.71 billion), Fox will let Cameron do whatever and go wherever he wants, it's totally his domain now. Don't forget that Cameron always seems to like mentioning that the story will branch out into a complete trilogy and he also said previously that it will "follow Jake and Neytiri" again. Head over to Hero Complex to read the full interview with Cameron. And pick up Avatar on DVD and Blu-Ray later this week!

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Oh, dear.

graffiti bandit on Apr 20, 2010



U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 20, 2010


Smurfs of the Abyss? Andalites of the Deep? James Cameron's Jame's Cameron's Avatar by James Cameron II: the Wettening?

Nemo on Apr 20, 2010



KitKatBear1 on Feb 25, 2011


Wow!!! OMG!!! Six friggin minute's!!! I shall see this version another 7 times!!

Hellfudge on Apr 20, 2010


Avatar 2 : Finding Na'vi - You heard it here first, folks.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Apr 20, 2010


Yeah I tried to like Avatar and when I first saw it I liked it...but that didn't last long, I started noticing that it was a hollow special effects driven film...that ushered in freaky deaky 3-D, I don't care for a sequel to Avatar one bit.

Xerxex on Apr 20, 2010


dude your an a$$. I have no idea how you cannot love the first movie!!!! I have it and can watch it like twice a week... and I absolutly love the fighting seen at the end. Though I can see how you may think its boring cause its basically a pocohontis in space; but what ever

Softball Playa on Jun 10, 2011


Wow I seriously thought I wouldnt be interested again but I just find myself wanting to know what his mind will create underwater. It's safe to say that I'm interested although grudgingly

Sharlto on Apr 20, 2010


I'm interested to see how Cameron is going to go about getting na'vi underwater without somekind of human technology. If that's possible.

Alex T. on Apr 20, 2010


Can't wait!!

Brandon on Apr 20, 2010


Sounds exciting!

David I. on Apr 20, 2010


If you want to know exactly what this is about, go watch The Little Mermaid. Just switch the main character with an Alien and you're all set.

Jay on Apr 20, 2010


Not seeing Avatar 2 will be my finest hour.

FancyMonocle on Apr 20, 2010


It's funny when the internet fanboys write long winded posts about how Cameron is a hack and should not make a sequel. They try to add all these valid arguments - using Lucas parallels, etc, but in reality, the OP has probably achieved less than 1% in life of what Cameron has. The simple fact is: they will make a sequel because - 1. Most people who enjoyed the film want to see a sequel. 2. It makes good business sense, and after all, this is called show business for a good reason. The haters make me laugh. In all my years trawling sites like these, they've never once put up a valid argument about a film they've hated, except the mere fact that they hate it. Well, guess what, no one cares. And most of all, James Cameron doesn't care. Get a f*cking life you losers. And maybe then you'll be able to leave your mothers basement, which I'm convinced is where a lot of you sweaty fanboys dwell.

Hellboy on Apr 20, 2010


Yeah once again I find myself agreeing with xerx...after seeing Avatar 3 different times (last time without 3-d). You realize the story is absolute cheese and its nothing more than an FX extravaganza..I mean the FX were amazing but that was it nothing else. Also every time I see an interview of Cameron I always get the feeling hes totally and utterly full of himself. I also really get the feeling by the end of this supposed trilogy, all the people who raved about the 1st Avatar will realize how shitty the trilogy was in the first place. Im not TRYING to be rebellious but damn Avatar is possibly the most overrated film ever made. Im just very glad it didnt win best director or picture oscars.

Cody w on Apr 20, 2010


navi meets 3D can't wait!

Bender on Apr 20, 2010


Avatar 2: The Hype Continues...

Big Boss on Apr 20, 2010


first they say they'll focus on other planets no they say its underwater....

Hellboy on Apr 20, 2010


Hellboy dude c'mon! We bitch because its what we do! "When pushed, bitching is as easy as breathing." Avatar was not that good.

Xerxex on Apr 20, 2010


Yeeah hellboy sounds like your an Avatar fanboy yourself....Avatar was an FX driven trash movie anyone with capacity for seeing intelligent plot and characters can see that....Also you need to chill the hell out, like damn.

Cody w on Apr 20, 2010


Avatar is the most overrated movie in history. The story sucks. Yes the special effects are amazing, but take away the 3D all ur left with is a crappy story.

Blaze909 on Apr 21, 2010


" these crazy protesters in Palestine." Why are they "crazy"? For non-violently protesting injustice and persecution?

Steven Kar on Apr 21, 2010


The Abyss in 3D - with blue Aliens.

Ed Freaking Harris on Apr 21, 2010


like it or not,Avatar is an astounding conversation piece. Compare that to Hurt Locker,it could've won all the Oscar's and still relatively noone would watch it or talk about it. I hope they invest more time crafting out the story this time,seeing how that was the weakpoint for Avatar.

twispious on Apr 21, 2010


Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger could be a blue alien in the sequal!

last son on Apr 21, 2010


#16...first thought that came to mind. How much is this going to be like the Gungan city or visuals. I will say, while so many hated Episode I, visually it was nice and I'm starting to see a strong relation. I already hated Avatar, simple bored with the movie. It was fun once, pretty, and had explosions but when that wasn't going on I entertained the notion of watching The Notebook for more excitement. Never-the-less, Episode I's Gungan city and water explorations were pretty nice. Wonder if Cameron will be original this time?

tra la la la la di da on Apr 21, 2010


I really, really, really enjoyed Avatar 3D. I don't care about all these "fanboys" bitching an whining about it. Cameron nailed it. period. I am very happy the sequel is in the works, I just hope it doesn't take ten years to make... I will say however, that after walking out of Avatar, I turned to my wife and said "That was pretty much Fern Gully with blue aliens." Now I love the movie so don't get me wrong, but whoever said "Take the Little Mermaid out and put in blue aliens" pretty much hit it dead on. I am super excited about Avatar 2 and I would bet anything that all these bitchy little trogliditic basement dwelling fanboy pole puffers will be in line opening night....mark my words.

Resciprocity on Apr 21, 2010


#2, my sentiments exactly. #14 we all know how studios like to squeeze as much money out on films and franchises as possible, so this isn't any surprise at all. but some of us can just see when they should stop, and lament when they don't. Especially when the first wasn't as groundbreaking as the studio and filmmaker would have you believe. It just reached the point where it's like, OK WE GET IT. It's epic, fine. It's the #1 movie of all time, numbers don't lie. But stop shoving the footage and facts down our throats like it's something we don't know. It's time to move on, considering it came out a full 5 months ago. So sure, let them make a sequel. But please just let the first one simmer for a little while at least. I'm feeling green from all the blue.

Jackson on Apr 21, 2010


So if I want the definitive Avatar DVD/Blu-Ray I could be looking at next thanks to this news.

DiR3cT on Apr 21, 2010


Well, I agree a bit with Hellboy, AND I agree with people who say it wasn't that good. Yes, making a sequel makes sense due to the abundance of money it made. Needless-to-say we won't see the sequel anytime soon simply due to how much time and effort JC puts into constructing a storyline. The reason why many of you feel it wasn't that good is hard to pinpoint exactly. The idea that the special effects weren't that great is laughable. The were tremendous. Someone referred to them as "hallow". Are you serious? Which eyeballs were you using when watching this film? The reason I wasn't as attracted to this film is because we've seen it before. It really has a lot of borrowed storylines. Forget about borrowed themes; I'm talking direct storylines, like Dances With Wolves. Pop in the Kevin Costner film this weekend, then pop in Avatar. You'll see what I mean.

Quanah on Apr 21, 2010


I'm not hatin on this idea. I had a great movie exerpience with the 1st one and Cam said that now the technology is created, they'll have an easier time pulling things together for future projects. Honestly can't wait. Since the Smurfs are blue and live on land, I wonder if there'll be a green race like the Snorks that live under water??

jomba joose on Apr 21, 2010


People are ridiculous. I just don't get it. First off, what is it that drives people to click on an article about something they are sick of hearing about? Are you that bored? I'm sure you've got something else you can do, maybe even something not provided by the internet for once. Second, people that bitch and moan about Avatar never come up with anything new. It's always the hackneyed smurfs/dances with wolves/ pocahontas comments. You aren't even giving any input. People that are actually changing up the insults are putting more effort into making fun of someone else's work than they are into writing or making anything themselves. Its like watching a fat ass sitting on the bleachers point and laugh at the chubby kid who's at least trying to play basketball. Who's the real fucking loser? Stop complaining about lack of creativity and go create something. If Avatar and other recent movies or other works of art are so bad and unoriginal then please by all means save the rest of us from the cliches. The truth is good story formulas are recycled and Avatar is a great example of this. I guarantee you can draw parallels between any two movies or books to some extent. So stop bashing Avatar because it decided to draw on a story-line that has stood the test of time. Yeah the story is simple, yeah the characters are archetypes we are used to seeing, but all of that has a purpose. To reach a wider audience, and get some important messages across. It obviously succeeded. I'm sorry if Avatar didn't cater to the obviously professional film analysts that frequent comment boards on this site. Have fun watching Predators, it looks so much more original.

Alex T. on Apr 21, 2010


OMG... can't wait, please re-release it in Italy too!

FlaWiio on Apr 21, 2010


Pretty sad watching Cameron dry hump the box office.

People's Champ on Apr 21, 2010


You can't doubt James Cameron. If anything, he'll probably make the sequel better then Avatar. If he just focuses on story a little more, it has the potential to really blow people away, even the haters.

Neos on Apr 21, 2010


Actually, numbers lie...unless there is a comparison based on inflation and 3D/IMAX sales since their ticket prices are So0o0o0o0o0o0o much more. I'm not hating on Avatar simply 'cause of the storyline, though that's a huge part. I'm hasting because there was a serious lack of creativity in the aliens and structure overall. It was simply boring with nothing new except...wait, 3D's not new. Sorry, Cameron did nothing with the new cameras as I just saw another movie in 3D not long before Avatar and saw nothing HUGE so actually, yes. Avatar by all means sucked since the people saying they hate people hating on 'cause they can't give real reasons yet they lack reasons why it was good. Sure, it's good. A lot of movies are good, average, where some hate and are bored and others like but Avatar held nothing special and once again, how much of those sales were the high high high priced 3D Imax?

tra la la la la di da on Apr 21, 2010


Alex T. um...what it your deal? posts these articles for us the users to comment on, what kind of site would this be if we didn't?

Xerxex on Apr 21, 2010


I'd rather see a sequel to The Abyss.

Moviegimp on Apr 21, 2010


I'm with Xerx... Alex T, Although I respect your opinion (it's by all means yours), this place would be pretty boring without some of the wierd player-hatin goin on. If anything, all of the bantering helps me develop my own opinion weather I agree with it or not; and since we're not professionals we all tend to welcome it. and #34, if 'Snorks (my new name for avatar2 😀 )' takes the same stride forward that T2 did from the original Terminator, this movie is gonna be SICK.

jomba joose on Apr 21, 2010



twittwit on Apr 21, 2010


Alex T is right. James Cameron only wanted to put his vision out there because he believed in the story and the meaning behind it. It's cool to have your opinions, but please don't keep repeating the stuff you saw on south park. Also, I'm really looking forward to the re-release and Blu-Ray TOMARROW!

Rick Deckard on Apr 21, 2010


I think most of us here Rick Deckard don't watch South Park, we only watch Lost.

Xerxex on Apr 21, 2010


@ Xerxex. I'm not saying don't comment on stuff. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have an opinion. I'm just saying I can't figure out why you and others comment on articles that are about something you claim to not have any interest in. Whenever I see an article about something I don't care about, I just skim the title and move on. I don't take time to read through it, then take even more time to read through the comments, and then comment on it myself. It just wouldn't make any sense. If I saw a movie and hated it, I wouldn't click on an article about an upcoming sequel. I wouldn't pay it any mind.

Alex T. on Apr 21, 2010


@Alex T. boredom?

Xerxex on Apr 21, 2010


Alex T. you're a dipshit. This site is designed for people to insert their random amateur opinion. You apparently lost site of that in the middle of your random amateur opinion. Get your shit together son. Most films are minor (or sometimes major) replicas of some distant predecessor (you said this yourself). I think the disappointment people feel is that someone of Cameron's technological skill level had BLARRINGLY OBVIOUS storyline elements that immulated both Pocahontas and Dances with Wolves. Sure, he had many original elements as well, but his skills are limited and it showed in the storyline of Avatar. Despite those limited skills in writing he still made a great film that was entertaining. The fact that you take someone else's opinion so personally baffles me. Why do you give a flying fuck that someone doesn't like it as much as you did? Back off asshole. And can't you tell people are not bored of this subject? If they were, they wouldn't click or post on this article. You borderline accuse people of being trolls, yet your behaviour is trollish in itself (and I am a troll and don't give a shit). Not to mention, anytime anyone has tremendous success they will come under tremendous scrutiny. Duh! Get over it.

Quanah on Apr 22, 2010


Wow! Now he can make Avatar even UNORIGINAL-IER! PASS!

Kingaling on Apr 22, 2010


Avatar...oh Avatar. People need to shut the hell up about this movie. It was OK, just OK, its 3D was amazing, but that's all that was amazing about it. Why...just why the fuck do we want a was just in theaters goddamn. I don't give a shit about an extra 6min. It was in theaters long enough, now this is just pushing it. All Cameron cares about is the money. And Cameron can go get a male prostitute to fuck him in the ass. FUCK CAMERON!

Peace Love & GaGa on Apr 25, 2010


@ Quanah. The only person making anything personal is you. I never singled anybody out the way you singled me out. I was just trying to make a couple of points. The only time I ever communicated one-on-one with anyone was when I was clarifying myself to Xerxex. I deserve to speak what I feel the same way everyone else does. If this site is for everyone to have their amatuer opinion (you said it yourself), than I should be allowed to have my own amatuer opinion about their opinions if I want to. It's not a place for you to make someone look like a bully and then play cop. I've got a question for you. Why the fuck do you care what I think of other people's opinions? Next time think about what you're doing before you tell someone else to back off you candy ass bitch. By the way I don't give a shit what people think about James Cameron or Avatar. I just can't figure out why they keep coming back to a board to talk about something they don't even like. It doesn't make any sense to me because in my opinion they are wasting their time. But than again thats just my opinion because I personally would feel that way about commenting on something I disliked. To me it just starting to feel like people comment on an Avatar article and say something along the lines of "It's Smurfs meets Pocohontas", so they can feel like they fit in nowadays. But that's beside the point. Personally yeah I love Avatar and if I had my way I would make it so more people hated it so I won't have to wait in a longer line come August 🙂

Alex T. on Apr 25, 2010


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I im in love with avatar i cant stop thinking about it im abseds about it and i cant wait to see if they make a 2nd avatar i really hope the do and even more would be great you r my idol avatar and i wouls totally wana be an avatar

Nikkie on May 2, 2010


I can tell you in one word what is most strived for in films and for all artist that is now incredibly hard to achive: Originality. Lets face it, original ideas vanish like smoke over so short spaces of time and a challenge to create for the newer generations. This is the internet, and where most of those ideas are either already used, rebooted, restored or renewed. And with all the haters making it worse of even finding a new idea, don't help and won't care. Complaining never helped and lack of cooperation or understanding doesn't do anyone any good. Using my own works as example for sake of all others about ideas. I drew in high school my own perception of a true alien to match my previous made character. I continued to perfect it until unknown to me a dangerously close creation had already been made. The alien from "Alien" was only a scale away from my own creation and I had not even heard or seen "Alien". In fact the closet to it was literally 2 seconds of "Aliens" from tv from when I probably 5, and I hadn't rememberd it at all untill then. 2 years of work without awarness of anything of the sort say from the partial memory had been of naught. Tell me, how I came up with a creature so close to "Alien" without being aware of it or playing a concious role in my creature design? Original ideas are NOT easily found anymore. Aware or not, planned or not, known or not. Thats the great struggle for the new generation, becuase the ones before have taken them. The internet merely concreted the loss or use of them. Criticism by comparision only make original ideas are the more elusive or non existant. Movies like "Avatar" are going to be some of the closest to original visually without comparing it your going to find. Collect your movies wisely or you may not know how to come up what is original anymore. Only for sake of cooperation, Alex T. has his poit made and it is how it is. I for one am making something of comenting because it shouldn't hurt to try to teach. To be fair of opinion; yes, I hope to see Avatar 2, theaters or DVD. If you can't support a actual argument, don't make one. Orginal ideas are running on thier threads, so comparing make break its last ones. Good luck finding any actual original ideas, as do I hope to. -Ambrotos (Greek) = "immortal"

ambrotos on May 11, 2010


Thxs And are they going to be having kids in the 2nd avatar

Nikkie on May 12, 2010


Cant wait! sounds really interesting ..

NONStop on May 28, 2010


Hey so r they going to be having kids

Nikkie on May 28, 2010


it will be funny if they have kids

kelly on Jun 7, 2010


well i have to say that im not looking forward to seeing it......if i wanted to see smurfs underwater id watch robot chicken with my kids. however it was a great way to get the kids out the house =)

alainaVW on Jun 29, 2010


After a few months of comments the bashing still centers around smurfs? There are only a handful of truly original ideas that probably had little to no influence within the past few decades, and repeat smurfing isn't one of them.

Pot - Kettle - Black on Jul 2, 2010


I do not like to idea of adding 6 minutes to the movie and then going to the theaters again. If they wanted to do that, then they should do what other movies had been doing it in a long time. PUT IT ON AN EXTENDED DVD!!!! It is just a waste of money of going seeing it again and seeing only 6 mins of it that we haven't seen yet. That is just stupid! The only reason why I think they are doing it is because so that they can have more money. I do like the movie. So here is my idea, PUT IT ON DVD!! It makes more since, instead they wanted to have more attention and thinking that it will be more successful. It will still be the same, just 6 new scenes that they added.

Emily45 on Jul 4, 2010


You guys are crazy for not liking Avatar it was the best movie EVER i have wached it 6 times and still love it i cant wait for the 2nd movie to come out!

Maddie56 on Jul 4, 2010


when is avatar 2 coming out?

Payton on Aug 13, 2010


just reading what has been written. All the haters you need to get a life. You need to get out of your little box room. I bet you haters never had a girl i bet you just sit at home wankin your self off. you dumb fucks need a life. I thought it was a good film and i cant wait for the second part

xlnc on Aug 26, 2010


I agree that the storyline in Avatar wasn't the richest, but I don't agree that it was as bad as you haters are making it out to be. However, i also don't agree that it was the BEST film of all time. We can all agree that the FX were spectacular P.S. You actually watch Pocahontas? (probably recently as well)

God on Sep 3, 2010


Right, first i'm going to say that the majority of you think that it is a recycled film and you've seen it all before. So, my arguement is... THE FILM WAS AIMED AT KIDS. Yes I know that it's a 12 but people who are too young to have watched Smurfs and Pocahontas (And i'm wondering why you've actualy been watching this stuff anyway) wouldn't have seen it anyway. I'm 13 now and I havn't seen Smurfs or Pocahontas so I think that the film was amazing! So you sweaty fanboys can get back to masturbating over your computer or playing World of Warcraft in your mums basement and let the half decent people in life have fun.

Kieran on Dec 29, 2010


All of you are just jealous because your ideas aren't nearly as successful as Cameron's. 🙂 Stop complaining and make something of yourselves.

ChefLulu on Jan 23, 2011


This new movie seems awesome!!! Can't wait to see it!!!

Gabby Sanchez41 on Mar 11, 2011


Cody w Collapse Yeah once again I find myself agreeing with xerx...after seeing Avatar 3 different times (last time without 3-d). You realize the story is absolute cheese and its nothing more than an FX extravaganza..I mean the FX were amazing but that was it nothing else. Also every time I see an interview of Cameron I always get the feeling hes totally and utterly full of himself. I also really get the feeling by the end of this supposed trilogy, all the people who raved about the 1st Avatar will realize how shitty the trilogy was in the first place. Im not TRYING to be rebellious but damn Avatar is possibly the most overrated film ever made. Im just very glad it didnt win best director or picture oscars. i say: if you thought the story line was cheesy i doubt you could come up with a better story line, and when you see him on his interviews you say hes totally and utterly full of himself? are you a producer? no so hush! hes had this movie on his mind for a very long time, the matter was back then they didn't have the technology. i myself am a Cameron fan, and enjoyed all his moves but one (titanic). Xerxex Yeah I tried to like Avatar and when I first saw it I liked it...but that didn't last long, I started noticing that it was a hollow special effects driven film...that ushered in freaky deaky 3-D, I don't care for a sequel to Avatar one bit. i say: what moves DONT have special effects now a days....think about that. then you say "we bi*** cause its what we do? yes that is very true you do bi*** as well as others. but if you didnt like avatar and wont like avatar 2 then why post? i can answer that for you, you post because you want that attention knowing someone will end up saying something.! avatar 2 will have a better storyline then it did on the first, this was a vision of what his mother dreamed of and just turned into a movie (which i think is cool) i really loved all the attention and action in the first and hope perhaps there will be more action into it (battles)

Anonymous on Apr 22, 2011


O shut the heck up. Everyone has an opinion and if u dont like people responnding to what you have to say then deal with it ccause everyone has something to say and anyone who cant stand ppl with an opinion. need to open their eyes and see the world

Lmp94 on Jun 10, 2011

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