Cameron Finally Admits: 'Yes, There Will Be' an Avatar Sequel

January 7, 2010
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Pandora - Avatar

Of course! This isn't a big of a story as you're probably expecting with a headline like that. But with Avatar already the second highest grossing film off all-time, it's completely expected that Fox and James Cameron would be working on an Avatar sequel. However, Cameron likes to keep secrets, and it's been pointed out to me that he's never directed a sequel to any of his movies besides Terminator. Plus, there's some people who think that a sequel just won't happen (for whatever reason). However, according to a report (via AICN) from a very recent Q&A with James Cameron, the man himself did indeed admit: "Yes, there'll be another."

Unfortunately that's pretty much all Cameron said. The report from the Q&A is a bit vague, but they say that Cameron said "to expect the studio to want another one" and that, obviously, "a second film will be easier, as the technology now exists, thanks to the [first] movie." As in, half the reason Avatar took so long is they had to invent the technology used in it. Cameron also stated that "the plan had always been to make a trilogy of films." That gels with our huge report from a few weeks ago about what's next for Avatar (and where they could go in a sequel). So there you have it, there will be another Avatar. But will James Cameron direct it?

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he's lying.

danielvutran on Jan 7, 2010


finally got to see this at a 3d theater...must say I was properly impressed and had the best movie-going experience in many a year...I certainly hope they manage an intelligent story for the sequel...this was a fantastically beautiful film in all respects...good job Cameron...

1percenter on Jan 7, 2010


The only main complaint I had with Avatar was the story; it being very predictable. Hands-down; everything else (special effects and all that jazz) were excellent. Since we know what to expect special-effects vise, hopefully we will get a better story and not a rehashed idea (aka. Dancing with Smurfs) again.

Ron on Jan 7, 2010


I loved Avatar, every little bit, as far as I'm concerned a sequal is very bad news. It's just not necessary.

Chris on Jan 7, 2010


i just want to see what else they come up with

Jlawrence1396 on Apr 8, 2011


i agree with #4 i loved avatar. it wasn't perfect but it was very very good. Unless they can make a sequel that isn't dealing with the same characters like natari or jake sully. then go for it. make it new make it its own entity. but if its dealing with the same characters please just leave it alone.

eric on Jan 7, 2010


I don't mind a sequel but I hope he's working on Battle Angel before the sequel

Jaf on Jan 7, 2010


Where are the fricken toys! I need that Dragon Gunship! You know the one, the big green ship with the guns, rockets and everything!

TediusTed on Jan 7, 2010


No big surprise! Hope Cam works on the script better.

Peoples' Champ on Jan 7, 2010


Holy cow! A new Star Wars is born!

David Banner on Jan 7, 2010

11 2020

wm on Jan 7, 2010


Woooo Hooooo! About time there was a new Sci-Fi franchise we could look forward to. And one directed and controlled by the MAN: James Cameron! Now to get back to reading his book....

Andrew on Jan 7, 2010


I thoroughly love Avatar. Yes, its story has been done before, but the way it is handled in Avatar, it appeals to me more than any other before it. And I think we can all agree the visuals are simply mind-blowing. When it came to the idea of a sequel, I had decided the moment I stepped out of the theatre that I did not want another, simply out of fear that it will tarnish what is an amazing film. However, if Cameron had in fact been planning out a trilogy from the very beginning, then fine. I'm still incredibly apprehensive about it and I can guarantee that if Cameron is not directing the next Avatar, I will not be seeing it.

Elgo on Jan 7, 2010


I believe Cameron will absolutely direct it. This is his baby, even moreso than Terminator. He's lived with this since he was a kid, so I feel it would be hard for him to hand over the reigns to this franchise. How could he not return to a world he's invested so much time and, quite literally, his own money into? Cameron knows how to up the ante, and I think Avatar was just the beginning.

Fuelbot on Jan 7, 2010


Now he can finally do away with all that pesky dialogue and stuff and just have scenes of big 3D CG jungles for four hours. It will be like that Planet Earth documentary but fake and made on a render farm. It will make a trillion dollars.

name on Jan 7, 2010


Eat it all you Avatar haters!! JC will soon have the 3 highest grossing movies ever! Can't wait.

T on Jan 7, 2010


James Cameron did mentioned in an interview that if he made a sequel it wouldn't 't be in Pandora but rather on another moon orbiting Polyphemus or maybe Polyphemus itself. Anyway I just hope he doesn't pull a Michael Bay... hail the king of the world!

Almartva on Jan 7, 2010


Where is our Titanic Sequel?

Brandon on Jan 7, 2010


Where is our proper Terminator sequal? 🙂

ryderup on Jan 8, 2010


Where is our Abyss Sequel?

Nasty Nate on Jan 8, 2010


#22 - are you kidding me? You actually just wrote "—Hey Kids! STOP worshipping your screensavers! They CAN'T save you!" ?! You can't even respond to a blog post without it being unbelievably lame and you call James Cameron creatively bankrupt?

hahaha on Jan 8, 2010


Mr. Cameron, Thanks one more:

DrKeithCurrie on Jan 8, 2010


We need more creative person like Mr. Cameron

DrKeithCurrie on Jan 8, 2010


all for avatar sequel,release date dec 2019.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 8, 2010


i like avatar because Mr.Cameron... go..go.go..Mr.Cameron

pardiganteng on Jan 8, 2010


What I loved the most about Avatar was the creature designs, I would love to see some underwater scenes in the next Avatar film, imagine the creatures you could incorporate into that world.

Metatasian on Jan 8, 2010


Ahhh and I still haven't seen the first one!

Francine on Jan 8, 2010


#22 you are incredibly lame to say that James Cameron is "creatively bankrupt". Only a mastermind can design and spend so much money and time and imagination on creating such a beatiful film. I totaly want a sequel and i would want naytiri to continue for sure. There are news that Zoe Saldana and Sam have signed fo the upcoming sequels so they will be featuring in the next movies.Eeeeehaaaa! They is some touching chemistry between them and this makes the love story in this film so amazing + the willingness to self-sacrifice for Jake. I totaly loved this aspect. Naytiri represents in my opinion the perfect woman- a sexy, unique, devine, self-sacrificing warrior-lady. Period

Naytiri rulzzzzz on Jan 8, 2010


I think a sequel with a unique story could actually redeem the lack of story in the original and in the long run, cement Avatar as a legitimate trilogy. Sort of the reverse of how Star Wars 1, 2 & 3, ruined 4, 5, & 6. Trip

Trip on Jan 8, 2010


I thought the technology of Avatar was great, but the story highly lacking. I think Jake Sully's metal state could have been better explored. I also found that the humans were highly underdeveloped. "Me human. Me want rock. Me smash." Seriously, unobtainium? I could tell that the main Na'vi cast were minorities. And the main human cast was not. It reminded me of "Enemy Mine." I would think James could do a better job of diversifying the roles. The floating mountains blew me away. I saw the preview and thought the mountains were stupid, but the short explanation of "it has to do with the vortex," won me over. I was expecting some bullshit science answer and received a great scifi answer. Why did most creatures have a USB port? Do the Na'vi trade with the other Na'vi?

Josef on Jan 8, 2010


they dont need a sequal if they do it would just ruin it because seuquals usually arent as good as the first movie.

jomamma on Jan 8, 2010


obviously the next one is gonna be about the Military wanting revenge for the death of their men/women.... so a huge all out war between two.. plot twist thrown here and there... Maybe Jakes friends/family from Earth would be held captive or something blah blah blah blah im just throughing out ideas. OR War againts other tribes/Clans maybe idk

dgeet on Jan 8, 2010


I hate how Cameron always portrays military men as greedy and kill-happy. Aliens, Abyss, and now Avatar...SAD

branden on Jan 8, 2010


#33, this is James Cameron we're talking about here....HIS sequels are not as good as the first...THEY ARE BETTER. Terminator 2 and Aliens, anyone? I have complete faith that he will deliver another mind-blowing experience.

Cmurder on Jan 8, 2010


#34 - the military weren't killed. The soldiers on Pandora were ex-military, hired as private militia for security on Pandora. Also it would be 16 years (if I recall?) at minimum before a return journey could be made as it's 8 years each way between Pandora and Earth.

hahaha on Jan 8, 2010


yes 35 is right, some how in the future we will have dumb lumps of crap from kansas heading the militia/army wot not for us...that really got my goat. shame the retards ended up on pandora swinging gunships around (except rodriguez of course), this made americans look stupid. they are not. what sequel?? true lies maybe.

dealers wheel on Jan 8, 2010


yes, it was pretty much an acurate portrayal of American, or should I say capitalist, attitudes in Avatar. Active duty military, mercenaries, or corporate bigshots, the end result would be the same. Face it, our government would not hesitate to destroy ANYTHING that has the potential to make mega $$$ regardless of how rare or beautiful it may be.

truthsayer on Jan 8, 2010


all in all this movie is a litle to close to todays society this could truely happen and that scares ppl.

alex on Jan 9, 2010


i thin that sequels will be amazing and i would love to just be in the avatar films as i think that they are so amazing and that the graphix and everything was amazing. i just want the next one to be longer and even better

dan on Jan 18, 2010


i just saw avatar yesterday and it was ok i mean it was worth seeing but it was like Dancing with Wolves and pochantas had a kid and they named it avatar sersiously the story was very predictable but the technology was amazing come up with a better story line and it'll be great but don't get rid of the main actors and actress that would just screw it up

ellen on Mar 8, 2010


Oh great, another three hour long love story with stunning visual capture.

Sandra on May 12, 2010


There is no doubt that 'Avatar' is one of the epic movie ever. It just set an milestone in the movie world. I loved it very much. But what you just told that cameron said about a sequel of avatar, i just can't buy it. Cause, me personally don't see any possibility about that.

Julie on May 24, 2010


Hell yes! Even though there were a few minor things in Avatar that I thought were weak, I still loved the hell out it!

Katie on May 28, 2010


James Cameron is one of the best thing ever happened to film industry. He presented us some extraordinary and epic movie that human will watch with extreme wonderment. But a sequel of 'avatar', i don't see any reason behind it. I don't think Cameron is going to do that. Sorry, but i think its just a rumor.

Jackie on May 31, 2010


I just loved Avatar, every little bit, as far as I'm concerned a sequal is very very good news.

Monica on Jun 5, 2010


This article will help everyone to know so much important information. It is very alternative for people and this article can help anybody.

Rebecca on Jun 13, 2010


It will be like that Planet Earth documentary but fake and made on a render farm. It will make a trillion dollars. thanx for sharing.

Molly on Jun 30, 2010


Well, They dont need a sequal if they do it would just ruin it because seuquals usually arent as good as the first movie.

Christine on Jul 29, 2010


Let's hope the sequel has better themes. (I loved the special effects, but the themes running throughout the movie left A LOT to be desired, especially in the final 1/3 of the film.)

San Diego P on Aug 2, 2010


I just came across this article and I'm glad to hear that there will be a sequel to Avatar. Can't wait for it.

Sandra Hopkins on Jan 11, 2011


i think a trilogy would b best for this type of movie

Agent Gomez on Feb 26, 2011


I hope they go with a "humans attempting revenge" angle if Earth is really as bad as they said in the movie, they're prolly comin 4 the whole planet

Allison Clark on Mar 16, 2011


I love avatar! this movie is good,, good job cameron u do ur best of this movie..

Andrea Bakurva on Jun 27, 2011


This is my favorite movie ever! I hope there is another.  Cameron did every thing right. I do think that another Avatar will be very hard to match. But I would love to see what they come up with next!

Bubbles on Feb 17, 2012


I heard that the focus of the next movie will be pandoras seas!

Andre S on Aug 22, 2012


Mr.Cameron if you need a extra on the set of Avatar , I am able and willing...cannot get enough of Avatar....Thank you for such a great movie, than you can watch over and over again.....

Stephanie on Dec 13, 2012

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