Cannes Review: Quentin Dupieux's Wacky Tire Movie Rubber

May 16, 2010

Quentin Dupieux's Rubber

One of the most buzzed about films in this year's Semaine de la Critique (Critic's Week) is French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux's wacky new film Rubber about an angry sentient tire that explodes peoples' heads using psycho-kinetic powers. The film is self-defined (directly in the beginning) as an homage to "no reason" in film - as in, the idea that things happen "for no reason" in many films. And, for no reason, Dupieux decided to make a film about a tire that's alive. Alas, there's only so much anyone can do with this concept, and it doesn't have enough to last a full film, so he uses some other tricks to keep it running for a full 85 minutes.

Rubber is one of those bad-but-good films that deserves to be in a Grindhouse line-up from the 70's. Not only does it have a story about a killer tire, but Dupieux plays with the audience in crazy ways. He actually introduces a live "audience" in the film that is watching the "film" about a tire. They make observations and watch everything unfold through binoculars as if they were idiot audience members watching this film play out, but he spends so much time with them (an even mix of both stories) that I started to get bored with the whole film about half way through. I mean, how much can you do with a killer tire and a small budget in the middle of the California desert? The tire, called Robert, doesn't talk, kills some people, and that's about it.

I don't want to say this film was a complete waste because when or where will we see a story about an angry, sentient tire ever again, and if that concept alone interests you, than it's worth checking out. But it's just so wacky, so frickin' weird from start to finish, with the odd audience-in-the-film secondary story and the tire's love affair with a beautiful girl, that it's just hard to actually love it. At one point halfway through, after they try to poison and kill off the audience, a police officer just says to stop acting and go home because it's over, but since it is real, the story resumes. Good or bad, pointless or not, it was at least a very unique experience.

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When are we ever going to see another movie about an angry, sentient tire ever again? Knowing Hollywood, I'd say we can expect an American remake in a year or two. Or maybe an rebooting.

Joshua m on May 16, 2010


Uhhh, OK.....sounds like something you'd watch on TV on a bored Saturday afternoon.

Nada Nuff on May 16, 2010


#2 ...... why the hell would you waste your Saturday afternoon watching this? On Saturdays you need to be out hitting tires with sludge hammers or rolling them down a hill at pedestrians not sitting on your couch watching them. come on this is like a 7 o'clock Wednesday type of movie

DoomCanoe on May 16, 2010


want to see it Alex anyway... ..thank you for the review..but i want to see it for myself.. i am very curious about tis one..

Sakyo on May 16, 2010


****When are we ever going to see another movie about an angry, sentient tire ever again? Knowing Hollywood, I'd say we can expect an American remake in a year or two. Or maybe an rebooting. **** But with a monster truck tire...Americans know how to do it bigger and badder(Michael Bay will be attached to direct)

Jasdeep Grewal on May 16, 2010


****When are we ever going to see another movie about an angry, sentient tire ever again? Knowing Hollywood, I'd say we can expect an American remake in a year or two. Or maybe an rebooting. **** Or maybe a re-tread?

Megacity on May 16, 2010


@ Doom Canoe: At 7:00 on Wednesdays I definitely have better things to do. On Saturday afternoons I'm bored outta my gourd.

Nada Nuff on May 16, 2010


Another movie about angry tires with telekinetic powers? How many of these do we have to see? The horse is dead. Leave it alone.

Bob Dylan on May 16, 2010


@6 "rim"shot

peloquin on May 16, 2010


let me get this straight? - "first showing" will make space for this crap?

beavis on May 16, 2010


HAHAHAHA This movie sounds like a great one to pop in after watching Dead Alive and smoke a great big blunt!

Zippetty on May 16, 2010


@Nada Nuff well lets go burn some rubber brother.

DoomCanoe on May 17, 2010


I made it through Daft Punk's Electroma and mostly enjoyed it. I don't think sitting through this could really be all that bad.

Boba on May 22, 2010


@Boba Yeah, wtf. i wanna see the SHIT out of this! i-ah-be curious despite the constructive criticism lacking/negative nelly review. If you've seen any of Depiuex's shorts and Whatnot he's got a unique, calm, but basic and powerful perspective of the twisted world we live in. IMHO lol I hereby review this review and any others' following as horrible and should be subject to severe revision. If its as tripped out and funked out'n awesome as his music than Sweet. ūüôā ha MR.OIZOOO!

Bobby on Jul 12, 2010


This review made me wanna see this movie so bad.

Teej on Aug 2, 2010


i just saw the movie at the fantasy filmfest in cologne. it is a very very weak and boring movie. after three minutes, the funnieness fades out rapidly and all "splatter"-scenes are not really splatter. the music is excellent. the acting is excellent, too. but still, the film is so f****ing boring, it made me wanna puke.

bloke on Sep 2, 2010


does anyone know when or where i'll be able to see this film? I've seen trailers for it that made it look amazing and the sound track seems to be awesome.

Ross on Oct 1, 2010


Dude this movie sucked ass... No way to spin it do it is any good... It fucking blows

Mmnuts12 on Mar 19, 2012


Opens April 1st, 2011...hmmm

No on Feb 11, 2011


for the record this movie is awesome its a great satire that a ton of critics relate to monty python-esq comedy if you actually enjoy movies and can see them for what they are then you gotta watch it hilarious from start to finish... little tire.. big dreams.

cerambam on Apr 5, 2011


I think u fail to see beyond the tire (like all the audience of the movie was seeing it). It is a direct critic to "Hollywood-style" movies, were everything is so define that, for instance doesn't even matter if the killer is a Guy, or a tire, or a doll or any other thing. Or the fact that the most of the audience "eats" everything that its thrown at them (any crappy mainstream movie) - if u wait u get "gormet". Or even, when the wheelchair guy dies, the fact that the spectators should be involved in the movie (space of reflexion) and not just passive bodies (like all the other dumb -dead- audience)...  and much more... its a general critic for or the mainstream movies. I don't think its a coincidence that "robert" all his friends arrive to Hollywood in the end. Nor i think that when "robert" arrives is a pure no reason that he goes back a bit: "i shall not "go" Hollywood. OR... its is just "no reason"... but either way, for sure, its not for "normalized hollywood minds" 

Sérgio Barbosa on Jun 3, 2011


Great review of a completely pointless movie... This movie sucked balls... It's not funny... It's not scary it's not entertaining in the least bit... This movie is fucking stupid and comparing it to Monty python... You should be shot

Johnnywalker on Mar 19, 2012


You're dead fucking right. I totally agree. Any moron that would compare this to Python should have his balls cut off.

Personanongratajoe on May 31, 2012


Horse Shit! This movie is making fun of the audience, not Hollywood. He has no respect for the audience. "Normalized Hollywood minds"? How about a director that cannot work in genre and use its structures in a real story about something to make a critique of genre and Hollywood story telling. Sorry...but there is little more than contempt of the director for popular entertainments audiences, not popular entertainment. In an interview he said he wanted people to laugh. The only joke in this movie is that you buy into it. 

Personanongratajoe on May 31, 2012


Wow, some of you put a ton of thought into a completely idiotic movie. Now that's satire! Sa-tire, get it!

JP on Jul 13, 2011


Hi, its really very nice i have seen trailers for it that made it look amazing and the sound track also seems very awesome. thanks.  Mass Profit Formula

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


I haven't seen the movie but I think i'm going to like it. But,I might hate it. If no on reads this,am I then,not a critic? chew on that!

Bob on Aug 9, 2011


This movie was stupid, antisemitic, and deconstructionist bull crap. It works on a premise that any genre structure, regardless of its origin or its story has no point other than to entertain. The director is an asshole that doesn't understand story or narrative structure, but does understand how to thumb his fucking snobby noise at popular entertainment. It doesn't impress, it only demonstrates the the flaws in the directors tiny view of life and the world around him. 

Personanongratajoe on May 31, 2012

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