Initial Cast for 'The Hobbit' Announced + Freeman Confirmed!

October 21, 2010
Source: ComingSoon, Deadline

Martin Freeman / The Hobbit / Richard Armitage

With the epic two-part adaptation finally getting the greenlight, it's time to turn our attention to casting on The Hobbit. Warner Bros, New Line and MGM jointly announced today the initial cast for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, confirming that Martin Freeman will indeed play Bilbo. They also list the actors who'll make up the Company of Dwarves. "There has only ever been one Bilbo Baggins for us," Jackson explained. "There are a few times… when you come across an actor [who] was born to play a role, but that was the case as soon as I met Martin. He is intelligent, funny, surprising and brave - exactly like Bilbo… he is our Hobbit."

There are a few more names they announced today. The Company of Dwarves is made up of: Richard Armitage (UK's "MI-5", Captain America: The First Avenger) as Thorin Oakenshield, dwarf leader of the Company that sets off with Bilbo to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from a thieving dragon; Aidan Turner ("Being Human") and Rob Kazinsky ("EastEnders") as Kili and Fili; Graham McTavish (Secretariat, "24") as Dwalin; John Callen ("Power Rangers Jungle Fury") as Oin; Stephen Hunter ("All Saints") as Bombur; Mark Hadlow (King Kong) as Dori; and Peter Hambleton ("The Strip") as Gloin. No other cast members were announced or confirmed in this press release, although we can still assume Sir Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis are in the mix to reprise their roles, even though deals probably haven't been finalized yet.

Jackson adds of Thorin that, "Richard [Armitage] is one of the most exciting and dynamic actors working on screen today and we know he is going to make an amazing Thorin Oakensheild. We cannot wait to start this adventure with him and feel very lucky that one of the most beloved characters in Middle-earth is in such good hands." Deadline also says that they've heard that James Nesbitt and David Tennant are up for roles, plus Stephen Fry, Saoirse Ronan and Bill Nighy (as the voice of the dragon Smaug) are also in the running. Jackson is putting together another strong cast and I'm already crazy excited to see it. Stay tuned for more!

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Mordacious on Oct 21, 2010


Make way for all the "know it all" people who think its a horrible choice and they have a better pick. Thats why YOUR not in Hollywood. Just enjoy it.

Marc on Oct 21, 2010


I like Freeman as Bilbo, but who are the rest of these clowns? Can't they get some actors with some experience?

Ben on Oct 21, 2010



josh on Oct 21, 2010


Ben. They aren't "experienced" in America. They are, however, known in Europe. I sense a masterpiece coming.

ModernAmericanMan on Oct 21, 2010


So far "excellent" casting. I can totally see Freeman as Bilbo.

JimD on Oct 21, 2010


@2 the only reason why any of us aren't in Hollwood is we are neither very rich or related to someone already in Hollywood. You know like NASCAR. Or Royalty.

Akirakorn on Oct 21, 2010


What a casting coup! How were they able to snag the guy from Power Rangers Jungle Fury??

hector on Oct 21, 2010


oh and BTW, thought Freeman was great in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and would be the PERFECT younger verison of Sir Ian Holm.

Akirakorn on Oct 21, 2010


@5... well I'm in Australia not America, and considering a lot of our shows on tv are British (and we have a channel dedicated to Europeon and British shows) I would have likely seen or heard of some of these so called "experienced" actors, but I haven't... so hence they must not be as big as you are making out to be.

Ben on Oct 21, 2010


The movie is actually being made. Can almost cry.

True Story on Oct 21, 2010


now you have me tearing up too! (in a happy way :))

Salogel on Jul 5, 2011



Robbie on Oct 22, 2010


Where's Bofur!! WHHAAAAA!!!

Mikestar on Oct 22, 2010


Ben. With the exception of 2, these actors have had long careers in TV, Film, and Plays. Just because YOU haven't seen them doesn't mean they aren't experienced. I'm trusting Peter Jackson is picking these people due to their "experience". I'd be curious to know your definition of "experienced".

ModernAmericanMan on Oct 22, 2010


With the job that Peter Jackson did on the first one, I trust that he'll do the same type of representation on this one -- known actors or not. Just like Ian McKellen, many of these actors have stage experience, something that it seems like Jackson goes for over experience on-screen.

Blake on Oct 22, 2010


Hurry up and film the GOT' DAMN MOVIE!!!!!!!

Solo Calrissian on Oct 22, 2010


Couldnt figure out better actor for Bilbo than Freeman!!!! Im excited to see that movie!!!

Christina on Oct 22, 2010


@3 ben besides elijah wood, liv tyler, ian mckelling, sean aston, galadriel and elrond(their real names escape me at the moment), which actors had you ever heard of before fellowship of the ring? mostly no name actors who all ended up being superb in their lead and supporting roles. theyre big name actors because of lord of the rings and great news like this wants me to sit through another marothon of lotr extended cut.. maybe sunday

harrison on Oct 22, 2010


@3 ben Really? You call them clowns just because YOU have not heard of them. Seems that you are the clown!

paddlepaws on Oct 23, 2010


I auditioned for Bofur. Damn I really wanted it too.

KNOWITALL on Oct 23, 2010


The casting for this film is awesome, and of course most of them are great, much loved British actors (probably because they haven't been botoxed up to the eye-balls and can still show some modicum of expression on their faces (and asses). Richard Armitage as Thorin is an inspired choice. Anyhow never mind asking who the hell are these actors, who an earth are you when you're out? Who? Never heard of yer!

Sue on Oct 27, 2010

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