Casting Rumors Hit for Fox's Fantastic Four Franchise Reboot

August 23, 2010
Source: ComicBookMovie, ScreenRant

Jonathan Rhys Meyers / Alice Eve / Adrien Brody

Though plans fell through for the stunning Alice Eve to take on the role of Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class, Fox is still chomping at the bits to get her into a skin tight superhero suit. According to Comic Book Movie (whose scoops can be hit or miss), Fox is looking at Eve to play Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman, in their reboot of Fantastic Four. The same place also mentioned Amber Heard (Pineapple Express) as a candidate for the same role. In addition, ScreenRant says Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are among names being considered for Mr. Fantastic himself, Reed Richards. This might actually turn out okay!

On a side note, in a likely attempt to draw some attention away from the fact that this is a reboot, Fox may have dropped the working title Fantastic Four Reborn, but it's not for sure yet. The caliber of actors seems to be a lot better this time, but I can't discredit the original cast too much since they did the best with the script they had (except for Jessica Alba; she was awful). Brody would bring a great amount of credibility to the franchise, and even though anyone would be better than Alba (she's just eye candy) at least Heard and Eve have some genuine talent on top of their looks. Rhys Meyers seems like a decent enough candidate, but his attempts at an American accent have always bothered me for some reason (with exception to the Elvis miniseries). If he was just a bit younger, he'd be a perfect choice for Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch.

But for now, these are strictly rumors and there's probably a lot more than just these names in the running anyway. It sounds like Eve is going to get herself into a Marvel movie sooner or later. On top of her X-Men link, at one time she was on the shortlist to play Captain America's love interest Peggy Carter. Apparently, Comic Book Movie says she's even being sought to play a villainous role in The Avengers. The character is apparently best known from the Thor comic book series, which leads me to believe that the role in question would be that of Enchantress, one of Thor's most notable nemeses. But I guess we'll have to wait patiently to see if any of these casting rumors pan out. Who do you want to see in this Fantastic Four reboot?

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Amber Heard or Alice Eve ??

ntrsfrml on Aug 23, 2010


"even though anyone would be better than Alba (she's just eye candy) " Of course this is your personal opinion in your world . loll! Everyone KNOWS that Alice Eve is far more stunnier than Alba Either of the males would do because they are both hot anyway with talent so... Yeah in the reboot they should explore why each got the qualities, they missed that in the first ones. I mean like storm got fire because he is always impulsive , Grimm got rock because of him being grumpy and stuff , Mr Fantastic got his because of his adaptibility and always trying to please others etc... they should also create space for their child in a trilogy

I am... on Aug 23, 2010


Why is this being geared so young? There was an article on totalfilm that I completely agree with and will probably have trouble seeing it done any other way. They say it better than I can. Check it out:

Zchill on Aug 23, 2010


If ever there was a need for a reboot, Fantastic Four is it. Intersting to see Adrian Brody's name in the running to play Reed Richards. His nerdy-coolness may actually suit this role.

Hari Seldon on Aug 23, 2010


Okay, first off. What talent does Amber Heard have? Really. You talk about Alba just being, "Eye Candy?" What the hell do you call Amber Heard?! Her best role was all of about a five minute screen time where she tried to eat Jesse Eisenberg. She plays the hot chick. Lets not forget Alice Eve. Her best role was Molly! So the two possibles for Sue Storm, the two that will replace the "Eye Candy" that was Jessica Alba, play the role of Eye Candy in everything they do!!!! Smart, really smart dude. If you want to bash on someone because they are beautiful, don't compare them to sub par girls that are both less talented and less gorgeous than the first. Alba can act circles around these two girls, any day of the week.

Ariel on Aug 23, 2010


looks like Spiderman, Time to move on Hollywood.

John Q Arbuckle on Aug 23, 2010


I vote Brody. He was good in Predators. Rockin the Spartan abs. on Aug 23, 2010


Mickey Rourke as The Thing. (the voice at least)

Joseph on Aug 23, 2010


@ 7...I heard the thing was going to be 100% computer generated in this iteration.

peloquin on Aug 23, 2010


His voice would definitely work though...

peloquin on Aug 23, 2010


This cast sucks even harder then the previous Fantastic Four.

Robbie on Aug 23, 2010


Reboot???? Meh.....

1544K on Aug 23, 2010


Oh Alba, such sweet eye-candy, just for that she should not be ripped into. Can't wait to see her sweating and half naked for no good reason in Machete lol

Matthew on Aug 23, 2010


The Fantastic 4 does NOT need a reboot! I mean, why? 1 Galactus cloud? Is that why? If that is why, it's a silly reason.

LW on Aug 23, 2010


Adrien would likely cost too much - and I'm not sure he'd bring much to the role. I like JRM as Reed. The BIG question is who they could get to take on the Thing - that suit would be a b* to deal with, and just... I dunno. I think it'll be hard to top Mike Chaklis' portrayal - he & Chris Evans were the best thing about the FF movies. Just this time - PLEASE get Doom's origin correct. This buddy-turned-enemy BS the first franchise had going just turned me off - and I'm only a casual F4 fan & knew it was wrong.

Myrrhibis on Aug 23, 2010


If Marvel was able to buy back the Punisher. Then I don't see why they can't buy back the Fantastic Four? Fox isn't looking to make a great reboot, but to put a little extra money in their hands. Since Marvel Comics created the characters, then Marvel Studio should make the movies.

Dan on Aug 23, 2010


Personally I don't see the need for a remake. I liked the two previous films. I liked the characters and the people that played. It didn't take itself overly seriously like the Spiderman franchise which is far weaker and in far greater need of decent kick start that the generic pap that it was. Ok, some will say Fantastic Four was and maybe it is but it knew it was and had fun with it. The Human Torch being particularly cool in actually wanting to be a superhero rather than the tired 'reluctant hero' formula. Spiderman was throwaway trash but wasn't aware that it was. A cool story that never came close to the animated series and descended into never ending damsel in distress scenarios for Mary Jane to be rescued from.

Payne by name on Aug 23, 2010


How about instead of a Reboot they actually try and put out some better films. Tired of the damn remakes, reboots, comics the whole works. Let's get some originality.

M on Aug 23, 2010


If they reboot, they need to get older actors to play Sue Storm and Reed Richards. I propose Elizabeth Mitchell for Sue and Jon Hamm for Reed Richards. Bring back Michael Chiklis. I always felt that FF was a family, and a family needs a mom and dad. Jessica Alba was always too young to play Sue. That being said, I thought the first two were entertaining, if not perfect. Although we are talking the Fantastic Four here, a super iconic comic, and we do need a movie that reflects that.

kitano0 on Aug 23, 2010


The Fantastic Foxes

Jimmy Love on Aug 23, 2010


If they can get Elizabeth Banks or Rachel McAdams as Sue Storm then I'm all for this reboot. If they do cast Alice Eve or Amber Heard this reboot will go down in flames. Both ladies are beautiful but just flat out dull, Banks and McAdams run circles around the other two in every possible way.

CLAW on Aug 23, 2010


you know, we could all just boycott these reboots. lol. What would be nice is if they set fantastic four in the 40s-50s. It'd work perfectly since they already did a hack job with the ones out now. It'd give it a nice new take on it and the potential cast would all look good. Even then, the fantastic four is effed just like most superhero films. Ah well. Mcadams? No way.

Eli on Aug 23, 2010


This time they should do an excellent CGI version of The Thing. I know they can achieve remarkable realistic effects with the latest EFX technology. Michael Chiklis 'costume' wasn't too believable.

Jedibilly on Aug 24, 2010


Man talk about a franchise that needs a reboot. I liked Gruffudd in King Arthur but haven't seen him in anything since then that was as good a role. And I agree that he, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis could only do so much with what they had to work with. Stupid story and bad directing ruined what should have been a sure thing of a franchise. How a sequel got made is beyond me. I didn't think the first one did that great. And eye candy or not, Alba was terrible in those movies.

jjboldt on Aug 25, 2010


Replace Jessica Alba....because she's "eye candy" so many people are saying with Alice Eve. This is a joke right? Alice Eve looks like a damn hooker in this picture, and ya'll are saying Alba was eye candy? You guys are stupid.

Joe on Aug 27, 2010


alice eve would be a PERFECT enchantress... i can see the green face frame around her already. she's just waaaaaaaaay too hot to be sue storm though. storm should be hot but not a blistering cock throb like alice eve. eve needs to be an evil chick. like enchantress or better yet, the white queen emma frost. come on, she looks like an emma frost doesn't she?

jin on Sep 8, 2010


Fantastic zoo park ?

hello world on Oct 17, 2010


The FF needs a reboot that uses all of John Byrnes run on FF.Doom,Annihlus,Blastaar,hell even Diablo or Master of Puppets could work given the right writers.Mole Man would be killer with all the monsters he controls.

Jay Dunckley on Nov 23, 2012

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