Channing Tatum Attached to Scott Bros' Sci-Fi Romance 'Ion'

June 24, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Channing Tatum

If you are trying to get an epic science fiction spec script any attention in this industry, mentioning Avatar as a point of comparison will definitely turn some heads after James Cameron's recycled story and dazzling special effects became the highest grossing movie of all-time. Ironically, it's Fox (via their Fox 2000 label) that's the leading contender to pick up a project similar in scope and setting (at least somewhat) to Avatar. The project, titled Ion, comes from producers Ridley & Tony Scott and has Channing Tatum attached already as a man who travels to different Earths and dimensions in order to find his reincarnated lover.

Does anyone remember the trailer for The Fountain that kind of misled you on the story a bit? This is almost the kind of story that trailer seemed to be selling. Apparently Ion wasn't good enough to gain attention when it was being shopped around last year, but after an expensive and high concept movie like Avatar exceeded expectations, the script has generated new buzz, especially after the Scott's came in to further develop the script with Tatum (a rising star without a scrap of real talent in my opinion) attached. The script comes from newcomer Will Dunn, who hadn't sold any scripts until Scott Free picked up Ion and worked on it with him.

This may seem like a risky move, but after a disappointing summer, Hollywood is already putting out a call for original content once again, so the spec script market should be in quite a frenzy (finally!). Personally I like the sound of the story, but I could do without Tatum in anything ever again. What do you think?

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This sounds like an interesting story and all but they lost me at Tatum.

almartva on Jun 24, 2010


Who cares? This guy is a horrible actor.

Sean on Jun 24, 2010


STOP PUTTING THIS DOUCHE IN MOVIES This guy has single-handedly ruined every movie I have seen him in. He is that bad.

antioch on Jun 24, 2010


I must agree. Ditch Tatum. James Franco, Robert Pattinson even but not Tatum. That's like putting chocolate syrup on your lasagna. The concept definately has potential but so does any concept. Need more info.

Eli on Jun 24, 2010


@Eli, Robert Pattinson? Really? como'on dude!

almartva on Jun 24, 2010


yep, James Franco would be awesome. @5 - because anyone is better the tatum.. literally

antioch on Jun 24, 2010


yeah. tatum is just that bad 5.

Eli on Jun 24, 2010


"The project, titled Ion, comes from producers Ridley & Tony Scott and has Channing Tatum attached already as a man who travels to different Earths and dimensions in order to find his reincarnated lover." This takes 'GAY' to a whole new dimension.

twittwit on Jun 24, 2010


Thats one I wont be watching, I wish Tatum would "Act" like the fast food worker that he is

Jimmy Love on Jun 24, 2010


lol @ 9.

Eli on Jun 24, 2010


I usually disagree with the slew of hate thrown around this site directed at certain individuals, but even I think that Tatum seriously blows. The guy just has a good agent who must have some serious connections in Hollywood because usually to make it in the industry you need to do more than just "act" to convince studios to spend boatloads on your films (especially scifi ones). To me it just doesn't seem like he's paid his dues in the production or writing trenches yet and is more like a piece of eye candy for women (the same as Megan Fox is for men).

peloquin on Jun 24, 2010


Wow so much anti Tatums here. Even me I hate his acting, the only one i found him nearly okay was Dear John.

dex on Jun 24, 2010


@Dex, you are dude and you just admired to liking Tatum in Dear John, shame on you.

almartva on Jun 24, 2010


Remember that first step up movie? Did channing tatum really do all those dance scenes in there? Because jenna dewan definately did hers, so I was just wondering if channing taum did his too.

Jessica on Jun 24, 2010


'Dear Jock'

napoleonblownapart on Jun 25, 2010


Honestly, Im excited just to hear that hollywood has finally made a call out to "original scripts" what a f@ckn concept!

lando is a system not a man on Jun 25, 2010


lando are you sure it's not an act of desperation? not sayin its bad but to move foward with tatum as a leading man, they must not have looked too far.

Eli on Jun 25, 2010


My dog is a better actor than this guy. Thanks a lot for screwing GI JOE

mandarin on Jun 25, 2010


Eli, hollywood is only interested in $. The fact that they are looking for original work only means that their trusted sources of revenue (currently rehashing old franchises) can only last so long and they are seeing that. My comment wasnt about tatum but about original scripts.

lando is a system not a man on Jul 1, 2010


and cmon mandarin, Tatum was NOT the reason GIJoe didnt work, that had more to do with the bad plot, and trickled down from there.

lando is a system not a man on Jul 1, 2010

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