Charles Grodin Potentially Joining De Niro in Midnight Run 2

June 2, 2010
Source: Deadline

Midnight Run

Hopefully there's still a couple of you who haven't forgotten about actor Charles Grodin. Though the man didn't have a spectacular career, he worked consistently, moving from TV roles in the 60's to roles in movies in the 70's, 80's and 90's. From Rosemary's Baby to The Great Muppet Caper and one hilarious scene in So I Married an Axe Murderer, no one can give a comically threatening look of disdain better than him. Now Deadline reports Grodin, whose only job in the past 16 years was a role in Zach Braff's 2007 comedy The Ex, is considering a return to the big screen in the gestating Midnight Run sequel alongside Robert De Niro.

Originally, the script, from Tim Dowling (Role Models), wasn't going to include Grodin's character from the original film, but would only bring back De Niro's bounty hunter, as he chases the son of Grodin's character - a mob accountant last seen slipping away at the airport in Los Angeles at the end of the first Midnight Run. However, apparently Tribeca Productions (De Niro's outfit) is also intent on bringing back Martin Brest (the original director who hasn't directed anything since the disaster Gigli) in addition to Charles Grodin.

Though the actor says he'll consider it, it doesn't sound all that promising when he seems to be much more passionate about his work as a volunteer advocate for poor, first-time offenders hit with impossible prison sentences because of mandatory sentencing laws. In addition, when you hear Charles Grodin talk about the rigmarole that is acting in a Hollywood film, it sounds like he's just not up for dealing with all the baggage that comes with being on location for weeks on end. Here's what he had to say about Midnight Run 2:

“I've been led to believe by someone I won't name that they will ask me [to do Midnight Run 2] and I will consider it. I always assumed they'd go with a young actor. What I remember is there were 18 locations, including New Zealand, and for me, it isn't so much the acting as it is the travel and the waiting. I started in movies in 1963 and the first big one was Rosemary's Baby in 1967. While you don't notice it right away, it finally dawns on you that 80% of the time, you're doing nothing. Where I am right now, trying to get people out of prison and get laws changed, it is a funny twist that Bob De Niro's once again trying to put an innocent man in prison, while I am trying to get them out."

In addition, the actor even points out that he just turned down a role that would've made for a great cameo in The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made: "I just turned down the new Muppet movie. I was in The Great Muppet Caper and I think they are bringing back those of us still alive for a reprise. Jim Henson was dear to me but I'm not flying 6000 miles to Los Angeles to work one day." As much as I love Grodin, he does sound a bit grumpy (of course at his 75 years-old, can you blame him?) and a movie like this at his age after being out of the industry for so long just doesn't seem like all that great of an idea. Sure De Niro is older too, but he's seven years younger and has stayed in the industry in a variety of films, not to mention taking on a bigger role as producer with Tribeca. This sequel idea just isn't jiving with me. Anyone care to disagree?

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Alex have you seen Midnight Run yet? if not you need to! its one of the best buddy comedies out there, DeNiro and Grodin had perfect chemistry. I would love to see this happen but at the same time I don't want a sequel to one of my favorite films. I'm would be awesome to see these two back together but if it dosen't happen then oh well.

Xerxex on Jun 2, 2010


@ #1, C'mon Xerxes, You know me by now! Alex didn't write this one! I actually haven't gotten a chance to see Midnight Run yet, but it's in my Netflix Queue somewhere, so there are plans to watch it...sometime. Cheers!

Ethan Anderton on Jun 2, 2010


My bad Anderton, I've always been able to tell the difference between yours and Alex's articles. I assumed Alex from his previous Midnight Run article where he too said he hasn't seen Midnight Run, I jumped to the wrong conclusion (I guess I have a defective Jump to Conclusion Mat). I'm gonna start capitalizing the X on the end of the nameI post under...but I'll forgive you, lol. You really need to see Midnight Run its fantastic!!! Sincerely, Xerxex

Xerxex on Jun 2, 2010


#1 - I haven't seen it yet, but I will check it out. Don't worry, I read all the comments too. 🙂

Alex Billington on Jun 2, 2010


great movie, high hopes for this, grodins addition would be fantastic, and no i didnt forget about him, was wondering what he was up to though, good for him helping first time offenders

harrison on Jun 2, 2010


You both really must see it. It's a fantastic film, so much fun, and with one of Danny Elfman's best scores. Hard to believe that the man who brought us classics like Beverly Hills Cop and Midnight Run went on to make Gigli. I hope this sequel sees him on better form...

Mathieu on Jun 2, 2010


@ XerxeX (see what I did there?), Haha. One good mistake deserves another I guess. My bad too! Maybe I'll bump Midnight Run towards the top of my queue. I don't seem to have many comedies at the top so it should fit in quite nicely. Cheers!

Ethan Anderton on Jun 2, 2010


Great to hear there are plans to bring back Martin Brest to direct. I can live without Grodin in the sequel but Brest has to be involved. Didn't know the original was shot in New Zealand. BTW, where is Grodin living at the moment that he would have to travel 6000 miles to get to LA?

Bash on Jun 2, 2010


@ Anderton and Alex, both of your comments reminded me why I frequent this website! Best. Movie. Website. Ever. P.S. Thanks for the X, Anderton!

Xerxex on Jun 2, 2010


Only you, Miss Piggy....

Voice of Reason on Jun 3, 2010


Dude...what was written last night is now totally kissing ass (I'm referring to my #9 comment). Oh well I totally meant it!

Xerxex on Jun 3, 2010

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