Check Out a Great Vintage Poster for the Coen Bros' True Grit!

October 1, 2010
Source: In Contention

True Grit

Punishment, retribution, it's all there. In Contention has unveiled a new teaser poster for the Coen Brothers' True Grit and damn is it nice. It's very hard to market a western these days, but I love that Paramount and the Coens are still creating the kind of media that fans of westerns love. This poster is one of those vintage Wanted sign one-sheets with names rather than faces. And I love the sole bullet hole with the blood dripping out of it. Kind of reminds me of the original There Will Be Blood teaser poster and we all know how amazing that movie is. With the teaser trailer last week, True Grit is now one of my most anticipated films this year.

True Grit Poster

The Coen Brothers' True Grit, which is apparently a more faithful take on the Portis novel, is about a young girl (Steinfeld) who's father is murdered. Determined to bring the killer to justice, Mattie enlists the help of a hard-drinking U.S. Marshal (Bridges) to track down the killer before a Texas Ranger (Damon) does. As a fan of the Coen Brothers and someone who can still appreciate a good western, this is one film I'm certainly looking forward to, at the least because we get to see Jeff Bridges kickin' ass on horseback! Paramount has already scheduled True Grit for release on Christmas Day, December 25th. Watch the teaser trailer here.

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I love it, wanna buy this for damn sure. Gotta love Westerns.

Xerxex on Oct 1, 2010


that's sick!

DoomCanoe on Oct 1, 2010


Why is the name of the Female lead role missing? Based on the trailer it seems like the whole film is about her, and those listed above are all supporting roles.. haha.

Knawx on Oct 1, 2010


@ knawx, no one has ever heard of her that's why. Pure business decision, the actors and their agencies have clout over whether their names get on the posters, and a lot of it just has to do with who's name do you put on it to get people to come see the movie.

LINKFX on Oct 1, 2010


This might be the most hyped western since Unforgiven.

Moon on Oct 1, 2010


Alex- I just saw The Social Network and a full trailer for True Grit was attached to it. The movie and the trailer were unbelievable. Any word on when the full trailer will be up on the internet. Wait till you see it!

Michael Radley on Oct 1, 2010


O man that is sick!....Also #5 replace hype with awesome and Id agree with you.

Cody w on Oct 1, 2010


Looks good but im still recovering from those anti-climatic bullets that almost killed me back in No Country for Old Men... If you know what i mean...

dreckent on Oct 1, 2010


Groovy poster. Movie looks good too. Not too worried about the "hype" though. People who hype up Westerns have obviously not seen enough fucking Westerns. Also: No Country was wonderful. It did its own thing. Fuck that typical plot resolution cliche bullshit.

Cracky on Oct 1, 2010


@Knawx , if the film does her right, she could be snatching roles from ellen page before we start matching a name to her face.

m on Oct 1, 2010


Why the stab at Page M? she is actually a very talented actress.

Xerxex on Oct 1, 2010


AWESOME poster!

memz on Oct 1, 2010


I'm just saying, they could at least add a "and introducing" tag for the young lead.

Knawx on Oct 1, 2010


@Knawx I agree, a lot of the plot will rest on her shoulders.

Xerxex on Oct 1, 2010


@LINKFX I understand that she's not a big name that will attract attention, but I also feel like leaving her name absent from the poster tells me that maybe her performance isn't worth a small note on some paper. I'm sure it will be bad ass.... I just hate film politics. So many egos flying around.

Knawx on Oct 2, 2010


Must have taken all of 15 minutes to design. Woohoo. About as vintage looking as KFC packaging. Yep letterpress all the way. Here's a short to show you how easily impressed with bad graphic design you are and how some people are still capable of good work with their hands. Film will be great, poster, could be better.

Crapola on Oct 2, 2010


Wow, that's one boring poster.

billy bastard on Oct 2, 2010


haha. looks fanmade and boring.

ryderup on Oct 3, 2010

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