Check These Out: Andy Helms' Star Wars Trilogy Print Series

September 1, 2010
Source: Collider

Andy Helms' Star Wars

We occasionally feature some really cool artwork and posters we find around the web (like Adam Sidwell's 52 Bad Dudes) and today I came across some posters that I just had to share with you guys. Designer Andy Helms recently put together a series of prints for Star Wars (the original trilogy) that are just fantastic. These were originally found by Collider on Helms' LiveJournal, and you can buy a series of all three or each of the prints individually on Etsy. I totally love the design of these, with that triangular shape being unique to each movie, it's a great concept and it's executed perfectly with this series (screw the prequels anyway!).

Andy Helms' Star Wars - A New HopeAndy Helms' Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back

Andy Helms' Star Wars - Return of the Jedi

Click above to be taken to the Etsy purchase page and/or to see a larger version. If you like any of these, you better hurry up and order some, as they're selling out fast! You can buy 8.5"x11" prints for $15 a piece or the complete series for $40 (very good price). I'd love to see these printed in full 27"x40" poster size, as I'm sure they'd look gorgeous. Coincidentally, Helms says he's considering "a limited run of some offset prints made of all three." I also love that he chose great titles for each one: "You're Our Only Hope", "Never Tell Me The Odds", and of course "Fully Armed and Operational". Now I want to go watch all three movies back to back!

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Not too shabby. I like the Empire Strikes Back one the best.

Crapola on Sep 1, 2010


Awesome, got one!

LeoNz on Sep 1, 2010


you can't have one,you've gotta have them all........EPIC!.

deadpool72 on Sep 1, 2010


@ deadpool72 Got the rest!

LeoNz on Sep 1, 2010


I wish movie posters looked like this more often. Not all of them, just more often than... well, never.

Mark on Sep 1, 2010



Chucho on Sep 1, 2010


Really? Those may be the shittiest thing I have ever seen for Star Wars..

CJ on Sep 1, 2010


Yep, those are all supremely shite... Seriously? You like those?

Big John on Sep 1, 2010


Sorry, but those posters are horseshit. I should be paid $15 for ordering one..

jasn on Sep 1, 2010


@#7,8,9 Samefagging. Either that, or they just hate anything that's actually pretty cool.

SkaOreo on Sep 1, 2010


In the Empire Strikes Back, the Millennium Falcon should be running the hell away from those Tie Fighters, not towards them.

Luis M on Sep 1, 2010


what!! no attack of the clones everyone knows thats the best movie of all 6!!!!

whatthe on Sep 1, 2010


Lucas must be pleased; something worse than Jar Jar. They look like something Cartman from South Park would draw.

Cletus The Slack Jawed Yokel on Sep 1, 2010


Hey! I was wondering where my cat's Etch a Sketch was! I'm suing to make sure Andy Helms doesn't try to claim my cat drew them.

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 1, 2010


The Titanic looked good but was patently poorly DESIGNED........(hence the loss of countless lives). SSSOOOOO!!! those who OBVIOUSLY don't appreciate good design would be those in line to grab a ticket for something that is huge, gaudy and let loose on the ocean waves of society, bound for glory but destined to sink. Basically......... these are gorgeous Posters and I have nothing but sympathy for those who CANNOT appreciate good design.

Snob-O-Roony on Sep 1, 2010


Empire Strikes Back was the best film, its only natural that the ESB poster is the best. I WANT! I WANT!

Xerxex on Sep 1, 2010


alex i emailed you a link to Tyler Stout "Let the Right One In" poster and you put these up! ha i bought return of the jedi

DoomCanoe on Sep 1, 2010


7, 8, and 9 are probably the ones who also think samurai jack looks like crap and has no artistic value

josh on Sep 1, 2010


NO NO NO it goes attack of the clones, revenge of the sith, empire strikes back, phantom menace, new hope, and then that turd return of the jedi ( how could they kill boba and vader in the same movie )

whatthe on Sep 1, 2010


@whatthe Boba Fett did not die he escaped, go to wookpedia and read more here's a link to Boboa Fett's page: sorry if its not clickable.

Xerxex on Sep 1, 2010


I love Star Wars. And that's an understatement... But these look like indie rock album covers. I feel like I'm being whispered to while wearing multi-colored socks and playing an acoustic guitar to nonsensical lyrics about trees and pretty girls.

Cracky on Sep 1, 2010


The posters do have a South Park feel but I still think their pretty freaking cool.

CLAW on Sep 1, 2010



Jesus on Sep 1, 2010


Brilliant! Creative! Bravo ! Whoever creates this: you sir has real talents...!!!

Gary the Bruce on Sep 2, 2010


These are the best posters I've seen in a long time, and believe me, I've seen a lot of posters.

Krishna Shenoi on Sep 2, 2010


Seriously? Are you guys just trying to wind up normal people? My 4-year old niece could design better posters than these! I genuinely can't believe that all of you think these are awesome. I'm beginning to lose faith in humanity. Oh, and another thing... These films are about 30 years old... Why is someone still designing posters for these things? People on this website slate film-makers for re-hashing old films and having no originality but apparently it's ok to design posters for old films - great showing of originality there. F**k you all!

Big John on Sep 2, 2010


wow Big John how about this, fuck you and your comment! leave FS if you don't like it. So by your logic we need to stop caring about SW because it 30 years old? um...would you forget your father if he's been around for 30 years? no. would you forget your niece after she has been here 30 years? no. You're comparing a series of cool looking posters to film remakes...that's like comparing Gnomes to Unicorns! Methinks troll.

Xerxex on Sep 2, 2010


You can think troll if you like, that's your call... I love Star Wars, I still watch Star Wars, I was around 30 years ago when it was released with REAL posters... But these are bollocks and people are just going mental over some "faux retro" look posters which, as I've stated, could have been better designed by a child with a paint by numbers kit. But then again, myself and Mr. Billington often have very different views on things 😉

Big John on Sep 3, 2010


@Big John- "a child could draw this" is a fine critique for a Pollock type painting if you want to negatively citique it, but it just shows your level of intellect that you'd use the same metaphorical argument (twice) for a piece of art that so obvilously couldn't- at the very least, on a technical basis - be made by most children. If your 4 year old niece has the artisitc ability to make these compostitons and the technical abilities to realise them, then she's borderline genious. Your "re-hashing" argument is facile as well, as Xerex pointed out. Your bitterness at "not getting' it is astounding - just accpet that there are people like you who don't get modern graphic design- no need to be angry about it.

andrew on Sep 5, 2010

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