Check These Out: Five Viral Posters from Battle: Los Angeles!

August 2, 2010
Source: IMPAwards

Battle: Los Angeles

At Comic-Con a few weeks back, one of the first things I came across while walking the streets of San Diego were a series of viral posters for Battle: Los Angeles that referenced various real-life alien "incidents" in our history with a big link to a viral website at the bottom. At the time, all we could do is snap some photos of the posters and talk about the website. Well thanks to our friends from IMPAwards, the full series of five posters have ended up online in a nice, high quality format and I wanted to feature them again so that you can try and pick up some additional details, as there is something hidden in at least one of these posters.

Battle: Los Angeles- Report Threats Viral PosterBattle: Los Angeles- Report Threats Viral Poster

Battle: Los Angeles- Report Threats Viral PosterBattle: Los Angeles- Report Threats Viral Poster

Battle: Los Angeles- Report Threats Viral Poster

The last poster that uses an actual still from Battle: Los Angeles also just so happens to have you first look at one of the aliens seen in the movie in the background (on the right side). As a reminder, as we learned (and wrote about) in our first look at Battle: Los Angeles from its panel in Hall H, these aren't just normal aliens that are out to tear humans apart. They have tactics and weaponry as well and can be considered an extraterrestrial version of the human marine battalion we follow in the movie that's fighting them. How's that for a sneaky first look at what we'll be seeing next March? Visit the viral site for more on the incidents.

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I can't even tell thats an alien in that last poster....lame!

Cmurder on Aug 2, 2010


...and it looks like Predator.

Yep on Aug 2, 2010


these are fantastic.

Tom on Aug 2, 2010


awesome! These are all badass!

Xerxex on Aug 2, 2010


That does look like Predator. Not cool!

scared s-less! on Aug 2, 2010


how the hell is that predator!?

ryan_34 on Aug 2, 2010


#6 I have no idea... these posters look great btw!

Sean on Aug 2, 2010


looks cool , i like the spook factor on these

o Toxin o on Aug 2, 2010


no it doesnt look like predator....i dont remember predator having long ass arms, lol looking good

ray on Aug 2, 2010


Look cool. And I think you need LSD to see a predator... (btw predators are rubbish).

Ambient on Aug 2, 2010


I think it looks like a predator too, but it might just be so blurry that my mind is playing tricks on me. I swear I see dreadlocks and a similar mask though.

peloquin on Aug 2, 2010


is it me or does it look like it has an exoskeleton? maybe metal?

ray on Aug 2, 2010


@#11 I agree, the fuzziness makes it look like a Predator, but as you look down you see its skinny lower half, looks cool tho, that guy is gonna cop it BIG TIME!!!

Matte Blac on Aug 2, 2010


One of the more creative visual campaign in a while. Love it, hope the movie is as creative & has something new to offer in the alien invasion sub-genre. And on the subject, do you think there will be somekind of genre fatigue with so many nasty alien flicks coming down the pike: Skyline, Super 8, Monsters, Alien Prequels, TNT Spielberg-produced alien invasion series Falling Skies. Just like Hollywood's other inexplicable habit to sabotage their gross potentials by releasing similar themed movies in the same movie season: The Killers vs Knight & Day.

Gary the Bruce on Aug 2, 2010


looks like fucking predator. can't they be more original?

j on Aug 2, 2010


oh gawd, look at those big eyes! AHHH!

reeft on Aug 2, 2010


Dont know how you guys see predator, look at the bottom right where the helmet goes over the thing. It looks farther away and very large. Also the bottom "legs" portion looks like a war of the worldesque tripod thingy.

Cody w on Aug 3, 2010


I'm at extra in this movie and I hope I make the final cut. It'll be cool to see my face on the big screen...even though it'll only be for a few seconds. lol

Lee on Aug 3, 2010


Echoing #14, I have to agree that it does look very fresh and creative. I'd love it if they could maintain this through the campaign but that's a big gamble when the studio is putting up so much cash to run that risk that some people just won't get it or understand the film that's being promoted. I'd so love to see a gritty alien invasion film where the enormity and desperation of our situation is fully explored without the need for crowd pleasing 'get outs' and annoying children getting in the way. My fingers are crossed.

Payne by name on Aug 3, 2010


Definitely looks like Predator

Geoff on Aug 3, 2010


@10 - Predators are rubbish?? LOL!! You are so cool dude!! I wish I could be a young kid who demonstrates his intelligence by ripping on things that are popular. The rest of us who think the Predator is cool have just sold out...but not you see above that are so smart!! You see see the truth!!!

Geoff on Aug 3, 2010


i think the poster looks awesome but i wouldn't think they would make the alien so obvious look closer and you can see these bodies with long necks

johny on Aug 3, 2010


man im looking at it way differently than you guys like at the bottom of the pic is the eyes for me looks like the independence day aliens the way i see it

tyrell on Aug 4, 2010


A young Englishman with a ridiculous client roster named Olly Moss created these; he did some other movie posters just for fun that I think were once posted here too.

Posters on Aug 5, 2010

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