Check These Out: Fox's 75th Anniversary Collectible Posters!

June 15, 2010

The Day the Earth Stood Still

If you're a regular site reader, you know we don't often cover anything DVD related, but that doesn't mean I can't make an exception today, especially because I'm a sucker for great movie posters. If you've been to the movies recently and seen anything released by 20th Century Fox, you've probably seen the special 75th Anniversary logo/intro they made. Well, Fox is really going all out for this anniversary, and has designed a series of sleek, golden limited edition posters for eight of their most iconic movies (except Star Wars). Best of all - you can get one for free when you buy any of their new 75th Anniversary DVDs (via Fox or Amazon).

20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary - Alien  20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary - Independence Day

20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary - The Day the Earth Stood Still  20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary - Walk the Line  20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary - Ice Age  20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary - Patton

I know these have actually been out for quite a while, but we haven't ever featured them, and I really like the golden look to them. It's also interesting to see which movies they picked, like Ice Age and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (because it's Marilyn Monroe, of course!) and Walk the Line. If you read the little tagline beneath each title, it's actually because they needed a perfect movie for each one (e.g. "75 Years of Rebels", "75 Years of Glamour"). I can also assure you that these look much better in-person and in full-size, as I'm sure they were meticulously designed. For more info, visit their official Fox 75th Anniversary website:

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The Independence Day poster is just fantastic!!

Ralph on Jun 15, 2010


lol @ the ice age one

lego on Jun 15, 2010


Ice Age is one of Fox's most iconic films? That makes me a little sad.

Joshua m on Jun 15, 2010


I'm digging the Alien and Walk the Line posters.

Daniel Felts on Jun 15, 2010


I was going to say how dumb the ID4 one looked, it's perspective with the city vs the logo is completely off...unlike the others which have a more singular more iconic look. BTW Where is the original Star Wars? That's just like their biggest hit!

LINKFX on Jun 15, 2010


Nice to see Walk the Line considered iconic. Ice Age? Now thats questionable.

Al on Jun 15, 2010


Star Wars....................Um hello?

Shawn Keim on Jun 15, 2010


I think by "iconic" they really mean "made us a boatload of money", and in that case Ice Age definitely fits on this list.

peloquin on Jun 15, 2010


@7 -- Yeah, like the movie that saved Fox's ass in the 1970s??

casting couch on Jun 15, 2010


Ooh awesome! I like the 75 years of scream poster. So cool! I haven't watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid yet though.. If they do a special platinum colored Star Wars Poster, It'll definitely have the Darth Vader helmet.

CDP on Jun 15, 2010


I must agree with ppl above, where the hell is the movie that saved FOX? STAR WARS is missing!

David Banner on Jun 16, 2010


Probably cos Star Wars is Lucas' property - Fox now just distribute it

Sumit on Jun 16, 2010


There is a Star Wars one. Go to the Fox 75th site and scroll through the 15 posters. It says "75 Years of The Force". There's a Wolverine one, too.

casting couch on Jun 16, 2010


What's so special about theese cheaply looking Photoshop posters? They could have made something a bit more artistic or creative...

ryderup on Jun 16, 2010


They could have picked some better options for some of the posters. Come on, is not like Fox doesn't have enough choices

leinergroove on Jun 16, 2010


Here's the Star Wars one!

Dan on Jun 16, 2010


I have to agree with #14 about these posters, though. They are pretty cheap-looking, generic, cut-and-paste jobs.

casting couch on Jun 16, 2010


Uh...What about the original Planet of the Apes? A collapsing Statue of Liberty would be kinda cool done that way.

jasonmd2020 on Jun 21, 2010


Lucas owns all the rights to Star Wars, not Fox

akumavern on Jun 21, 2010


@14 : They probably thought changing too much would damage the classic look of the tributes @18: yeah, Planet of the apes could be the best one, I guess they haven't really thought this true.

Syavash A on Jun 22, 2010


Poster scam. Just received Fox 75th Anniversary poster sticker with code for "free" poster and it doesn't work at Spent cash for old movie DVD set with invalid redemption code. What's up. Anybody else get scammed?

Frank Montalvo on Aug 25, 2010


Hey Frank, my redemtion code didn't work either. Definitely dissapointed.

Sarah on Sep 1, 2010


mine also isn't working scam...

Keith on Sep 18, 2010


Hey, my redemption code didn't work either. I was so looking forward to a giant poster with Daniel Day Lewis and "75 Years of Warriors" on it... >:O It really pisses me off that I got scammed with an "invalid" redemption code. I bought the movie, didn't I? Gimme the damn poster.

Sarah on Sep 18, 2010


I would like to win.

Ann Garrett on Nov 2, 2010


I really like the marlyn poster, & the Independence day & Alien & Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid.

Ann Garrett on Nov 2, 2010


My redemption code did not work either. What the heck? How can they get away with doing that? Is there something we can do about this? That is not right. Really disappointing.

Larry on Dec 22, 2010


I just got my All About Eve poster in the mail. One code out of like 5 worked so I'm happy! Now I just have to find a frame!

JenniferA585 on Jan 29, 2011


I wish they would have made one for one of their biggest box office stars: BETTY GRABLE!

R.F. on Mar 28, 2011

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