Check These Out: More Great 'Toy Story 3' Oscar Campaign Ads

December 30, 2010
Source: Walt Disney Studios

Toy Story 3

After taking a look at that recent video highlighting The Beauty of Pixar, I found myself reflecting on how Pixar has crafted plenty of animated films that fill audiences with the same emotions that comes from even the most powerful dramas with the aid of live-action performances. And while I'm still skeptical of the film's chances to win the big award, I truly believe that Toy Story 3 would be worthy of the Oscar for Best Picture should Pixar's touching sequel take home the statue. Therefore I'm pleased to present to you even more of the spectacular Oscar campaign ads. We've featured a few of these before but now we have 13 more of these brilliant ads to check out.

Here is the collection of new Oscar campaign ads for Toy Story 3 courtesy of Disney:

Toy Story 3 Oscar ad - Silence of the Lambs

Toy Story 3 Oscar ad - Godfather Part IIToy Story 3 Oscar ad - Mutiny on the Bounty

Toy Story 3 Oscar ad - Annie HallToy Story 3 Oscar ad - American Beauty

Toy Story 3 Oscar ad - French ConnectionToy Story 3 Oscar ad - Platoon

Toy Story 3 Oscar ad - Slumdog MillionaireToy Story 3 Oscar ad - Rocky

Toy Story 3 Oscar ad - StingToy Story 3 Oscar ad - Sound of Music

Toy Story 3 Oscar ad - On the WaterfrontToy Story 3 Oscar ad - Shakespeare in Love

Once again, I think that a franchise sequel is going to have a tough time winning Best Picture, but since Return of the King accomplished the same feat back in 2004 (and won every Academy Award for which the film was nominated), it's certainly not impossible. And considering the general consensus is that Return of the King swept the Oscars as a way of being honored the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, perhaps Toy Story 3 will be seen in the same light. Perhaps the award could even stand for recognition of Pixar's contributions to animation over the years. What do you think?

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Still don't really understand the "Not Since.." part of these......

Chazzy on Dec 30, 2010


As long as The King's Speech and The Social Network split the biopic vote. Toy Story 3's Oscar chances are pretty good.

Jezza on Dec 30, 2010


i dunno... black Swan, Inception and 127 Hours were pretty damn good

DoomCanoe on Dec 30, 2010


I'm all for this campaign.. The difficulty to pitch a film to so many different levels, is an extremely remarkable achievement--which Pixar pulls off with incredible sophistication. Hopefully the academy can see beyond the target market. Any film such as this, that is this absolutely perfect to every detail, certainly needs to be rewarded.

Dougo162 on Dec 30, 2010


If they'd done this kind of campaign with Walle they might have had a shot but the academy won't reward an animated movie that's also a sequel.

Moon on Dec 30, 2010


It was a fairly bland movie, but at least it introduced a whole new range of characters that could be made into toys, I did enjoy the Action Links set that my son got for Baby Jesus' birthday this year. I did like how they made Buzz talk in Spanish in a bid to get some sort of Latin interest in the film too, those Pixar peeps really know how to milk the money stone...

Crapola on Dec 30, 2010


#6 you have no heart. Bland? Toy Story 3 is probably the best animated movie ever. Probably one of the best movies of all time.

Roderick on Dec 30, 2010


I totally understand these ads now. They are stills from the film that resemble in part other films.

notalent on Dec 30, 2010


Am I the only one who finds this campaign to be a little on the pretentious side?

Ricardo on Dec 30, 2010


@Roderick, your heart has been played like cello. Grave of the Fireflies shits on Toy Story 1,2 and 3 put together. @Ricardo, I'm with you, Pixar are so up their ass they are in the stomach area. Bland.

Crapola on Dec 30, 2010


I confess the "not since..." thing has made me a bit confused. I can't reach what they mean with all of these posters. I read "Not since.." and my brain completes that with stuff like "...has a movie done so and so." or "has a movie containing something like this won an oscar." For people wondering what the "Not since..." in the ads mean. First of all, it could totally NOT be what they were thinking when doing the movie, or the ads, BUT it could have the following interpretation, which I've just thought of and when it hit me I couldn't help but smile. Again do bear in mind that it's possible this was not their intention with these ads. Yes, if you look at all the pictures, you could connect them in some fashion to many known films. If you put the names of the movies and the images together, you can get it. What could be a stretch is saying that "Toy Story 3" is filled with intentional references to other movies, and in this way is a big undecover celebration of Film. It would be awesome to see an animated movie do something like that, but I don't think the creators of Toy Story 3 were literally thinking of doing that. I'm starting to doubt what gave me a smile a minute ago... :s To me the "Not since" mystery remains...

JPCaetano on Dec 30, 2010


For all you struggling ...the campaign is a witty homage to classic, critically acclaimed movies, that have won oscars. It's also a play on a cliche voice over line used by many trailers to woo audience into thinking something in the order of a classic is heading to cinemas. Its a fact that academy members eat up classic movie references. It's why Nick Parks animations won year after year.

Dougo162 on Dec 30, 2010


Toy Story 3 was entertaining, but that's all it was. God Pixar is so over hyped!

John on Dec 30, 2010


This campaign is very boldly saying: "THIS MOVIE DESERVES TO WIN BEST PICTURE." Every film they're referencing in title has won the Best Picture statue. While I don't agree, Social Network was a notch better, I would LOVE to see this win it. I think what some people call 'pretentious' is simply ingenious. Animation as an art form and film genre is marginalized. No doubt about it. But Pixar has done a hell of a lot in terms of the very image of animation in popular culture. People are starting to consider animated movies great films, period. It's forced other animation studios to up their game, and allowed other animated movies to gain recognition. "Not since..." is a very loaded statement, and it HAS to be because animation/Pixar has come very far in terms of prestige and recognition, and this trilogy has been pure gold. Something like The Lord of the Rings.

lane on Dec 30, 2010


best animated flick? maybe best film? no way. I love inception a lot more and even that im doubting is going to win. this? no.

na on Dec 30, 2010


Do the Academy members get these posters in the mail?

Paulo on Dec 30, 2010


Lame campaign. Pixar should quit while they're ahead and just accept probably being Best Animated Film.

casting couch on Dec 31, 2010


i want ts3 to win!

A5J4DX on Dec 31, 2010


Right now I'd like Black Swan or Kings Speech to win. But I'd be pretty happy if Toy Story 3 wins. Is it my favorite of the year? no. But any of these 3 beating Social Network would make me pretty happy. As well as other films, but they don't seem to stand a chance.

Al on Dec 31, 2010


I don't think it will win, but it's such a great movie that I would love it if it did. Toy Story 3 is my favorite movie of 2010. Bite me.

Chip on Jan 2, 2011


you guys are just haters. toy story 3 was epic in all ways shape and form.

Roderick on Jan 3, 2011

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