Check These Out: Spectacular 'Toy Story 3' Oscar Campaign Ads

December 23, 2010

Toy Story 3

Despite the efforts of literally only a few of reviewers, Toy Story 3 has become the most universally praised film of the year. With a 99% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, it seems like you'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't love the heartfelt goodbye to Andy's Toys. While Toy Story 3 is almost a surefire winner for Best Animated Film at the Academy Awards, Pixar is shooting for the moon this time. Several Oscar campaign ads have surfaced showing that Pixar wants the sequel follow in the footsteps of Beauty and the Beast and Up to become another animated film nominated for Best Picture. But this time they actually want to win!

Here are all three awesome Toy Story 3 Oscar campaign posters courtesy of Awards Daily:

Toy Story 3 Oscar Ad - Titanic

Toy Story 3 Oscar Ad - Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story 3 Oscar Ad - Lord of the Rings

A couple of these images have been around for awhile, but Awards Daily recently stumbled upon the "Not since Titanic…" ad, so the time seemed ripe to round them all up for a post before the holidays. Likely some of you will be enjoying Toy Story 3 with some family members over the holiday break, but Pixar is hoping members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hold the film in even higher esteem when Oscar nominations come around. I think it's a pretty safe bet that Toy Story 3 will get a Best Picture nomination, but winning the award over films like The King's Speech and The Social Network is going to be the real challenge. These ads are definitely a step in the right direction. What do you think?

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No. Just no. I liked the film, but it certainly isn't worthy of a best picture award. There are far better films that are more suited for the award. And no, I'm not just saying that just because it's an animated film. I would love for an animated feature to prove that cartoons aren't simply just for children and win the top prize; but, Toy Story 3 isn't that movie.

SkaOreo on Dec 23, 2010


I believe I was actually the one. Don't get me wrong, the movie was a good ending to a fine set of characters and story but there was a time when I had to go to the bathroom and did not pause the movie to do so. While the movie was good, it was not as great as everyone says while trying to jam it down my throat.

Emdub52 on Dec 23, 2010


Has an animated feature ever nabbed Best Picture? Toy Story 3 is certainly an exceptional candidate. Now, Im probably just stupid, Ive ceretainly been told so, but what do they mean "Not Since ____....." As in...a sweep? ...An underdog? ...was something so epic?...a surefire BP winner? I feel like I'm missing something.....anyone?

Voice of Reason on Dec 23, 2010


I don't think Toy Story 3 deserves the nomination for the movie itself. It probably deserves it for the entire body of work done by Pixar.

Moon on Dec 23, 2010


agreed with 5, the film deserves praise and all but not best picture, they could come up with some lifetime achievement award for pixar though for their digital shorts alone

harrison on Dec 23, 2010


It was a good film, best picture worthy? No.

John on Dec 23, 2010


well Toy Story 3 got more dramatic than The Social Network.

Jordan Welch on Dec 23, 2010


Why can't they just be happy with best animated? It doesn't come close to True Grit or Social Network.

Nate on Dec 23, 2010


@3 I was asking the same question when i saw the poster @4 no, just no Toy Story 3 is best animated and How to Train Your Dragon does not seem Oscar worthy at all It could happen it could, but it's a longshot and when i say longshot i mean LLLOOONNNGGGshot I thought that Incepton and The Social Network were much better movies and True Grit could win it because it had good story and good acting, I just hope that when an animated movie does win Best Picture it deserves it, Toy Story 3 does deserve it but their are other movies that deserve it more like Inception, True Grit, and The Social Network. But it will definetly win best animated picture

max s. on Dec 23, 2010


The best animated film Ive ever seen. Best picture of the year? Thats going to be tough to convince the academy. I didn't see any tragic addiction followed by redemption in Toy Story 3.

Mark D on Dec 23, 2010


I liked toy story 3. I have seen only once and feel the need to watch it again isn't great. My consideration for best animated film has to be, 'Despicable Me' I am 27 and watched the film with my girlfriend. We laughed all the way through.

Link1983 on Dec 23, 2010


Despite only being my 5th favorite film of the year, I actually, surprisingly want Toy Story 3 to win above the others. I mean yeah, David Fincher and Chris Nolan are long over due for oscars, but Pixar even more so, and in my opinion not only is it the best of the trilogy, but it really does feel oscar caliber. But if it does end up losing to The Social Network or Inception, I wont be mad, just slightly disappointed.

John.E on Dec 23, 2010


they look awesome they deserve it!

A5J4DX on Dec 23, 2010


It deserves best Animated for sure. Though Black Swan should win over all.

Rx on Dec 23, 2010


If Avatar can get a Best Picture nomination, this must get one.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Dec 23, 2010


Up was nominated for best picture, and with 10 nominees, I can see TS3 beiing nominated, but it may fall short of getting top honours.

cinemabandit on Dec 24, 2010


I think Disney has bitten of more than they can chew. The most bizzare senario would be if Tom Hanks gets a best male nod for the voice of Woody.

Jez on Dec 24, 2010


The problem with the whole "reward the franchise" strategy is that there are others that could spoil the party. Saw, Jackass, Shrek Tron and even Harry Potter could beat Toy Story at it's own game.

Jez on Dec 24, 2010


I don't get the tagline either :/ Happy Xmas everybody 😉

Ricardo on Dec 24, 2010


Black Swan should win!

Lincoln on Dec 25, 2010


I highly doubt this is going to get even nominated for best picture. It wasn't bad or anything, it just doesn't compare well to other movies: It's a comedy, it's animated (let's face it, the reason they made the animated feature category was because Lion King was a top-runner for best picture, and the head guys at Disney swore that they would start winning oscars, and the academy didn't want fucking kid's movies winning best picture. I wouldn't want that, either...), it's a sequel and it's a kid's movie. Frankly, if this movie gets nominated for Best Picture, I'll be somewhat upset by that, because there were a LOT of good films this year, and I couldn't tell you which one I thought would win cause they're all so damn good.

Squiggly_P on Dec 25, 2010

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