Check These Out: Three New International Predators Posters

May 19, 2010


Fear is Reborn. The countdown has begun for Robert Rodriguez & Nimród Antal's Predators, now that the summer movie season has kicked off. Our Italian friends from have informed us that three new international posters for Predators have debut on three different sites. The first one is a red wash version of one of the other posters, so I've cropped it and used it above, but you can also see the other two new posters below. One of them comes from and the other comes from Interesting to see that Adrien Brody is the strongest biggest point of this movie. Looking forward to watching it this summer!

International Predators Poster International Predators Poster

Predators is being directed by Nimród Antal, of Kontroll, Vacancy, and Armored previously. The screenplay was co-written by newcomers Michael Finch and Alex Litvak and is based on early draft written years ago by producer Robert Rodriguez, who also worked with them on the script. This is a reboot of the Predator series created by Jim & John Thomas and directed by John McTiernan in 1987. We're not sure what the actual plot is, but all we need to know is that it's about a bunch of badass elite warriors who fight a bunch of predators out in the jungle. 20th Century Fox is bringing Predators to theaters worldwide on July 7th this summer.

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"Up them trees.." lol

Big Boss on May 19, 2010


We already knew he was which is why this movie is already heading downhill...I'm glad I'll miss it this summer and wait for Netflix.

tra la la la la di da on May 19, 2010


I like the first one the best.

ProMovieBlogger on May 19, 2010


@Loving the first one looks very badass @2 really heading downhill well fuck you don't judge the movie yet it hasn't even come out , well I guess the fans will be attacking again this time its on Adrien Brody (stupid Fans)

Richard on May 19, 2010


Looks really badass Adrien Brody I love him in king kong even that movie suck but he was good in it Can't fucking wait for this summer Predators Predators Predators Predators Predators Predators Predators Predators

Ben on May 19, 2010


Adrien Brody is the Fucking man Love the first one looks like the first movie poster of predator

aussie_fan on May 19, 2010


Like the one on the left not botherd about the one on the right.

Cineprog on May 19, 2010


this stuff will make you a god dam sexual tyranasaurus....just like me!! ...stick up sorry blain!! love the first film, hopin this kicks ass!!

cregso on May 19, 2010


looks like a correct movie..obviously the first one is a classic..but i will give shot to this mov-

Sakyo on May 19, 2010


gay. i coulda made better ones

mochonko on May 19, 2010


i'll give this movie a shot. so far what ive seen and read about it, it looks very promising

KING on May 19, 2010


they look pretty fucking cool.

deadpool 72 on May 19, 2010


James Caviezel would of been better than Adrien Brody. I dont see Brody as a a kick ass type of guy and the trailers dont change my mind.

Michael P. Shipley on May 19, 2010


@ Micheal P. Shipley isn't more exciting to see an small unassuming man take charge rather than a big burly one?

Xerxex on May 19, 2010


@Xerxex yeah brody may pull it off and i hope he does he's a good actor but somehow i doubt it. this isnt spiderman where the main character is expected to be small unassuming guy. these are supposed to be hardened mercenaries. can you see brody as a mercenary? he looks more like the whiner type to me. brody would be good for a Pvt. Hudson type that whines and cries all the time while caviezel tells him to stfu or he'll make him bleed. Rodriguez thought he was being clever by puting someone in there who is the opposite you expect, but i dont think its going to work as well as he expects. it will be a good movie because rodriquez is kick ass just not as good as it could of been imo.

Michael P. Shipley on May 19, 2010



Nick S. on May 19, 2010


Cred X is right as we have seen in the past.....a couple of big guys have stood up and won....even a chick, so why can't Brody? Good Call X!

Clover on May 20, 2010


@Micheal P. Shipley lets wait and see! That would probably be the best thing to do. At least you are optimistic about Brody character! @Clover thanks man! Always a pleasure.

Xerxex on May 20, 2010

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