Check This Out: Another Beautiful Teaser Poster for Let Me In

July 22, 2010
Source: MTV

Let Me In

Another debut of another great poster at Comic-Con to feature today. MTV released this teaser poster for Hammer Films / Matt Reeves' Let Me In, the Let the Right One In remake, and it looks totally gorgeous, a perfectly simple minimalistic yet sleek teaser for the movie. I'm really loving the imagery they're coming up with for this, along with the original teaser poster, it's unique and different from Let the Right One In, yet great in its own way. Check out the newest Let Me In poster in full below and let us know what you think of it? I'm very curious if people are starting to warm up to this at all, or still opposed to it. Check it out below!

Let Me In Poster

A bullied young boy (Smit-McPhee) befriends a young vampire girl (Moretz) who lives with her guardian.

Let Me In is both written and directed by American filmmaker Matt Reeves, who's feature directorial debut was J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield but prior to that he directed episodes of "Felicity" and various other TV shows. This is a remake of Tomas Alfredson's 2008 film Let the Right One In, or more specifically a re-adaptation of the Swedish novel Låt den rätte komma in written by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Overture Films is bringing Let Me In to theaters everywhere starting October 1st this fall. Does it look as good as you were hoping?

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I love this poster! They're definitely going for a certain vibe.

Emily on Jul 22, 2010


*blank stare*

graffiti bandit on Jul 22, 2010


ok, im in... normally i hate remakes, but i love the original so much and i just watched the preview and it looks great.

D on Jul 22, 2010


I have zero interest in this film. If you've seen the original Swedish film (Let The Right One In), which I highly recommend. I think you'll quickly realize why it doesn't need, let alone, deserve the Hollywood treatment. Count me "opposed".

Evo on Jul 22, 2010


Wow! What an incredible poster. I still have reservations, but am never one to judge before I see something for myself. The original was an awesome film. I'm hoping this will be

FiendishMonkey on Jul 22, 2010


Also, Alex, I find it a bit odd that you've rotated the One Sheet's preview image to be right side up. I understand for the sake of clarity but I feel this detracts from the artistic intent of the image.

Evo on Jul 22, 2010


i trust Matt Reeves. You all forget, he brought back a dead genre and made it good for our age. anyway, cool poster. i'm ready for this to be born...

John Stamos on Jul 22, 2010


I'm really anxious to see what Reeves has created here. Evo look at it as Reeves' take on the novel not the original adaptation.

Xerxex on Jul 22, 2010


I think this film will be very good, let me repharse I pray this film will be very good.

CLAW on Jul 22, 2010


I'm still on the fence about this one...I like Reeves, but the first one is so perfect. I thought the director was a prick when you interviewed him though so I hope Reeves actually finds some way to make a better film, but I doubt it.

peloquin on Jul 22, 2010


Gorgeous poster, very Christ-like. She seems more victim, then perpetrator. Be interested to see what rendition finally makes it under the glass at your favorite movie house.

pitterpatter on Jul 22, 2010


This ones gonna suck as bad as the sweedish one

Jimmy Love on Jul 22, 2010


Chloe Moretz looks great as vampire.

Ellelena on Jul 23, 2010


Pretty poster, but the original was so stinkin' awesome that I just don't think it needs, or was asking for any kind of remake. That said, if Reeves comes straight from the novel and not the film...well, that's a better idea, anyway.

Ian Carruthers on Jul 23, 2010


#6 - Yes, I realize that the integrity of the poster should remain intact, but that was just the teaser image I made to interest people. The actual poster is still presented properly as it should be.

Alex Billington on Jul 23, 2010


i think the poster says it all, written and directed by mat reeves. despite any reservations i hold to cloverfield and hollywood remakes it is obvious reeves really cares for the original

lp on Jul 24, 2010


I am not that hyped about the movie, i saw the trailer and it wasa little bit disturbing. I might be checking it out later after the release.

Fisherr on Jul 24, 2010


Why remake a recent movie? No fresh ideas?

Wally on Sep 16, 2010

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