Check This Out: Another New Photo for Matt Reeves' Let Me In

May 8, 2010
Source: LA Times

Matt Reeves' Let Me In

A few days ago we brought you the very first photo of Chloe Moretz as Abby in Matt Reeves' remake of Let the Right One In. It seems that photo might've riled up some fanboys, as the LA Times has now published their own first look at Let Me In featuring an interview with director Matt Reeves address topics such as how this will not be anything like Cloverfield, which he directed, and why this remake isn't such a terrible after all. This photo shows Kodi Smit-McPhee as Owen giving a Rubiks cube to Abby (Moretz), which is a pivotal scene in the original film. "It's not going to feel like a movie with a crazy number of effects," he says.

"It's, hopefully, going to feel like an intimate coming-of-age story." Check out this second new photo below.

Let Me In Photo

Reeves explains: "We tried to create the approaching, foreboding dread of movies like The Shining, where you feel like something wicked is unraveling and it's not going to end well. That's what I responded to about the original, the juxtaposition of those tones, this very disturbing story but at the center of it there are these very tender emotions. That's a very unusual mix, and that's what drew me in and dug into me." I'm on the edge with this film; I have a lot of faith in Reeves, I'm just not feeling these photos. But I'll give it a chance to surprise me just like the original Let the Right One In did. "It's a slow-burn kind of thing," Reeves says of his take, "which the original was, in a way." Head over to the LA Times to read the full article on Let Me In.

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not enough really. Even though they have two very talented child actors its not seeming like its gonna live up to "Let The Right One In." But I like the way Reeves describes it. I'm gonna see this for sure.

Xerxex on May 8, 2010


not enough really. Even though they have two very talented child actors its not seeming like its gonna live up to "Let The Right One In." But I like the way Reeves describes it. I'm gonna see this for sure.

Xerxex on May 8, 2010


i'm digging the set design. "cloverfield" was one of the best films of the decade, i really believe he's going to deliver a great film here too.

Me on May 8, 2010


Ugh.. I just can't help but wince seeing these remade scenes.. In the end, I think I'm just going to have to skip this one. Maybe I'll come back to it in a decade or so.

Dark Fist on May 8, 2010


I am skipping this entirely. The original is too good to be remade for any reason.

Angry Chief on May 8, 2010


Interesting pics, saw the original and liked it. Not too sure about this remake esp since the original just came out about 2 years ago, I know the place is cold, or might be cold, but as a you know what, she shouldn't really be wearing a jacket.

M on May 8, 2010


See the original!!!! It was amazing and I absolutely hate when they do this, cant americans watch foreign films? Wheres the creativity even for a director to completely copy another piece of art? Being a designer, I could never get satisfaction from doing this. I just dont get it.

Tomi on May 8, 2010


FIrst off, "Me"... how the hell can you say Cloverfield was "one of the best films of the decade"? If you really believe that your opinion sucks. The film "let the right one in" is a masterpeice and needs to be seen as such. I will say that the actors they have brought in are good but that still negates the fact that this movie will be a complete botch of the original. The first one had elements that an americanized version cannot have, thank you america for making this crappy movie.

Frey on May 8, 2010


The photo seems to capture the look and feel of the original. Still it kind of pisses me off when Hollywood copies and rips of an original simply because its a foreign film. I remember when they tried that with La Femme Nikita. The American version was an abortion. Worse yet the TV series good grief Hollywood loose the cheese.

JimD on May 8, 2010


@6... your right on! In the original, Eli had nothing but a shirt on in the outdoor scenes, considering she was a vampire and vamps don't get cold and all. Definitely going to skip this. I still can't get over the fact that they are remaking this movie. It's only 2 fucking years old!!!!!!

Dad on May 8, 2010


It does kind of irritate me that Hollywood wants to remake this movie with no other obvious reason but to cash in on something that was already successful overseas. Let the Right One In came out here when? Less than two years ago and was dubbed. You didn't even need to read subtitles and they want to put an American spin on it? Just dumb, but working. I mean, if Someone writes a book and it's translated to English and then I agree to re-write the same book a year later which one is going to be better? It's the same damn thing but the original takes the cake for being original. But yeah, I'll watch it cuz i like movies.

John Stamos on May 8, 2010


o by the way. i think the hoodie is just to make her look more androgynous.

John Stamos on May 8, 2010


I remember seeing a a similar situation in another movie a few years ago.

ProMovieBlogger on May 8, 2010


Let Me In...Let The Right One In.

jeffrey on May 8, 2010


Here's a Q&A site. You can ask or and questions or become an expert. It's nice, friendly place for everyone. or

Terry on May 8, 2010


are they really just going to do a shot for shot remake? but its lacking the tone and colours found in the original film pathetic.

LaP on May 9, 2010


in hollywood wearing a hoodie= instant moody and dark character i thought because she was a vampire she didnt need to wear a jumper in the cold???

jaberwocky on May 9, 2010


Wow crap imitating crap the original sucked so this will suck.

Jimmy Love on May 9, 2010


I'm still boycotting this movie

DoomCanoe on May 9, 2010


It's just a picture and it doesn't sway my opinion in either direction. Really need to see footage to make some form of an opinion. And my guess on why she's wearing a hoodie is to not attract attention and to just blend in with the crowd. Not saying it's a good idea but I can't honestly believe they would miss a detail such as that. Reeves seems like an intelligent guy.

Mikeg on May 9, 2010


love the actors, but the two pics so far make this remake look like shit! Eli aka Abby looks way too clean, and the hoody, WTF? For all of you who loved the original do yourself a favor and read the book. As great as the original movie was and captured Eli and Oscar's relationship so well, the book was even better. I still need to replace my dvd, and get the one with the threatrical subtitles, as I have the first one to come out that was dumbed down for us Americans.

conner666 on May 9, 2010


I am not going to see it, in fact, by the time it release, if i come across anyone who ask about this piece of copycat junk, i will shove the original swedish DVD to him/her and say, "forget the remake, watch this instead, switch on the english subtitles!"

SowYau on May 9, 2010


I just want Let Me in to be sanitized version of Let the Right one in. they are both talented child actors i just hope they will be able to pull it off and not a big let down from the original.

Cineprog on May 10, 2010


Looks like it going to be a cloned version frame by frame.. why not just dub the audio in english or mandarin while they are at it.

dex on May 10, 2010


Leave "Let The Right One in" alone. Remake "Twilight" if you wanna remake something.

Dano33 on May 11, 2010

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