Check This Out: Awesome Tyler Stout Monster Squad Poster!

January 13, 2010
Source: Twitch

The Monster Squad Poster

We don't write about the posters that Mondo Tees sells as often as SlashFilm does, but there's a new one that I just have to feature (even if it's sold out). Their newest poster, designed by Tyler Stout, is for the 1987 creature feature classic Monster Squad. I had the honor of attending a screening of the movie late last year with live commentary from director Fred Dekker and writer Shane Black and it was quite an awesome experience. It's such a great movie that I'm sure many of you guys grew up on it. Yes, Wolfman's got nards! And yes, this poster kicks ass! Unfortunately, the bad news, is that this poster is already sold out. Damnit!

Monster Squad Tyler Stout Poster

Stout created two different variants of the poster, one in red (seen above), and the other a lush blue. They were created for the Alamo Drafthouse's screening of Monster Squad and given out there, which is why they sold out so quickly. The prices were $40 for the red one, and $80 for the blue one. If you still want to try and order one, head over to the Mondo Tees site. "During a Q and A at the Alamo's screening of The Monster Squad, director Fred Dekker proclaimed that Tyler Stout's poster is the best poster ever created for the 80's classic." I have to agree with him! This is one of my favorite posters. If only I could've got one, darn!

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You would think that the person in charge of the wording on the poster would have double checked their use of proper grammar. "Call them for a monster-ous good time" should in fact be "Call them for a moster-ously good time".

masteryoda007 on Jan 13, 2010


Hey if you missed out on this poster, you have a second chance. Tyler Stout is selling it straight from his site next week:

Mikeg on Jan 13, 2010


the original was amazing~ can't wait to see how they did this one!

Ryyyy on Jan 13, 2010


That is a very nicely designed movie poster; and I can see how anyone who saw this movie at a pivotal age would be drawn to it. Having said that... I never understood the love for this dopey movie. I have friends that found it hilarious and made constant references to "nards"; but I always thought the kids were shitty actors and the monsters were too toned down. I notice the poster pictured above says the film was rated 'R' ;but imdb has it listed as PG-13. Perhaps there is a less dumbed down cut of the film floating around out there? The one I saw on the good old VHS release lacked "nards" of any kind.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jan 13, 2010


Alex, He is going to be selling this poster and two others next week thru his website, so your in luck!. If you sign up for his mailing list you will be notified this friday about next weeks sale. Heres a quote from his site concering the sales: "i'll be emailing this friday regarding upcoming poster sales for lost / phish / monster squad. those sales won't be til next week. if you're on my mailing list, you'll get plenty of warning. obviously, mailing list signups are under contact." I bought his Mars Volta poster and Warriors great.

Nikhil Hariharan on Jan 13, 2010


Love the posters.

Dave on Jan 13, 2010


That's fantastic! Love the "Media Home Video" style ALAMO logo... classic!

jeff on Jan 13, 2010


@ #1 you complained about grammar yet you spelled monster wrong... "moster-ously good time" you're an idiot

ha1rball on Jan 13, 2010


this post looks familiar. like as if i have seen it before on this site! hmmmmm!

Ray on Jan 13, 2010


this has to be done by the guys at Mondo! I'm on that site all the time, its so strangely entertaining. But literally every awesome poster (other then the Tremors one) is sold out.

DoomCanoe on Jan 13, 2010


#3 The original poster tag line was, "The End of the World Starts at Midnight" so dont try and pull me up you little prick.

masteryoda007 on Jan 14, 2010


actually Masteryoda007, try doing a little bit of research before coming off like a complete moron. next time. since obviously its too late this time. original poster for monster squad and of course the almighty imdb face. on you. 007 of what? being wrong? c'mon. plus your original comment? "should in fact be "Call them for a moster-ously good time" - wtf? that makes no sense Yodabond. Moster-ously? like Most-er-ously dude? you must have meant to say 'i am a caveman, your advanced technology confuses me.' its all research man, invest in knowledge. to sum up, this poster is correct. you are a buffoon. Masteryoda007, i have serious doubts if you are a master of anything.

DoYourHomeWorkDIpsheet on Jan 25, 2010

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