Check This Out: First Great Poster for Mel Gibson's 'The Beaver'

November 5, 2010
Source: Collider

The Beaver

We're a bit late on posting this, but better late than never, right? Ever since Mel Gibson went bat sh*t crazy earlier this year, the status of his latest quirky independent comedy, The Beaver, has been up in the air, as the distributor is appropriately a bit afraid and unsure of releasing it. The Beaver is the wacky film, directed by Jodie Foster from an acclaimed Black List script written by Kyle Killen, starring Mel Gibson as a guy who wears a beaver puppet on his hand around. We posted a few set photos late last year, but haven't seen much from it otherwise. Collider snapped a photo of this sales poster that was found in promo material from AFM.

The Beaver Poster

A few weeks ago (via EW) the MPAA gave The Beaver a PG-13 rating, which means it's finished and Summit Entertainment, the studio distributing this in the US, is happy enough to submit it for a rating. So let's hope this means it will eventually be arriving sometime in 2011, but no guarantees yet. Here's an amusing story - Radar Online is claiming that "there were numerous focus groups brought in and shown this movie poster and not one person said they would go see the movie." Ouch. I, on the other hand, want to see it so much more now! In addition to Gibson, The Beaver also stars Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence.

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Maybe some people can look past the kinds of things Mel Gibson has done over the past few years, but I'm not one of them. The movie may be quite funny... seems interesting. I wish someone else had played the part tho, cause I can't get past him. No thanks.

Jordan on Nov 5, 2010


I love Mel Gibson. Simple poster that just makes me want to see this even more. The man is off his rocker. And I dig his style.

Cracky on Nov 5, 2010


I have not heard the tapes or what everyone is talking about but I would like to see this and I really hope he gets his Viking Movie back on track

Loser on Nov 5, 2010


"Great", as in lame?

norm on Nov 5, 2010


This should be a great Mel movie whivh I have been waiting for. We all knmow where the firdt commentator comners from. Thety will never forgive Nek gfor making The Passion

Joe Cleary on Nov 5, 2010


@ 1 and 5 You guys are just haters. Mel is going to go down in history as one of the best(Lethal weapon come on). I cant wait to see this movie, the man is an amazing actor. How can you hold a grudge against someone who has done absolutely nothing to you. Grow up already.

krakin on Nov 5, 2010


I'd love to see this flick. Yes, I am a Mel Gibson fan and I do not believe everything the media cooks up; plus, I never base my opinions on hearsay-especially without concrete, authenticated(the tapes??) proof. Mel is awesome at his craft and he's a kick-ass director too--no one can take that away! Having typed that, I'd love to see this flick! 🙂

Spider on Nov 5, 2010


Mel is simply the best.. just as i dont criticize extreme liberal actors for their ridiculous points of view and stupid things they say/do, ppl on the other side shouldnt be so critical of Mel.. and yea lets hope that Viking movie comes back

John on Nov 5, 2010


I'm not a Mel Gibson fan, but now that many hate him I'm starting to like him!

Lincoln on Nov 5, 2010


I'm in.

Xerxex on Nov 5, 2010


I don't hate him, but I hate lame posters like this one.

norm on Nov 5, 2010


Love Mel, wont miss this movie.

Jan on Nov 5, 2010


Gibson went bat shit crazy? He yelled at his wife, claiming she was just a gold digger. Everything in this situation points to his assumptions being right. He didn't have a meltdown in public, nor did he ever attack her. Plus he was hitting the booze. Mel did nothing wrong. Everyone just wants to hate him.

Al on Nov 5, 2010


All, Mel didnt yiel at his wife. his wife is Robyn Gibson they are stil married and since 30 years.. the one he yieled at is teh russian hooker. goldigger. No he did not had hit the booze either as he odnt have been drinking in 4 years. and he also stop smoking an dont have touched drug in 28 years.. So he dont smoke, he dont drink, he dont do drugs, but he yiel when he is being screwed as hell! in short, a veery normal guy with a very strong selfcotnrol as i know 98% of the usuakl guys wil have simply shoot that hooker. oh not to frogret she faked a opregnacy and put him as the father of a baby that she had bouhgt in Romania (see "baby factory " article) via her mother ludmilla chernuha, who brought the 1 monht oldkid to USA Los Angeles, in ocotber 21, 10 days before tis staged birth in the US. Thats what the feds, trhe Major Crimne bureua of investigatin, and the sherif invesitgators and detective Wagner form LAPD are investigating since july. So Mel gibson is very clean in all this and quiet th victim of a huge extortion with death threats!. I see froward to watch that movie! dfantastic movie btw! Its being released in UK by Icon prod UK owned now by lev Blavatnick. This movie is going ot be huge! There is so many good commwnts on it already and so many people dying to can go to see it! they wil ahve ot realease it in the US on february 11, 2011, as well as in the UK and the same week! lol And in 2011 we wil also get "where i spend my summer vacation" with Mel Gibson! this is going ot be so greate! :)) 2011 the best year for the movie business! Wiht Mel Gibson "I AM BACK!" LOL

Ocean Dollbugg on Nov 5, 2010


#6, "How can you hold a grudge against someone who has done absolutely nothing to you. Grow up already." Fred Phelps has never done a thing to me either but it doesn't change the fact that I find people who behave in such ways to be people I tend to avoid. I don't give a shit if other people want to see his movies. For me, I can't get into watching him anymore though. I don't see how that nessicates me to 'grow up'.

jordan on Nov 5, 2010


DUDE His girlfriend/ golddigger faked the pregnancy and extorted him for money, and you all think he shouldn't have been mad crazy? Grow up who are you people, and what monastery do you all post from??

True Story on Nov 5, 2010


#15 - well said.

norm on Nov 5, 2010


i'd definitely see " the beaver". it sounds funny to me.....and part of that is it's mel who's the guy with the puppet! if he's done something illegal - i'd say throw him in jail..........until then, mels movies are almost always good and i'll see them if they interest me. i''m looking forward to seeing "the beaver".

beavis on Nov 5, 2010


Mel is one of the best directors out there. His storytelling is engaging, exactly what Hollywood needs right now. Get this man back behind the camera! P.S. There is a fine line between genius and crazy.

Trip on Nov 5, 2010



DaftPUNKFAN on Nov 6, 2010


ROL is lying trash--no wonder they are bellyup in bankruptcy. I CAN'T WAIT for this movie. I have been anxious for it since first hearing he was goin to do it. I LOVE MEL movies. This moive promises to have it all: warm, moving, funny. It's sure to rock. How I Spent My Summer Vacation is going to be stellar too. Also a perfect role fo him I'm glad to see him knocking out some movies again. he's so good at it.

Sam on Nov 6, 2010


Police can just set up shop and profile all the crazies that buy tickets to this farce of a movie. No doubt the crowd will be made up of current & future serial killers and domestic abusers and child beaters.

BEAVER Cleaver on Nov 6, 2010


Mel is a victim of extortion. Oksana is the biggest s.l.... in Hollywood. Love Mel - will see all his movies!

Pravda on Nov 6, 2010


So funny to see all that hating going on. Like stupid sheeps of a herd all these people point at him and critic without knowing the facts. Its probably the same people exposing their life on facebook and extending it on their mobile phone. Pathetic gang of fools. Mel Gibson is a great actor and he made great movies like Braveheart. I hope he will make his movie about Vikings that will tell the story about how the brainwashed hypocrites christian sheeps killed and annihilated so many cultures and religions but some of these Vikings might stand out proud against them!!! Hail Wotan

Vinlander on Dec 19, 2010

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