Check This Out: First New Poster for James Cameron's 'Sanctum'

December 7, 2010
Source: ComingSoon

Sanctum Poster

Dare I make the pun and say that this official poster for James Cameron's Sanctum is "breathtaking"? Nah, I'll restrain myself, but it is a flashy poster. I realized that they can essentially throw any imagery from the movie on here, over-contrast it and fade it dark blue, slap some bubbles on it and bam -- it's exciting! Anyway, I'm sure we've all seen the trailer and know that this doesn't look that amazing, but it does remind me of one of my guilty pleasures - Deep Blue Sea. And if this movie can be that fun and harmless, then bring it on. The new poster comes from ComingSoon and does actually look pretty damn cool - check it out below!

James Cameron's Sanctum Poster

An underwater cave diving team experiences a crisis during an expedition to an unexplored cave system.

Sanctum is directed by Australian filmmaker Alister Grierson, of only a few other short films and the feature Kokoda previously. The screenplay was co-written by both newcomer John Garvin and Andrew Wight (who produced Cameron's Aliens of the Deep and Ghosts of the Abyss) and is supposedly inspired by a true story. James Cameron and Relativity Media's Ryan Kavanaugh both helped produce the film. Universal is bringing Sanctum to theaters in 3D everywhere starting on February 4th, 2011 early next year. Anyone interested?

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"I'm sure we've all seen the trailer and know that this doesn't look THAT amazing..." THAT amazing? Heck, it doesn't look good period.

ChazY on Dec 7, 2010


buuuuuut Guuuuuys....CAMERON is producing this!!!!!! How can it be bad?!?!!?!? Its got his seal of approval AND you all liked Avatar, right!?! RIGHT?!!?!?

Voice of Reason on Dec 7, 2010


Alex, Deep Blue Sea was once one of my guilty pleasures. Even worse Van Helsing is still. There. I said it.

Eli on Dec 7, 2010


@2 nope Avatar sucked

Moon on Dec 7, 2010


this will be like Avatar and Titanic...better in theater and boring at home........

Jericho on Dec 7, 2010


...not much to say.

Xerxex on Dec 7, 2010


@2. Like #4, I thought Avatar sucked. And no, I don't just like to hate on stuff that's popular. I went into the movie wanting to love it. But nope. Hated it. Had some flashy action, but the movie itself was garbage.

Chazzy on Dec 7, 2010


they're milking JC's name, but it looks so bad.

sedna on Dec 7, 2010


He has a major water fetish!

Jimmy Love on Dec 7, 2010


lol @ 4 and 7 who clearly missed 2's joke.

Ben on Dec 7, 2010


Van Helsing = defo guilty pleasure.

S~Doyle on Dec 8, 2010


The movie doesn't look that bad at all. If it didn't have JC's name people would be intrigued by it

Rashad on Dec 8, 2010


Am I the only one who thinks it is a little unfair to the director that you're calling this "James Cameron's Sanctum"? And this happens a lot on this site. Just because some big hollywood name is helping the movie doesn't mean it is theirs.

Ricardo on Dec 8, 2010


looks like an IMAX 3D documentary

ingmorelos on Dec 8, 2010


whats with this guy and water

ChrisC5g on Dec 8, 2010


#13 - I agree with you, but heck, they still say Back to the Future is presented by Steven Spielberg. Hasn't Zemeckis done enough now to be the headline creator of this film? All this 25th anniversary stuff that's happened this year still has Spielberg's name prominently displayed more than Zemeckis.

jjboldt on Dec 8, 2010


Man, this movie looks boring as hell.

Cracky on Dec 8, 2010


cant wait for a trailer

A5J4DX on Dec 8, 2010


@18. There was a trailer already.

Chazzy on Dec 8, 2010

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