Check This Out: James Cameron as a Na'vi + New Interview

February 15, 2010
Source: Hero Complex

James Cameron as a Na'vi

I guess I'm writing about this only because it's a holiday and I really wanted to show you guys how totally awesome this James Cameron as a Na'vi painting is, so check it out below. Hero Complex has a new blog interview up with James Cameron talking about how he had to cut a "epiphanal scene" featuring Jake and Tsu'tey from Avatar because "there was one dramatic beat too many." He also goes on to talk briefly about how Avatar is his most personal film he's ever made because it has been sort of a culmination of all things in his life that have fascinated him, underwater and as a kid. It's a pretty interesting little interview featurette.

"As a kid who was both an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy and comic books and constantly conjuring all these images in my head before there were VCRs and I could just watch any movie any time I wanted…

"There was very little imagery out there at the time. You had to make it up yourself, and as an artist I was always drawing all these things, so all the stuff in Avatar was stuff I had been drawing for years as a teenager… And then as a scuba diver sort of discovering the endless bounty of nature's imagination underwater, which is really, ultimately, almost unfathomable. So Avatar is all of that, all sort of distilled down into one movie.

"The story was written 15 years ago, and certainly there was a strong environmental consciousness then… but it's obviously on our minds a lot more now as this sense of a coming day of reckoning… that we really have to deal with this."

This is pretty much just some Oscar bait material just to hype up Cameron for the big ceremony next month. I mean it's cool that he makes some and informed decisions like this, but [spoiler] Tsu'tey's death sounds like it would've been a very important scene to see in the film to complete the story. Anyway, the real reason I wanted to feature this article was because attached to it was this totally awesome painted portrait of James Cameron as a freakin' Na'vi! It's just awesome and I wanted to show this for all of you to chuckle at as well. Let's hope this man below wins the Oscar on March 7th. Maybe he'll even speak more Na'vi again this time?

James Cameron as Na'vi

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thats one creepy pic, lol

ray on Feb 15, 2010


Wow, that's trippy. Feels like I should see this on the cover of EMPIRE magazine.

Nick Sears on Feb 15, 2010


James Cameron definetely needs serious down time on a deserted tropical beach before it's too late.

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 15, 2010


In this interview, Cameron once again manages to make himself sound even more like a pompous douchebag than before. Gotta give him props, that's quite a feat. And if Avatar wins the Oscar, I swear I will run outside and punch every person I see (like that scene in "Mr. Smith goes to Washington," but much more violent).

Come on people on Feb 15, 2010


He is a great writer/director for his particular style of stories...I'd say he is the best at he sci-fi adventure epic...definitely better than Lucas. However, I'd have to give best director to Katheryn bigelow this year. Hurt locker was the superior picture.

Linkfx on Feb 15, 2010


Avatar wasn't all that fun. Not sure what all the fuss was about.

Dan the Fan on Feb 15, 2010


james,sort your head out man your losing it big time.



Cameron needs to retire.

Tomi on Feb 15, 2010


#5 are you actually saying avatar is better than the original star wars, wow i weep for society.

matt on Feb 15, 2010


Cameron's films always cause a huge stir in Hollywood, but they are rarely, truly great films (Gladiator, Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather) I doubt he will win best picture/best director, at least I hope he doesnt. The only thing Oscar worthy about this movie was the CG. It was hands down the best ever created, I will give him that. However, the story was weak, we've seen it before. Add to the fact that, there was very little live action elements going feels more like an epic video game than a movie...its not a true film. @5- Hurtlocker was a great character study on an EOD officer, but story, nothing unique, just far too long and boring, drawn out scenes. Kind of a lame year for the Oscar's honestly.

one on Feb 15, 2010


I am so very disturbed by that picture. For some reason it made me think of Pedobear.

SuicidalOptimist on Feb 15, 2010


Theres not mutch to say about this Picture it Blue and that it.

Cineprog on Feb 15, 2010


james cameron made a couple of decent films(terminator,terminator 2 judgement day & true lies,still haven't seen avatar.)& he thinks in his own mind that his the greatest director who ever lived.REALITY CHECK FOR MR JAMES CAMERON YOU HAVE JUST BECOME PAPA SMURF WITH THAT PHOTO.



@ #5 - Ever heard of Ridley Scott? yeah..

CJ on Feb 15, 2010


Yeah Alex...that's awesome..Avatar sucked and so do you

Johnny on Feb 15, 2010


um...creepy pic O.o Avatar was good, bit overrated like The Dark Knight but that film is still awesome. Cameron chill man, I have mad respect for you but you're starting to freak us out a little.

Xerxex on Feb 15, 2010


Agree with you #10 & 14. Rids skill in lighting, frame selection, editing and truly involving the audience into the world he creates is unrivalled. So disappointed with the best film nominations Avatar, Hurt Locker, Up in the Air are not great films better than average yes but way overhyped.

macatae on Feb 15, 2010


Papa Smurf?!! hahah!! its true but honestly WTF, why create your own Avatar and make it public? pompous douche bag much? jeez. Avatar was good, not great. "The Dark Knight" - now THAT was great! (Very well might be the very best movie ever made - no shit). James Cameron just made Pocahontas with SFX galore - that's it! - please if I am wrong, argue! I'd love to hear/read an viable objection to this.....

Conrad on Feb 15, 2010



Bill Cosby on Feb 15, 2010


This is really stupid. Everyone just needs to pass by Avatar. Let it die, already.

Angry Chief on Feb 15, 2010


All the bashing... It's great to see I'm not alone. Give Weta an oscar. Give Cameron shit.

bltzie on Feb 15, 2010


Wait.. He's missing the ears!

SS on Feb 15, 2010


Creepy. O.o

Sabes on Feb 15, 2010


#9. While some may argue this, I don't consider Star Wars a sci-fi adventure. It has all the hatchings of a post-modern fantasy, just set in space. And while Avatar also has some fantasy, it's over-arching themes of science vs. nature and the source of identity is firmly science fiction. If you were to put both directors side by side, I would say Cameron would definitely beat George Lucas. Even the original Star Wars was poorly directed, just like the new trilogy. His writing is definitely better than Cameron's, although they both deal with rejuvenating old cliches and archetypes, Lucas just does it in a more classical way a la NEW HOPE. THX 1138 is probably Lucas' best directed film...and also classical sci-fi

LINKFX on Feb 15, 2010


#14. Ridley Scott is an amazing director, but please please show me a sci-fi adventure film he made. He hasn't. He is definitely a master of classic science fiction, but I can't say any of his science fiction border on adventure or epic, he has used the genre to explore familiar storytelling conventions within mystery and noir(BLADE RUNNER) and horror (ALIEN). However great he is, and I do believe he is great, Ridley Scott hasn't made a truly decent theatrical release in years KINGDOM OF HEAVEN: DIRECTOR'S CUT not withstanding, it was brilliant, but the theatrical version was terrible, not his faullt...but his last several film before and after that were pretty bad. BODY OF LIES and A GOOD YEAR were missing all the trappings of a good Scott film. However, I am eagerly awaiting ROBIN HOOD. Hopefully it is a return to form.

LINKFX on Feb 15, 2010


@10 "Hurtlocker was a great character study on an EOD officer, but again…no story, nothing unique, just far too long and boring, drawn out scenes." --- most accurate review of the over-rated Hurt Locker.

Dr. Tonmoy on Feb 15, 2010


Looks pretty dorky to me. I've been saying since Sept that Hurt Locker was overrated, I dont understand some people.

People's Champ 3D on Feb 15, 2010


dorky is right. It is a stupid picture

crabby on Feb 16, 2010


So many jealous people out sad...

Ambient on Feb 16, 2010


I have this feeling that those who don't like Avatar are dull people in real life...

FlaWiio on Feb 16, 2010


Dumb photo. My fave movie of all time. Thank you Mr. Cameron for totally blowing me away!

MH on Feb 16, 2010


Doesn't fool me. He still looks like the white people we got rid of. BTW we killed off the imposters too. People of Earth, Jake is dead.

navi on Feb 21, 2010

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