Check This Out: Nifty 'Toy Story 3' By The Numbers Infographic

December 15, 2010
Source: Milo

Toy Story 3 By The Numbers Infographic

Despite already hitting DVD/Blu-Ray about a month ago, we're happy to always keep talking about Pixar's Toy Story 3, mostly because it's one of 2010's best movies and because Disney is pushing a campaign for it to win Best Picture at the Oscars (it just got a Golden Globe nomination). We've reported on the animated movie becoming the highest grossing in the US during the summer and highest grossing for Pixar itself, but how do all the numbers stack up now that it's out on DVD? SlashFilm found a rather awesome infographic on all things Toy Story 3 on the site Milo, including a look at the franchise and all its merchandising sales.

Toy Story 3 By The Numbers

Though this isn't an official Pixar creation, it goes nicely along with all those fun facts and figures we posted for Toy Story 3 during its release this summer. I'm glad to see Toy Story 3 get a Golden Globe nomination, but that was expected. I really hope to see it showing up on more Top 10 lists as the year starts to come to a close, as this deserves to be on quite a few of them! And congrats to Lee Unkrich on an incredible success.

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I wish they'd made a Finding Nemo sequel. It probably would need a title change though...

M on Dec 15, 2010


#1 I don't think you can turn Finding Nemo into a franchise that easily. The Incredibles on the other hand:D

Harry on Dec 15, 2010



KING on Dec 15, 2010


nice 😀

A5J4DX on Dec 15, 2010


Not that hard #2... how about it turns out Dori and Marlin get married. And at some point it also turns out that Dori's got a kid as well from her forgotten past, and only remembers when she sees some trigger object that reminds her. Now Merlin, Dori and Nemo are off on a fun-filled adventure trying to find the "sister" Nemo never knew. Turns out she's being used as part of an exhibit at Disney World or something... I'm not saying that's great, but it isn't such a stretch, really. Based on the numbers above, I'm sort of surprised that a Cars2 is even in the works? I mean, it didn't do bad, but it didn't do great, either. (Mater's Tall Tales is actually somewhat entertaining, although WOW what a merchandising opportunity for them.)

dRailer on Dec 15, 2010


honestly...i thought Cars would be higher up than Ratatouille......

Jericho on Dec 15, 2010


No. Leave Finding Nemo alone. Its one of their best and it should stay alone

Wes on Dec 15, 2010


I thought Wall-E did more money that that...

ryderup on Dec 15, 2010


#8, it would seem americans don't like paying to be called fat. shame, really, it was a solid movie with good morals.

crumb on Dec 15, 2010


#5... If that's what it's about, thank God there isn't a Finding Nemo 2. Sounds like a paint-by-numbers film. I can't wait till Pixar gets over this sequel hump (Cars 2, Monsters Inc. 2) and gets back to original stories. Bring on Brave!

Mark on Dec 15, 2010


I thought Wall-E was amazing, thought it would have been higher!

Cooldu on Dec 15, 2010


While Pixar maintain an amazing batting average, definitely Ratatouille was a high water mark... bring back the Bird!

Stan on Dec 15, 2010


Disney seem to be on a roll this year in terms of making money despite Prince of Persia and Sorcerer's Apprentice. Toy Story 3 and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland both joining the billion dollar club, Tron Legacy being unleashed soon, not to mention the aquisition of Marvel Comics.

Jeeze on Dec 16, 2010


I heard that Cars made a billion dollars through Merchandise, so in that regard, it might still be the #2 franchise despite its box office gross.

George on Dec 16, 2010


#ERROR in chart... anyone else saw how next to the globe image, the worldwide gross is $1,062,984,497, yet in the chart right below it, they round it off to $1.6 Billion? pretty high round-off there...

Aaron on Dec 28, 2010

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