Check This Out: Salt's 'Day X Exists' Game Experience Trailer

May 17, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Day X Exists Viral Trailer

Who is Salt? I still don't really know what this Day X Exists viral game experience for Sony's Salt movie is all about, but they've launched a new trailer to try and explain a little bit and get people involved in it. Salt is that Angelina Jolie double-agent spy thriller that is hitting this summer (watch the trailer) and the big viral for the movie is a huge game "experience" they're launching this summer called Day X Exists (visit the site at: There are 9 missions users must complete and they look highly interactive, so if you're a fan of virals or looking forward to Salt at all, this is definitely something you should check out!

Watch the official "Day X Exists" viral game trailer for Phillip Noyce's Salt:

You can also watch the Day X game trailer for Salt in High Definition on Yahoo

For more information on this Day X Exists viral game, head over to the official website:

Salt is directed by veteran Australian filmmaker Phillip Noyce, of Echoes of Paradise, Dead Calm, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, The Saint, The Bone Collector, and Catch a Fire previously. The script was written by Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium, Street Kings, Law Abiding Citizen) and Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, Conspiracy Theory, The Postman, Mystic River, Man on Fire, Taking of Pelham 123, Green Zone, Robin Hood). Sony is bringing Salt to theaters everywhere on July 23rd this summer. So who's in?

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I do not support Salt. I hope it fails terribly.

whomever on May 17, 2010


@ #1 Ditto.

nem on May 17, 2010


Angie's hot so I'm in.

ProMovieBlogger on May 17, 2010


Care to elaborate 1or 2 as to why you're boycotting so adamently? I don't know much about the production besides that Tom cruise was originally attached and then they recast the role for a woman. The trailer looked decent though so I'm surprised to see such animosity for a pretty typical genre picture. Do either of you have vendetta with the writer or director? Was their past work not to your liking?

Peloquin on May 17, 2010


#1 and #2 why? and mmm Jolie its showing her age.

ADM86 on May 17, 2010


yeeah echoin the previous comments, do you guys wanna give a reason why your hating this so outright without explanation. The trailer looked like a decent intense thriller maybe even more.

Cody w on May 18, 2010


@4 and 5 Because the script was so good, and it was so deflating to hear that Jolie had been cast in the leading role. The whole movie revolved around a guy trying to see his kids/wife while on the run, and I just can't imagine the character working the same way as a woman. Hollywood boolsheet muffed up what could have been a great movie.

whomever on May 18, 2010


I think the game looks fun. If I remember to check it each week I'll play. Movie looks good too. A nice Summer action/ thriller.

Moviegimp on May 18, 2010


I'm sick of these Jolie action movies. Can the woman do a fucking drama? How's about a comedy?

Cracky on May 18, 2010


@9, check out some of Angelina's earlier stufff...she got an oscar for best supporting actress in the DRAMA "Girl, Interrupted,", won a SAG award for the drama "Gia" in which she played the title character, did a comedy (granted it was a waek script and she wasn't too terribly fantastic as a comedien). The big budget, hugely marketed movies that she does are all action movies--that doesn't mean they are the only genre that Jolie is more proficient at.

Liberty23 on Jun 6, 2010


1 & 2 ...if you don't want to see Salt then why are you on a SALT thread? I'm sure you knew what the subject was by its title. As for Jolie being cast, she was cast only AFTER Cruise who couldn't convice the execs to pay him his going rate of 20 mil dropped out. The script you read has been rewritten and the new one is just as good as the old as a matter of fact it is a better script with a better plot. Jolie is excellent in action roles and she is boxoffice gold at the moment. Cruise wouldn't have done the original script justice, nor would he bring in the box office that Jolie will. Cruise has steadily fallen off the "success" rating for the last 5 years. When he couldn't get the 20 mil for Salt, he signed up for Knight & Day a rip off of both 'True Lies' and 'Mr and Mrs. Smith'. Lets hope it works out for him, as "action" seems to be all his fans are willing to watch him in. Perhaps you two will go and support him, Jolie surely does not your 10 dollars. she and the cast of Salt will do just fine. As for Jolie "Showing her age", yeah oooohhhh she's an old 35. That is far from old and like every other human on this planet who doesn't pay to remold their face and body, she will age and yet she's still considered one of the sexiest and most beautiful women alive. Was she supposed to stay 20-something forever? and #9 Really? That was your comment when the woman was just nominated for Oscar, SAC, CCA, and GG for the movie 'Changeling' a DRAMA in 2008 and two years prior to that for A Mighty Heart another DRAMA. Then there was 'The Good Shepherd' another DRAMA. As a matter of fact the majority of Jolie's work is in DRAMA. So if you are going to insult her out of inane dislike, try a more feasible argument.

Alexander on Jun 24, 2010


it is the jA people . They search about jolie just to bash. It is sicking.

cocune on Jul 2, 2010

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