Chloe Moretz May Find Herself in 'The Rut' with Karyn Kusama

July 30, 2010
Source: 24 Frames

Chloe Moretz

Some might say that writer and director Karyn Kusama is already in a rut after the somewhat lackluster performance of Jennifer's Body (sure Aeon Flux doesn't help either), but 24 Frames reports she's moving onto another project aptly titled The Rut. However, the project is quite the departure from her previous tongue-in-cheek horror venture as the story is supposed to follow a father-daughter relationship where the daughter is forced to learn the tricks of hunting and archery taught to her by her dad after he goes missing. In addition, Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass, Let Me In) is in talks to take on the role of the daughter.

If you're keeping count, this is the second project in 24 hours with links to Chloe Moretz as a daughter of an off-kilter father-daughter relationship. Like I said, every adolescent female role under the sun is being sent her way, so her Mom is probably very busy reading scripts (Moretz said her mother reads scripts before she even gets a chance to read them). Kusama enjoyed a decent jump from indie filmmaking with Girlfight to more mainstream films (even if they weren't the most successful), but maybe this will get her back on track after coming up short recently. And if Moretz does end up being involved, then my interest will definitely increase, as I love seeing her in just about anything. We'll keep you updated! What do you guys think?

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agreed. Go Chloe Moretz!

eric on Jul 30, 2010


Very talented. She's got somethin others don't have.

Ellelena on Jul 30, 2010


Well her mother must be pretty chill if she read the Kick ass script before hand.....this girl has a bright and fruitful career ahead of her.

Cody w on Jul 30, 2010


Hit Girl Literally Kicked Ass but I don't think I give much of a crap about anything else she may be in

Jimmy Love on Jul 30, 2010


Chloe Moretz is the "it" girl right now. She was great in Kick-Ass, and had a minor role in Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. I look for Let Me In to be big. She's great. Hollywood is gonna try to get as many movies out of here as they can before her kid years are completely over.

TCox on Jul 30, 2010


She is not that superb or talented. Just because there are no other 'semi-good' child actors in the business currently, it doesn't mean she is an amazing actress. I don't like her style, it's too rehearsed. I hope people realize that this isn't "it". There is much more out there. Moretz is just not the one in my opinion.

Marlon on Jul 31, 2010


agree with #6. her performance in kick ass didn't kick ass at all. the role wasnt complex at all.

sfdd on Jul 31, 2010


Thats cool for you but i wasn't commenting on her acting. I said Hit Girl Kicked Ass! Douche Bag and let me in is just gonna suck.

Jimmy Love on Jul 31, 2010


#6 Well, have you seen any other child actors like her... Dakota Fanning, Bailee Madison, Abigail Breslin. All good actresses. But Chloe Moretz! I don't see those other child actors fit in a role like Hit-Girl. Her level of fitness and stunts she did never seen before for a child-roll unless it's all special effects. She did it all nearly herself. And her acting is far from bad. She has good talent. It's getting better and better... Wait another 10 years. The next Angelina Jolie i tell you.

Ellelena on Jul 31, 2010


Sold already.

Xerxex on Jul 31, 2010


The overhype of Kick-Ass. Yeah. She was cool in kick ass. A little girl saying "fuck" and killing people. But come on. Hasn't proved to be a talent.

ryderup on Aug 1, 2010


yep agree with 11

hayleyy on Aug 2, 2010


Chloe is an amazing young actress (dare say the best for her age group). Her lining up projects are all gorgeous pick. I can't wait to see all of them!

Lissa on Aug 3, 2010


to #6,#7, #11 I Don't mean to be rude but what did you accomplish when you were 11 years old that's how old she was when she played the role of "Hit Girl"or if you want to compare her to her age group look at Natalie Portman when she did "Leon" she didn't have to all that action and drama in the same movie. Kick Ass was definitely not over hyped, you know what's over hyped the "Twilight" series. All these people are talking about Kick Ass "That movie was awesome little girl cussing and killing" or "I can't believe they are allowed to exploit an 11 year old girl like that" get over yourselves guys hate it love it just enjoy and when it's done leave it in the theater.

Frank on Aug 15, 2010


Just saw Let Me In for the third time! Best movie of the year by far, Chloe deserves an Oscar nomination for this film ! I look forward to follow her career !

Luis Willis on Oct 10, 2010

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