Chris Evans Explains Why He Took the Captain America Role

April 4, 2010
Source: SuperHeroHype

Chris Evans

Although we're probably going to hear plenty more throughout the summer about this, since WonderCon was this weekend, it was the perfect place to bring this up. Chris Evans made his first big appearance at WonderCon since officially landing the role of Captain America in Marvel's upcoming movie. He was there to promote The Losers and Warner Bros tried as hard as they could to prevent anyone from talking about Cap. Somehow, SuperHeroHype finally got Evans to talk very briefly about why he took on the role and why he decided to play another superhero after playing Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four. Find out!

"I think Marvel is doing a lot of good things right now, and it's a fun character. Even if it wasn't a comic book. I think the story of Steve Rogers is great. He's a great guy. Even if it was just a script about anybody, I would probably want to do it. So it wasn't necessarily about the comic itself. He's a great character. He's a great character to play. He just happens to be a comic book character."

Damn straight. It's about time Hollywood stopped looking at comic books as a lesser medium. The stories and characters in comics are a lot better than most of the Hollywood crap that gets churned out all year long anyway. Quint of AICN snapped that photo you see above of Evans at WonderCon yesterday. The joke of the day was that Evans was looking pretty damn buff already and if only we didn't know he was officially playing Cap, this would be real confirmation that he was getting ready for the role. He's definitely been beefing up and I'm already starting to warm up to Evans as Cap. Can't wait to hear more from him in the near future!

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i have high hope for cap america

luishungry on Apr 4, 2010


sounds like Evans is really into this role, and that is for the best, we cannot not have an actor portraying Captain America who dosen't care about Steve Rogers, and it seems Evans cares for the story of Rogers and not just Captain America.

Xerxex on Apr 4, 2010



Daniel Felts on Apr 4, 2010


He took it for the paycheck.

Glass on Apr 4, 2010


I still think evans is too young...and too much funnier than The cap.. i see the captain a litle bit older then him..and more serious..remember he comes from 50´s and he looks like the father and idol for another young heros like spidey, tony stark, even thor... hope the remember this important thing .. a father role.. a great one

Sakyo on Apr 4, 2010


how is Evans too young cap is like 24 LOLOL have you even read cap comics

nelson on Apr 4, 2010


#4 Even if he did, do you blame him? It's not like Evans is some huge hollywood name. He's still trying to find his place in cinema, and this could be it. Hopefully he can display some of that acting talent he showed in "London". Although "London" was a great, great film. Evans' performance was unlike anything else he's done. The story of Steve Rogers, if done properly, will propel Evans into a household name. He just needs to stay away from crap films after that.

Quanah on Apr 4, 2010


his a money grabbing bastard.

DEADPOOL 72 on Apr 4, 2010


Looks to boy-ish, no stature - but is a great actor, so who knos? Can be great... I'm worried about ironMan2?

ryderup on Apr 4, 2010


I'm interested in seeing what will happen. Wonder how much he will tone down his goofiness and sarcasm for the role. And he will definitely have to carry a much more mature bravado. Still having a hard time picturing him commanding Robert Downey, but we will see.

talli on Apr 4, 2010


Evans as Captain America can be amazing, It will be exciting to follow this. I am worried about the director though. This could easily turn out to be a cheese festival, but I HOPE that it will be GREAT

Loser on Apr 4, 2010


You guys have no clue what you're talking about. Evans didn't the role of Cap for the paycheck. He's only getting 500k for the movie.

Jake the snake on Apr 4, 2010


You have some proof on that Jake? Also, even if it is 500k how many movies did he sign on for and what is the subsequent payment of each movie? Proof, not random stats please.

Forget It on Apr 4, 2010


those who say he is too yoiung for the role he is 28 so in comics when stev rogers became captain america he is 23 or 24 and in 4 or 5 years he does his duty as captian america and when avengers find him he is in his late 20's Mr X signning off

X on Apr 4, 2010


@losers i agree with u it should be the DIRECTOR we worry about not chris evans one word *WOLFMAN* Mr X siggning off

X on Apr 4, 2010


It's Hollywood, it's all about the movie.

People's Champ on Apr 4, 2010


He's actually 28 #5 perfect age for Cap. I'm more concerned about The director and screenwriter.

Xerxex on Apr 4, 2010


Just for the paycheck? He's only getting $300,000 for the first movie. That's damn low by Hollywood action movie standards.

Kevin Klawitter on Apr 4, 2010


It might seem to be a bit of a tight fit right now but I do reckon Evans will play the Cap suitably well and retain the role while being involved with some great films. Also after seeing Sunshine I can fully envision him taking the helm as a seasoned vet once that call for the Avengers finally arrives!

deep-sleep on Apr 4, 2010


I don't get it! There was nothing that Chris said in those comments that exciting me or alerted me to what he will bring to the movie or the part! "He's a great character. He's a great character to play. He just happens to be a comic book character" That's not really an "inspiring" talking is actually very DUH! Did we expect him to say that the character Sucks or is very under developed?? What he said was not only very typical but also very bland. I am still not sold that this guy has the goods to play the Leader of the Avengers and this very typical statement by him did not change that.

JAY on Apr 4, 2010


To those vehemently bashing Evans playing Captain America... Take a step back. Take a deep breath. Maybe think about what you're getting so worked up about.

Shane on Apr 4, 2010


This is good stuff - similar to what Robert Downey was saying when he took on Tony Stark. Nothing overstated - simply an actor trying to establish a strong screen presense who understands exactly what their job is and what they have control over: Character. It's changed everything, and no one in the mainstream is going to notice it's implications - balking all the way - until its effects have already redefined the status quo. Previous status quo: All anyone could really picture for Steve Rogers was a smiling, blonde haired blue- eyed guy who wears his undies over blue tights. Add chainmail for emphasis somewhere during the last decade. That's about all there was, visually & script-wise to work with. It takes an actor to flesh that out & create some kind of interior life (& in RDJ & Evans' case, a sense of humor & charm) for a character that makes 2-D films TRULY (wait for it) FOUR DIMENSIONAL.

Django 3000 on Apr 4, 2010


So far I have liked everything that Evans has done. People have this image of a funny guy, but in movies like Push and Sunshine he showed more depth. I really liked him in Street Kings as Diskant. For me he made a character that seemed forgettable have real substance.

Deathtoll 2010 on Apr 4, 2010


For the people saying he took it for the paycheck - not likely. The contract he was required to sign locks him up for 9 films, all at $300K a film. Some of those are Captain America movies, some are Avengers movies, and some are just small cameos in other Marvel films. $300K a film is barely anything for a high profile movie like this. He would have made probably double that for the Anna Farris romantic comedy that he was supposed to be filming this summer (which will now either be delayed or recast). Then, because he's required by contract to be in those 9 films, it means that he won't be able to take any other movie roles unless he can squeeze them in inbetween Marvel movies (which they've already said they're going to try to put out quickly one after the other so the actors don't change drastically in looks). He's probably LOSING a lot of money taking this role. So why did he take the role? Simple, it's the Ghostbusters principle: "Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say 'YES'!" When someone comes to you and asks you if you want to play quite possibly the biggest Marvel comic book superhero for 9 films in a row and create an entire franchise around yourself... YOU SAY YES. Now, let's all just hold our breath and think nice thoughts and hope that Johnston and Evans don't royally screw this one up...

Pete the Geek on Apr 4, 2010


Dude, you missed the part where he says he's not in to comics and knew practically nothing about Captain America before accepting the role. Just sayin.

CJ on Apr 4, 2010


I'd like to SEE the video of him answering these questions. I feel I'd get a better grasp on if his response was authentic or not. I honestly hope its done well. I'm not hardcore Capt Fan, but in the last year I've done a lot of research, so I feel this character particularly has a chance to really connect to people, being on a parallel from how in the 40's, the world, USA, Wars, good & evil, were A LOT different than they are today. I don't want it to be sappy, no no no, I want it to be story of inspiration and action pushed with a sense of realism of WWII. I also think Capt and Wolverine(Jackman) should bump into each other after storming Normandy or at an army base, and Logan makes fun of his capt america outfit, Capt gives him a look. Just a cameo - That's it!

Nick Sears on Apr 4, 2010


#27 Chris Nolan had never read a comic in his life just saying

nelson on Apr 4, 2010


chris evans looks perfect for the part; if only he was an actor...

newbie on Apr 4, 2010


Forget Evans, it's Joe Johnson you have to be worried about. After his last few hacked-up jobs I'm not at all excited by him directing Captain America.

1-7 on Apr 4, 2010


#29 - nelson Nolan's read more Batman comics than most people have. He read The Dark Knight Returns as a present when he was just a kid. He speaks at great length about the comic book influences on his movies. Specifically, the Miller, O'Neal, Kane and Loeb comics. Regadless, I don't think it's necessary for actors to have intense knowledge of the comics as long as they're respectful and understand what they're doing.

Governor on Apr 4, 2010


That paycheck must have had a lot of zeros.

BookWorm on Apr 4, 2010


#29 - You're thinking of Tim Burton...

Shane on Apr 4, 2010


Lots of you need to get real it seems. Even if this is a disaster your all still going to be flocking to the theaters and giving it money like me, so shut up and wait for a damn trailer before thinking you know exactly how its gonna turn out.

Cody w on Apr 4, 2010


#4 wow he took a whole 300,000 dollars lmao Thats not very much considering how much the movie itself will make just because of the name. I think they coulda found someone better but I'll see it anyway since Cap is my favorite Marvel Character.

Rooney on Apr 4, 2010


Introducing Steve Storm a.k.a. Human America.... Wait, that's not right. Presenting Johnny Rogers a.k.a. Captain Torch....

Somebody with actual intelligence on Apr 4, 2010


Man... so much snideness going on.

LW on Apr 4, 2010


Welcome to the Internets, LW.

Django 3000 on Apr 4, 2010


I have faith in Evans. I'm hoping the movie will be something like Superman Returns. A bit dark, but not too much.

Robbie on Apr 5, 2010


It depends on the media you say in your article that the industrie alone dosn't think much of comic book aduptatios, you are right, but a gain it depends if they are good aduptations in the firstplace take Watchman it was a load of boaring crap to me. Iron Man, Spiderman. Hulk have all been good but there is still the one or two films when taken from a comic book don't do all that well at the box office. Fantastic Four the second film was not has good has the first one.

Cineprog on Apr 5, 2010


I'm now pumped although Matthew McConaughey wasn't optioned I think Chris could pull it off. Now how is he going to play scrawny Steve?

Johnny Neat on Apr 5, 2010


Just as # 27 stated, at the same conference Evans mentioned how we never really was into comics, I just read this on another filmsite. Quite a big omission to not mention this in this article, because I don't think that such a statement shows much love for the character of Steve Rogers at all. And to those of who you who say Evans is a great pick and Marvel knows what they're doing, I'd like to remind you he only got the part because Garrett Hedlund, Ryan Philippe and Channing Tatum turned it down. So we're looking at a fourth choice at best. I had really high hopes for the First Avenger: Captain America, despite of joe johnston, but not anymore. I still think Chris Evans is the real life Derek Zoolander.

Marvel is the new Fox on Apr 5, 2010


two words.....Human Torch.....nuff said!

Clover on Apr 5, 2010


Marvel news! Michael Jai White In talks today for Isaiah Bradley in the first avenger! An Alice Eve in talks.

peter davidson on Apr 5, 2010


wanna know why its taken 45 years for captain to get made on the big screen? because he suuuuuuuux. hes a second pick superhero , or maybe 3rd in my opinion. Main comic characters---Spidey Batman and superman . Then next comic movies i wanna see is Deadpool and Batman 3.

subcelsious on Apr 5, 2010


#36 Is your name an April Fool or are you really THAT intelligent

Barry on Apr 5, 2010


I am not upset or disappointed. I am 100% interested and how this will turn out.

Cracky on Apr 5, 2010


#42 Are you saying Channing Tatum or Ryan Philippe would have been a better choice?!

SuicidalOptimist on Apr 5, 2010


#28, there's a reason why marvel studios isn't doing Xmen movies, they don't have the rights. so no, you wont see logan bumping into steve anytime soon.

Colt on Apr 5, 2010


#42 Great point!!! The reminder that Channing Tatum was even considered for the part makes me think even LESS of this movie!!! For that Douche bag to have been that close to being our Captain America let's me know how Not serious they are about this movie.

JAY on Apr 5, 2010


Well.......Yep Evans has what it takes and will portray the Character well he has experience in becoming comic characters and has displayed it well. If you disagree and say he was an awful Human Torch, well our wrong......Human Torch is an awful Human Torch. He played the character to a T. Based on the Loosers Trailer he once again will portray a fantastic film version of a comic character. He is in shape and will be bigger for the Cap Movie. Another thing I hear all the time is why didn't he die his hair blond and he might not for Cap.......first of all he's a dirty blond.......second.......if he did it would have looked like Johnny Storm dies his hair blond.....and because the director told him not to. His age is perfect for the part, Cap was 23 when he was enlisted and was about 27 when he was frozen. Mind you I have seen people draw Cap were he looked like Patrick Warburton with Blond hair, so it's all in the eye of the artist, which currently is the casting and production team. Lastly he was not the Last choice he didn't even read for the part......which isn't necessarily good but.....hey fuck it. They never wanted anyone under 6ft so Phillipe was out and they didn't take Garrett Hedlund because they saw him as a supporting hero more then a lead(fun fact though they have offered the role of Hawk Eye to someone they are still considering actors including Garrett Hedlund). Channing Tatum was simply requested to come screen test by Marvel execs and the Production Team as well as old JJ. As for Old JJ......his track record iffy but Period pieces are his specialty and his eye for visual effects is amazing. The movie should look phenomenal! Lets hope the Script is strong and he can tell the story unlike the rapid page turning style used in Wolfman. Just remember this.... Captain America is Jason Bourne, with King Leonidas Spirit and Leadership, the tech support and intel of Bond, and the Ability, stregnth, speed, and enduranc of an entire Special Forces unit. This movie should be "Saving Private Ryan" With a character that fits the description above.......on Radiated STEROIDS! It Should Be Awesome!

Gabe on Apr 8, 2010


Rupert Evans, my pic, he is a no name but has potential, not happy about chris evens at all!!

SPLINTER on Apr 10, 2010


This is terrible casting. Evans is not a leading man, the kind of actor that Captain America needs. And he's pretty much the last option, much better actors have turned down roles in this film suggesting that the script is quite poor. Joe Johnston, the director, is also the biggest problem this film as he's butchered his last few films. The entire idea for a Captain America movie is pretty much lame and ridiculous anyway.

SlashBeast on Apr 17, 2010


Helllo! Captain America is older! I know he was frozen but still, give him some manly attributes, the character should be for someone serious, and that knows how to act. In fantastic 4, when Evans tried to act serious, we all knew he sucked. Captain American has to be a patriotic man, one who will stand fighting for his country. Chris Evans does not have the body, facial features, is morally wrong to the marvel fans since he is already the torch, and he is just not a good actor, sorry marvel but your going to dig up your own grave with this casting choice

Peter o on Jun 12, 2010


Peter......your gonna be so impressed by him. It's clear you have not seen any of his other movies nor have you seen him take on some of the roles he has done. As for body, only a pro wrestler has caps body. He will do just like any other actor does and train for the role.

Gabe on Jun 14, 2010


#7 - Quanah Yes I can blame him you whore.

Glass on Nov 7, 2010

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