Chris Evans Has Been 'Offered' the Role of Captain America!

March 19, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Chris Evans

I'm tired of reporting on this endless speculative game of who may be playing Captain America. Just pick a damn actor already, stop messing with us Marvel! Not that this is casting confirmation, but Heat Vision is now reporting that Chris Evans has been "offered" the big role. So what does this mean? Well, pretty much nothing, because Evans has to first accept it and deals have to be made, but it sounds like Channing Tatum may have passed on the role if Evans has been offered it instead. Earlier today it was reported that the new "shortlist" for Cap had been trimmed down to three actors: Evans, Tatum, and Gossip Girl's Sebastian Stan.

Heat Vision that Evans' offer includes starring in up to three Captain America movies, plus The Avengers movies, and appearances in other Marvel movies. Sounds similar to how Samuel Jackson got contracted for nine upcoming Marvel movies as S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury. We'll obviously let you know if Evans gets the role or not, because this still isn't finalized and we don't know when it will be. I'm actually much happier with Evans than Tatum. He's not perfect, but he could do a great job as Steve Rogers. Although I wasn't fond of him in the Fantastic Four films, I think he really showed his potential in Danny Boyle's Sunshine.

Joe Johnston is directing The First Avenger: Captain America, which will shoot in England sometime later this year. Paramount has set the big Marvel movie for release on July 22nd, 2011 next summer, that will eventually lead up to The Avengers in 2012. Would you be satisfied with Chris Evans playing Cap?

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he was the only good thing in the F4 films honestly

nelson on Mar 19, 2010


at this pint i really dont care who they cast, as long as they dont fuck this up, or all the movies that are gonna follow will be shit. my two cents!

NY til I die on Mar 19, 2010


Agree with Alex. He was good in Sunshine. But I thought he was a douchebag/annoying in the F4 movies. I don't think I can take him seriously as Captain America. They should continue searching.

Ron on Mar 19, 2010


No name actors please!

Colt on Mar 19, 2010


He was the only good thing in the F4 films. And if this report is indeed true, that he was actually offered Captain America, he would be retarded not to take it. I don't see his career going anywhere right now. I'm just thanking my lucky stars that Channing Tatum actually turned it down. Thank Goddd.

Don on Mar 19, 2010


Horrible idea. Captain American embodies the American Spirit. He talked 18 year old kids into storming Normandy on D-Day. He IS America. Chris Evans cannot pull Cap off. Too young, and a shitty actor.

Nick Bennett on Mar 19, 2010


Also, if I did have my choice I think no one would be better than than Mad Mens lead John Hamm. Perfect for the older rugged leader hero look. And great face that just screams 'America' . I know they want to go young with this because most idiot teens out there will be turned off and tuned out by Hamm, but if they want to stay true to the Avengers story of Captain America being the leader I see no better choice than Hamm. Hell, Robert Downey can pull being a star to the youngins, why cant hammy boy?

Don on Mar 19, 2010


Please don't let it be that Channing Tatum guy. He has the same acting ability of my pet rock.

Ty on Mar 19, 2010


@5.... still better than tatum if they did offered the role to tatum then i think i have already lost faith in the movie. even though he didn't accept the casting director/producers/director would have to be (or better have been) pissed out of their minds

Janny on Mar 19, 2010


7 ftw. I really like this choice. This guy has a great chirstsma and is a great actor

movie mike on Mar 19, 2010


Good grief. Chalk up another mistake to Marvel's track record. D.C. for the win.

sean on Mar 19, 2010


Ugh. This guy is far too associated with the abortion that was the Fantastic 4 series... I just dont know why Marvel seem's so obsessed with going with a pretty boy for what has been viewed as a rugged MAN of a character....not some boy band looking, cookie cutter, tiger beat boy. Krazinski is looking like a better choice day by day, especially after seeing that football movie he was in.

Dr.Shazamalama on Mar 19, 2010


Okay, I LIKED the F4 movies. i don't care what anyone says. And even if you didn't like them, Evans did a great job in them. Sure, it kinda stinks that someone who was the Human Torch would also play Captain America, but he's a good actor, looks the part, and is in great shape. That seems like a win-win scenario to me. And to #11, Steve Rodgers has often been referred to as having "pretty boy" looks in the comics. People say that all the time.

DRM on Mar 19, 2010


I would haver perferred Josh Holloway, but I'm willing to give Evan's a chance, he was the only good think in F4 and Push. I think he us a safe choice and maybe he will bew able to shine as the leader of the Avengers. But this news will no doubt make haters of Evan boil with rage, and possibly stop them from seeing the completed film. I say wait for a trailer and some on the set pics before damming the movie.

Xerxex on Mar 19, 2010


Alex you are right, Evans was a shining star in Sunshine and he could in the endgame surprise us all, this could be his big break! It all comes down to the script and the acting The screenplay better be good, the acting better.

Xerxex on Mar 19, 2010


no he's not a bad actor or anything but... he just doesnt have the Captain America look

Said on Mar 19, 2010


Joe Johnston doesn't know what he is doing. Chris Evans is mediocre. Once again, it should have been dicaprio. Tatum?? The dude from step it up? that was not a wise decision either We need someone with backbone, not gossip bone

semendo on Mar 19, 2010


He shined in sunshine too...very glad they chose him instead of Krasinski, Dont know why he was even considered he looks like a doofus. Id agree with the DiCaprio suggestion but his voice would just ruin it. Im still more worried about the actual script.

Cody w on Mar 19, 2010


I wish we could clone Hamm for Superman and Captain America!!

roke on Mar 19, 2010


He's a better choice than those other scrubs.

Jake the snake on Mar 19, 2010


Hell Steve Rodgers can't Look younger than Tony Stark! Unless they say it was the Drinking that Tony Stark was doing that aged him.

roke on Mar 19, 2010


this sucks!!! First off, isnt Chris Evans the Human Torch!?!?!? Second, they offered this role to Tatum?!?!?!? For crying out loud that guy SUCKS!!! Did anyone see G.I. Joe??!!! Cripes!!! Theres only one choice.... SAM FREAKING WORTHINGTON!!!!!! Well then again, I do agree with others on here when they say to get a no name actor. I hate Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey buddy on Mar 19, 2010


I see a reboot in the making already.

blahblahblah on Mar 19, 2010


#15... Dicaprio!!!?????????? Are you freaking kidding me, just go away moron.

alexbaldwin on Mar 19, 2010


Cap't America has to be extremely attractive. No one wants to look at a troll. Sorry, ugly fatties/twigs.

lol on Mar 19, 2010


for all of those complaining about evans being too young to play cap... you do realize that he IS younger than tony stark. he's a teenager - AT LEAST in his twenties during the time period that this first film is supposed to take place in. he's only active in WWII for a few years before he's frozen and things flash forward to present day. the marvel universe is supposed to be on around a 13-15 year sliding scale for all of their events. so that means that WHOEVER they cast needs to be believable as a guy in his early twenties and early thirties. that's why you can't cast a guy who looks 40 or a guy who looks too much like a kid. so you're pretty much limited to a pool of actors in the mid to late twenties. that's why actors like channing tatum and chris evans are at the top of the short list. let's just keep some perspective on the age issue.

Spencer on Mar 19, 2010


Not my favorite choice, but I can deal with it. I'm not going to sit here and bitch & moan about it. I would've liked to see Jake Gyllenhaal doing the role, but I've liked Evans since he was in Not Another Teen Movie, he might have done a few half ass movies, but he was the good thing about them.

People's Champ on Mar 19, 2010


I have more faith in casting these days. There is no way that Marvel would screw up one of its biggest characters, especially since they are heavily involved in the making of the films now. People need to think openly. People were pissed as hell when Heath Ledger was offered Joker, yet look what happened with that. Wait til the trailer comes out, then criticize.

Ashley on Mar 19, 2010


I dont care who directs (well maybe if P.T. Andersson or someone of that calibre but...) or who stars in it... I will not care one tiny bit for a movie about Captain America. I always disliked him as a super hero and movie about him will Im sure be full of Hollywood crap!!! No thank you!!

Tomi on Mar 19, 2010


Honestly, they need another actor. Not one who played a previous character in the Marvel universe. It just lacks originality. Marvel is coming across desperate and not willing to work to find an exclusive actor for this serious lead role. COME ON MARVEL!

harold on Mar 19, 2010


Evans was excellent in Sunshine. Plus we have to remember that the Cap movie calls for a relatively young guy, hence the origin story. He'll get bigger and be able to hold his own against Robert Downy Jr in the Avengers movie.

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA! on Mar 19, 2010


I thought there were rumors of Cam Gigandet testing for this what happened to that? Rumors change fast in Hollywood

Loser on Mar 19, 2010


Not happy with this, but there's nothing we fanboys can do. All we can do is hope that everything works out... because if it doesn't then all of comic nerdom will unleash their wrath upon the internet. Bad buzz CAN kill movies. Look at Superman Returns. The studios doubled their investment, but it left such a bad taste with audiences that Nolan is now helming Superman. I hope they get it right the first time.

Chris H. on Mar 19, 2010


Chris evans is a good actor i think he is just underrated because he is in bad movies, he can do a good job

matthew woodall on Mar 19, 2010


Glad someone agreed with the dicaprio idea. Which was an idea at one point in this long journey. I agree that there will probably be a reboot for this franchise.

semendo on Mar 19, 2010


honestly, tatum isn't that good of an actor. there's no depth and he isn't the leader type. evans is good, but i think we may remember him too much as human torch. i don't know how jon hamm got into this, but he seems like someone who pull the role off. sebastian stan? he looks like a douche...sorry.

superjstorm on Mar 19, 2010


Doubters at least wait for some pics and a trailer before condemning the film, Evans may surprise you.

Xerxex on Mar 19, 2010


I Cant picture Evans As Captain America

mikeyspikey89 on Mar 19, 2010


what what ?? robin is captain amerikhu?

DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 19, 2010


This is really not the direction they should be going with this movie. I still think #6 hit the nail on the head. Let's put this in persepective, in terms of face representation of what a superhero ideal is supposed to be in the Marvel universe, Captain America represents what would be Superman in D.C. The perfect example of heroism, selflessness, and sacrifice that all heroes secretly aspire to be. Even anti-heroes like Wolverine, who thumb their noses at any other form of authority respect Cap for who and what he is. The person playing this role has to be the entire sum of what it means to be a hero, and I'm sorry, but I just can't see Chris Evans, or any of the other actors being considered, as anyone who could pull that off. Evans as Cap = FAIL

DarkRaven18599 on Mar 19, 2010


If Evans get cast as cappy america the only thing we can look forward to is Marvel pimping him out with shirtless scenes. I've seen this guy shirtless so many times I think I'll vomit if i see him shirtless again. Give it to Porter.

CasReal on Mar 19, 2010


I agree with you Alex. Evans has matured as an actor and his turn in Sunshine was good. As was his role in Street Kings with Keanu Reeves. It took me awhile to figure out who he was because he was more serious in that movie than he was in Fantastic 4. Anyway I think he'd be a great choice for Cap!!

last son on Mar 20, 2010


Everyone who has doubts, read #29 Ashley's comment, this is with out a doubt the most important comic book character out there for Marvel, and they cannot screw this up, if they do then that's the end, Evans can do this, and I for one hope he does well as Captain America. Evan's vs Nazi's and Hugo Weaving as Red Skull now that sounds like entertainment!

Xerxex on Mar 20, 2010


If it's Tatum, I'm not going.

Black Dynamite on Mar 20, 2010


A HELLUVA better choice that Channing **I TOTALLY SUCK** Tatum!!! I do think Chris is a good actor...he was the best thing in the F4 films and was solid in "Sunshine" and "Street Kings" but I do question if he is good enough to embody the leader of the Avengers! That takes a different type of command, authority and gravity and he has never done a role anywhere near this level. I am not saying he can't pull it off, but I definitely have my fingers crossed!

JAY on Mar 20, 2010


Im just glad its not channing tatum, totally agree with #8

Philip J Fry on Mar 20, 2010


great call on the sunshine shout out, he was incredible in the movie.

Boom on Mar 20, 2010


WTF? He was more of the comedic relief in the first Fantastic 4, didn't see the 2nd one. As much as I hate Twilight, I think the kid that plays Emmit has the right build. He also has the square jaw and the facial structure that kind of fits the comic. Evans is okay, but he doesn't really have the look of Captain America, at least it is not the one note Channing Tatum or an evening Soap star.

mconner666 on Mar 20, 2010


I don't mind Chris Evans...especially from the piss poor list it seems that Marvel had, but I wonder, could Brandon Routh be able to pull off Cap? I think he would've been the best overall choice if he were considered.

Dude on Mar 20, 2010


dam they can't get an oldr actor to play this guy wtf. in the comics captain doesn't look like hes 23. buuuuuuut i guess their targeting that age audience.

subcelsious5g on Mar 20, 2010


They could get Joseph Gordon Levitt to star as the cap, it really doesn't matter whose casting at this point. - Joe Johnston is directing this, ITS GOING TO BE SHIT. look at his track record: Jurassic Park 3, Hildago (while it wasn't terrible, just not very good) and The Wolfman. This project lost me a while ago. The Captain is going down with the ship.

Conrad on Mar 20, 2010


I think they should start over change director and begin a wider search for the right actor, film this next year instead to get it right. make the release 2012 instead.

Loser on Mar 20, 2010


Terrible choice,like Conan there going for the boyband/male model types.Widen the search guys.A shame.

tir na nog on Mar 20, 2010


Wow three people in the running for captain AMERICA and they are all white.

Righteous on Mar 20, 2010


I think Evans would make a terrible Cap. As for his age, that's not a problem. You guys do all know that Cap IS younger than Tony Stark, right? By quite a bit. Steve Rogers was 24 when he became Cap, at which point his aging slowed drastically. Then he spent 3 years or so in the war, got frozen in ice (where he didn't age at all basically) and then was defrosted by the Avengers. That would make him 24 for the origin film, and *maybe* 28 for the first Avengers film. Stark, however, ages normally and was already older than Cap when they met.

Pete the Geek on Mar 20, 2010


And #55 - Yeah, that's kinda because Captain America / Steve Rogers was white.

Pete the Geek on Mar 20, 2010


Seriously you guys need to give this guy a chance before outright condemning it. He hasnt even accepted the deal yet, Hes a good actor and none of you have seen pictures or trailers yet and your already saying "OMG THIS IS GONNA SUCK". Its like your teacher taking your test outta your hands in the first 5 questions and basing your score off of that. Calm down people thought Ledger was a bad choice for Joker and we all know how that turned out.

Cody w on Mar 20, 2010


I really like Chris Evans... he was the best thing in F4 movies and being in movies like Push or The Losers really prove he is a cool guy... However, my top choice would be the guy from Gossip Girl, he's not such a big star and has no relevance in the movie world... It would give much more credit to the movie (and would lower the costs)

Pedro Lopes on Mar 20, 2010


what a joke. apparently the hiring manager only knows of half a dozen actors in hollywood and can't get them off speed dial. how about a little honour in your work. 10 years from now some kid's going to watch ff and maybe captain america and confuse who the hell the characters are! chris evans is a fine actor, sure... but he isn't THAT good. It's like casting christian bale as superman for chris nolan's remake. no accountability. none. i'm going to pitch a script on how the incredible hulk crashed on earth from saturn and his condition infects humanity. marvel will love it. another remake in play...

davey into savory on Mar 20, 2010


push was a load of Rubbish has well, that was another film Chris Evens was in didn't like it.

Cineprog on Mar 20, 2010


Chris evans will be 29 buy the time shooting happens somehow thats too young LOL he is a great actor

nelson on Mar 20, 2010


It would be really annoying trying to focus on one of the greatest American heroes of all time and seeing an already established Human Torch. He did a great job as Johny Storm, very memorable. That's why I couldn't take him seriously as Cap. Downey Jr. did such an awesome job in Iron Man that whenever I watch his other films all I see is Tony Stark, it's the same for Evans.

Flame ON on Mar 20, 2010


Screw channing tatum, Need I remind you guys of G.I Blow ? seriously hes a failure of an actor. Human torch all the way.

SkyNet on Mar 20, 2010


something to add....... but probably will not matter. Would him playing Capt conflict with anymore shitty fantastic 4 movies that might subplot to the avengers? considering Doctor doom plays a big part in this universe...

SkyNet on Mar 20, 2010


Sorry but this is a complete "screw up" on the Marvel movie continuity.... You can't have the guy who played the Human Torch play the the part of Capt. America. Who makes these decisions? Major points off for this move... points off for this movie and the up and coming Avengers movie. How am I supposed to enjoy the Avengers now?... This is wack!

DJ SID on Mar 20, 2010


so what happens when they do a collaboration movie with captain america and the fantastic four together? what do they do then?!?!

Andy on Mar 20, 2010


I hate to bust your bubble but a movie about a guy running around in red, white, & blue pajamas just isnt going to sell...jmo...

slopshoe smith on Mar 20, 2010


#69 I think you have said what nobody wants to admit. Who cares about Hamm or Evans or Tatum. It's the year 2G, post Bush-era and Iraq War and you want to sell me Captain America? Are you out of your freakin' minds?????? HH

Have Hope on Mar 20, 2010


HH Captain America takes place in WW2, not post Bush/Iraq War era.

Xerxex on Mar 20, 2010


I think he's the best choice from who was being looked at. I have no issues with him being Cap. Do I need to remind all the haters/doubters (once again)... remember when Nolan went with Heath Ledger??? Evans is a good actor, just hasn't had the best roles. Well except for Sunshine, he really came into his own and what an awesome flick! I haven't seen all his flicks, which I'm pretty sure none of the haters have either, so cut the guy some slack! Ridiculous how everyone rips on the guy and nothing has even happened yet, only casting people. Plus he'll have a great mentor in Hugo. Who's a fantastic choice for the villain! Hopefully they have a great story for Cap and JJ can pull off the directing.

KB on Mar 20, 2010


Evans is ok Tatum i wouldn't watch the thing

Jimmy Love on Mar 20, 2010


I would have wanted someone a bit older.. someone who could lead RDJ and get his respect etc...

ryderup on Mar 21, 2010


Ans also, he played human torch and now this... thats is weird....

ryderup on Mar 21, 2010


i think he can do it. i really hope they can pull off a cool looking cap costume though.

megalodon on Mar 21, 2010



AC on Mar 21, 2010


I would have preferred the other Chris............Chris Pines. Doesn't anyone else think he would have been perfect of the role of Cap too?

monleo on Mar 21, 2010


I just want to say I think he'd do a great job. He's a fine actor and I thought him and Michael Chiklis were the best actors in FF. Well, there was McMahon, but yeah...out of the team. Alba was a pretty face and Gruffudd was...well he should stick to less serious movies and keep to kid comedies.

tra la la la la di da on Mar 21, 2010


Why is everyone complaining about the fact that Evans played The Human Torch and is now playing Captain America? Ryan Reynolds is playing both Dead Pool and Green Lantern. Also I doubt there is gonna be a third F4.

Xerxex on Mar 21, 2010


Could there be a better fit for Cap than this guy: Come on, he looks the role, is American, and can play the lead guy in a GREAT action movie. #79 is right.

Dean on Mar 21, 2010


Please for the love of god tell me this is not true. Stick with playing 1 Marvel charater other wise becomes a joke. I think Kenneth Branagh needs to step in and show johnson how to cast a movie.

Eye Spy on Mar 21, 2010


I really don't think he is the smart choice.... I think they shoulda gone with Garrett Hedlund. Besides Chris Evans was already in a marvel movie. And I just cant see him playing Cap anyway. Maybe it's just me

KZiG on Mar 21, 2010


#82 Chris Evans is America. I think most of us can forget F4, and move on. @Eye Spy Johnson is doing just fine, Hugo Weaving is Red Skull, and Wolfman was ruined by the greedy studioheads that only wanted profit and they ruined what could have been a good movie.

Xerxex on Mar 21, 2010


XerXex is absolutely right. If there is another FF movie, someone else will be playing the Human Torch. Cast someone else, problem solved. Johnston is fine with casting even if Benicio Del Toro didn't do him any favors in The Wolfman (even though I enjoyed it). Give Chris Evans a chance. He was fine in Street Kings, a weak movie, and was fine in FF too. Hugo Weaving is a banging choice for a villain like the Red Skull. Hopefully it works out for the best because there is finally positive news for the Captain America movie. It's been rough up to this point.

jake the snake on Mar 21, 2010


PUSH he was in PUSH best movie ever so underated

jason on Mar 21, 2010


#66 - Yes, he's already signed on to another film shooting this summer (some romcom with Anna Faris), which is why this is most likely a bullsh** story. #66,#68 - There can't be a crossover with FF and Captain America, because Marvel owns the film rights to Cap, and Fox owns the film rights to FF. That, and Fox has already decided to try and reboot the FF franchise in the next few years, so there will be a whole new cast. #69 - Yeah, I know. A movie about a guy running around in red and blue pajamas will never work. Just like that whole Spider-Man movie franchise that made a gajillion dollars. ALL - Cap is 24 in his origin film, which is what this is. Let's stop arguing about older actors. He's 24. End of story. This isn't the Avengers film, this is the origin film. One more time: 24. Chris Pine read for the role, and didn't get it. Same with Captain Awesome - read, and didn't get it. So you can cross those two off your wishlists. And we can skip Mark Valley as well since he's knocking on 50 years old right now, so he's twice as old as Cap should be, and by the time they made a Cap sequel (after the Avengers) he'd be nearly 60. Yeah, not going to happen. And can we all just agree to stop bandying about Heath Ledger's name? We get it - there were a lot of people out there who had never seen most of his films and only went by "10 Things I Hate About You" when he was cast as Joker, and didn't think he could do it. Of course, anyone who had watched any of his other work knew he was capable of being a good Joker, but whatever. One actor managed to surprise a lot of people with his performance. That doesn't make it a rule, that makes it an exception. Should we start listing the names of actors who were capable of a good performance, but ruined their superhero movie? Clooney, Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, Hugh Jackman (not for the X movies, but for the Wolverine movie definitely)...

Pete the Geek on Mar 21, 2010


I just have to say to all the whiners complaining "You can't have the human torch play the Capt." or that you can only see him as Johnny Storm. Does it bother you that Forrest Gump was in both WW2 and Vietnam? Were you upset when Danny Zooko was killing people in "Pulp Fiction"? If you can't separate actors from their roles, then stop watching movies. I, for one think Evans is a pretty good choice. I agree with Xerxex it's all about the screenplay, if the writing is good, the movie will be good.

theotherbluth on Mar 21, 2010


i would have wanted josh duhamel for this role. tall and josh can bulk it up a bit. he has shown some intensity in his movies both action and family-oriented ones...

Iggypop on Mar 21, 2010


@ theotherbluth The only reason I say that he cant do both Human Torch and Cap is because they are both Marvel comics. If they do a Civil War (hopefully) then how would that work? I think they might be doing a civil war because they use Sam. L Jackson as Nick Fury. Which is what they based him off of in the comic... So that's my beef with it. Like I said I think Garrett Hedlund would have been a great choice. Though I'm not saying Chris Evans isn't. Just the whole two different characters from the same genre bugs me.

KZiG on Mar 22, 2010


Chris is a cutie and I think he makes a better single super hero than Tatum.

Sylvia on Mar 22, 2010


@80 - FF was a kid comedy... And I'm worried about the directior, I bet this novie will be bland as hell.

ryderup on Mar 22, 2010


If I only saw FF 1 & 2 I'd say no. But I saw Sunshine and he's actually a competent actor. FF sucked because of the writing, and let's face it, Fox does NOT know how to handle Marvel's properties. So yeah I think Evans could pull it off.

jasonmd2020 on Mar 22, 2010


This guy is awesome. Hopefully the script makes the Capt. a little snarky. This guy can do that!

smackyou on Mar 22, 2010


I really don't need anyone that wouldn't look like the authentic "man's man" of the 40s. Captain America has to be played by an aged serious actor. He shouldn't be comical. When they thaw him out of that ice in The Avenger movies I need someone who will show contempt and disgust for what the America he fought and almost died for has become and that damn sure is not chris evans, or tatum, or any other 90210, melrose place, heart-throbe rejects.

............ on Mar 22, 2010


Chris Evans has already been confirmed for the role. He is Captain America.

jake the snake on Mar 22, 2010


Yeah I complained before but now when he is confirmed and accepted Marvels offer I get behind this and wait and see how it goes. It will be interesting to see how this works out. Good Luck Evans I am rooting for a great movie

Loser on Mar 22, 2010


Evan's will surprise us in the end.

Xerxex on Mar 22, 2010


100! YAY!!!!!!!

Xerxex on Mar 22, 2010


No way.. is there not enough actors to go around? Who is itthat the same guy who plays Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch is playing Captain America.. Aren't they both in the Marvel Universe? This sucks.. Plus I don't like the the fact that the guy who played Deadpool is playing Green Latern.

Mbelk1914 on Mar 22, 2011

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