Confirmed: Chris Evans is The First Avenger: Captain America

March 22, 2010

Chris Evans / Captain America

Finally after endless speculation and rumors it looks like the search is over as Heat Vision has followed up their initial scoop and confirmed with several sources that Chris Evans is officially The First Avenger: Captain America. Apparently the deal moved super fast over the weekend and the trade blog says now it's "all about dotting the i's and crossing the t's." So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Though I would've loved to see Ryan McPartlin or Mike Vogel suit up as Captain America instead, Evans is certainly better than John Krasinski and most of the other candidates. Now there's only one thing left to say: Avengers assemble!

Neither Marvel or Evans' representatives have commented on this news, so it's not exactly 100% official, but this is pretty solid confirmation. I don't know, this could turn out to be a great breakthrough for Evans, who has shown some potential in previous endeavors. After all, in a mostly tragic adaptation of Fantastic Four, I thought (unlike Alex) that The Human Torch was the best part because his character and portrayal was pitch perfect since his was really the only one who felt natural in both comedy and action. In addition, his work in the more gritty superpower driven flick Push (even if the movie wasn't all that great) and in Danny Boyle's sci-fi thriller Sunshine showed that he's more than just a hot rod douchebag delivering sarcastic one-liners.

Although we've all been chatting about Evans' in this role in our last article, it's time to ask again what you really think of Evans playing Cap. There's nothing we can do to change their decision, so it's time to accept what we've got and hope for the best. Please oh please bring out the best in him, Joe Johnston! Thoughts?

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Sweet, now lets hope Johnson and The screenwriter do their part! Evan's vs. Weaving and Nazi's I'm sold.

Xerxex on Mar 22, 2010


I think he is a great choice he was the best name mentioned on any list anyone who doubts his acting please go watch Sunshine.

nelson on Mar 22, 2010


Meh! Crossing my fingers on this one. Thought he was very good in Sunshine and the best part of Fantastic Four. But now he's gotta step up if he wants to stand beside Robert Downey Jr. and lead one of the greatest hero teams of all time.

BobDeathKlown on Mar 22, 2010


LOL @ Johnson as the director. This is the guy whose Wolfman film got countless re-edits and reshoots and show date delays. I'm not too optimistic.

NarniaFan on Mar 22, 2010


Joe Johnston should stop making movies. He is a terrible director. Good for Evans, but this sounds like it will become another comic book movie in the likes of Superman LAME.

one on Mar 22, 2010


I like this guy and i think he's gonna surprise a lot of people. Best of luck evans

movie mike on Mar 22, 2010


He was also great in cellular

movie mike on Mar 22, 2010


#7 He was also good in Street Kings

last son on Mar 22, 2010


dont give johnson too much flack for wolf man he came on the project 3 weeks before shooting

nelson on Mar 22, 2010


He is going to surprise a lot of people! I have a lot of faith in this movie!

atg2040 on Mar 22, 2010


Um, I think you mean he's RUMORED to be Captain America. "Officially" means that someone who's actually involved in the film has confirmed it, or that they've announced it. Since neither Marvel, Paramount, Chris Evans, Joe Johnston, or absolutely anyone even closely associated with them has confirmed this, the only source that's saying he's been cast is THR. Are you, as a writer and reporter, honestly telling me that if one source reports it, that's it's "official"? Cool! Let's do this. I say that Steve Buscemi got the part. Since I'm reporting it, that makes it "official" right? Plus, I have one thing that THR doesn't have - a verifiable and named source. So, yeah. I just trumped 'em. Go team. Sure, Evans MAY be Cap, but it's a bit early to be announcing it without proof, don't you think? I mean, not more than a few days ago or so, people were reporting that John Krasinski had been given the role, and we all know how truthful that turned out to be. I wish I could give you kudos for at least mentioning that it might not be true, but saying it's official in the title, and then saying "it's not exactly 100% official" in the body of the article is just sensationalism.

Pete the Geek on Mar 22, 2010


I don't get it. Maybe he'll be OK in a stand alone CA film, but they needed a guy with tons of charisma to hang with Robert Downey Jr. and Sam Jackson for the Avengers film. Even Edward Norton has more acting ability in his left nut than Chris Evans does. And he is playing Captain America. This ain't Hawkeye or Giant Man, this is the LEADER of the Avengers. I can't see it.

tommyturner on Mar 22, 2010


sweet! glad it's not Channing Tatum.

jake the snake on Mar 22, 2010


Finally!! I'm happy with this. Evans will be great as Cap!

Daas on Mar 22, 2010


#12 Chris Evans is one of the most charismatic actors i know

nelson on Mar 22, 2010


#15 Then you don't know a lot of actors. Seriously, all I'm saying is I've seen him in three movies (the two F4 films and Sunshine) and all he did was play a character that was a cocky a-hole. Not exactly what Cap America embodies.

tommyturner on Mar 22, 2010


Well , Finally...... Now all you "Mark Valley" cunts can STFU !!!

CORNBOY on Mar 22, 2010


Ryan McPartlin aka AWESOME ftw=D

artman on Mar 22, 2010


In no way is this better than John Krasinski. Gotta love the doubters. Remember, these were the performance gurus who assured us that Heath Ledger would be an AWFUL Joker.

Andrew 3000 on Mar 22, 2010


Well, sounds like I'm going to have to pass on a movie about my favorite superhero of all time. I don't want to see this tool ruin Cap's good name.

Cody M on Mar 22, 2010


Agree with #20 ... passing too. Joe J. is weack sauce. Would have rather seen scorsese directing it.

semendo on Mar 22, 2010


@ Pete the Geek, Apparently you haven't figured out how entertainment news works. It'd be one thing if this were a random untested source delivering this information but The Hollywood Reporter is akin to The Wall Street Journal of entertainment news and they don't report on a story this big unless they themselves have multiple or extremely reliable (usually both) sources. And the reason THR's sources in cases like this are unnamed is because they're inside sources that they, Variety and even blogs like us have at various agencies, production companies or somewhere in the film industry who are anonymous because leaking information like this could cause the sources to lose their jobs. This is how it's always been for sometime, but apparently you haven't learned this as quickly as you latched on to amateur sarcasm. I find this especially interesting since that movie blog you link to in your commenting name reported on that Freida Pinto/Bond 23 news where the article's publisher also had only one unnamed source reporting that news but still uses so-called "sensationalism" to say "Pinto is the Next Bond Girl." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Why don't you see how many other movie news outlets report this as "official" or even "confirmed" and then see if you can come back to me with any valid criticism about this story (Spoiler Alert: you can't). Regards,

Ethan Anderton on Mar 22, 2010


there have been times in the past where unorthodox actors have been cast in roles that didn't make sense at all but they knocked it out of the park. Bruce Willis in 'Die Hard', before that he was just known as kind of a comedic actor in 'Moonlighting'. Now he is an action hero standard. Let's take Michael Keaton as 'Batman'. That was a huge WTF moment when I heard that BUT he was great at the role. And most recently is the late, great Heath Ledger as the Joker. A role that many just couldn't wrap their heads around that he was going to play that part, but as we all know, it was a badass job. There are worse people who could be cast in this role and I think Evans has a body of work that gives me hope. I think he is talented and will do well. Even as the Human Torch there are some moments there where he drops the cocky vibe and digs in as the Hero. Also the reality of it is, is that we can't do shit about it. So let's just sit back and enjoy the nerdy-goodness that comics books are even making it to the big screen. Oh, and that Channing Tatum didn't get the role. Cause that would suck red white and blue balls. Avengers Assemble!

scott on Mar 22, 2010


If I hadn't seen Evans in "Sunshine" I would be a little skeptical of this, but based of the range that Evans can pull off, I LOVE THIS. Still, am I the only guy on the planet who thought that Will Smith would have been a kick ass Cap? Yeah yeah yeah to all you legalist comic book nerds, I know he's a black guy. But I feel like Smith would have been excellent.

Icarus on Mar 22, 2010


I love me some Chris Evans (no homo... well maybe a little... no homo again) but I don't think this is his role. I don't see Cap as some young pretty boy who is funny. I see him as a bad ass. More like a Jason Stratham (if he could speak American) or even Max Beesley. Unfortunately both these dudes are British because America has been taken over by Tweeny pretty people.

D on Mar 22, 2010


nah im sure they could still find someone better, oh and Jason Stratham is HAWT 😀 he would make a good capt america regardless if he can speak well or not, #25 did you not see the 1st cap america? that capt america didnt speak "American" well either

DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 22, 2010


I'm not calling anyone out anymore on Evan's as Captain America, I'm now going to say just wait until a trailer comes out then pass judgement, I know its hard but at least give him the chance to show us what he can do.

Xerxex on Mar 22, 2010


AWFUL CASTING and pure lazyness for recycling a marvel actor. I will not see this or the other 9 movies they got him in because Hollywood hates comic book fans and do not respect the characters they love. And would they need to reboot the Fantastic 4 franchise if it was actually good??? NO they wouldn't, it sucked. So why cast someone who was responsible with the destruction of one franchise to take part in another, none the least 9 more movies. Wake me up in 2025 when they reboot the franchise again because this one sucked. MARK VALLEY FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA DANGIT!!!!

ChristoCoop on Mar 22, 2010


Well, I'm disappointed. I like Evans as an actor, and after the haranguing he took from some outspoken critics, (myself included), during the last posting this site made, I made the effort to sit down and watch him in both Push and Sunshine. I enjoyed his role in Sunshine much more than in Push, and acknowledge that the guy can act better than I thought he could. However, that being said, I'm still not completely sold on the idea of him as Captain America. I think the largest problem I have with this casting is that the entire idea behind the current slate of Marvel Films is to one day have a combination picture in The Avengers. The hurdle I'm facing is seeing Evans trying to hold screen time with Downey Jr., and possibly Ed Norton in the leadership role that Captain America is supposed to fill in the team dynamic. Chris Hemsworth as Thor can be somewhat explained away as Thor is eternally youthful and supposed to look like a matinee idol with muscles. The other two actors are both playing very flawed heroes who are very appealing to the viewer, and both actors possess great screen prescence. They could really eat up someone without the same ability to capture the audiences interest enough to hold their own and make us believe that they are someone who could control or at least direct the characters they're portraying. Captain America, for me at least, is someone who has survived the very nastiest parts of WWII, fighting trench warfare against the most evil and foul villains of the third reich. This is a man who has seen men die around him after he's led them into a fight they supposedly could not win, only to then turn the tide and do so by the strength of his courage and fighting spirit. Is Evans really the guy who can portray that? I don't know yet honestly, and so I guess like everyone else I'll wait tentatively for the trailer and more production releases to find out. I just wish I could shake a bad feeling about this one.

DarkRaven18599 on Mar 22, 2010


If there was a way to type the sound that goes with accompanying facial expression of a clenched jaw while sucking in air through the crevices in between my teeth in a "ahhh...I don't know" sort of way....I would just type that. This is just a risky casting job. I don't mind Evans as an actor, but I agree with the poster above who said they picture Captain America as more of a bad ass. (Jason Statham would've been BAD ASS!) I'd almost prefer Channing Tatum, because at least he can pull off a scowl with some intimidation. Evans just always comes across like a college...dude. Like I said, I know he can act, and I don't mind his cocky demeanor....but cocky isn't bad ass. Cocky normally hides an insecurity in a character. Who knows...maybe that's what they're going for as part of Cap's character arc? Not the worst person to play "Captain America" but when I see Evans I see more Cap'n Crunch. But I have faith he'll surprise us. My bigger concern is Johnston. Not that he's the worst director, but Wolfman, Jumanji, Jurassic Park 3, Hidelgo...not the worst movies I've seen, but pretty average at best. He is however the director of two of my favorite childhood films...The Rocketeer and Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Which would almost lead me to believe that this Captain America movie, in all likelihood is going to disappoint comic book fans. Everything about their choice in director to their choice for Captain America is pointing towards this being a more family friendly comic book film.

ImaginaryVisionary on Mar 22, 2010


You need one charismatic actor and one great director to Not make Captain Americas come of as stupid. And while I don't mind Chris Evans I think Captain America needed someone with a bit more "authority", I don't see how this College pretty boy could stand next to RDJ, SLJ or even Norton... He lacks autorithy, and gaining a few pounds of muscle and being directed by Johnston (who is as bland as they come) won't help.

ryderup on Mar 22, 2010


Seriously, to all the idiots that want to pass on this movie....At least wait for the trailer !!! Damn...But I do know all you haters are all full of shit. Do you realize this is a build up in the making, to say you wont see this is a big lie because most of you have probably already seen Iron Man and loved it. And seen Incredible Hulk and think it was a big improvement over Ang Lee's Hulk shit. And I know everyone is anticipating IM2 in a little over 6 weeks. So to say you would pass on Cap. due to the casting of Chris Evans is complete nonsense. Especially if you intend to watch Avengers in 2012. ...LMAO, you cant expect to watch Avengers without seeing Cap first.... So quit fooling yourselves and again give the Trailer a chance before running your fucking mouths....NUFF SAID Oh and a big thumbs up to #17

True Blue Spider-man Fan on Mar 22, 2010


#31 Evan's is 28 hardly a pretty college boy, also you can't blame Johnson for Wolfman that was the studio's doing.

Xerxex on Mar 22, 2010


Correction Joe Johnston.

Xerxex on Mar 22, 2010


Love it or Hate it, it's not are decision on Evans getting the job. If the movie turns out weak, I wont lose any sleep. Nobody is threatening your life to pay to see the movie.

People's Champ on Mar 22, 2010


Id wait for a trailer before you all say "PASS" haters act like youve seen the movie already. Like I said I heard a lot of the same bullshit before when "nah this tool little queer Heath Ledger is gonna ruin the joker omg".

Cody w on Mar 22, 2010


Thier was only one actor i thought could do this role and thats Nathan Fillion

Ryn V on Mar 22, 2010


This might just be the stupidest idea in movies since George Lucas thought it would be fun to include a certain character called Jar Jar Binks in 'The Phantom Menace'. Evans already messed up one iconic Marvel character, no way he should be allowed to do so again. I hated the guy so much in both FF-movies that I avoid stuff he's been in since. Haven't watched Sunshine or Push... because they had that douchebag from the FF-movies in it! Chris Evans really seems the type of guy who just became an actor so he could snort even more coke, bang even more chicks and party even harder than he was just a model. He comes across as genuine as any Kardashian. Evans is also totally miscast as Captain America: this is a loyal proud brave army man who has troops following him in battle because they look up to him and they trust him unconditionally. Evans is not a credible soldier, the guy wouldn't dare to get near a battlefield afraid his hair would get out of shape or his manicured nails would get dirty. The First Avenger: Captain America could have been awesome. And so many good names were rumoured to be in the running! But now we have a lead man who might just put The First Avenger: Captain America up there with epic cinematic failures as Showgirls and Batman & Robin. And when this movie bombs Marvel will cancel most of their upcoming slate... Ant Man, Black Panther, not gonna happen.

Marvel is the new Fox on Mar 23, 2010


@38 your comment is ludacris, Chris Evans compared to Jar Jar Binks? Really!? How did Evans ruin the Human Torch? The character is a cocky hotshot, Evans did just that. You really need to see Sunshine, Evans give one helluva performance and was the only good thing in Push. "Evans is not a credible soldier, the guy wouldn't dare to get near a battlefield afraid his hair would get out of shape or his manicured nails would get dirty." What does serving in the military gotta do with acting? Evans is an ACTOR-(Actor: one who interprets a dramatic character.) Most actors who portray a military individual go through Boot Camp or mirror someone from the Military (EX. Black Hawk Down). How do you know this movie will fail? You have Esp? How do you know Evans will ruin this film? How do you know Evans won't give a strong performance? Give it a chance. Ant Man probably won't happen, and Black Panther is a long way's off, The Avengers will will probably feature Captain America, Thor, Ironman, and The Hulk. That's Evans, Hemsworth, Downey jr., and Norton...that is a perfect cast.

Xerxex on Mar 23, 2010


I'm sorry but this is what was picked as the legendary Captain America?!? This guy is at best Robert Downey Junior's male secretary on screen. They just killed Cap America and not one single frame has been shot... Bravo! Whatever...they should've begged Brad Pitt for this one, i mean c'mon he was stoic in Troy. And besides, what's up with Marvel rehashing actors for their character's roles? Ryan Reynolds = Deadpool = Green Lantern Chris Evans = Human Torch = Captain America Seriously what's next Edward Norton becoming Ant Man??

Bobby on Mar 23, 2010


Great choice! We won't let us down!

Pedro Lopes on Mar 23, 2010


Must agree that he (and the Commish as Ben Grimm) were by far the best thing about FF. And now that FF's up for re-boot, this could be just the boost to his career he's been waiting for. Nobody on this thread or any other should hate till they've seen him in SUNSHINE - a revelation compared to his other roles. And out of the whole lot - Fillion included - I would see Evans as having the best chemistry, balancing drama & comedy - against or alongside Robert Downey. Seriously. SUNSHINE. SEE IT ! (He's not a cap-like character, but he's absolutely an actor w/ a wider range than FF or PUSH or any other film offers proof of. After that - I'd say he's capable of just about anything.)

Django 3000 on Mar 23, 2010


So who will be the new Human Torch?? Doesnt FF team up with Avengers at some point(in the comics) ? It would have been great if they did that story line(original one) where they fight on the dark side of the moon, and thus discovering Spidey's black suit...but hey, its all fucked up

David Banner on Mar 23, 2010


he wasnt good in FF4...but i think he could do justice in Cap. America...

HellBoy on Mar 23, 2010


Hmm.. we'll see. Up untill now there are only two decent comic adaptions, make a guess..

Palmer on Mar 23, 2010


This will probably be the best of all of the Capt. America movies... but I still don't agree with the casting choice. Now if FF had never been made or someone else had played the Human Torch it wouldn't be a big deal. But they really need to put more thought into casting actors in these movies... I just don't agree that one actor should play multiple characters from the same comic book universe.

DJ SID on Mar 23, 2010


Alright, you know what to say FLAME ON!! I mean ... Avengers Assemble!

Tom Cruise on Mar 23, 2010


...ok, five years from now, well have another reboot!

lifelike on Mar 23, 2010


agree with number 4 and 5...and nowhere NEAR sold on chris evans acting ability...bad choice in director and lead...poor job lookin forward to the chris nolan reboot in 5 years though.

mark on Mar 23, 2010



Ratchet7 on Mar 23, 2010


This dude sucks balls. If he's Cap America you can me out! Chris Evans sucked in F4 and he's sucked in every movie he's done.

Agent Zero on Mar 23, 2010


I say wait until the trailer comes out to make a decision...everyone has this whole "I'm out definitely won't be seeing it" vibe. I think the dude is a pretty good actor and has yet to show what else he could do he may surprise a lot of naysayers but we won't know until we get a glimpse of what this will look like. As for Joe Johnston and The Wolfman...all I can say is I've been seeing Universal pull a lot of 20th Century Fox moves lately so that may all fall on the studio, remember Universal gave the green light on Jurassic Park 3 with no script...just saying give these dudes a chance.

Dude on Mar 23, 2010


I think Chris Evans is a good actor, but I've never saw in a character like Cap, I mean, he's is always someone charismatic and makin' fun of everything, and Cap is a serious soldier. OK, I'll give him a shot, I hope he doesn't waste it, I mean, he at least have to match Robert Downey Jr when they will be together...

SpideyFan84 on Mar 23, 2010


forget FF4...those abominations of movies killed any chance of FF related films for a long while so forget Human Torch!!....Chris Evans did fine in the FF movies(only good part) and is a proven actor ...I'm sure he can easily transition to the big screen as another comic book with Downey and Ironman I can't wait for the haters to be proven wrong!

monal on Mar 23, 2010


Dang, I guess I DO see him as "just a hot rod douchebag delivering sarcastic one-liners"....even his serious pictures convey such douchery. I think it is odd that Marvel is using one of their existing own....was NO ONE else able to do it? And this is to be helmed by Johnston who couldnt even get a decent performance from a seasoned actor like Benicio Del Toro?.......i dunno.....

Voice of Reason on Mar 23, 2010


Chris Evans as Johnny Storm was perfect casting, but as Captain America , seriously is this the best choice. Listen I am an avid comic book reader. Now for those of you who don't know CAPTAIN AMERICA is held in the same regards as say Superman for DC. Captain America should be the one man that no matter who they are have to show some level of respect for him. I am talking about an individual who can go toe to toe with the bloody HULK, command Thor the fucking GOD OF THUNDER and Lead the Avengers fearlessly. Does Chris Evans even portrays an individual who could say kick your ass and then demands your respect after words? Something to really think about.

NeoSlyfer on Mar 23, 2010


As long as it wasn't Channing Tatum I could care less. He's the worst Actor of all time....all time....

Marvel Fan on Mar 23, 2010


I love how so many of you are saying you won't see the movie just because of Chris Evans or Joe Johnston. The trailers will come out eventually and you'll all come running back to Marvel (and this site) saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, this looks so awesome!"

Pete on Mar 23, 2010



alec baldwin on Mar 23, 2010


I'm not thrilled with this casting but am holding my breath until a trailer comes out. I remember having the same feeling when Heath was originally announced as the Joker....less than thrilled, and he turned in a dominating performance. Hopefully Chris will take this seriously and pull off a "Ledger" performance.

Cmurder on Mar 23, 2010


When I heard the news way back when that Michael Keaton was going to be Batman, I remember people laughing about it and the 'what a stupid casting idea'. Of course, I was having none of that, and remember thinking, "Wow! Michael Keaton as Batman is going to be awesome." Marvel hired Joe Johnston over other candidates because they liked what they saw. They picked Evans over the other candidates because they liked what they saw. To me, I'm going to trust that Marvel knows what they are doing. It's their product and they know what they want. I think going opposite Hugo Weaving is going to be a great acting opportunity for Evans. I think he's going to do a wonderful job. I think the movie is going to rock.

cintilla on Mar 23, 2010


Now we'll have a douche-y Captain America. Yay!

David on Mar 23, 2010


Bottom line to everyone doubting the casting choice, SHUT THE F*CK UP. While I to an extent didn't picture Evans as Cap, I'm not sitting here writing the whole franchise/Avengers/Marvel Studios off for their casting choice. Those of you who are, are a bunch of douches. Everyone needs to just chill out. I remember how everyone reacted to Downey's casting. Check some of these comments out from 2006 and now there isn't a single person that could imagine anyone OTHER than RDJ as Stark: Tried to find an old article but couldn't. Find me one person that now feels Tony Stark should be recast. You won't. Marvel knows what they're doing. That's why they are light years ahead of DC in the filmmaking business. Let the pros do their jobs, the rest of you haters can go jerk off to Mark Valley or Jensen Ackles or something...

David on Mar 23, 2010


@ 63: What? The Situation's gonna be Captain America? No kiddin'.

Django 3000 on Mar 23, 2010


I thought Mike V derves his chance to shine here,i'm not happy about this but aleast i have thor to look forward to.

macca on Mar 23, 2010


Lol not even filming yet and half of you are already on the hate-train, by the looks of most of your comments some of you need to just grow up.

Cody w on Mar 23, 2010


Chris Evans was great in Cellular and Street Kings, but I still feel that he's not the best choice. I would've picked Chris Pine over him, and I don't even necessarily think Chris Pine is the best choice either. I just saw the movie Carriers though, and he was great in it.

Craig on Mar 23, 2010


This guy is too skinny to be Captain America.

Alex T. on Mar 23, 2010


Great, another Marvel Character playing "another" Marvel Character.... I take it F4 won't be involved with any Avenger projects? 😀 IMO I take issue with actors playing multiple superheroes. An extreme example would be if Jackman or Downing staring as "Havok." All I will see while I watch this is him yelling "flame-on!!" and that sucks because this guy might actually be the best Captain America!

jomba joose on Mar 23, 2010


#70 did you want the awful F4 characters involved?

Xerxex on Mar 23, 2010


I slept through most of Push. maybe he'll keep me awake this time.

iPhone Mafia Wars: 9003390587 on Mar 23, 2010


I agreed, Mark Valley should be Cap. Right for the role. You can see him kick ass in Human Target. He's around the same age as Downey and looks believable to lead the Avengers.

tony on Mar 23, 2010


i like this guy. he was great in sunshine.

evano on Mar 23, 2010


bad move marvel,if you do a civil war storyline who will he be captain america or the human torch.

DEADPOOL 72 on Mar 23, 2010


I think it should have been Mark Valley from Fox's "Human Target".

Brian on Mar 23, 2010


I also think it should have been Mark Valley. Re-Cast!

Brian on Mar 23, 2010


Just because he was the best name mentioned from that crappy list dosen't make him right for the role. I hope he proves me wrong. Much love

Eye Spy on Mar 23, 2010


Xerxex - stop defending Johnston. He is bland.

ryderup on Mar 23, 2010


Stop defending him? am I supposed to listen to you? I think not. I think Johnston can do it.

Xerxex on Mar 23, 2010


he is as good or better than any of the young buck actors suggested. I am most concerned about the script. a good story with good dialog is crucial to match the technology and slickness of the modern superhero films. one word to Evans - better hit them weights and protein shakes, boy!

karl on Mar 23, 2010


NO i got nothin against Chris Evans, but he's already the Human Torch. how is this going to work? PLEASE someone explain to me

Said on Mar 23, 2010


Can we forget about Fantastic Four? jeez people its not that hard.

Xerxex on Mar 23, 2010


good lord, do any of you people who are against this even read comic books? steve rogers was an ordinary guy who wanted to do his part to help stop the axis, however he was too small and weak, which is where the super soilder progect came in, for those who don't feel he can lead men, watch Band of Brothers for reference, none of those guys were fearless leaders to start off with yet the war hardened them, hell one of the best leaders in that show was in office space and a sex in the city arc.....he can act, actors don't become actors to do just one part, look at brad pitt for christ sake also cap is not the default leader of the avengers, Tony Stark has lead the team more times than Cap has, and with this incarnation it seems like they may be going a little more the ultimates route, and Cap was the tacticle leader, as in the one who took the firepower at his disposal and beat down the hulk (which is where the Avengers movie should be going, hell that was the whole reason for the Avengers in the first palce, thanks to Loki) and Cap wasn't even a founding member. Oh and bobby #40 uh yeah green latern is DC not marvel, if you want to hate for playing multiple Marvel characters hate that for his role as Hannible King in Blade trinity As for the FF, they are currently in Fox's sandbox, so not part of this conntinuity, and really people bitch oh you can't have an FF vs Avengers movie or a Civil War story line? your idiots. those are fundementally not going to work. It boggle my mind how many people have such a knee JERK reaction to casting news, wait til the movie comes out and judge it then, no one gets a prize for saying "oh this will suck"

eviltodd on Mar 23, 2010


Awesome casting! I like Chris Evans and he was great as Johnny Storm. But there is still a problem with having Joe Johnston directing the film. I know alot of you out there are not blaming Johnston for "The Wolfman" because he came onto the project three weeks into production, but that does not excuse his other efforts in filmmaking. The only film of his that I liked was "Rocketeer" and that was made 20 years ago. He has since made one bad movie after another. "Jurassic Park 3" was a really bad film as was "Jumangi". This guy is not even a second grade director. He should be making straight to dvd films with Van Damme, Steven Seagal and Wesley Snipes.

last son on Mar 23, 2010


Joe Johnston hasn't had a stellar career but we should remember he made one of the best comic book movies EVER in The Rocketeer. I have high hopes.

Kevin on Mar 23, 2010


First: they should not get guys that already played other superhero characters. Second: Sorry but he doesn't look like a Captain to me. I feel that the seriousness of the movie will be diminished knowing that Evans is behind the Capt's Mask. Finally: I think wrestlers will make fine superheroes. Imagine Batista as Superman, Triple H as Thor, Randy Orton as Batman or for this matter Captain America! Just linger on the idea guys. These guys are train to look tough; what superheroes should be. =]

Jack on Mar 23, 2010


Jack your crazy, Westlers make fine superheroes? that's insane.

Xerxex on Mar 23, 2010


@88 Are you kidding? John Sena would be awesome as Cap. (Just have a voice over) LOL



ugh. disappointed. evans is an ok actor, don't get me wrong, but he's just no cap. steve rogers is the leader of the avengers, someone that guys like even tony stark and nick fury can look up to. frankly i just don't see that in evans.

John on Mar 24, 2010


I am not complaining, at all.I like Evans as Cap. Hope this movie is done right.

Fisherr on Mar 24, 2010


Dude has charisma that most so-called stars supposedly have. Good choice.

abe lincoln on Mar 24, 2010


@Xerxes, no... I would not want F4 involved on ANY level. As cheeky as my comments were I think F4 severely hurt this guy's stock as another, "different" superhero from possibly the same realm. In my mind it takes away from the fact that he (in someone's eyes) is the right fit: but instead comes off as a poor-man's Ryan Renolds in a movie we've read is trying to be like Iron man. Nothing against Evans the actor because I'd say the same thing about Snipes as Black Panther and i REALLY liked the first 2 Blade movies.

jomba joose on Mar 24, 2010


There is an X at the end! Lol. I get it jomba joose, I'd say wait for a trailer then pass judgment.

Xerxex on Mar 24, 2010


Hey, what the FUCK??? I am supposed to do all the films in Hollywood. Me!!! All at once. Fuck yous all, Im going back to Perth.

Sam Worthington on Mar 24, 2010


Is it just me but does Cap look nicley wasted in the picture? Cap is having hisself a part-tay. Cap done had some goood shit.......

Meh, Bleh on Mar 24, 2010


You're not American SAM!!!!!!

Xerxex on Mar 24, 2010


Xerxex mate, it doesn't matter that I'm not American. Actually I'm British born, but am an Aussie citizen now. The Aussie has evicted the Jew as the driving force in Hollywood. Oops, I meant Aussiewood!!!! "Hooray for Aussiewood..........."

Sam Worthington on Mar 24, 2010


ok... Jack your probably right, seeing how wrestling is already acting. but seriously? John Cena is gay!! he cant act!! seeing another wrestler in a movie, then hell no! now if its old wrestlers like "The Rock" or "Stone Cold" then yeah

Said on Mar 24, 2010


What about Sam Worthington?

James on Mar 24, 2010


NO! American or bust Sam! It will never be Aussiewood NEVER! Hollyweird 4 EVA!

Xerxex on Mar 24, 2010


what a joke with the casting and the directing. Evans as Cap and Johnson as the director really stinks. They did a great job with Hugo Weaving as the red skull. seriously comic book movies would be awesome with the right directing and acting think about this line up for the avengers movie Nick Fury- Samuel L Ironman- downey war machine- cheadle norton- maybe as hulk all good solid actors now we get evans and the guy who played george kirk in Star Trek as Thor. seriously

erik on Mar 24, 2010


Or how about Jeremy Renner

James on Mar 25, 2010


This just in... Zach Efron will be playing the role of Abraham Lincoln in the new Abe Lincoln biopic.

The Man With No Name on Mar 25, 2010


I second the person who recommended Nathan Fillon. If you've seen firefly, the waitress or any of his other SOLID work (IE not housewives) he is a stellar actor. Fillon is the right age, height and type of man to play Captain America. The ONLY issue with him is that he is Canadian.

Colin on Mar 26, 2010


i think this is a good choice in some fields; he will be a pretty good actor to play captain america's background role and dialogue and fight scenes should be perfectly fine but we do have to realize something...a movie with THE AVENGERS is going to have some point where they are all fighting side by side for the big finish and that gets me worrying that when he says the big line "Avengers, lets go" or "Avengers, attack" or something else along these lines i just don't see him saying it with a lot of captain america gung-ho style umfff, u kno!! he is perfect for everything else except that one line or so i think just wanted to say that

cooper on Mar 26, 2010


^Dude, it's "Avengers Assemble!"

Daas on Mar 27, 2010


Daas thanks for telling me i seriously didn't know but i knew whatever it was it was too serious a line for chris evans to say after seeing him in fantastic four i just see him (not he himself as an actor but his characters) to be immature and kinda childish again thanks for telling me the line i sincerely didn't know what it was i was trying to insult any hardcore fans b/c i wouldn't want to be insulted if it came to something i was a huge fan of so sorry

cooper on Mar 27, 2010


Agent Cooper # 108 Rent "SUNSHINE", directed by Danny Boyle. You'll see a side of Chris Evans' acting ability that is not visible in his romantic comedies, teen movies, or as the immature teenage character, Jonny Storm. Again - the character he plays may not be Cap necessarily. But it shines light on his ability that basically shows us we don't know what he's truly capable of.

Django 3000 on Mar 27, 2010


#109 you do give a good point that we shouldn't hold out any actor/actress for a specicific role if we don't personally know what they can do...unless its like jonah hill as captain america cuz that would be crap!!

cooper on Mar 28, 2010


"Watch Sunshine" doesn't mean a god damned thing right now. This is superhero territory. You may as well have said "Watch London", because that is also another role where he got to show off some true acting chops. The fact of the matter is, I highly doubt he will be able to pull this off. It's fucking Captain America. Sure, Heath Ledger for The Joker was a breakthrough, but LOL it isn't going to happen for this character. Whether or not this movie is a success, I will always stand by the fact that they chose the wrong director and the wrong lead actor. This seems cheap and costly to me.

Cracky on Mar 28, 2010


This fucking sucks. First off... People need to stop casting the same actors to play several different heroes. He's already the Human Torch from fantastic four so it's super weird seeing him be ANOTHER superhero. Just like it's weird seeing Ryan Reynolds who was Dead Pool play Green Lantern. Second... C'mon seriously? I think Jon Hamm is way more suited to play Cpt. America. Chris Evans would be better off playing The Flash or something. Jon Hamm has a more old fashoned American look to him. He would have been perfect! I'm so disappointed. SO DISAPPOINTED.

Sam on Apr 2, 2010


EXACTLY ! THIS IS SO STUPID. What are they running out of actors or something!

Fox on Apr 11, 2010


Aussiewood!!!! Yay!!! No longer Jew Wood Yay!!!

Steven on Apr 11, 2010


Surprised? Yes a little but I believe this is the right move. The kid has talent just give him a chance to show you.

Android on Apr 13, 2010


What happens if they do a crossover movie with The Avengers and The Fantastic 4? They're both Marvel and Evans can't be both The Human Torch and Capt.

MooGoOguypAN on Apr 14, 2010


channing tatum would do alright fo this role i reckon, i think that if they do a avengers movie it will ruin all of the other movies before that one, ie. stupid idea (in my opinion)

helovatown on Apr 21, 2010


Marvel Studios had originally chosen Jon Favreau as the director, but he chose to work on Iron Man in 2008.

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on Apr 21, 2010


?????, how can he be the torch in the FF and captain america...he's too small anyway stupid choice

max on Apr 22, 2010


Neal Mcdonough although older would of been a great captain America. I think he has the built the tuff man attitude and in band of brothers was awesome.

noel torres on May 31, 2010


Neal McDonough would of been a great Captain America. He has the tuff ness the built and although older did a great job in Band of Brothers.

noel torres on May 31, 2010


Damn!! You CAN"T have the Human Torch be Captain America!! He is already a persona in the Marvel Universe. It would be like saying Jessica Alba is going to be Gwen Stacey or Anna Paquin is going to be The Wasp. This is really going to suck, add in the fact that Norton is no longer Banner and the whole lead up to this long anticipated movie is sliding downhill FAST! The new Thor movie better kick major ass or all interest in Captain America and thus the lead in to The Avengers is going to die, but even if Thor is awesome, Captain America movie is looking like crap from the very beginning.

Bill on Jul 14, 2010


I love cap. More than annnnyyyyonnnneee.and my personal opinion is not Chris Evans as the one and only.hell he's johnny f'n storm. God bless you for making the legend into a long awaited movie.

Joker131973 on Feb 10, 2011

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