Chris Nolan Dream Research Inception Viral Video Discovered

April 23, 2010
Source: Nolan Fans

Inception Viral Video Discovered

We've been following the viral for Chris Nolan's Inception as its been unraveling, but it seems to be one of the most mysterious and slightly confusing virals out there. The latest discovery was a "Stage 2" of the Mind Crime mapping game online, which has resulted in the reveal of a few more new photos and newer clues. The latest discovery is this viral video, just found on YouTube waiting to be watched. A member of the Nolan Fans forum searched for "Cpt Darren Bartel" after finding a poster in the Mind Crime game with a note that said "Send to Cpt Darren Bartel." It shows Nolan getting video research about dreams from various people.

You can watch the edited research video in its entirety below, but I'm not really sure what to make of it yet:

Although this doesn't feel like it's part of the world in the movie, it's fascinating to watch and fascinating to hear all these people talk about dreams and lucid dreaming and all kinds of stuff like that. It gets creepier as time goes on and they start talking about how someone can "stay in a dream for a very long time." But wait, then the military gets involved, we're participating in other people's dreams, and "Project Somnacin" - so what the heck is going on? This is such a thrilling way to get people more excited about Inception, as long as you already know what the plot is about. Don't forget that all this connects back to the PASIV Device (which just so happens to have "Somnacin" in its name) and this viral site: Stay tuned for updates.

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Wow, there are so many cool possibilities that Nolan can portray with those facts.

Cody T on Apr 23, 2010


I have been trying to lucid wet dream for a while.

jeffrey on Apr 23, 2010


This sounds like the Dennis Quaid movie "Dreamscape"

elkkaz on Apr 23, 2010


I think Inception is going to be incredible for me because I have the weirdest and craziest dreams. I could totally relate to the awkwardly twisty going hall way that goes upside down. ... I have seen all of it... Just Not Inception! July 16th couldn't be any further.

Dad on Apr 23, 2010


Me too #2!

Dirty Dutchman on Apr 24, 2010


I've been trying to lucid dream but I never quite can.

Governor on Apr 24, 2010


Eveytime I had a lucid dream, it was never pleasant, sometimes I managed to wake myself, other times I would give up and sleep through it. The weirdest lucid dream I had ever experience was about 10 years ago. Prior to falling asleep I remember turning to the bedside table and checking the time, it was 12:27am. Next thing I knew was waking up shivering and recalling my horrific lucid dream which involve everyone important to me. In the dream, I tried to cry for help but was unable to use my vocal chords, I had gotten out of bed many times and walked to my mother’s and brother’s room for help, but was thrown back into my bed. In the end, I gave up and when I did I remember waking up. Shaken by the lucid dream and I turn to the bedside table to check the time ................are really for the interesting bit? This still scares me when I tell it.. the time was 12:37am.

Dave on Apr 24, 2010


I've only been able to lucid dream once, unfortunately.

yep on Apr 24, 2010


Ah i never have a dream 🙁

Sharlto on Apr 24, 2010


am an avid lucid dreamer and have been for 5years! look at it as changing the code in the matrix, you just have to realize your in Neverland and not wake up. then... welcome your self to your true dream. *jumps across building* *fights dragons* *fucks Emilie de Ravin" haha oh yeah

DoomCanoe on Apr 24, 2010


This is so cool. He's using obvious research footage that went into developing his film, and mixing hired actors to similarly discuss research that would make his "world" in the film possible. My first reaction was that "Doctor" # 3 was just the most boneable prof I'd ever seen and that I'd like to , yeah , all over her. And then she started talking about the military and you realized - oh, she's just the hottest teacher I've ever seen b/c she's actually just an actress. That was disappointing, but exciting from a Nolan fan standpoint. Personally, I'm going to lucid dream my way back to her being an actual psychology professor ... and think about scheduling a 'conference' w/ her, after class. Yeah.

My Eyes ... MY EYES !!! on Apr 25, 2010


why do they cut everyone off right at the beginning of the word psychology??? weird. I could have edited this better lol

Editor Master on May 15, 2010


This viral stuff ( and YT video) doesn't seem to be getting much press.

Dom Cobb on May 16, 2010


thanks for this video - I'm a lucid dream researcher and want to explain what I see. the first interview is Bill Domhoff - he's a professor of psychology at University of California Santa Cruz. He's not a lucid dream researcher - his specialty is in linguistic analysis of dream content. check out to see more of his work. The second interview is of Jayne Gackenbach, who is a lucid dream researcher with Saybrook Institute. Her research focuses on lucidity, video game interfaces, and personality traits of lucid dreamers. Very cool stuff. She has compiled a lot of original research into lucid dreaming on her website - I don't know the last interview, but her discussion of the government project sounds alarming. It sounds like she's suggesting that the government is testing "mutual dreaming" in the field, but the last audio clip was about how the military is paying attention to the healthful benefits of sleep in general. I doubt the veracity of this claim about militaristic mutual lucid dreaming, and think it might be a spoiler from the plot of the movie. dunno! the editing is bad, but she seems to say "[] took it one step further.. what if you could participate in other people's dreams?" I imagine she's talking about the military here, but sh could have said Nolan too.... 2 real dream researcher, 1 fictional one? the perfect viral media video! just a theory at this point I'll do more digging around.

Ryan on May 17, 2010

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