Chris Nolan Finally Confirms He's Directing the Third Batman

September 29, 2010
Source: Empire

Christopher Nolan

Big deal, we all knew this already, right? I mean come on, who out there actually thought that Christopher Nolan wouldn't return to direct the final Batman movie? There's just no way that would happen. But of course, both Warner Bros and Nolan have been playing coy. Neither would admit that he was signed on to direct and nothing was official, but that wall has finally been torn down. Nolan spoke to Empire recently and admitted: "It's becoming inevitable, I'll put it that way." Wait - does that mean he's totally, completely 100% confirmed? Can we say he's directing? "I think you can at this point, yes." No more questions - there you go!

"I feel myself falling into it, I guess," Nolan adds. "And getting it all figured out and I'm pretty excited about what we're doing so… If I haven't announced it, I think that people probably all know at this point that I'm doing it."

So the guy who dreamt up the world of Inception and The Dark Knight is excited for what they have in store for the third Batman? Holy shit this movie is going to be amazing. Although there's rumors and quotes and claims about a start date next year floating around on the web, I'm not going to mention that simply because it's safer to say that we don't know when it will start, nor does anyone at Warner Bros. Nolan is still working on the script and is also working on the Superman reboot, so we'll leave him be and let him get this together on his own. Whenever he figures out a start date and Warner Bros announces it, that's when we'll bring you the news. At the very least, we're safe knowing this grand finale won't end up in anyone's hands but Nolan's.

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um...duh? is this ever new news? anybody with one brain cell knew this was coming...

Xerxex on Sep 29, 2010


This guy doesn't know it but he's my biggest inspirations coming out of H-wood; I just admire the others. I thought this was confirmed weeks ago. Still didn't see Inception yet, nor did I finish Following. Memento wasn't perfect, but it was still good. Prestige and the Batman flicks were great fun and had solid storytelling. I hope he doesn't change his formula anytime soon.

Eli on Sep 29, 2010


It is Batman news just for the sake and lack of Batman news. Which could be good or bad news. I need a beer.

Cracky on Sep 29, 2010


so this is just to clarify since we already know it...ok now im officially and truly PUMPED!!!!!!!!

Jericho on Sep 29, 2010


@Xerxex So true, this is news but then it isn't. But still rock solid confirmation doesn't hurt.

Jaf on Sep 29, 2010


Let the "Batman Boners" begin!

Cmurder on Sep 29, 2010


Another franchise barely escapes the grasp of Brett Rattner.

Outlaw on Sep 29, 2010


IF they don't even have a start up date, there's no way this will be ready by summer of 2012 like they originally planned for.

jah p on Sep 29, 2010


I would love to see Batman die in the last movie. Dunno why, it would just be awesome.

reeft on Sep 29, 2010


to Eli....what in the Hell are you waiting for in regards to INCEPTION?

Clover on Sep 29, 2010


I plan on being completely surprised with this last film. I wont watch a trailer, read an article or a review. Nothing will spoil this movie for me.

LINKFX on Sep 29, 2010


Batman wrapping himself up into his cape forming a dark, dark cocoon. Finally emerging as butterfly man, ridding the streets of darkness with his rainbow wings. Hell yeah, bring it on disco slippers. - Sorry lost the plot there. - Woohoo I suppose, last two were pretty boring at least the franchise is ending. He he he.

Crapola on Sep 29, 2010


Can we please have Batman be the main character in this film? Also, can the film maybe be...i don't know...dark, like it ought to be? Can Bale actually try and act more than just plank of wood as bruce wayne? Can that voice be fixed?

Have Hope on Sep 29, 2010


i knew this or about 3 months now but since it's now OFFICIALY confirmed...two words HEL YEAH!!!!! Let's see if this guy can outdo jumself just one more time.Bring it on chris and give me your best shot

max s. on Sep 29, 2010


#9 yeah, i could see where your coming from with that idea, i dunno chris nolan will make the right decisions. Also, this guy is the reason i want to get into directing or at least into the movie biz so once again nolan bring it on and make me want to be a director even that much more

max s. on Sep 29, 2010


Yeah I'll bet this is pushed to 2013 also to avoid The Avengers.

Moon on Sep 29, 2010


Well CLOVER, I don't go to the movies like, ever. I only went once and that was to see Spiderman 2 when it came out.

Eli on Sep 29, 2010


yes, of course everyone knew that. and prally wont see theatres until prally a 2012 date most likely. prally summer. idk. it'll be interesting tho. the movie will be great i really hope

KING on Sep 29, 2010


if he says he's got a script better than TDK then I'll sh#t bricks because it'll be true

silver on Sep 29, 2010


@ moon. You'll see, Avengers doesn't mean shit to Warner Bros., the Batman franchise doesn't move for anybody, it is the money franchise right now. After Iron Man 2 was such a bust, and Captain America and Thor will disappoint, no matter how good Avengers is(and I'm hoping it will be by the pedigree of Joss Whedon), it's not going to dominate the box office.

LINKFX on Sep 29, 2010


theres a big rumor that phillip seymour hoffman is being considered to play the penguin.

sickdoghats on Sep 29, 2010


bring it on with joaqin phoenix and joseph gordon levit in the lead roles for other way to make an intriguing batman 3 really...

Victor on Sep 29, 2010


@ Have Hope what is wrong with his voice? isn't Batman supposed to sound that way? I must have great hearing, cause I could understand everything he said as Bats, but I do agree with his performance as Bruce Wayne they have barely fleshed out the character.

Xerxex on Sep 29, 2010


@22...uhhhh replace Phoenix with Daniel Day Lewis and then your comment is valid.

Cody w on Sep 30, 2010


A thinking mans Batman 3 would be pretty interesting. Riddler? +Nolan? might be pretty good.

filmfan111 on Sep 30, 2010


@ 24 Holy SHIT.....DANIEL DAY LEWIS as the title villain, thats just brain just implodewgjzoasclsnsc

Voice of Reason on Sep 30, 2010


#9 ....u are an idiot...won't for this "NO SHIT , SHERLOCK" article....notify us comic book movie fans when they announce some real news ....such as confirming a villain or 2....I know it's common sense that with Nolan's elaborate direction and storytelling it should be RIDDLER.....just announce well as the actor that will play him...GLH, Johnny Depp , or Guy Pearce???



Daniel Day Lewis! Hes fantastic! This could be better than the recently deceased Heath Ledger. I cant wait! Have you seen him in `there will be blood?` He an outstanding actor!

yumyumfish on Sep 30, 2010


Less dark this time, please!

John on Sep 30, 2010


Hope they find a decent actress for the female role this time. Third time's the charm.

i drink your milkshake on Sep 30, 2010


I would like to have this movie with a much darker tone.

Fisherr on Oct 4, 2010


theyter have some hot sh*t story & characters for htis if they want it to fly...after the Heath Ledger Joker, I found Batman to be a monumental bore and was hoping that the story would actually show Joker getting the best of the whole deal...which in reality, he would have...

bone on Oct 5, 2010

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