Chris Nolan's Third Batman to Hit Theaters in Summer 2012!

April 30, 2010

The Dark Knight

It looks like the summer of 2012 is going to be one hell of a big blockbuster bonanza, especially in the comic book arena. Not only has Sony already announced it will release its Spider-Man franchise reboot on July 3rd of 2012, but Warner Bros has finally announced today that they will be releasing the third installment of the Batman franchise from Christopher Nolan on July 20th, 2012. And since The Dark Knight had about a year and a half of production/post-production between shooting's commencement in January of 2007 and its release in July of 2008, there's a good chance Nolan will start shooting this final sequel early next year.

Sooner than later I'm sure that a script, at least the first draft, will be turned in and we can start the rampant speculation on who the villain will be, not to mention casting rumors that will spawn as we slowly but surely move closer to the start of shooting. No one new has been cast yet, so rumors of Eddie Murphy and Johnny Depp are obviously total BS. Of course, like a whole plethora of films just announced by WB, this will be an IMAX release, and though cinematographer Wally Pfister said he's skeptical about shooting in 3D, there's a better chance that the whole film could be shot in IMAX. Only time will tell, so stay tuned. Who's excited?

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I knew it would be out in 2012!

[A] on Apr 30, 2010


meh. who saids moneygrab?

Jacksion on Apr 30, 2010


Assuming the world doesn't end before it does!

ken on Apr 30, 2010


Ohhhh man! This is intense! I'm so excited for this next movie. Fingers crossed on the next villain being the Riddler!

Riddles on Apr 30, 2010


The world is supposed to end on 12/21/2012, so we'll be okay but unfortunately we'll all not live long enough to see "The Avengers".....dammit! CANT FUCKING WAIT FOR BATMAN 3!!!. JGL for Joker!

Cmurder on Apr 30, 2010


The world is supposed to end on 12/21/2012, so we'll be okay but unfortunately we'll all not live long enough to see "The Avengers".....dammit! CANT FUCKING WAIT FOR BATMAN 3!!!. JGL for Joker!

Cmurder on Apr 30, 2010



MMH on Apr 30, 2010


as long as Mark Wahlberg is not involved im in! HE'S HORRIBLE!

Ray on Apr 30, 2010


Yeah i hope the Riddler is the next villain or philip seymour hoffman as Penguin

FuturePhilmMaker on Apr 30, 2010


Man, I'm already ready for that "Boy, I was reading casting rumors only two years ago... now I'm sitting in the theater waiting for the opening scene" feeling. That, to me, is the best part of these waits. Watching the production of a film from the ground up. Let's go Riddler. NO JOHNNY DEPP. Christ.

Cracky on Apr 30, 2010


whoever they pick to be whatever villian, it will be good. look how horribly skeptical everyone was with heath ledger. and what is this obsession with JGL? he is NO GOOD, but could be tolerable with Nolan directing him.

Jesus Loves You on Apr 30, 2010


Heath Ledger's Joker totally stole the show and left me totally bored with Batman as the "hero".....without the ulttimate Joker, this franchise is dead...

spanky on Apr 30, 2010


Heath Ledger's Joker totally stole the show and left me totally bored with Batman as the "hero".....without the ulttimate Joker, this franchise is dead...

spanky on Apr 30, 2010


I agree #11 the only thing more annoying than everyone wanting Joseph to recreate the joker,(though I think he is GREAT, Inception will further prove my opinion) is everyone that wants Depp to do every freakin movie that comes out. Johnny depp for Capt., depp for the Riddler, etc. I love Johnny Depp as an actor, but he isn't the answer to every casting spot. Whoever the villian is I'm sure the movie will be RAD.

theotherbluth on Apr 30, 2010


Hell Yeah!!!

Richard on Apr 30, 2010


The Caped Crusader?

Jake the snake on Apr 30, 2010


#14 THANK YOU!!!! you have no idea how sick i got of everybody wanting Johnny Depp for every role on the face of the planet. Especially when they said he can take on Joker. D:<

Toucmyinfection on Apr 30, 2010


#8 - Seems random. Why pick on Wahlberg? Was there a rumor about him being in this that I missed? Villian possibilites: No way on Penguin, Riddler would be fine, but my pick is Catwoman.......if they get the right actress.

jjboldt on Apr 30, 2010


It will be called The Dark Knight Returns Batman will fight an alien life force known as Superman

CaCaw on Apr 30, 2010


How about a villain that hasn't been seen in previous crappy batman movies like firefly? or mad hatter? or dead shot? not sure if I want to see riddler, penguin or catwoman again -

tms on Apr 30, 2010


Nolan is great and has done an unbelievable job reviving the Batman franchise (I once thought Clooney and Arnold buried these movies for good), but I think I agree w/ #12. Heath as the Joker was above and beyond anything you've ever got out of a comic book movie, and his performance actually ruined this franchise for me in three ways: 1) The Joker was so interesting that I completely lost interest in Batman/Bale 2) A fan would almost feel guilty to like the next villain's performance more than Heaths 3) If Heath was alive, the Joker would have been back right away, and nobody would have had a problem with it. I have all the faith in the world that Christopher Nolan will end this franchise respectively, but I think deep down we all know this movie has NO CHANCE of living up to the hype.

Tough Act to Follow on Apr 30, 2010


Ugh, this was always destined to turn into annoying random speculation. Anyway, it's not going to happen, the world will have ended by then.

SlashBeast on Apr 30, 2010


And... #21 gets a home run. There is no dancing around this one. The hype has destroyed the chances of this being another classic.

Cracky on Apr 30, 2010


guy pearce for riddler

Darrin on Apr 30, 2010


Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Hardy, Clifton Collins Jr, Stanley Tucci, Michael Fassbender, Willem Dafoe, Sam Rockwell, Mark Ruffalo, Adrien Brody the mention of any of these actors as potentials villains will get my heart racing.

vladimir on Apr 30, 2010


Its too bad Oldman is already a character in the movie...he would make an incredible villain.

vladimir on Apr 30, 2010


forgot William Hurt

vladimir on Apr 30, 2010


I already knew it was going to be in 2012. But, YYYYYEEEEEESSSS I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR A BIG ANOUCMEBT!!! Still what is going to be about , still The Riddler? Who is going to be in the movie?

CiARGO33 on Apr 30, 2010


Wooo 2012 will be great! First Batman 3, then Smallville-Spider-man, then the Mayan end of the world!

Big E on Apr 30, 2010


i just came, 201 is gonna be stacked

ozzie memz on Apr 30, 2010


I hope they go with the "Batman: Dark Victory" story seeing as how its the sequel to "Batman: The Long Halloween" the one TDK was based off of. But to do that they would have to bring back Two-Face (which I'm all for, because he was the shining moment of TDK for me) BUT! my guess for a for sure batman villain is Hugo Strange. if you know nothing about him read his bio on Wikipedia. He is sooo spot on for a Nolan villian. and please..... nooooo Riddler. I don't want to watch Die Hard 3 with Batman instead of John Mcclain I'm so excited

DoomCanoe on Apr 30, 2010


Omg #24 I was just about to say that and was thinking it the other day. Pearce and Nolan work great together (memento) and Pearce has the perfect look and acting chops. Guy pearce for Riddler, though the Lucius Fox cat reference it could be Catwoman and Penguin, or Catwoman and Riddler. @21 I dont know, I really think this movie could replace TDK as Nolans everlasting legacy. I mean yeah, he has a shitload to live up to, and I think it will live up to it.

Cody w on Apr 30, 2010


i really think its gonna be Joseph Gordon-Levitt(as the riddler?), i had a feeling before Inception and now that Nolan has worked with him i think that only ups the chances...hmmm we shall see i guess

Trademark on Apr 30, 2010


Also I think the movie will just be called: Batman.

Cody w on Apr 30, 2010


i dont know if you guys have noticed, but the movies are not named off of what the movie will be about, they are named off of what the movie ends up like, batman 1, he actually began being the public hero batman at the very end, when gordon unveiled the signal, so the movie was named batman begins, tthe movie ended by batman begining being batman batman 2, he was the dark knight at the very end too, when he killed harvey two face, so thats why it was the dark knight, not until the very end he was the dark knight so, my theory is, that whatever the next bat flick is going to end,, thats how nolan is gonnna named it. do i make a point???

Mac306 on Apr 30, 2010


I'd love to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt fill in for a quick Joker cameo - if only for a brief scene at Arkham.

Chris L on Apr 30, 2010


I like the idea of doing The Dark Knight Returns. This also depends on some factors: 1) Is this last Dark Knight movie to occur while Clark Kent is still young and hasn't yet gone to the Daily Planet? 2) Does this Dark Knight happen years down the road...where they cast a new Joker and actually do The Dark Knight Returns? 3) Does this movie just happen after The Dark Knight and that's the end? Nolan said it was a trilogy and would definitely be complete when done. If 1, then it means they won't mention Superman or Metropolis, and won't do any setup for the JLA. If 2, then it means Batman has already been in the JLA, and they could mention he 'did' do some work with Supes. If 3, then they could do the Riddler and it's over, but they could mention Supes now.

Zantorian on Apr 30, 2010


14 & 17 I think you guys mean Sam Worthington.

Ox 45 on Apr 30, 2010


Daniel-Day Lewis as the Joker! Come on, it would be epic!

dee on Apr 30, 2010


Yes I think he can fill Heath's shoes , so the Riddler would be option B.:)

dee on Apr 30, 2010


Okay I'm gonna go out on a limb and be the contrarian here: The Dark Knight was an abomination. Never have I seen a film in which watching it a second time I felt so disinterested and disengaged. Also hearing fanboy BS every day after seeing this movie is nauseating. Who's going to be the next villain? Who's gonna play the riddler? Shut the hell up, please. Batman Forever is THE best Batman movie, Kilmer is genius and Schumacher understood the campy homoerotic aspects of the Batman mythos. Nolan tried to bank on the success of the best Batman series (Dark Knight Returns and The Long Halloween) by chopping them up and piecing them together into a drawn out mess. I guess Goyer is to blame too for the initial story. Nolan only made one good movie ever: Memento. I could care less if a third one was made or if Nolan ever made another film in his entire life. Screw The Dark Knight and screw Avatar.

ALF on May 1, 2010


(Adressed @ 5 & 22) - Will you shut the fuck up and actually do some research on the Mayan Calendar and what it acutally means opposed to jumping on the media train of thinking it will be a dooms day. Stupid fucks. Seriously, just look it up and read maybe two or three paragraphs if your IQ's can grant you the ability to read. (Adressed @ 41) - You're to easy, i'll leave you to the fanboys to get. Enjoy being narrow minded.

Maro Leon on May 1, 2010


#41 - you were awesome in "Where the Wild Things Are", haha.

L on May 1, 2010


@#25, spot on..... i would love to see any of Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, Sam Rockwell or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as a villain of some kind in the new sequel. Reprise the Joker or be the Riddler, these actors have got what it takes. Guy Pearce was my original fav to be Batman when Nolan first announced Batman Begins, he would be a great Riddler too. @41, I agree........Screw Avatar/////////////

negropolitan on May 1, 2010



m4st4 on May 1, 2010


...also, Emily Blunt passing on Marvel's The First Avenger: Captain America to play Catwoman? Man, I would die for that... Comic Con, San Diego - coming soon! ;))

m4st4 on May 1, 2010


I hate speculation. But we'll get a new Batman film before December 2010, the end of the world. So I can die happy.

1-7 on May 1, 2010


# 46 - I won't be surprised she's waiting for the WW role

blue & orange ny on May 1, 2010


Daniel Day-Lewis as the Riddler....the only one who can pull off that performance...

Nick on May 1, 2010


bring back Ras Al Ghul , somethin tells me hes not dead even though the train crashed he could come back and help an overwhelmed bruce fight the remaining elements. i'd be content with not havin every villain in the next and last bat movie as long as its made well , we just need a good realistic villain.

subs on May 1, 2010


#43 your comment is childish and shallow just like that movie. #42 I am in no way narrow minded just because I did not like the most overrated film of the decade before Avatar. I have seen more diverse movies that half of you fanboys who frequent this website. It angers me to see a film like The Dark Knight garner more acclaim that a film that deserves it such as Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. That is a cinematic masterpiece, the Dark Knight is a cinematic abortion.

ALF on May 1, 2010


yup, I'm excited

Emil Lamprecht on May 1, 2010


i agree with #20, why is that people always want the ovious fuckin big baddies, would it not be more interesting for him to take a baddy that is'nt completly overused and turn them into a popular one? batman begins was good with scarecrow

dave on May 1, 2010


Please...S-T-O-P the madness.....NO more frakken 3D!! This is nothing but a rip off on the public...the cost of a 3D movie in my area is 50% more that a 2D movie and to top it off a small popcorn is now $5.75. Can't wait for the new batman!!!!

Subtracta Newzey on May 1, 2010


I'm excited.. Me, me and me too.. Can't wait.. Go Nolan Go!!

Deepak T on May 1, 2010


alf...what exactly is camp about batman, oh i gues sin your wide and diverse viewing habits you only found time to relate the movie series to the television show. It seem sto me your just one of those guys who shit on movies that become popular. The thing people keep missing is that the bat movie from nolan have followed themes, bruce deals with his parents death and becomes bats, TDK was more a movie about gotham city than joker or bats, the pieces created a great story, and people trust nolan, i mean who even knew who Ra's was before this? he woven the scarecrow perfectly in (hope he comes back) the whole reason for the joker was great (ying yang) and the third one will also be good, as long as everyone remebers it is a movie and not supposed to change your life and ALF the "Vengence" trilogy is overrated too

Eviltodd on May 1, 2010


@ALF ill kill you! Nolan is the best film maker of the decade. Batman Forever was a pile of 90's bull shit. What really pisses me off is that you come here and bash people because they enjoyed a film; it's hypocrisy. Your sitting there telling #42 your not narrow minded because you didn't like the film. NO! you are narrow minded because you come here and don't just talk shit not about the movie you target the people who loved it!. There are just as many fan boys as there are haters... you sir are an out spoken hater. And i can GUARANTEE you haven't seen nearly as many films as i have, Park Chan Wook happens to be my favorite director, And Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance happens to be my favorite of the trilogy. But do i bash the opinions of the people who enjoyed old boy more? NO. Do i come on websites thinking I'm hot shit and i have the only opinion that matters? FUCKIN NO. HATE THE MOVIE ALL YOU WANT LEAVE THE PEOPLE WHO ENJOY THE FLICK ALONE AND GET OVER YOUR SELF ps. Fuck you

DoomCanoe on May 1, 2010


well said #57!

subs on May 1, 2010


gotta love DoomCanoe's passion lol, well said. ps. Alf the show back in the day was funny.

blue & orange ny on May 1, 2010


better be poison ivy and cat woman with a shot of penguin

stussy on May 1, 2010


#56 Eviltodd, At no point in my opinion did I mention Batman Begins, I happen to think that is the better of Nolan's Batman movies and particularly well done. I also did not speak of the "vengeance" trilogy as a whole. I agree that two out of three are overrated but Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance happens to be the lowest rated of the trilogy on Rotten Tomatoes, that and the a few other factors might just qualify it as underrated actually. #57 DoomCanoe, I am sorry that you wish to kill me and must succumb to such abuse as to say "Fuck you" to me. I did not berate you in anyway, well maybe I said something about fanboys but I did not attack you personally and I will refrain from doing so. As to what you said about guaranteeing me you've seen more films, I spoke of diversity not quantity. Quantity is amount, diversity is content. Watching superhero movies and one Korea director's films does not exactly count as diversity. I am here to voice my opinion as a contrarian, as the opposition that makes the world a more interesting place.

ALF on May 1, 2010


How abot Christoph Waltz as a Batman Villain?

Jeeze on May 1, 2010


what if Batman is the Villain? What if we see the corruption of Batman, him taking vigilantism to an extreme, and slowly moving towards becoming like Rahs Al Ghul. Wouldnt that be pretty intresting end to a trilogy?

vladimir on May 1, 2010


hahahahaha "ill kill you" #57 DoomCanoe, dude ur so over the top.. chill. #41 Alf, u dont have any understanding of the batman mythology. where the hell you got the "homoerotic mythos" i have no idea. TDK is not perfect but at its core its a good film with decent acting nd script where as Batman Forever is just a joke, i've seen better acting nd plots in porn films. i mean what the hell is wrong with u, of all the batman films u pick forever. "Batman Forever is THE best Batman movie" just by that statement u've proven yourself to be someone who lacks any understanding or appreciation of a good film. it bloody angers me that you would even mention a chris nolan film in the same sentence as Joel fucking Schumacher who himself apologized for this crap heap of a film. i agree with you about Avatar though..

rockfeller on May 1, 2010


#64 Rockfeller, When I called the Batman mythos homoerotic I forgot to specify which time period of the mythos, that is my mistake. I find that Schumacher captured the homoerotic and campy tones of the Batman comics around the time of Robins inception and I the Adam West TV show. Schumacher might have went over the top with Forever but I am fairly certain he apologized for making Batman and Robin, that was a "crap heap of a film". I do not think that liking Forever warrants your statement that I "lack any understanding or appreciation of a good film". I would say that you did not understand the approach to Forever and while it is different from Nolan's approach, it captures a piece of the Batman mythos better. TDK does not do justice to the dark and intelligent Batman mythos of The Long Halloween, of which it haphazardly takes from. It is a very conventional action film that takes no risks, unlike the noir-ish aspects of Long Halloween.

ALF on May 1, 2010


Well said rockfeller anybody who thinks Batman Forever is the best Batman film doesn't have any respect for good filmmaking. As for DoomCanoe I would say he overreacted but this guy Alf dissed The Dark Knight and all us who loved it. So my final verdict is DoomCanoe is awesome and ALF is a DOUCHEBAG!!! ps. ALF doesn't deserve death just a swift kick in the ass.

CLAW on May 1, 2010



Brian on May 1, 2010


#ALF - the thing with tdk is that it hides itself in a conventional film and the fact that u fail to see that is why i said you lack the understanding to appreciate this film. nolan never actually tried to recreate the long halloween mythos, he only used those issues as inspiration. even then your comment that tdk does not do justice is completely baseless, this film absolutely captured the essence of batman which is why fanboys go nuts over this film. TDK actually goes beyond the long halloween mythos and nolan in effect has created a whole new one whilst staying true to the characters. theres so much depth and the film tries to deal with so many ideas that your comments honestly baffles me. how can you say the films an abomination. u dont actually criticize the film you completely dismiss it for no good reason and thats what really pisses me of about u. the prologue of tdk alone is a million times better than batman forever.

rockfeller on May 1, 2010


Great to see the caped crusader back for the final conclusion of an epic story,can't wait.

Fisherr on May 2, 2010


Alf - Batman Forever was a horrible film. I'm not bat fanboy, but Batman Forever mediocre at best, especially when compared to Batman or The Dark Knight. Don't even get me started on Batman and Robin.

BoxOfficeZ on May 2, 2010


As for the whole TDK overrated thing, I happen to think it was praised for all the wrong reasons, this was a movie that the critics raved over cinematography and script. When really there were so many underlying morale's and messages about how a real-life superhero/villain would effect modern day society. I kind of pisses me off when dumbasses like ALF say its overrated because it was overrated for all the wrong reasons and a lot of critics just didnt see it. You kind of have to watch the movie a few times to see what I mean cause 1 or 2 viewings just wasnt enough. It was sort of a southland tales situation where everytime I watched it I saw a new angle of the story from Gordons perspective, or Dents totally intentionally twisted psyche. #68 said it well also, it baffles me you see yourself as a such a deep hardcore movie goer when you didnt even see what the movie was truly about.....also like doomcanoe said.....fuck you.

Cody w on May 2, 2010


Rockefeller, I think we will just have to respectfully disagree. I do appreciate the civility in which you conduct yourself in this discussion. I wish I could say the same about DoomCanoe and CLAW, unfortunately some people do not know how to express their thoughts without resorting to obscenities and threats.

ALF on May 2, 2010


Batman v Superman is what I want but I know it's not gonna happen. But the villian I want is Black Mask. Or the villian from Batman RIP. I won't say it so I don't spoil it for everyone.

Daniel Felts on May 2, 2010


hey ALF fuck you already, go die just thought id prove your point in comment 72 😉

DoomCanoe on May 2, 2010


Alf apparently you're one of those morons who love the crappy movies (Transfrmers 2) and hate on the good ones because batman forever was complete crap and The Dark Knight is one of the deepest superhero movies i have ever seen and nothing (except maybe Avatar) can dethrone it as the greatest movie ever and of course you must be a complete idiot for not liking this movie and let me guess you also hated Avatar and you are a complete douche

max s. on May 2, 2010


anyways I trust Nolan to do good with the final movie and make something small into something geatas in bringing in one of the small time baddiess this moviee will be a great way to wrap up the end of the world because we'll get to see batman through to the end

max s. on May 3, 2010


"OMG the worlds gonna end the worlds gonna end by 2012, we wont be able to see byatmians!!!" yeah yea yeah, first the sky was falling, then Jesus was coming back then every other new Pres. was the anti-christ Y2k And now the 20 frikin 12........ Maybe Im a cynic but I think Ill just wait and see on this one folks

Caveman3k on May 3, 2010


#75 Max S. Fuck you and fuck DoomCanoe. I have resorted to the same primal shit throwing that you two love to write on this board against "haters". I am a contrarian, if you have to look up that word, fuck you. FUCK the Dark Knight and FUCK Avatar. Those movies are blockbuster trash and fanboys like you think they have a level of depth, they don't. Depth for you equates to Transformers 2 because its the same kind of blockbuster big budget piece of shit TDK is. When you are able to measure depth a little bit more than with your baby carrot dicks come and write on this board again, but until then FUCK YOU.

ALF on May 3, 2010


I say Catwoman for sure and either The Penguin or The Riddler...but maybe we'll see The Black Mask. I wonder if they will throw Robin into the foray. I've heard they may try to push things out a few years. If they do they could put Nightwing in there instead. Sounds a little better to me...

Tim on May 3, 2010


BTW, Salina Kile is african american...hence Halie Berry in the crappy Catwoman movie. I would expect Nolan to follow suit and have an african american actress. Maybe Zoe Saldana?

Tim on May 3, 2010


First of all let me just say that #24 Derrin has the best suggestion in this thread. Guy Pearce is a great actor and perfect for the role. He could do this new, darker, grittier Joker some justice. No one will ever dethrone Heath Ledger for his performance in TDK. It was afterall the crowning acheivment of the film. However, the Joker is too important a character in the Batman mythos to disappear at the end of the second act. If there is to be a third film, you could just about bet your nest egg that the Joker will make a comeback. Think of all the times Joker has been captured, then escaped, then recaptured over the course of the franchise's history. ALF, I have to give you credit for arguing your point with eloquence and patience. The fact still remains that you are completely, inarguably wrong. The Dark Knight is not only the best Batman film ever made, it stands out as the best attempt to adapt a comic book/graphic novel franchise into film also. No one in their right mind above the age of 10 and not suffering from some sort of birth related mental deficiency can say that Batman Forever was even good. But to say that it was better than The Dark Knight, or even better than either of Tim Burton's Batman films would be more ludicrous than most of the crazy shit-bird comments I have read on this site. It's too bad you belong to the darkside with Joel Schumacher and his rubber nipples, because you argue so well and it would be a relief to have someone comment in favor of a new Batman film without having a fan-boy orgasm over the rumors and miniscule details that get fed to us through the internet.

JL on May 3, 2010


@ALF Well everyone is entitle to there own opinion. I liked all the batman movies except for Batman and Robin. I'm not sure how you can dislike TDK. Sure there where some mistakes that I could point out but over all it was a very good movie. It beat the shit out of my expectations. And it is definitely better than any other comic book movie that has come out over the recent years(x-men 3, Spiderman 3 and Fantastic 4). Either way as long has you like batman even if it is Forever, I'm cool. I can agree with you on one thing though. FAN boy's who scream out Riddler for the villian can chok on a fat one!!!! Of all the damn villians that could go up against batman you guys scream riddler, that's like batman going up against Alex Trebek " O i'm sorry batman, but you did not answer the question with the words what is; minus 200 points". Fuck Riddler. Mad Hatter and Killer Croc FTW.

WTF on May 3, 2010


@#57 Calm the fuck down loser. So he's bashing on people, that shouldn't instantly change your mood and act like a fucking retard. And if you watch that many movies...............get a life.

WTF on May 3, 2010


So Alf is clearly not very in tune with Batman at all if he thinks that it's supposed to be campy and homoerotic... The Dark Knight and Batman Begins were better than any other comic book movies ever made, and I don't think that's very debatable. They have ridiculously high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB so critics and fans alike loved it, and the opinion of one mentally unstable closet homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that) doesn't change that. TDK was nominated for 8 Oscars. Biggest opening weekend ever. 3rd highest grossing movie of all time domestically. Over a billion worldwide. Everything about the movie is jaw-dropping. Personally, I liked Batman Begins a little bit more (Aaron Eckhart was so-so and I'm not a big Maggie Gyllenhaal fan, and some of the beginning is a little lame) , but Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker is in my opinion the greatest performance in history. Everyone needs to chill out and just ignore haters like ALF; he can say whatever he wants, it's clearly not true and there's all the evidence one would ever need to back that up. Every pre-Nolan Batman film was sub-par in my opinion, even Nickelson's performance can't alleviate some of the crap in the first Batman, and Batman Forever + Batman & Robin were both campy pieces of crap that every actor involved wants to forget.

Brian Hazlett on May 3, 2010


@ALF, #78 hahahah YEAH!

DoomCanoe on May 3, 2010


im sorry but robins gonna hafta show up in this one. joseph gordon levitt for robin would be killer. just a thought.

jonny b on May 3, 2010


lynn collins for catwoman, but theyre gonna use the riddler and make this story very very very cerebral i think. and i think an old riddler would be awesome. like someone so old that he could just fight batman with his mind or an iago/othello type of deal you know?

jonny b on May 3, 2010


@ DoomCanoe Shut up.

James on May 3, 2010


Brian Hazlett, You obviously did not read all of my arguments for why I think the campy and homoerotic undertones of Forever are pertinent to a certain time in the Batman mythos. I will reiterate my points just for you because I'm feeling gracious. I think the two aforementioned aspects of Forever equate well to the Adam West TV show and the initial introductory period of Robin in the comics. Just the beginning alone of Forever has a level of finesse and daring that TDK leaves at the theater door with its conventionalism. Kilmer's first utterance of "I'll get drive-thru." in Forever is more memorable than anything Bale says in either movie. Do not bring up the final voice over narration of TDK, something so derivatively summative is for a pea brain audience that couldn't assess that the film was trying to be about that in the first place. Also, I have said twice that I am a contrarian not a hater, I express the opposite of the mainstream opinion out of personal feeling and, for the sake of this board, to spark healthy debate. As for all the "evidence" to why TDK is such a great film, I have an adage "If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?". Just because everyone says TDK is great, does that make it true?

ALF on May 3, 2010


Nope it is because I say it's great that makes it true, and none of your contrary statements will change that. Dude, you are never going to convince ANYONE that Bat/forever is better than TDK. I think you get boners from disagreeing with people, But nothing I say will change that. Please continue your quest to get off by being different from the mainstream, you are soo original. Let me guess, you loved "The Hurt Locker" until it won oscars, now it's overrated.

theotherbluth on May 4, 2010


Theotherbluth, I didn't like the Hurt Locker to begin with but I did love No Country for Old Men and still think it is the film that will define this generation of cinema.

ALF on May 4, 2010


im just gunna call it right now, as some said gordon levett would be a villain after the inception movie with nolan, i believe that is false. if hes in the movie hell be playin the part of robin. who agrees?

dylan on May 4, 2010


no one agrees because robin wont be in it.

jake the snake on May 4, 2010


the worlds not gonna end 12/21/2012.jonny depp would suck as the riddler because he only plays in stupid gay tim burton movies anymore.and the villian in the next batman needs to be some one they havent done yet like clayface or croc or manbat not the same damn villians over and over again.and if they try to replace joker they'll ruin everything.

hoss on May 4, 2010


come on guys... we must have faith woth chris Nolan... we all know the 1st batman was not that good but the second one is totally awsome. Chris Nolan has a full of surprises, we did not even expect the batman 2 was great but again....its awsome.... johnny depp is my 1st pick to be a villain.. he was a great actor, creepy , good looking and has a good character... isn't it depp? please please please please Mr. Nolan... Surprise us.... ok? im one of your biggest fan... again surprise us and guuuuuud luck!!! God Bless.... 09061622504...just in case you have a comment in my opinion... tnx!!!

nautical nonsense on May 5, 2010


1. Daniel Day Lewis as the suicidal Deadshot 2. Christoph Waltz as The Riddler 3. Paul Giamatti as The Penguin 4. Liv Tyler/Amy Adams/Kate Winslet as CatWoman

Gordy Movie on May 6, 2010


Gordy, My friend, I like your selection in villains. Especially Paul Giamatti. But I think Catwoman's story doesn't work for Nolan. Unless she's absolutely, bat-shit (no pun) insane.

Cracky on May 6, 2010


Everyone has a right to their opinions...if they don't like a particular movie, so what? If you do, then enjoy it forever and forget about other people's opinions cause everyone has one. Now, as for the new Batman movie, I think logically it should be Penguin, since he is an intrical part of the Batman myth. I'd by a ticket to see Paul Giamatti as Oswald Cobblepot. Please, NO CATWOMAN OR ROBIN! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weezy1 on May 6, 2010



Dave on May 7, 2010


As long as it doesn't involve Robin or Mr. Freeze it should be good...

Rob on May 8, 2010


I think that whoever plays villains in Nolan's Batman movies need to have emotional flair in their acting. They need to project the character through their voices, body language, etc. JDL, although a very exceptional actor, does not fit that bill. Subtleties will not be missed in this movie.

Gordy Movie on May 9, 2010


i can see nolan easily making a 3 hour self indulgent snore fest. the guy is getting too big for his boots. i mean did anybody even really like the dark knight? i'm guessing no. just get james cameron to direct a good action packed batman (which is all super hero movies should ever aspire to be)

Para on May 10, 2010


Michael Fassbender to play Deadshot!

shivnen on May 10, 2010


Deadshot! That would be a good villian choice. : ) Really needs to work with someone though.

dude... on May 11, 2010


it would work if he was jokers backup plan to kill batman

shivnen on May 11, 2010


I personally think Ledger is still alive like Tupac or Elvis and he will come back for the third movie! hahah. But seriously I think I had read somewhere that Nolan said Legder's Joker had told the story they wanted to tell about the Joker. Really where else do they need to go with the Joker? I also think it would diminish Ledger's Joker, he was perfect... so I don't really think they should recast the Joker, I would like to see The Riddler, but I don't really want to see Johnny Depp as the Riddler. I think that when everything is said and done that Nolan is going to make another simply BADASS movie! I just do want to wait two years to see it!

throughthekeyhole on May 11, 2010


Oops! I meant I DON'T want to wait two years to see it!

throughthekeyhole on May 11, 2010


I loved the Dark Knight and I can't wait for the third installment of Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy to be in place and eventually amongst my BluRay collection. I've heard enough from ALF, and I understand where he's coming from (as regularly I defend/oppose strong views of the majority online) after spending several days (in vain I might add) defending the new Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. ALF mate, you just have to understand that if you (genuinely) didn't like The Dark Knight, then you are absolutely in the minority, including fanboys, moviegoers, the movie industry itself and the critics. Most people are going to blast you for expressing your opinion - I won't blast you but I will have to say that I disagree. As much as I enjoyed Batman Forever (Val Kilmer being the best Bruce Wayne out of all the movies until Christian Bale came along) I cannot support you in saying it is a better movie than the Dark Knight. However, I would agree with you that Avatar is one of the most over-rated movies I have ever witnessed - first viewing (in 3D) I really enjoyed, but I watched it a second time at the cinema and couldn't get into the story, and watching again on BluRay I turned it off halfway through. It's re-hashed over-indulgent pap (to put it bluntly) - it's basically West Side Story on another planet with blue people! Back on topic, I've heard rumours of a couple of things with the third movie. It is believed that there is some unused footage of Heath Ledger's joker "baiting" Batman from within a cell at Arkham asylum that may make their way into the third installment to create continuity. However, it will be more of a cameo, similar to that of the Scarecrow at the beginning of TDK. In terms of the villains for the third movie, I've also heard that there won't necessarily be a main villain, rather a rogues gallery of villains akin to the Arkham Asylum game (as Batman is being hunted as the murderer of Harvey Dent and cannot "police" Gotham efficiently). There may well be one that comes to the fore over the movie, and becomes the main focus, but the rumours are that there would be most of the Batman's enemies involved - I've heard Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Scarface, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Black Mask and Hugo Strange to name but a few. Done correctly, I think this could actually work - it would be an impressive feat (and a fitting end to the trilogy) for Batman to clear up all of these villains and leave Gotham as a safe city once more.

Big John on May 14, 2010


you heard this? you didnt hear shit...i think you left some crumbs on your stomach, and turn the lights on...go outside..theres a whole world out there big john

jonny b on May 14, 2010


@ #12. The best way to go about this 3rd installment is to cast a female villain, that way there is less direct comparison to Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker. Of course people will always compare, but if there is a female villain, there is a completely different air to the character. Instead on cynicism, there is oozing sex appeal and sneakiness and manipulation, etc. These traits are present in both Poison Ivy and Catwoman. They could also bring in Talia Al Ghul as a primary or secondary character.

Blazel on May 20, 2010


I think that they should get one of the bigger villains simply because it will make it appeal to a larger audience than Batman fans, But they should do an interesting take on a villain like they have done on the other villains in the trilogy.

Fmoore on May 26, 2010


There hasn't been a female villain yet so my guess is that Nolan will incorporate atleast a low key if not main villain female. My personal choice would be Harley Quinn, who better than Jokers main squeeze to carry on Jokers madness, and secondly I loved Ra's al Ghul so bring in a love interest to Bruce by bringing in Ra's daughter in a catwoman like way to Bruce's/Batmans love interest.

Ace on May 26, 2010


#104 MANY, MANY, MANY PEOPLE LIKE THE DARK KNIGHT!!!!!! anyways i think the title for this should just simply be "The Batman"

max s. on Jun 29, 2010


Well, here we go again. Well, who are the villains going to be ............?? I'm going to go on a limb and pick. Angelina Jolie as Talia and Joesph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler. Why not add Ryan Goseling as Azrael into the mix. Sounds like this might be a 2hr and 40 min movie. What does everybody think???

Derek on Jul 12, 2010


Fuck all you people who shit on the movies of Batman, Avatar, and Transformers. I happen to like them because I'm an action lover. But you haters are hypocrites. Do me a favor and go fuck yourselves.

anonymous on Jul 24, 2010


Fuck all of you who shit on the movies of Batman, the Transformers, and Avatar. I happen to like them because I love action. But it doesn't mean I obsess over them. You haters are hypocrites. So do me a favor and go fuck yourselves.

anonymous on Jul 24, 2010


Not to be rude, but I don't really see how Ledger's death should affect the saga all that much. The Joker shouldn't return in this movie, it would simply feel like an extra few hours of film from the second movie. There are many possibilities for villains, they could incorporate Bane, Man-Bat, Catwoman or even Mr. Freeze. I think that incorporating The Riddler into this next film would be a bad idea. It would take away from the seriousness of the previous two movies. Riddles are supposed to have at least some aspect of fun, so unless this is going to be a G-rated movie, I don't think that he should be in it. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks 😀 !

Joshua Taylor from Geraldton on Aug 13, 2010


i think this would make a great movie of cody sousoa as nightwing robin in the summer 2012 movie batman 3 caped crusader, with christian bale as batman, aaron eckhart as two face, crispin glover as the joker, and with natalie portman as mad hatter, and with victor zaszz tim booth, and with sarah michelle gellar as harley quinn,... and with the arkham inmates, and with michea ansara mr.freeze.., and with brandon routh superman,..., and with wonder woman.., and flash,

brandin lee detroy on Sep 19, 2010


Batman may be the bad-ass super-hero and can beat all other normal people with martial arts, BUT Spider-Man is the average human guy mostly everyone can relate to compared to the handsome Bruce Wayne and has super-human abilities that rival martial arts completely. I hope that the Spider-Man reboot wins in popularity period.

Chris on Mar 9, 2011

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