Christina Hendricks & Olivia Munn 'Don't Know How She Does It'

December 20, 2010
Source: 24 Frames

Hendricks / Munn

In case you weren't aware (especially since we didn't post this news whenever it was announced), an adaptation of Allison Pearson's hit British book I Don't Know How She Does It is on the way with Sarah Jessica Parker starring. Now it looks like the supporting cast has been rounded out with some real eye candy and a couple great male talents as well. 24 Frames reports Christina Hendricks ("Mad Men") and Olivia Munn ("Attack of the Show") have landed major roles in the romantic comedy about a high-powered finance type (Parker) who's also the mother of two young children and trying to balance the many competing elements in her life.

Hendricks is playing a friend of Parker's character while Munn will play one of her work colleagues. Along with these lovely ladies, "Saturday Night Live" head writer and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers has also landed an unknown role along with Pierce Brosnan and Kelsey Grammer. A romantic comedy starring Sarah Jessica Parker is already going to have an uphill battle with the male audience thanks to the Sex and the City series, but Hendricks and Munn are some of the best bait you can find to rake some men into theaters.

In addition, director Doug McGrath (who directed the unjustly ignored alternate Truman Capote film Infamous starring Toby Jones), so this has the potential to venture outside of the drudge that is Sex and the City. Let's not forget that some romantic comedies do turn out all right (Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally), so maybe this could be one of them. Count me as cautiously optimistic for the time being, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Hendricks and Munn on the big screen in any capacity. How about you?

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How you gunna try pulling off a flick like this with two amazingly hot women and then have it starring Dogface SJP? Nothing like having your supporting cast far outshine your Lead.

Tenacious V on Dec 20, 2010


Oh, I'm in... Christina Hendricks, yes please, anytime... 🙂

Tony on Dec 20, 2010


Olivia Munn annoys the hell out of me.

Jay on Dec 20, 2010


I was just gonna say something similar, but then saw Jay's post and couldn't come up with anything up on par that would summarize my feelings towards Munn.

smiert spionam on Dec 20, 2010


It's good to know there are others out there who don't like Munn. Hendricks on the other hand...

RPD on Dec 20, 2010


I wonder if Hendricks has back problems... Also: I agree. SJP and Munn are big-time annoyances.

Cracky on Dec 20, 2010


PASS!!!!!!! munn is loser who isn't competant to do anything (she ruined AotS) and i only liked SJP in "family stone". also, grammer and hendricks (outside of tv) are as interesting as stale bread. other than brosnan, this cast is so horriffically awful - it HAS to be a joke - then, throw this dreadful cast into another cookie-cutter rom com and we have the perfect storm of atrocious movies. i'll avoid this movie like plutoniom dipped in HIV.

beavis on Dec 20, 2010


I like Munn but I'm not a fan, she tries...AOTS stopped being entertaining fairly for Hendricks idk who she is...

Xerxex on Dec 20, 2010


Munn Can't Act!

TheLOLrapist on Dec 20, 2010


Hendricks AND Munn! as long as theres a kids pool and oil! and really how is it possible to ruin attack of the show? I mean come on you cant ruin something if that's how it was to begin with. goodbye G4 bring back tech TV

Jimmy Love on Dec 20, 2010


#10 - i'll tell you how: sarah lane left and they brought in munn and changed much of the format of the show........THAT is how it was ruined. i agree that it would be awesome to see tech tv again - but, there are some good internet shows just like TT. sarah lane, leo laporte, and tom sullivan are VERY good on those.

beavis on Dec 20, 2010


@Xerxex: are we having another go at internet humor? 😛 I'm sorry, I JUST HAD to do this. I apologize in advance:

Ricardo on Dec 20, 2010


Nice one Ricardo, but no I'm not having a go...I learned my lesson the last time.

Xerxex on Dec 20, 2010


I'm not going to lie. I didn't read the article. I've been looking at Hendricks the whole time. I can't believe that the Schnozberry kid from Super Troopers is hittin' that.

Haz on Dec 21, 2010


let me guess, #14? kind of like big breasts?..........right?!

beavis on Dec 21, 2010

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