Christopher Nolan to Shepherd a Brand New Superman Film

February 9, 2010
Source: Deadline Hollywood


It was last September when Diane Nelson, head of DC Entertanment, said, "we don't have current plans behind Superman." A lot can change in five months as Deadline Hollywood has discovered, Christopher Nolan, has been asked to 'godfather' a new Superman flick. Let's be clear that he's not directing the movie (not yet anyway), but rather guiding the film in the right direction for critics and fans alike. This brand new Superman iteration won't be a sequel, or even a pseudo reboot/sequel like Superman Returns, but rather an entirely new franchise. It's about damn time Warner Brothers got the right guy to help Superman fly.

After Superman Returns didn't quite get the reaction execs were hoping for, the studio learned its lesson and ever since then they've been trying to figure out what they wanted to do with Superman. Someone at Warner Bros. told Deadline: "We know what we don't want to do. But we don't know what we want to do. We learned a lot from the last movie, and we want to get it right this time." Hiring Chris Nolan is a step in the right direction, but even a cinematic genius like Nolan could have some trouble with the franchise. More than a few heavy hitters have attempted to get Superman off the ground (no pun intended) and failed.

Tim Burton tried to make one with Nicolas Cage, a then-relatively unknown J.J. Abrams wrote the first script in a trilogy but wasn't a big enough name to direct, so Brett Ratner and McG tried to do it with Abrams script, but both never got there. But when Bryan Singer was brought on board, it seemed like all was well. Solid set reports, stunning trailers, a seemingly decent Superman, but ultimately, no one really believed a man could fly; at least not enough to return on the $270 million budget. Singer is still in the cards as a director, but I wouldn't count on it since he's off preparing his own reboot with X-Men: First Class.

Aside from a desire for a decent Superman flick to do Krypton's last son justice, there is literally a ticking clock attached to a Superman flick from Warner Brothers. Deadline breaks down the legal mumbo-jumbo:

Attorney Marc Toberoff, who keeps suing Warner Bros on behalf of creative rightsholders, warns that, in 2013, the Jerome Siegel heirs along with the estate of co-creator Joe Shuster will own the entire original copyright to Superman -- 'and neither DC Comics nor Warner Bros will be able to exploit any new 'Superman' works without a license from the Siegels and Shusters.' He's also pointed out that, if Warner Bros does not start production on a new 'Superman' sequel or reboot by 2011, the Siegels could sue to recover their damages on the grounds that the deal should have contained a clause in which the rights returned to the owners after a given time if no film was in development. The heirs of Siegel have already been awarded half the copyright for Superman. And in 2013 the heirs of co-creator Joe Shuster get the remaining half. After that, neither DC Comics nor Warner Bros will be able to use Superman without a financial agreement with the heirs.

Well that sucks for WB and DC. Sounds like someone should've gotten a fire lit under their ass a couple years ago. Alan Horn told a court hearing, "We had hopes to keep the character alive and to once again reinvent Superman. Our hope is to develop a Superman property and to try again. What hurt us is that the reviews and so on for the Superman movie did not get the kind of critical acclaim that Batman got, and we have other issues with Superman that concern us." The fans could say the same thing with the studio approach to Superman, which has largely ignored the comic books in favor of staying true to the campy, albeit somewhat respectful, original films with Christopher Reeves.

Here's the thing: Superman doesn't necessarily need to be darker or edgier, which many will assume that's what Nolan is going to do. He simply needs to be more sophisticated and have more substance. Superman struggles with more than Kryptonite and his love for Lois Lane. There are more limitations on his powers than the green space rock of his home planet, and he fights more villains than simply saving falling people or catching big debris. Superman needs a worthy adversary to fight. And if Lex Luthor's schemes are going to challenge Superman, then maybe we should move away from that real estate plan. Because no one wants to buy land on a planet made up of jagged Kryptonite, and no one wants to see Superman wasted like this.

And for those of you worried that this is really going to delay a third Batman film, Jonah Nolan and David S. Goyer are indeed working on the screenplay for the next installment like we previously heard. So things will still be on track for the Caped Crusader, and DC Comics should have one hell of an upcoming slate with an established Dark Knight returning soon, a very promising Green Lantern, and an all-new Superman in the works as we speak. Are you guys pumped to see a Christopher Nolan-infused Superman?

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I hope they remake superman. The orginals sucked. The Remakes sucked worse. No Director has given Superman the movie he deserves, like Nolan has given Batman.

TitsMcgee on Feb 9, 2010


so basically make another Superman film that is actually good or forever lose the chance to do it again. this is a good thing, it gives Goyer and The Nolans pleanty of time to flesh out the story.

Xerxex on Feb 9, 2010


yes Nolan is a master at his craft it can only help the franchise

kyle on Feb 9, 2010


YES YES YES!!! As long as they don't make superman a BoyScout. My problem with Superman at least in TV and film is that he's portrayed as someone who never does anything remotely morally wrong, which no one can relate to. Hopefully Nolan will give him some personal issues to deal with, which the average Joe can relate to. I could never get into Smallville because of Superman's goddie goodie personality. If given the proper control, I know Nolan will fill this character out in a way that will make this movie the most successful Superman to date...

Cmurder on Feb 9, 2010


I hate to say this, and will probably be booed off the site for suggesting it, but maybe a deep character driven Superman movie isn't what we need right now. I'm all for Superman fighting giant robots powered by Brainiac, or even a fight with some mutates from Apokolips that could segway into a sort of "to be continued" theme leading to Darkseid being in a sequel. Let's see the man of steel cut loose as the devestating effects juggernaut he could be. I'm sick of watching Clark Kent moon over Lois Lane, I want to see Superman heaving some mountains or shattering small moons.

DarkRaven18599 on Feb 9, 2010


24 hours later...

Mike on Feb 9, 2010


How are you going to take Superman, a hero with near limitless powers, and have him spiritually guided by a director who’s done everything to AVOID those types in his Batman series? So what I don't get, is why would you have Nolan, who's created this very real world based Batman character, with no super powers, facing no villians with super powers, who disdains super powers, sheperd the creation of one of the greatest super power based characters of all time? It's not making much sense to me. Don't get me wrong, I really like Christopher Nolan, I love Memento and Batman Begins (and I'll grudginly admit I enjoyed TDK even if I will not say "it's teh greatest evah!") But he just seems stylistically WRONG for helping develop Superman. You want to know how to reboot the franchise? Simple, GO READ – Superman Birthright – simple. Translate to film, bring the movie in fast, 2 hours 50 minutes and you've got a whole new world to play in, not to mention it sets up a Justice League world quite nicely. The problem is how the story is told, how Superman is presented. I think modern audiences don't want a bumbing Clark Kent, not necessarily suave or anything, but not the bufoon of the 80's Superman movies. We don't want him to be afraid of who he is. And I'll step out here too, WE DON'T WANT A PANSY LEX LUTHOR who's greatest threat is Kryptonite and holding the world hostage via nukes, or land or what have you! Give us a movie with Darkseid, with Kryptonian Mimic Technology, give us the Bad A super tech Lex Luthor, give us Doomsday. And we're tired of the damsel in distress Lois Lane. Seriously thats tired now. The comics figured it out, why can't the movie makers? The problem with Superman isn't the story, it's the folks making the movies. Superman is Science Fiction, and thats how you can keep it relevant. Rather than having him try and fight earth bound super villians i.e. whimpy sniveling money making Lex Luthor, give him challenges, open up space. We're excited about Green Lantern for this very reason! I know I've already mentioned it once in this thread, but I'll open up this challenge, Go pick up a copy of Superman: Birthright. Read it, and tell me that if they made that into a movie, as is, super technology and all, that you wouldn't go watch that movie.

harm on Feb 9, 2010


Excellent news, I know its a bit premature but any choices to play The Man Of Steel? I do not think an unknown will fly with WB

WB Exec on Feb 9, 2010


Its good news, but are warners just running to Nolan like lost children. They are moving in a great direction but how much of Nolans heart will be in it with Batman 3 around the corner. I would LOVE to see David Fincher have a go at a superhero movie. His Superman could get it back on track, and Lois has got to be someone with more edge then Bosworth.

bryan r on Feb 9, 2010


Nolan is not a cure-all and just because he did well with Batman, doesn't mean he'll hit a homer with Superman.....this whole incestuous regurgitation from the same folks is what holds Hollywood back and pins the movies down for audiences to pummel. I dont think the draw, fanbase or curiosity for a new Superman is strong enough to justify a DC/WB fast-track. Too soon + too fast = Superman will continually be a loss for the studios and a let down for audiences.

Voice of Reason on Feb 9, 2010


Jon Hamm for Superman and all will be well.

jloveness on Feb 9, 2010


bryan r I think Nolan can do it, I mean Batman 3 is a long ways off, For both Bale and Nolan. Bale is involved in a lot of films, and in one of those films he lost a dropped a lot of weight similar to The Machinist, and if indeed Nolan is going to be apart of the Superman film then that puts Batman back a few good months, years even.

Xerxex on Feb 9, 2010


Xerxex i aint saying Nolan cant do it or wouldnt be great on the project, just id rather someone like Fincher to put his stamp on Superman, take it somewhere it hasnt gone before. Think Nolan owns the Batman, just the idea of him running both Batman and Superman sounds like warners being a bit lazy. Come on you gotta admit the idea of Fincher doing Superman is pretty cool.

bryan r on Feb 9, 2010


Interesting.... Nolan a part of both Batman and Superman.... World's Finest movie anyone???

Victor on Feb 9, 2010


I guess I'm one of the few who really liked Superman Returns. I think the casting really good. With the exception of Kate Bosworth, the actors chosen worked well. She didn't work at all, but Routh, Spacey and Langella were great choices. I just don't get the sense that it was the disaster that WB thinks it was. But that's just me I guess.

jjboldt on Feb 9, 2010


I didn't think Superman Returns was that bad at all. I simply loved the setting and chosing Kevin Spacey as the bad guy was the good choice. The humour was a bit lame (very lame actually), but the plot was reasonable.

Robbie on Feb 9, 2010


One of Nolan's biggest successes among making both batman films was not only making it feel that it takes place in a real world setting - but that he made the character human - and we connected to that. Nolan might focus on Superman's human characteristics in a different light. Bryan Singer attempted this by spotlighting the fact that, "He has all these powers - however can do nothing when the woman you loved is with another man." We saw parallels between superman and richard white. It did not succeed as a blockbuster. I think Nolan will prove that point by having a formidable foe threaten the world and ask the existential question, "You have the powers of a God, yet you serve these people. Why don't you rule this planet?" That would be more of an obvious reason told to the audience of why Superman saves rather than rules. We've always known that he saves people, but we never got a reason why he didn't grow greedy with power. He fights for justice rather than his own desires. From there, we can see amazingly epic fight scenes, dazzling effects and cinematography. And for once - SUPERMAN THROWING A PUNCH! Who will be that foe? Well, Nolan brought us the Joker. Why wouldn't he bring us Darkseid?????

Nick Sears on Feb 9, 2010


With a blue ring in my right hand I say: "All will be well" 😉

Manuel on Feb 9, 2010


The greatest aspect of Nolan having a hand on the rudder is it could set up a Superman universe that could converge with Nolan's Batman universe in their respective futures. Setting the scene for... DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. And a buffed up craggy Michael Keaton could come back as the tired and a bit crazy Caped Crusader who takes down the ageless man of steel. By fighting dirty. Now that would a be movie.

McTavish on Feb 9, 2010


It says that he was "asked" to do it, not that he IS doing it. Anyways, if he is, I doubt it's going to be anything more than a consulting role. He's not going to be writing, producing or directing (yet). And, no, Nolan won't make Superman "dark". He pursued a darker Batman because that was always in the character to begin with. I assume he's simply going to do the same and tap into what's made Superman so enduring (if he is doing it that is).

SlashBeast on Feb 9, 2010


the only villains i want to see kick superman's ass are Brainiac and General Zod. Nolan can do wonders with those two villains.

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA!!! on Feb 9, 2010


I may have put the spotlight onto Nolan too much - more so trying to focus on the superhero ideology and the human connection audiences have with the main character. No doubt, we need to see superman get the shit beat out of him. And I'd be fine if Kryptonite was barely used. If he has these powers, he needs to be hurt or punished by the enemies he faces to the point where the audience sympathizes with him. Don't make him look like a pushover - definitely have him get up angry and such, bleeding and bludgeoned, but keeps getting up to face and defeat his enemies - to have incredible heart. Superman inspires us in spirit, and I think this next movie should to.

Nick Sears on Feb 9, 2010


#5 I completely agree with you. It is totally possible to examine the character while also seeing him in some great action sequences. Especially because there have been so many incarnations of the Man of Steel and so many people are familiar with his mythology, a new movie can feel liberated to delve into some great action. The only hesitation I have with this news is the mentioned fact that Nolan being brought on looks like a move to make this franchise darker. That worked for Batman because that is essentially at the core of who he is. Superman is the antithesis of that and doesn't warrant a "darker" take.

Pale Paul on Feb 9, 2010


There's no way Nolan's going to tie himself down to another franchise at this point. I doubt he's going to be anything more than a consultant for the very early stages of the film.

Governor on Feb 9, 2010


Theatrical Performance Total US Gross $200,120,000 International Gross $191,000,000 Worldwide Gross $391,120,000 Home Market Performance US DVD Sales: $81,570,819 Production Budget $232-$270 million Made some money, but it really did suck. Where those $232-$270 million were spent, I have no idea 🙂 So, 2 movies were ruined by Singer, Superman Returns(he was clueless) and X-Men 3 (he left it)

David Banner on Feb 9, 2010


bryan r you are 100% correct, fincher would probably make the best Superman ever!

Xerxex on Feb 9, 2010


Step 1: Issue a restraining order on Bryan Singer. Step 2: Let Superman actually be MASCULINE this time around.

Metallo on Feb 9, 2010


Hope it will be better. Lets give Nolan the Green Arrow movie too. I like the Green Arrow. Hes cool.

Daniel Felts on Feb 9, 2010


It's kind of hard to judge this one, but superhero movies do NOT have to be darker to be successful. Iron man is witty, bright, and sometimes cheesey at times and everyone loved it. Daredevil was dark and not liked by most, Watchmen was 100% dark and wasn't really successful in BO or critics. Superman is tough because he's not really a smart-alleck like Stark, Wade Wilson, Torch, etc, but he's not dark like all the others. What they definitely have to do is pick a freakin side. Either go dark or go light with normal falls from villains/love life. However, Returns did have some bright spots, it was the story that was stupid. Seriously, who the heck would want to live on the jagged rock place in the middle of the ocean. And the son thing at the end, and hints throughout, were stupid.

Branden on Feb 9, 2010


It's also hard for audiences to see a ridiculously ripped newsreporter that would justify what Superman looks like in the comics. And the ongoing thing with the big glasses disguise...

Branden on Feb 9, 2010


I think Lars Von Trier should direct Superman!!

jimmey on Feb 9, 2010


I don't know Nolan so I won't act like I know what he would suggest this film should be. It's possible that he'll approach the character as they have in the comics maybe maybe not. But he's a damn good director/storyteller and WB appear to be on the fence of what to do. I wasn't really a fan of Superman Returns (all hope and excitement from the trailers were shattered while watching the movie). If this is at all true I'm glad they're finally making some moves instead of letting him sit on the shelf. Hopefully they won't be premature and try to rush anything out i.e. JLA that was immediately cancelled (thank goodness).

Dude on Feb 9, 2010


#2! Why does everyone love Goyer so much, he was the problem with the latest Batman films, without him they would have been flawless! Have you seen his other films or watched a movie he wrote by himself? They are absolutely terrible. Besides the two Batman films every movie Nolan has done has been nearly flawless...perfect cinema. Goyer gets story and co-writing credits on the last two Batpics, and it is in concept of story where the real problems lie.

LINKFX on Feb 9, 2010


you know that the studio has issues when batman looks more buff than superman.. if they keep trying to make superman look like and act like chis reeve they might as well give up. How about they make him a bit more uncompromising and tough like in the comics. less crap with LOIS and Luthor. if luthor is going to be the villain, lets make him a villain... superman is so personal to so many of us. this is whyu the crappy way the studio treats this property is so disheartening .. what nolan did with batman made me very happy;. i only hope that he can find the superman as well.

goliad on Feb 9, 2010


LINKFX He's not the best writer out there, to me on the worst screenwriter today is David Scarpa he's a kiss ass, just look at the script for The Day The Earth Stood Still he had a chance to write something good but instead he wrote a terrible story. As for Goyer there is not much we can do The Nolan's like him so we're stuck with him, I'm just saying if Nolan is gonna usher Superman it gives Jonathan Nolan and David Goyle a lot of time to work on it, but Goyer is not a great writer hence why Jonathan Nolan is probably writing 95% of it. As for his work on TDK after watching it numerous times, I find riddled with holes. The guy needs to take a class, so I don't think he is a great writer.

Xerxex on Feb 9, 2010


It's a pity rough was used in returns. I'd have liked to see him given another shot but in a reboot situation it just won happen. Lois was terrible. No appeal about her character whatsoever and to be honest I didn't like spacey much either. I enjoyed it for the most part but just felt a lack of connection with the characters. Still think lois and Clark was the best adaption of the comics to date.

RRoss Curtis on Feb 9, 2010


Routh not rough. Stupid predicive text

Ross on Feb 9, 2010


nolan's guidance is best to seek. great news

shreeve on Feb 9, 2010


Excellent rumor!! Long live Nolan!

Conrad on Feb 9, 2010


Very savvy move on WB's part to get Nolan involved. This flick- if it materializes, should be awesome and the closest thing to a real "Superman" flick the world has ever seen!! 🙂

Spider on Feb 9, 2010


Good move seeking out Nolan's advice. Hopefully this can successfully reboot the Superman franchise.

Glass on Feb 9, 2010


In a month from now we will be hearing that Nolan is no longer part of this project. Ever time I hear news about this franchise it changes really quick. Warner Bros have no freakin idea what they are doing with Superman. This franchise has been falling on death ears ever since warners hired Kevin Smith to write a script back in 1996. Tim Burton and other directors failed to get Superman back up the big screen and then Bryan Singer comes along with a stupid idea of making the new film set five years after part 2 and Warner Bros thinks that it was an awesome idea. I even had my doubts when I first heard what Singer had planned to do. Getting Nolan involved is a great idea though. Probably the best move Warners has made with this franchise. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are very enjoyable films. Nolan is a master of his craft. This franchise needs to be rebooted but it needs to stay away from the stories and plots of the previous films. The reason Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were done really well was because Nolan stuck to the Comic Books and took it very seriously. Lex Luthor needs to be in the film, but not as the main villian and get rid of the whole buying up real estate bullshit they did in the previous films. He needs to be a real threat to The Man Of Steel. Bring in Lexcorp!! And when casting Superman don't have any actors who look like Christopher Reeve playing the part. There was and shall always be only one Christopher Reeve. At this stage I am happy to hear some good news about a new Superman movie finally going ahead. I hope Warner Bros are now moving in the right direction.

last son on Feb 9, 2010


Excellent idea!! You are getting not just Christopher Nolan's insight but Jonathan's. They are total students of the comic world. You have to listen to the Dark Knight interview of Jonathan Nolan at the Creative Screenwriting podcast. This gives you insight into the kind of page these brothers are on. I don't think they can go wrong with this decision. Also, if some of you only knew what it was like seeing the first two movies in the movie theater as a kid... You have to understand there were NO movies like that at that time. Hollywood wasn't churning out constant big budget blockbusters like they are now, laden with CGI effects. It was exactly like the movie poster said. "You will believe a man can fly" Awesome...

maykon on Feb 9, 2010


42, I think they need to make Lex the president - maybe negotiating with an alien villain that comes to Earth to capture Superman. If only they'd let me helm the script, lol. It's good they've brought on one of the best film makers of all time, but I was still holding out hope for the Wachowski Brothers. I love seeing great film makers come on board for a "comic book movie" but I would just hate to see Chris Nolan get stuck. There's just too much potential there. Best of Luck 😉 John Stamos

John Stamos on Feb 9, 2010



richad on Feb 9, 2010

46, you're not alone. I loved "Superman Returns". I was a seemless continuation to the first two movies, in tone and style. Which is exactly what I wanted. I do not want a Christopher Nolan vision of Superman. Or even David Fincher. And I **love** both of them as directors. LOVE them. But Superman is not Batman. Or even Iron Man. The first two Superman films were exciting and sweet and fun. I don't care who directs the next film, I just want to keep it that way. And Routh must return. Or count me out.

Film Fan on Feb 9, 2010


The only part of Superman Returns I liked was the scene where the kid and henchman ply heart and soul on the piano, that and whne Luthor stabs Superman on the island.

Xerxex on Feb 9, 2010


I think they should start with a 'Death of Superman movie' that comic book was epic, and it would be a great way to start the franchise...If all goes well they could make prequels or do what the comics did

rivarios on Feb 9, 2010


i hope they get a supervillian this time....lex luthor is boring....

HellBoy on Feb 9, 2010


#23 - I completely agree. It's been long established in the DC universe that Superman and Batman are the opposite philosophies of crime fighting. Superman possess nearly unlimited powers, is nigh indestructable, (kryptonite withstanding), and stands as the beacon for what crime fighters, and moreso humanity in general should be. Big, strong, beloved by the masses, a shining paragon of hope and glory for all to look up to. Batman of course is none of that. He is just a human being who has dedicated his life to doing what he has to in order to fight crime. Batman is the one who strikes from the shadows, a virtual wraith that uses terror of what is not known about him to strike fear into the hearts of the villains he battles. He does not seek to be known to the public as anything more than a whispered fable spoken of with nervous glances over ones shoulder. And this is the character Nolan has worked hard to forge. There is nothing fantastic about the world of The Dark Knight other than the ingenious weapons and vehicles that Batman purchases to fight his war on crime. As was said in post #23, making the Batman movies a more dark introspective into the horrible urges and psyches that haunt mens souls "worked for Batman because that is essentially at the core of who he is. Superman is the antithesis of that and doesn't warrant a "darker" take." And as was stated in post #7, "why would you have Nolan, who's created this very real world based Batman character, with no super powers, facing no villians with super powers, who disdains super powers, sheperd the creation of one of the greatest super power based characters of all time?" As much as I hate to say it, let someone who wants to make this a summer popcorn muncher take a crack at it. Let some new blood in to put a spin on this that we haven't seen yet. Let someone make Superman fun again. Let someone help us believe a man can fly.

DarkRaven18599 on Feb 10, 2010


Set it in the period of the original comics, please. I don't want Lois emailing in her latest story via the Daily Planet's website cms.

Liam on Feb 10, 2010


This is great news,if anyone can make a superior franchise its Nolan. Here's an interesting point no one has mentioned.Clark kent is making an appearance in the new Green Lantern movie,or supposedly was before Nolan got involved.If this is so wont they be casting Superman sooner rather then later?

tir na nog on Feb 10, 2010


The most successful approach to Superman to date is not in the movies. It is in the TV show [i]Smallville[/i]. It maybe at times out of balance through out the years because of all these different writers but it has great fundamentals and formula to capture the audience and respect the mythology. Even at times they have a different and added spin with some cheesiness, the folks got it right. If someone can somehow follow this formula and incorporate it into the big screen, it can be successful.

James on Feb 10, 2010



Gissele on Feb 10, 2010



gissele on Feb 10, 2010


For God's sake, Nolan isn't going to make Superman dark and gritty. He's not the writer, producer OR director for this franchise and he's simply going to help the series regain it's footing. I'm excited for this.

1-7 on Feb 10, 2010


Get Kevin Smith involved with the writing - maybe even the directing. He'll give it the story and character the "strength" it deserves.

Juzzy_Juz on Feb 21, 2010


someone introduce Christopher Nolan to Grant Morrissen please, and invite JJ Abrams round also and Danny Boyle can bring the beer, then we'll be onto something. Morrissen script, Boyle direct, Nolan and Abrams produce

Al on Feb 22, 2010


AND, you'll love this...probably not but hear out my logic, Russel Crowe to star, he can go from bumbling mild mannered Clark Kent ( a beautiful mind ) to Superman (gladiator/robin hood) and you would seriously not believe it's the same guy. Russ isn't quite right visually unfortunately, but I can't think of anyone else who could do it!

Al on Feb 22, 2010


If Nolan's involved, strap me down and take me along for the ride

max s. on Feb 22, 2010


Who gives a rat's ass. Superman is a fruitcake. Nothing could be more boring than a flying man who is invincible 99% of the time.

Olive on Feb 23, 2010


Al you are a dick. Russell Crowe as Superman is like casting Zac Efron as Wolverine.

Olive on Feb 23, 2010


how to make new superman movie- best visual effects (hd/cgi), in a earth apocalyptic plot with a powerful alien leader and for god sake get rid of the red underwear it could all be so simple

sam on Feb 23, 2010


harm You're assuming just because Nolan created his Batman in a certain setting, he'll do the same for Superman.

angela on Jul 15, 2010


Ive been reading all of these comments and I feel a bit alone in thinking that Brandon Routh was almost perfect as Superman. I was apprehensive about Superman returns, but when I saw it, I was delighted that they had kept the essence of the original films. Even down to the theme tune and cheesy wink at the end before the credits. This was the nostalgic feeling I had hoped for in a re-make without it being too close to the originals and a pleasant reminder of childhood heros. Alot of people are talking about the new Batman films, which are great, but no comparison. I love them too, but they are almost a completely different genre to Superman. Brandon Routh did a superb job. Maybe a little young looking. Could have been a bit rougher as the caped one but, given a new movie, a bit bulkier, bit more more depth to his character, with some greater challenges then just a human enemy with lots of money and we've got ourselves a better, newer film. Think some small aspects of Dark knight, small aspects of Chris Reeve, big hair, lots of special effects, big ol muscles doing punching and smashing and saving stuff....what more do we need? This is superman after all, not the davinci code!! Have I missed the point?

Dan on Aug 13, 2010


wants RUSSELL CROWE to cast in cristofers next...... one extrordinary performerem andther fantastic taker.........what a combination ..wann die to see it...

STALIN on Aug 27, 2010


Oh, go to Hell, Olive. He is not boring or a damn fruitcake, your just ignorant. I give a "rats ass" because Superman's my first and favorite comic character in the DC universe and theres far more to Supes than just flying around and being "invincible 99% at the time" and having other superpowers and all that stuff. Theres also a depth of humanity and realism on some level for the character, that represents hope and that there's still some good out there in the world. Which is one of the reasons why the film franchise needs to be revamped and showing how cool the DC character really is.

Anthony on Aug 27, 2010


i hope there is another superman movie cuz many children idolized superman like me i hope superman return is not the last movie i hope so! pls. don't end the movi until the next generation pls............:( CRYING!hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!pls .......

jared gussie espino on Dec 26, 2010


i think Brandon Routh is the best man who give role to superman .........................i hope that superman return is not the last superman movie ..............i hope so..............!

jared gussie espino on Dec 26, 2010


i agree to you Dan.........Brandon Routh give the best movie of all

jared gussie espino on Dec 26, 2010


i like the idea of nolan havin input into a fresh start for the man of steel,i was neva into batman at all until the batman beginns and dark knight but they captured me and was believable. alot of people wantin to see superman get knocked about by a enermey and get hurt without the use of kriptonite for once , i agree but he is suppose to be god like and not hurt easiley, so be intresting wat nolan can cum up with. i just know id like to see him after use all hes abilities/powers to the max maybe sum natural desaster that takes all hes got to stop along with lex planning sum thng maybe with braniac 2 and push him to hes limits. but no turning the world backwards spoilt a great 1st movie thats just 2 much

Bingham642 on Feb 16, 2011

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