Clint Eastwood Says Joaquin Phoenix is Not in 'Hoover' Biopic

October 12, 2010
Source: Reuters

Tolson / Joaquin Phoenix

Last month we got word that masquerading, bearded rapper Joaquin Phoenix might make his triumphant return to acting playing opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Eastwood's biopic Hoover. Word on the street was that director Clint Eastwood wanted the actor to play J. Edgar Hoover's protégé/suspected lover Clyde Tolson. However, in a recent interview with Retuers (via SlashFilm) when asked if there was any truth to the reports of Phoenix's involvement, Eastwood responded rather simply and hilariously with: "No. I don't know where that came from. Didn't he become a rapper?" Luckily, Eastwood had more to say about the project.

Eastwood spoke candidly about his approach to Hoover and his life in regards to this project:

"He was a very complex person. The homosexual aspect is just one of many. I would say that’s the least of his problems. But he was also very clever, whether rightfully or wrongfully, he was very clever about keeping himself in a certain position in life, so it is an interesting study. He is a fascinating character, and I think I am the right person to do it, not because I knew him or anything, but I did grow up with him. He was an iconic figure."

Before anyone freaks out about Eastwood referring to his supposed homosexuality as a "problem," it's clear he's referring to keeping his affair secret as the problem in question and not saying that simply being gay is a problem. Of course the issue here is the fact that Hoover so adamantly denied his homosexuality and had to hide it from his friends, family and colleagues. However, since Eastwood grew up when Hoover was in the limelight, a time when "comic books with him on the cover with machine guns and all that," he thinks he can do the man's life story justice onscreen. Hopefully DiCaprio is up to that huge task as well. Sound good?

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This project just fell off my radar.

Ben on Oct 12, 2010


No interest in Joaquin Pheonix whatsoever. Good move, keep that self-indulgent jerk off the screens for as long as possible.

Voice of Reason on Oct 12, 2010


it's 21st not 21th And you said nothing in that post about this being a rumor, you just bashed Phoenix's acting the entire time.

peloquin on Oct 12, 2010


Thanks for the correction ... Now if you read the topic from 21 September : Eastwood Wants Joaquin Phoenix as J. Edgar Hoover's Lover It is kind a news .. because here in Firstshowing always when there is a rumor ... they write it down as a Rumor in the beginning of the topic !!! Eastwood said : "No. I don't know where that came from. Didn't he become a rapper?" and that was my first question in 21 September : "What about : Announced his retirement from acting and said that Two Lovers (2008) would be his last movie as an actor. [October 2008]" then I think at least I remind you that Phoenix will not act again .. how come Eastwood will choose him for his movie ...!!! In the other side ... of course I don't like Phoenix ..But it is my own opinion ...and it doesn't mean he had no good roles !! ( You can check my post in the same date too " I am not saying he has no good roles … I am just not that interested in his roles !!! " Hope you get the point now .

shero on Oct 12, 2010


Shero, who really cares...

Chad on Oct 12, 2010


I hope he never works again.

Nick on Oct 12, 2010


@ #5, shero, Joaquin Phoenix announced his retirement from acting as part of his masquerade for the faux documentary I'm Still Here. He already has his next film lined up, but it's an indie drama. This would have been his big return to studio films. That's why his casting in an Eastwood movie didn't seem out of the question. Also the news came from Vulture at New York Magazine which is a very reputable source for a lot of movie news. The idea wasn't as outlandish or as unlikely as you think, but now we know it's not happening. Hope that clears things up for you.

Ethan Anderton on Oct 12, 2010


How sad is it that you have to even put in the disclaimer hoping no one freaks about him saying "problem" and "gay" in the same sentence, People just love to stretch anything into a bigot scandal and it is getting old. ("The Dilemma" trailer)

Annoyed on Oct 12, 2010


Eastwood is the man! People are way to sensitive now a days and THATS a problem.

D on Oct 12, 2010


#8 Ethan ... thanks for the notes .. But I already knew all what you wrote ... Phoenix can't figure out how to bring the attention of the audience to him ...And the best prove was making that low unreasonable film ... some kind a trashy crazy douchebag rapper character with Casey Affleck .. Because his sister Summer Phoenix is married to Casey !!! Making hype by him self just lying to his audience ... I can't respect such low step from such low person ... But however I understand he got his fans ... who fooled by that role and they thought it is real !! #7 Nick ... I hope the same too . #6 Chad ... I hope no one cares ... the main reason I care is because of Eastwood's movie not because of Phoenix ... and FIRSTSHOWING gave a big hype to this guy's last film (I am sill Here) that made me surprise ... why all this attention him !!??? .. and on a movie that being directed by his sisters husband Casey Affleck !!! who for me Casey is not a movie maker and he can't act ... thanks for his brother Ben Affleck who really make good movies and have a big name ... !!!

shero on Oct 12, 2010

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