Coen Brothers' Gambit Remake Finally Getting Off the Ground?

January 11, 2010
Source: SlashFilm

Coen Brothers

The Coen Brothers could make a movie about bowel movements and I would get excited like a little girl. So when I hear that the long gestating heist script Gambit from Joel and Ethan Coen may finally be going into production, well that's just about some of the best news I've heard this year so far. Buried deep in a trade article from Variety (noticed by SlashFilm), there's this little blurb: Producer Mike Lobell "is moving ahead with Gambit, a Joel and Ethan Coen-scripted remake of the 1966 British caper comedy that originally starred Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine." So what if it's another damn remake? It's the Coen Brothers!

In the original film, which starred Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine as the two criminals, "scheming career cat burglar Harry Dean prepares to steal a priceless statue from the world's richest man, he seeks out the assistance of Eurasian showgirl Suzy Chang. Though the likable rogue's plan seems foolproof as he conveys the details to his partner Ram, the execution proves a detailed study in Murphy's Law. Constantly reinventing the plan as his originally ideal spirals ever more out of control, it seems as if Harry's heist is destined to fail." A comedy of errors where the stakes are high - that's when the Coens are at their finest.

The script has been on the cusp of production three different times before with three different sets of actors, including Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley. So there's a slim possibility it could fall apart again before actually shooting. But of course no one wants to let a potentially brilliant Coen Brothers script go to waste, so I'm glad it's found new footing. Hopefully the fourth time is a charm. Until then, the Coen Brothers have their other remake, the western True Grit on the horizon, so there's some great stuff from the Joel and Ethan on the way. As always, we'll let you know if we hear anything else about this, so stay tuned. Anyone excited?

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Is it sad that I was disappointed by this article because I thought it meant an X-Men Gambit movie by the Coen bros instead of a remake of an old movie?

Johnny Crow on Jan 11, 2010


haha I too was intrigued by that possibility!

Dark Fist on Jan 11, 2010


"The Coen Brothers could make a movie about bowel movements and I would get excited like a little girl." suggested titles for that film... True Shit A Serious Poop Burn After Eating No Cabbage for Old Men The Bowelkillers Intestinal Cruelty The Man Who Just Sat There O Brother, Where Art Thou Paper? The Big Poopowski Hardgo The Hudsucker Dookie Barton Stink Miller's Plopping Raising Poop Blood Sample

jimmy on Jan 11, 2010


@Jimmy LMAO

Johnny Crow on Jan 11, 2010


Jimmy you made my day!!! hahahahahhahahaha

Victor on Jan 11, 2010


Michael Caine movies should be left alone.

In-Rainbows on Jan 11, 2010


hahahhahahahaha jimmmy you rock!!!!!!

bob saget on Jan 11, 2010


Wow, Jimmy, Kudos to you and the plethora of poop jokes. Truly impressive. Epic LOLZ indeed.

Ethan Anderton on Jan 11, 2010


hehe - glad i could provide some entertainment to you all for the day. poo jokes are my specialty. cheers all 🙂

jimmy on Jan 11, 2010


They are such amazing writers why are they doing all these remakes?

Me on Jan 12, 2010


I cant stand these guys, they're like the polar opposite of michael bay but worse. I will never forgive these assholes for wasting 2 hours of my life watching no country for old men.

Metatasian on Jan 12, 2010


Ha nice one.

Me on Jan 12, 2010


#11 - WHAT? No Country for Old Men was amazing. I too thought we were talking about GAMBIT the superhero. Got my hopes up 🙁

Proudfoot on Jan 12, 2010


Love the Cohens, but I could do without another The Ladykillers thank you.

Johnny Neat on Jan 12, 2010


Yes, the Coens movies are a waste of time. Dull and lifeless. I also find it extremely telling on how everyone complaining about a lack of originality seem to have taken a hike. Yawn to this.

SlashBeast on Mar 3, 2010


MacLaine's lead character was Nicole Chang, not Suzy Chang. The partner of Harry Dean was Emile. Mr. Ram was merely the hotel manager. "Constantly reinventing the plan as his originally ideal spirals ever more out of control..." Was that intended to be 'original idea'? That's what happens when you let spell-check write your stuff.

Richard N on Aug 13, 2010

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