Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy for 'Total Recall'

October 21, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Farrell / Fassbender / Hardy

Back at the end of July we heard that director Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard, Underworld) would direct the remake of Total Recall, the adaptation of Philip K. Dick's short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale. Now Heat Vision has news on who might step into the shoes for the lead role once filled by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Paul Verhoeven's 1990 adaptation. Apparently a shortlist of contenders has been crafted by Columbia Pictures with Colin Farrell at the top of the list. In addition, Tom Hardy (Inception) and Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds) are also listed as potential candidates to head to Mars.

The reason that Farrell may be at the top of the list is because of his availability along with his talent. Though we heard the actor had fallen out of Sheldon Turner's drama By Virtue Fall, it appears the actor is still involved in the project. Since that production is slated to finish in January, he would be free to do Total Recall right away. Hardy, on the other hand, is quite busy over the next year with his recently reported lead role in the next Batman sequel, not to mention finally starting production on the delayed Mad Max: Fury Road in about a year.  Meanwhile, apparently there's rumors swirling that Fassbender might snag a role in the two-part adaptation of The Hobbit, and that would take him off the market for awhile.

Though Hardy is certainly my top choice to snag the role, it's unlikely to happen, so we may need to prepare ourselves for Farrell stepping onto Mars. Honestly, it'd be nice to finally see Farrell get a blockbuster that actually takes off considering Daredevil, Miami Vice and S.W.A.T. all were pretty terrible. Farrell certainly seems to be making quite a return to studio films with roles in the Fright Night remake and the comedy Horrible Bosses, so a flick like Total Recall just seems like the logical step for him. Who would you like to see lead Total Recall?

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Tom Hardy is my choice but Len should not do this change director

loser on Oct 21, 2010


Like them all but for this film I choose none of them. Maybe I'm too endeared to Verhoven's film for my own good but I don't see the point of this remake. Sure the original has gotten dated and better visuals would help make it feel like a larger story but have we gotten to that point where studios are going to remake more Ah-nuld films? God now I feel old:(

Marc on Oct 21, 2010


None. No remake is needed.

Samantha on Oct 21, 2010


from what i understand total recall was a terrible adaptation of Phillip K Dick's We Can Remember It for You Wholesale there is room for improvement

nelson on Oct 21, 2010


Nelson, you understand incorrectly. Total Recall is a great film that captures Dick's thematic preoccupations and his quirky sense of humour perfectly. The short story has very little plot and any feature adaptation is going to have to add a great deal. And how anyone could seriously think Len Wiseman and Neal H. Moritz could improve upon the work of a master like Paul Verhoeven is beyond me. The fact that they're pinching Verhoeven's title rather than using the one from the original short story tells you all you need to know about how much respect they have for the source material. All those actors are too good for this, and I hope they don't waste their time on it. That twerp from Underworld is about the calibre of performer that Wiseman deserves, not these fellas.

Mathieu on Oct 21, 2010


Farrell as been on a roll, I'd like to see him star.

Xerxex on Oct 21, 2010


Michael Fassbender!!!! He needs his big Hollywood break, but he may just be too british/german for the material. And Miami Vice didn't suck, it was an amazing film, and Colin Farrell does need to be in more films, especially since he has been on a bit of a roll recently with his great indie films...especially the criminally underrated In Bruges.

LINKFX on Oct 21, 2010


#7 big Hollywood break? dude is magneto in X Men first class

nelson on Oct 21, 2010


Why in god's name do they feel the need to remake this??? Hollywood is pathetic.

gshauger on Oct 21, 2010


#7 also its irish/german 😛 which makes a nice irish contingent maybe going to mars. "get your ass to mars" ... we need you for Mars Paddys Day hehe

Nick on Oct 21, 2010


I'm not entirely opposed to remakes, and when done well, it can enlighten the audience to the original. Such was the case with "Let Me In." But at the rate at which remakes are actually worse than the original... I fear for the future...

el_rey on Oct 21, 2010


um Arnold duh

DoomCanoe on Oct 21, 2010


@ nick & @ nelson. yeah thanks for the correction, I completely forgot he was in X-Men: First Class. And honestly I just assumed he was British from his fantastic portrayal of a Brit in Inglourious Basterds. That being said, he deserves bigger parts, I still need to see Centurion, was excited to see him in that, plus I love Neil Marshall(at least for the Descent, Doomsday was good but not in any form excellent)

LINKFX on Oct 21, 2010


ARNOLD SHWARZENEGGER ! and only ARNOLD SHWARZENEGGAR ! there must be no false Quaid starting the reactor!!!

Astroboy3000 on Oct 21, 2010


man, Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender seem to be circling a lot of the same roles...I wouldn't be surprised if he was considered for the role Tom Hardy landed in Batman...I always kind of envisioned him as Black Mask, as well as Hardy

talli on Oct 21, 2010


Roland Kickinger, for getting f(#)&#d over on Terminator Salvation. I also agree it shouldn't be called Total Recall... that is a major red flag for Hollywood moneymaking BS. Two Words: Karate Kid @Ethan I do agree Farrell needs a good blockbuster, I do disagree on using the failings of Daredevil, Miami Vice, and S.W.A.T. to help promote him. He sucked in Daredevil, and Ben Affleck should get a personal apology for that one. He was great in it. M.C. Duncan was good as Kingpin, but that goofy laughing at the end ruined his performance. I'd like to see him try again in the new spidey. Miami Vice fell flat, because the plot/storyline felt like a 2-hour tv episode. S.W.A.T was not a blockbuster, just a cop-action-thriller with a modest budget. It's a good little action flick, but not a blockbuster. Minority Report was, and his role in that was just as big as Bullseye. Yes I've never like Farrell until I saw In Bruges. One of the best films of the past decade. Hands Down.

Akirakorn on Oct 21, 2010


@#7 "And Miami Vice didn't suck, it was an amazing film..."? Thanks a lot! You made me spit cola all over my screen!

JohnDoe on Oct 21, 2010


Colin Farrell is the male Jennifer Aniston. They should both stop acting and let guys with talent like Tom Hardy take roles.

WB EXEC on Oct 22, 2010


"See you awt' Zee Paw-tee Rick-tah..." can't top that. AND we already know the reveals from the 80's. ....And as a Gears of War fan, how are they gonna top the Meat Shield? This is gonna suck fumunda.

Solo Calrissian on Oct 22, 2010


@WB EXEC you are wrong, Farrell has been giving worthwhile performances ever since he was in "In Bruges."

Xerxex on Oct 22, 2010


But... but... no performance will ever outshine "Cohagen! Gib dose peepuhl aiyuh!" The original was brilliant in all its Mars-atmosphere-eyeball-bulging, mutant-hand-third-breast-fondling, tummy-bursting-midget-psychic, glitching-prosthetic-physics-defying-mumbling-magic-disguise-head, creepy-ass-Johnny-Cab, Ahnold-speak-one-liner cheesy deliciousness. I just don't know how you'd go about re-doing this in any worthwhile manner. For my money, no actor can "auauguuahhhhaaaaauuaaaaa" while removing a blinking golf ball from his nose better than the Governator.

Stiles on Oct 22, 2010

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