Comic-Con 2010: Our Live Blog from the Marvel Studios Panel

July 24, 2010

Marvel Studios

It's time. The final movie panel of Comic-Con 2010 is about to begin (after a delay due to an incident) and it's a big one - Marvel Studios. It's so huge, that in the Comic-Con guide they wouldn't even list who was showing up or what was going to be happening, we have no clue, but you can follow along as it's all revealed right here in our full live blog of the Marvel Studios panel. We're expecting footage from Kenneth Branagh's Thor and maybe Joe Johnston's Captain America, as well as some major announcements regarding The Avengers movie. We're sitting in Hall H anxiously waiting for the panel to begin. You can follow it below!

6:30PM - Silence in Hall H as the audience awaits. I've got some very high hopes for this, quite excited!

6:43PM - It's time to get this stared! Lights go down… Hero Complex's Geoff Boucher takes the stage to introduce the Marvel Studios panel. "Today that story is going to go to the next level."

6:45PM - Next summer we've got two movies coming out - Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Kevin Feige admits that his skepticism about these movies will probably be gone by the end of this panel.

6:46PM - Feige asks the audience if they like combining universes? Big cheers (of course)! They've got to be "assembled" properly.

6:48PM - Just saw a short teaser trailer for Captain America. Starts out with old World War II footage zooming out to the iconic shield. "Next summer meet the world's first Avenger." A close-up shot of his face then a quick shot of him throwing his shield towards the camera. Not much footage, but it looked awesome.

6:49PM - Director Joe Johnston takes the stage to start up a discussion about Cap. Favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark, talking about that as comparisons for an awesome period piece movie. They have one chance to tell the origin of Captain America and that's what they're going to do.

6:50PM - Chris Evans talks about just barely shooting some five days ago, but says it's great so far. Hugo Weaving talks about Red Skull. Talks about forming the voice from Werner Herzog because he's a German character.

6:52PM - Hopefully if we do our job right and the movie is good we'll have nothing to worry about, Evans says.

6:53PM - Johnston has looked at all the Captain America's, but he's a fan of the Ed Brubaker version of Cap. They're borrowing certain elements from the Brubaker version visually for Cap's suit. They're going slightly more modern than the original Captain America which was basically just a "pair of pajamas" with the stars and stripes on him, he jokes.

6:54PM - Evans hasn't shot any real footage in the actual suit yet, only test footage in it. Worked on creating a uniform that was unequivocally the Cap outfit but still representative of that time.

6:55PM - Johnston: "You have to like Cap as much before the transformation to Cap as much after," talking about how he must be a good character before getting the serum as well as after.

6:56PM - Weaving: Only shot one day in the mask. Says it's a "series of lightweight pieces" on his face and is just now getting into making that mask work. Says it "looks fantastic anyway."

6:57PM - Decided to bring some rough, unfinished footage even though they've only shot for a week. Why not? Haha Kevin Feige says it's all about the polished, but everyone wants to see it.

7:01PM - Saw a very rough scene of Weaving as Red Skull (before being the villain, just a regular Nazi) going into a tomb to get some weird device. Blue light shines in his face and he looks at something not meant for human eyes.

7:01PM - That's it for Cap, time to switch to Thor!

7:02PM - Kenneth Branagh takes the stage to start talking about Thor. He loved Thor growing up. "Loved the name, loved the treatment of it on the comics," loved his primitive brute strength, loved that he was in a dysfunctional family, and love that the story was epic. Wanted to evoke the fantastic visual and pictorial ONLY if they had a great story and great characters and great performances.

7:04PM - Introducing cast on stage: Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston, Kat Dennings, Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth.

7:05PM - Boucher asking Chris about what it was like using the hammer. "It was a lot about looking at the comics" to find posture and how he held it, and functionally how he would hit someone in the most effective way. They worked out a number of different versions.

7:06PM - Hemsworth says Hopkins brought the enthusiasm of someone shooting on set for the first time and his enthusiasm was infectious.

7:07PM - Portman: It was exciting to play Jane Foster, exciting to play a scientist on screen because we don't often see female scientists who aren't all about sex appeal, so to say.

7:09PM - Dennings: Jokes about how no one cares about her character. "Look, no woos whatsoever!"

7:10PM - Hiddleston: Biggest challenge playing Loki is that he's both the agent of chaos and a damaged younger bother. He's a great liar and it's fun to play with "is he lying or is he telling the truth."

7:11PM - Boucher calls Clark Gregg as SHIELD's Agent Coulson the "glue" of the Marvel Universe.

7:13PM - Branagh says maybe they should show us some of the movie first. It will be in 3D!

7:19PM - A lot of footage from Thor in an extended trailer video. Shows the full story, with Odin banishing Thor to Earth, meeting him, seeing his attempt to take the hammer out but unsuccessful at first. We get some action, fights on both Asgard and Earth. Last bit of footage shows the Destroyer landing on earth and kicking some ass in a very Day the Earth Stood Still kind of way (with a big fire beam coming out of head). Put away all your complaints about the costumes, because that was AWESOME.

7:20PM - Branagh: We have some Donald Blake surprises in this movie. "We wanted to put them in, but not in the usual way."

7:23PM - Portman: She will probably be in the Thor sequels, but will not be in The Avengers.

7:24PM - Question about Branagh doing Shakespeare films and how that plays into Thor. The kind of inspiration with the stories… Wow he speaks fast. "Inspire one to the other where they need to be" and stuff like that.

7:26PM - How Hemsworth got into character. Fill yourself with as much of "any kind of influence" as they could, reading lots of comics, soaking it all up, talking with the rest of the cast and Branagh. It's about being inundated with as much of that world as they could.

7:27PM - Feige says Frank Castle is back under the roof of Marvel Studios and they "hope to bring him into the fray very soon." So Punisher might be back again from Marvel Studios? Interesting.

7:28PM - Asking Portman about what draws her to roles like Thor and V for Vendetta. "Classic, epic themes," she says. They could make this as a small independent movie with the same themes. Also to have fans that are excited for the material. To be making something for people who are already passionate about the material before they even start.

7:31PM - Rolling the footage one more time, but letting the cast get down into the audience to see it properly (in 3D). But I don't think the panel is over yet… Stay tuned!

7:41PM - All the known Avengers take the stage, including Samuel Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. to introduce the new crew. Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

7:43PM - Avengers line-up confirmed: RDJ, Clark Gregg, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Samuel Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, and Joss Whedon directing. ALL of them are on stage! "I'm very nervous, I need your love and support," Whedon says. BRING IT ON.

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HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dac_fan on Jul 24, 2010


I heard about the stabbing at Comic Con that halted the event for a while. Unfortunate.

ModernAmericanMan on Jul 24, 2010


Are cameras not allowed at the Comic-con panels? It seems most places have live blogs and no footage. It'd be nice if they were simulcast on the internet like e3 is.

Yorick Brown on Jul 24, 2010


E3 video coverage would be fantastic for SDCC, but alas someone has not quite figured that out yet... or it's simply not allowed (which doesn't make much sense since it's a promotional venue). I can't wait for leaked footage for this panel and the green lantern panel to come out on youtube.

Chris H. on Jul 24, 2010


My brother got see the Thor preview for the con on Thursday. He says it kicks ass!! Hope he's right.

Carlos Spicy Weiner on Jul 24, 2010



wumbo on Jul 24, 2010


Wow. Seeing the Avengers lineup at comic con.... what a teaser for next year! Marvel really did a heck of a job. I can't wait for DC to catch up. I have high hopes for my favorite DC character, Green Lantern.

Chris H. on Jul 24, 2010


Bummer that Ed Norton was not up there. I guess its official then, Mark Ruffalo is Bruce Banner for the Avengers film. Would have liked to hear an uproar from attending fans, but they lose their backbone when inundated with stars and footage. I wonder if Ruffalo and Marvel knows fans are not happy w/ last-minute replacement to cast.

TheReelGuy on Jul 24, 2010


@#8, I'm still sorta bummed about it as well, but I'm just going to deal with it. Someone did yell "Edward Norton" into the microphone during the Q&A session, so it seems Marvel is still dealing with the situation. However, I'm sure when the Avengers cast came out with Ruffalo the thunderous roar of applause probably put that one fan's defiant act into perspective. A voice will always complain about the switch, but if enough voices are cheering for the overall product then that single voice won't matter.

Chris H. on Jul 24, 2010


Too true, #9. Glad to hear someone at least voiced the elephant in the room. I can't really imagine Ruffalo as Banner, he's always so laid back in movies and Banner needs a bit of nervousness. And Ruffalo looks more like Eric Bana than Ed Norton. Does this mean Ruffalo will be Banner in a third Hulk film and what does that do w/ the prior continuity (will The Leader still be the villian?). A lot of questions from this recasting. Marvel should have just played nice w/ Norton.

TheReelGuy on Jul 24, 2010


So what does this mean about Edgar Wright's Ant-Man/Giant-Man? Is that happening or not?

Stephen on Jul 24, 2010


I'm no Whedonite but the guy's got my full support!

[A] on Jul 24, 2010


I am eagerly waiting to see Thor next year.

Fisherr on Jul 25, 2010


Thanks for the recap! Now I have to find these sneak peeks...

Shannon on Jul 25, 2010


I can't find the trailer anywhere FUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

NeoSlyfer on Jul 26, 2010


Its very nice topic about comic-con 2010....Thats really great to hear...Its full of very professional and perfect informations .....Thanks for all... comic

sheenashirley on Jul 26, 2010

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