Comic-Con 2010: Impressive First Look at Universal's Skyline

July 23, 2010


Sure, the thousands of Comic-Con attendees are familiar with movies like Tron Legacy, Green Hornet and Marvel's Thor. We've even featured the alien invasion movie Battle: Los Angeles, which premiered its first trailer and footage yesterday, along with the start of a viral campaign. On the opposite end of the spectrum is another alien invasion fueled flick that we haven't heard or seen much about aside from a building-size ad outside the convention center. That movie is Skyline and filmmakers/visual effects wizards Greg and Colin Strause (of Alien vs Predator: Requiem) brought one hell of a first look with a trailer that gave me chills.

Skyline is without a doubt the film you haven't heard about, but will be looking forward to when it's released later this year. This sci-fi project hasn't received too much pomp and circumstance yet, but that might just be working in their favor, as the crowd was more than receptive to the events unfolding on screen. We've seen alien invasions, extraterrestrial technology and weapons rip apart our planet and even close encounters and abductions with visitors from outer space. But this feels like something different. It's easy to say that the film feels like a combination of Cloverfield, War of the Worlds and maybe even Independence Day, but with Skyline it feels like there's still a unique story here.

Actors Eric Balfour (Hell Ride) and Donald Faison ("Scrubs") are partying it up in a fancy high rise with some choice lovely ladies when some strange activity outside across the cityscape of Los Angeles catches their eye. Strange clouds are moving in when out of nowhere, blue streams of light shoot out of the sky, stirring up smoke and what seems to be debris. Then from the clouds, hordes of alien ships emerge and it's not until later you realize the debris in the air is actually hundreds, even thousands, of people being sucked towards the ships in a chaotic yet familiar abduction style. It's truly an amazing and spine tingling sight.

And so a small group of people find themsevles trapped inside of this high rise buildings as ships circle the city looking for human stragglers. Even more danger comes from the fact that people looking into the brght light emitted by these hovering alien ships does something to the on-lookers face and eyes, exposing veins and turning eyes electric blue. Outside various aliens are scouring the city in the sky and on the ground varying from small car sized creatures to giant Transformer sized aliens. If all of this sounds epic as if it could only be a studio tentpole, you'd be dead wrong.

The Strause Bros made this movie themselves with a crew of around 20 people and will complete it in the span of 11 months from concept to release, later this year. Amazingly, it looks as good as, and in some cases even better, than plenty of studio films with A-List casts. Greg and Colin own every inch of this movie and only relied on Universal and Relativity Media for distribution. Greg Strause said "risky ideas are the ones fans respond to the most," and they didn't want to have to answer to anybody but themselves with all of the decisions they have and will make. That could come back to bite them in the ass since no one can be blamed for any shortcomings but themselves, however, if the trailer is any indicator, this movie is going to bring it.

You may be thinking that Los Angeles is getting invaded by aliens a little too often, with a plethora of films from the past and the presence of both Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles here at the convention. I admit that I thought the same thing during parts of Skyline, but there's a world of difference between this and Battle: LA. First of all, I have confidence in the differences because both Colin and Greg are working on the special effects for Battle: LA, so will have a pretty good idea of how to make their film different. Second, something Eric Balfour said really interested me. He said the film deals with the alien invasion on a very human level where it's about survival and dealing with it the way we deal with any major natural disaster.

It's like the difference between military aggression and protecting our planet/people and just the instinct to survive. Keep an eye out for the trailer for Skyline, which should hopefully be arriving online sooner or later.

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sounds great, cant wait to see the trailer. 🙂

dove89 on Jul 23, 2010


im with #1

DaftPUNKFAN on Jul 23, 2010


Wow. Im impressed.

Aimee on Jul 23, 2010


Yeah. I need to see a trailer.

Eli on Jul 23, 2010


The clips they showed today(Friday) in hall H was very impressive. Can not wait until November.

Hamlet on Jul 24, 2010


Thank you for writing up this film! It sounded very impressive and I too was happy to hear that they did it all in house. I heard them say that the crew was 120 and not 20, but perhaps I heard wrong. Anyways, it looks very interesting and Hydraulx is definitely on my radar now!

Kevin Tostado on Jul 24, 2010


Looks huge. Hopefully we'll see a trailer soon.

Fisherr on Jul 24, 2010


i've been watching this one for a good while - and i've been impressed...........i'm planning on seeing it when it comes out.

beavis on Jul 24, 2010


trailer or bust.

Xerxex on Jul 24, 2010


The Strause Brothers are great filmmakers. AVP:R was far as the directing goes.

lamar on Jul 24, 2010


ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME #9????? ARE YOU? AVP:R may not have been their fault(Although most people agree that they didn't really know what they were doing)...but the directing was terrible. The movie moved at a bizarre pace, and overall the tone was all over the place only held together by the too plentiful callbacks to the franchises that made these creatures so awesome. AVP:R made AVP looks like Shakespeare...

LINKFX on Jul 24, 2010


but the FX were good. I will be waiting to check this out because I know at least the VFX will probably rock out. And I actually really like Eric Balfour and Donald Faison. Couldn't have picked two more likeable actors.

LINKFX on Jul 24, 2010


wait, wait, just hold on a one second! Donald Faison is in this?? OMG I'm now 1000% sold.

Xerxex on Jul 24, 2010


....... Cloverfield???

Daniel Sharp on Jul 25, 2010


#14 least i hope to god it isn't another cloverfield.

beavis on Jul 26, 2010


Agree w/ #12. IMO I dug Cloverfield's kinda strange originality, although I would like to see the characters somehow overcome the aliens this time around. To me that makes a great invasion flick. Just enough left over to pass the story along.

Solo Calrissian on Jul 26, 2010


All these alien movies are just Hollywood's response to D9. Try harder.

Mir on Jul 26, 2010


Has anyone ever played the game Crysis?

John R. Shick on Jul 27, 2010


In light of the upcoming release of 'Skyline', check out this video on the recent 'UFO' sighting in China.

Jazz on Jul 27, 2010


please dont make comparisons to Cloverfield, which was the worst stinking POS to come out so far this century....the picture alone is going to draw many to see this...already has a creepy feel to it...NO MORE F*&^ING CLOVERFIELDS PLEASE !!!!

blasphemer on Jul 27, 2010

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