Comic-Con 2010 Interview: Seth Rogen from The Green Hornet

July 24, 2010

Seth Rogen

I think it's becoming my biennial Comic-Con tradition to interview Seth Rogen at the Con. He's a big comic book fan which means he loves coming down here for the Con anyway, but it's always great to catch up with him. I first interviewed him in 2008 for Pineapple Express, which was a great experience, and now he's back again for The Green Hornet, which Sony featured at their panel last night. I caught up with Seth before the panel at a hotel and chatted with him about working on The Green Hornet, now that we've actually seen the trailer for it. It's a very quick 6-minute chat with Rogen that I think is worth checking out.

Watch my short new Comic-Con 2010 interview with actor/writer Seth Rogen from The Green Hornet:

After debuting an extended version of the trailer to kick-off The Green Hornet panel, Sony brought out the big guns to convince naysayers that the release date delay for post-production 3D conversion was worth it. Surprisingly, this is the best 3D conversion I've seen to date. I'm sure it helps that Rogen and Gondry had always intended to shoot in 3D, but simply couldn't convince the studio until after the fact. In this clip, a fight scene between Kato, Britt and some street thugs, the 3D is masterfully used with the trippy visuals. Even the action genre has something to learn from the visionary and often wacky mind of Michel Gondry.

Thanks to Sony for arranging this interview during Comic-Con. Stay tuned for more on The Green Hornet.

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I don't care what people say, but I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. The trailer looks cool, and I think Seth Rogen wil be able to pull this of. And come on guys the movie is being directed by Michel Gondry and stars Christoph Waltz too! Let them experiment and make this a fun, action packed, flick!

Yonix on Jul 24, 2010


I agree, who needs another "realistic and serious" superhero film?

bart on Jul 24, 2010


I really want this movie to come out and kick nay-sayers in the balls. I loved the trailer, too. I love the Gondry and I like what Rogen has in mind for the movie (and that he took such a chance, don't see many actors who reach his level take these sort of calculated risks). I'm excited for it. And, I hate all the negative Nancys who populate the talk back holes on my favorite film sites.

Rusty Stardust on Jul 24, 2010


Good show #1,2, and 3. There's an absolute obsession with dark, serious hero films. It isn't appropriate for every hero and I believe most people would be bored with a serious GH film.

ModernAmericanMan on Jul 24, 2010


Good luck, very interested to see the end result and pray he pulls it off!

McWilly on Jul 24, 2010


Its not that its not dark or serious that I'm not convinced. I wasn't a naysayer until I saw the trailer. It just seemed second rate is all.

Al on Jul 24, 2010


#6 I actually wouldn't disagree with that either. It didn't seem first rate. I don't really think that's a reflection of the script so much as the budget, or the way the budget is used (which is what I believe in most movie cases), but we'll see. It's not like I'm all excited about it myself.

ModernAmericanMan on Jul 24, 2010


I agree about the whole dark and serious issue. It ISN'T needed for every superhero. For Batman, it was okay, because that's the way he is. Even his gadgets have stayed somewhat realistic even in the comics, just a bit ahead of us in tech. Green Hornet, however, never really had anything fancy except the car. So I like the fact that they're keeping with that and making it fun to be a superhero again. I also agree with ModernAmericanMan. The first trailers didn't seem all that first rate, but I also agree that it's more of a reflection on budget than writing. I personally can't wait. But I'm not gonna see the 3D version. I'm not a fan of 3D.

Gaijin on Jul 24, 2010


Great interview Alex. I noticed a cameo in the video by none other than the gorgeous Eva Mendes... niiiice!

Haz on Jul 24, 2010


All I can say is "NAY" Ive got Balls of steel. Besides with rogans "Limp" acting it wont be much of a swing

Jimmy Love on Jul 24, 2010


I just want to chime in and say that this is a very highly anticipated film for me as well. I'm glad people are coming around as Seth mentioned in the comic. I also liked how he described the decision to convert to 3D and how it was about the numbers and complexity involved. I think we have to stop blaming the film makers for a crappy 3D conversion when it's ultimately the studio's decision.

peloquin on Jul 24, 2010


They have made Green Hornet a bafoon. If they want to make a fun silly movie, make Captain Caveman. Not Green Hornet. I can't believe they have GH shooting himself in the face with his own gas gun. How moronic.

Jamie on Jul 26, 2010


Good for you Jamie.....I just cringe when the Hack Rogen and the Green Hornet are mentioned in the same sentence. Huge pass for this epic fail.

Clover on Jul 26, 2010


@#2. I cannot fathom you actually called Seth Rogen an "actor." And maybe the negative Nancy comments are from actual fans of GH and fans of real acting and cinema. Seriously such a horrible mistake and all the 14 year olds in the world cannot make up for Sony's bad judgement. I just wonder when Observe and Report II will be shot. Oh yea, it has with this Hornet treatment.

film fan II on Jul 26, 2010


When I was 6 years old, I had a GH sweatshirt. My mom had to wait until I was asleep to get it off me in order to wash it. I love Green Hornet. And I for one will not spend money to watch him destroyed. I'll wait for GH to come on free TV. Ooo, maybe Sony will not release it to free TV. Boy they'll show me huh?

Jamie on Jul 26, 2010


6 minute chat.LMFAO! Rogen I am sure had a difficult time stringing verbage as a collective knowing all the while that this is blasphemy. Umm hello? The 3-d treatment is the only way Sony can re-coop any money from this streaming pile of S***. After the execs saw the final cut they were beyond pissed and moved it to January where most films go to die a quick death. This is common knowledge for most film fans and soon we will be free of this embarressment. Long live the orginal Black Beauty !

Nut-Meg on Jul 27, 2010

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