Comic-Con 2010: Quick Review of Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim!

July 28, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I got to watch Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at Comic-Con last week and I've been kicking myself about not writing anything about it since. I saw at a special secret premiere on Thursday night, which I followed with Flynn's Arcade's re-opening, then lots of glorious sleep because I was already exhausted and immediately crashed after I returned to my hotel. But if my tweet was any indication ("Scott Pilgrim vs the World was AMAZING! Wow just wow. Edgar Wright's BEST movie. Totally loved it!") I absolutely adored it, easily one of my favorites of the year, a kick ass, visually energetic, totally awesome comic book adaptation.

First off, I've got to hand it to Universal at Comic-Con this year, as they pulled off some fantastic marketing for Scott Pilgrim at Comic-Con, with this (and other) surprise screenings and lots more. It's now coming out of the Con with a lot of buzz, which it certainly deserves as it's a great movie. But I fear it's generational, as in if you're not the kind of person who grew up loving video games, comic books and geeking out like Scott does in Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novels, you're probably not going to like this too much. That includes not enjoying Edgar Wright's very fast paced, energetic, visually striking style that works perfectly in the film.

The best part about Scott Pilgrim (for me at least) is that it's exactly like the comics, complete with the little identification black boxes, video game and comic references galore, and no explanations for anything. That's not a bad thing either, there is no explanation for Ramona's weird "subspace" scenes in the books, so why do we need one in the movie? Nor is there an explanation for how Scott knows all that martial arts and can kick anyone's ass with any kind of video game weapon or otherwise. But who cares, right? This is about watching Scott defeat Ramona's seven evil ex-boyfriends at any cost. And also collect the coins that they leave behind.

While some older critics may disagree, I loved nearly every second of Scott Pilgrim, from start to finish. The fight scenes are incredible, some of the best video game/comic book/music mash-ups I've ever seen on the big screen. I think Wright has defined a new visual style that we'll soon see other lesser movies ripping off in the future. It gets a little slow during the downtimes, like it needed a bit more magic with the romance, but I still found myself geeking out in my own seat watching each and every fight. The music in it is fantastic, too, and if you weren't already planning on picking up the soundtrack, you'll certainly want it after seeing this.

I can really only speak for myself and what I thought of Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim adaptation and I truly did love it, as I expected I would. If you're also of this generation and love comic books, video games, and great music as much as I do, make it your mission to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at any cost, you won't be let down. It kicks ass; in fact, it's a total knock out, unquestionably one of my favorite movies of 2010.

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Can't wait to see it!

CLAW on Jul 28, 2010


I haven't really been interested in it the past few months, despite Edgar Wright's direction, yet for some reason this past week I've been thinking of catching it. Weird.

Al on Jul 28, 2010


good review. Better than that douche from Rotten tomatoes who can't even spell RAMONA's name correctly. FAIL. :]

f on Jul 28, 2010


Just finished reading Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour (the last Vol in the series); totally loved it. I get what your saying about the random things like Subspace and Scott's fighting know-how but O thought of it as really funny and it plays great with the "world" O'Malley creates. Total blast. If the movie pays as much homage to the series as you say it does, I'm going to be one very happy comic book/video game/music geek.

Scared S-less!!! on Jul 28, 2010


i saw this movie at a preview screening a few months ago in burbank california. loved it then and i'm sure i'll love it when i see the finished product 😀

sNufFy SMASH on Jul 28, 2010


Well, I get what your saying about the random things like Subspace and Scott's fighting know-how but O thought of it as really funny and it plays great with the "world" O'Malley creates.

Susan on Jul 29, 2010


I also attended the screening at Comic Con and it was very impressive. I went in not thinking it would be such a good movie. But Edgar did an masterful job!

dee on Jul 29, 2010


I have the strange feeling that this movie is gonna be slept on heavily, as in hardly anyone's gonna see it. It looks like another Speed Racer.

graffiti bandit on Jul 29, 2010


"It looks like another Speed Racer" Considering the massive buzz its been getting from the geek world, that probably won't be the case.

SkaOreo on Jul 29, 2010


@9: I said looks like, not will perform at the boxoffice like. Simple reading comprehension.

graffiti bandit on Jul 29, 2010


Also, Watchmen had a lot of buzz from the "geek world" but it still underperformed. Plus, Michael Cera is, well...

graffiti bandit on Jul 29, 2010


@3 We all know that RottenTomatoes are a bunch of imbaciles >.< Bloody hate that site. At least here the writers (Alex, you rock) write things that make sense (most of the time) and know what theyre doing.

Nitrium on Jul 29, 2010


Frak, just noticed that that coment made me look like a bleedin'heart fanboiii, blergh

Nitrium on Jul 29, 2010


@12: Please, tell me you're joking...

Red Eye on Jul 29, 2010


Recently caught a screening of this and was blown away. Absolutely loved it.

zzz on Jul 29, 2010


Well I am not a gamer and I am WELL beyond the target audience but I am dying to see this movie. I think being open to things such as this keeps me young at heart! I wasn't planning to read the graphic novels but once I saw the first trailers I was hooked and have now finished all 6 volumes although I feel you need not have read them before seeing the movie but you just might after seeing it the first time. I find the coming of age story delightful and from what I've seen so far Edgar Wright has created something very special and worth a mainstream audience.

Vgerland on Jul 29, 2010


I just caught an early screening of the movie last night thanks to a buddy's screening ticket from Baskin Robins. I was wondering what that long line into the Hilton was at Comic Con! Later I found out it was a secret screening of the movie! Gosh darnit! But though I didn't see it at Comic Con, I was lucky enough to see it last night and damn, it was awesome! I didn't know too much about the comic series except the title and the soon to be released video game. But from the hype and buzz around the net, I knew I was going to see this movie when released. It's up my alley as a comic book geek and video game aficionado. The story was fast-paced and energetic the entire time! Though my fiance was put off on the randomness of it, I think it made it more appealing and fun to watch! I'm usually one to read the graphic novels before watching the movie adaptations, but so far, movies like this, Watchmen, and Kick-Ass are making the comic genre proud. Definitely going to grab my own copes of Bryan Lee O'Malley's epic series as well as the soundtrack!

Jeremy on Jul 29, 2010


This movie is only made for nerds. Edgar Wright you are going to start making junk like this after Hot Fuzz? Come on. The only people that will see this are people without relationships and still sit in the dark with the one desk light on reading the comic books. Michael Cera has worn out his welcome. He can take his tired act out of acting all together.

Nerds on Jul 29, 2010


Well if being a nerd means you wanna see this. Sign me up for the nerd club! I'm in.

McWilly on Aug 1, 2010

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