Comic Creator Rob Liefeld Wants Fox to Stop Sitting on 'Deadpool'

December 8, 2010
Source: MTV


While the actor was busy getting involved with films like R.I.P.D. and Safe House, it was Warner Bros. rapid planning of a Green Lantern sequel (over a year before the first film sees release) that prompted Deadpool comic creator Rob Liefeld to second guess Ryan Reynolds' involvement with the anticipated adaptation of Marvel's Merc with a Mouth. On Twitter he surmised that Warner Bros is moving quick to keep Reynolds too busy to shoot Deadpool. But Reynolds himself came out to confirm his dedication to the property and quash any fears. But now Liefeld is back in an interview with MTV where he lays into Fox for twiddling their thumbs.

After the incident where Reynolds  and even his agents and managers were forced to reaffirm his commitment to Deadpool, Liefeld decided to be quiet, but apparently he's done playing nice. The comic veteran says, "Here's the deal: After that last experience, I was a good boy for six weeks. I sat on my hands and I shut up. I waited… and nothing. So now it's like, 'what the hell is going on here?'" But that's just the beginning of the end of his patience. Liefeld elaborated even more:

"With the "Deadpool" film, it really boils down to to this: all the ingredients are there. What's the wait? I watch everything just like [MTV does]. You cover this business, and so do I as an interested party and a fan and somebody who has other films going. You look at development slates and what's going forward. You know how many people would kill to have Ryan Reynolds star in their movie?

Here we are, and Fox has him — he's already the bright spot of their last 'X-Men' movie, and he's established. Technically, it's an 'X-Men"' spinoff, and the 'X-Men' family are very successful films. So you've got Ryan Reynolds, who is the biggest star in the world as we speak, and that's not on the basis of some Sexiest Man in the World cover story, it's on the basis of what we've seen of him in 'The Proposal' and the 10 minutes we saw in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' and everyone knows his star is ascending. I tell everybody he's the next Will Smith. Everyone's tripping over themselves trying to get him in their movies, and Fox has him! He's already vetted as Deadpool, and there's even a script!"

I'm not sure if I'd call Reynolds appearance as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine a "bright spot" considering they literally butchered the character and threw him into a mediocre comic adaptation. However, it does seem like a no-brainer to move forward with a Marvel comic book adaptation featuring an A-List star like Ryan Reynolds. But Liefeld isn't done yet. He goes on to rave about the finished script (written by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick) which I've also heard is quite good from those who have read it:

"You know what they say about 'if it's not on the page, it's not on the screen'? Well, it's all there on the page. That script is brilliant. It doesn't need any adjusting, it doesn't need any vetting, it's just brilliant. It's like nothing else that's out there. Anyone who's read it knows that this is the comics film we've been waiting for. It has all the action, the violence, and the unexpected original set pieces that you haven't seen but want to see. It has character, it has heart, and it's laugh-out-loud funny. So you can't help asking, what's the holdup here? Is "Deadpool" not on the priority list? I really do not think they understand what they have here."

To get the co-creator of the comic property itself to give such high praise to the script is good news, so once again, the hold-up with Deadpool is really quite perplexing. Of course, it's likely the risk of a barely established Marvel character that mainstream audiences still aren't familiar with, even after X-Men: Origins: Wolverine. After all, the character wasn't even referred to as Deadpool in the film and only appears for about 15 minutes or so. For his response to skepticism of the reception from movie-goers, head over to MTV for the rest of the interview. For my money, we can't get Deadpool in theaters soon enough, but it's gonna be awhile. What do you think of all this?

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Im guessing Liefeld owns the rights? Otherwise, why would we care about his opinion. He put boobs on dudes. on Dec 8, 2010


Reynolds is becoming very over exposed... I liked him as Deadpool, but now that he's the Green Lantern it's kind of confusing... I say move on with another actor.

Eric. B on Dec 8, 2010


yeah id be happier if they used another actor, dnt like the thot of him being in 2 comic book adaptions, alreadly shit what there doing with captain america/ johnny blaze and less importantly Jon Favreau in daredevil and iron man

dave on Dec 8, 2010


i mean theres 100s of extreemly talented actors out there fit for the roles, they behave like theres 10

dave on Dec 8, 2010


yeah lets just move on with another actor..paul walker?i think he would make a great deadpool

Spider94 on Dec 8, 2010


Ha! Paul Walker? That guy couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag. What Fox needs is a comedian/comedic actor, who's willing to invest in 6mos to a year of physical training to fit into the Deadpool costume. No need for a pretty face actor ala Reynolds, DP is disfigured and wears a full body costume. Just hire a gut busting funny comedian with marquee potential and get on with it. Paul Walker? Spider94 your either a chick, 15yrs old or been watching too many Fast&furious movies. Walker has zero charisma, zero acting ability I've yet seen him do comedy (Aside from his unintentional bad acting) FOX should go with guys like Rob Corddry, Joel McHale, Rob Huebel, Nick Kroll of if they really need a "Name" Dane Cook (At least he's marginally funny and fit) Ultimately I'd be concerned with the choice of director, that will make or break this film and keeping Tom Rothman at bay is a must. My 2 cents

PimpSlapStick on Dec 8, 2010


not bad i agree with #5

A5J4DX on Dec 8, 2010


i say wait , this way they can have even more time to tweak the script also, and x-men origins wolverine wasn't all that bad , it wasn't oscar material but i watched it a few times. Zero got nice and Liv Shrieber was perfect for sabretooth. the only cheesey part for me was WillIam.

ChrisC5g on Dec 8, 2010


I feel like all of his ramblings may hurt the film. I agree with him 100% that it should be greenlit as soon as possible. But I feel like making a big fuss out of it over the news might hurt the film. On the other hand maybe it will help give it more exposure and get it greenlit faster? Who knows. All I know is Reynolds is perfect for it. The script, from what I've heard, sounds great. This should be made. Iron Man wasn't a popular character, yet a great movie propelled him into a household name.

Dan W on Dec 8, 2010


I thought X-men orgins Wolverine was great too. But most people hated it. I think they should make Deadpool before the next Wolverine film and use Deadpool as a lead into the next Wolverine flick.

Shaun on Dec 8, 2010


Fox sucks. The leaders at Fox are right wing morons. They wouldn't know what's 'hot' on their plate if it caught fire and burned off their panties.

yellow bellied sap sucker on Dec 8, 2010


"Of course, it's likely the risk of a barely established Marvel character that mainstream audiences still aren't familiar with, even after X-Men: Origins: Wolverine." I see your point. However, most people didn't know who Blade was. I doubt most realize that he's even a Marvel character! Yet it was HUGE at the box office and made a killing in DVD sales. Between Deadpool fans, Ryan Reynolds fans, and Zombieland writers penning the script, it should be out of the park successful. I do agree that Dane Cook's physical comedy could make him a good DP.

Creepy2poles on Dec 8, 2010


this movie should get made. but liefeld is and always has been a tool. just like jim lee is a co-creator of gambit, or macfarlane a co-creator of venom, he's a co-creator of deadpool. he came up with the charactor design and (maybe) the name...and thats about it

GerggTown on Dec 8, 2010


I'm gonna have to agree with PimpSlapStick, they should hire someone who has great comedic timing and yet can still maintain a badass air about him. Joel McHale would do an awesome job, who surely handsome and fit enough to don the costume.

Brad on Dec 8, 2010


I think Jason Lee would be great!

TS on Dec 8, 2010


i agree with @11

KING on Dec 8, 2010


GET THIS THING OFF THE GROUND!!!!!!!! and with #12, i noticed though that Deadpool has been getting high feature in video games and short cameos in other movies and TV shows, so they may be waiting for other audiences to notice him and hit wit before getting the project geared up

Jericho on Dec 8, 2010


I could see Jason Lee as Deadpool TS. My ultimate choice aside from Ryan Reynolds would be Rob Corddry (Hot Tub TimeMachine/Children's Hospital) He has the manic energy, insanity, jerk wadness of Wade Wilson and he's kinda of a alpha male type I have know doubt he can be intimidating when called for as DP. (Joel McHale would work also) Either way as long as they cast someone who's funny and not someone who belongs on the WB Network (I.E. Paul Walker) FOX should be fine. You can hire a fitness training to get a comedian into shape, you can't hire a "Comedy Trainer" to make a unfunny actor, quick witted.

PimpSlapStick on Dec 8, 2010


who said dwayne johnson?!

dave on Dec 8, 2010


nope stick with Ryan Reynolds. I'll wait.

silver on Dec 8, 2010


Fox is playing it smart for now. They are waiting for audiences to confirm what I'm already suspecting, and that is that Green Lantern looks like it's gonna be a terrible movie. Deadpool will be Reynolds turn-around comic hero movie after GL fails to impress, and "the nerdery" revolts. Deadpool sounds like it will be worth waiting for.

Lettern13 on Dec 9, 2010


I wouldn't mind Jensen Ackles being Deadpool, Although I liked him for Captain American, and the Flash. He's just an all around great acting and he doesn't get noticed cause no one will give him a chance. I've been watching him for years in Supernatural and he's fantastic. He's not overrated and he is a superb actor and I can say that cause he backs it up on screen. Unfortunately he's to caught up in Supernatural filming that he doesn't really have the time to do anything else which blows but I don't mind Supernatural at all. I'm just don't like the fact that they have to get the same actor to play two different superhero's from two different comic franchises. It's ridiculous, I know there's alot more talent in hollywood than just Reynolds. He makes a better Green Lantern anyway. Move on with Someone else fox, pull your heads outta your asse's and move on!!!!! Shit if the Zombieland writers wrote the script then get WOODY HARRELSON!!!!!!

Rooney on Dec 9, 2010


Liefeld is a moron and anything he says must be taken with a huge grain of salt. The guy is 90% marketing 9% lucky and 1% creativity, and that's being really generous. He can't write and can't draw. I would not take his word on how 'great' a script is because the guy wouldn't know what good writing was if it jumped up and bit him in the face. Frankly, if he actually likes the script that much, then something must be seriously wrong with it. All Liefeld wants at this point are the kickbacks from having his creation on the big screen.

Squiggly_P on Dec 9, 2010


Yeah, I think it's weird that he is playing 2 comic book characters! It kind of adds a layer of implausibility for me. It would be nice if they found another actor that could do the role well, BUT I can live with it either way.

Susana on Dec 11, 2010


Just because Liefeld created the character doesn't mean he knows where the character has gone... he's a TERRIBLE writer and one of the worst comic book artists ever.

Kent Lundblad on Dec 13, 2010

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