Confirmed: Bubo the Mechanical Owl is in Clash of the Titans

February 11, 2010
Source: Film School Rejects


Okay, I know, I know, that headline is a bit much, but I'm a huge Clash of the Titans fan. And from the very start, the first thing I was wondering about the remake was whether Bubo the Owl was going to be in it. Laugh all you want, but that owl kicks some ass in the original 1981 movie (not really, but he is pretty damn cool). Anyway, Film School Rejects just caught up with some of the writers of the remake - Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi - and asked them, straight up, if Bubo was in it. Yes, Bubo is in it, he supposedly gets a "loving cameo." Although, it's only one scene, and it could supposedly end up on the cutting room floor.

Wait, one scene? I'm sure Bubo gets a good cameo, but isn't the owl an integral part of the story? From Wikipedia: "She orders Hephaestus to build a mechanical replica of Bubo as an aid for Perseus. Bubo leads Perseus to the Stygian Witches…" So how did he get to the witches in this one if there is no owl to guide his way? Whatever, I'm getting way too invested in this, let's just continue on. FSR says the scene with Bubo "has been back and forth – in the print, on the floor, back in the reel" but for now, according to the writers, it's in the movie. But, of course, it's director Louis Leterrier and Warner Brothers that have the final cut.

I doubt there's anyone else who is as excited about this as I am, but damnit I had to write about it, even if it was just for fun. I guess we'll find out on April 2nd whether Bubo makes the cut, but I'll be looking for him.

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Xerxex on Feb 11, 2010



safichan on Feb 11, 2010


And why would'nt be? Just dumb if they cut him out of it.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Feb 11, 2010


Well thats a relief.

tir na nog on Feb 11, 2010


Great news

bryan r on Feb 11, 2010


So Bubo the Mechanical Owl is getting eveyone a little wet between the legs huh? Alllllriiiiggghhhttttyyy then!

Sanka on Feb 11, 2010


Oh please let there be mechanical owl pellets too... ooooooh! OOOOOOH.

dRailer on Feb 11, 2010


oh, thank GOD, now this movie definitely has my $16....

Voice of Reason on Feb 11, 2010


interesting articel good information

Patrick Schwarz on Feb 11, 2010


Alex, you're not the only one who was wondering about this. I thought Bubo was one of the more memorable creatures to come out of the original film. Hope he gets the cut and also get more screen time. Best news I heard so far all year!!! Come on who wouldn't love a cute metallic flying owl? 🙂

The One on Feb 11, 2010


Im too a fan of the original film and was wondering about the mechanical owl... wich for me had a weird and fascinating look the first time I saw it... So no, your not the only one excited for this 😉

Dreckent on Feb 11, 2010


I find it a little sad that they keep diverting so much from the original. Bubo was a big part of the original. Not only is he/it a guide but he/it also goes up against the Kraken in the end to distract it. arg. oh well.

vold on Feb 11, 2010


It would be nice to see Bubo in the new Clash of the Titans as a sort of Omarg to Ray harryhousen and is work in the original bring Bubo to life.

Cineprog on Feb 11, 2010


If you read the wikipedia article for both the original and the remake they're completely different stories... I dont know why they would remake the film if they're not going to follow the same plot, CRAZY I SAY.

Dan on Feb 11, 2010


hey... sometimes u gotta keep it real. Frankly it's what I remember most about the original as a kid

jomba joose on Feb 11, 2010


Just by the seeing the style of the trailers it is obvious that a cheesy mechanical owl would not be suitable to this adaption and the directors vision.

Scott McHenry on Feb 11, 2010


I am so happy now.

notes on Feb 11, 2010


I`m completely agreed with you, Alex

Spiderjerusalem on Feb 11, 2010


Screw that owl... It was obviously some retarded shit thrown in at the last minute because "Hey, everyone loved R2-D2 right!" It was stupid then, and will be stupid now.

9mm on Feb 11, 2010


Yeah I'm gonna have to agree with 9mm @ # 19. The owl was pretty stupid and if they put it in a movie today and made it an integral part of the story it would just seem like a joke. Remakes should stay true to the originals but they don't need to be exactly like them. If they made the remake exactly like the first movie there would be no point in having the remake to begin with. The point of the owl was to get Perseus from point A to point B. There's definitely another way to do that without involving a robotic owl that feels out of place in the setting. By the way whoever said that it was the mechanical Bubo that is getting the cameo. Maybe they just show the real Bubo owl on the shoulder of Athena for a few scenes. That would make more sense.

Alex T. on Feb 11, 2010


No, Bubo, no go to theater. Perseus with a buzz cut already ruins the look of the movie. If there is no Bubo, I'll wait to rent this. I grew up loving this movie, and I hope they don't screw it up, although I know the original is pretty cheesy by today's standards.

Mark on Feb 11, 2010


Is it just me or did anyone else think that medusas blood looked like that filling in those old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pies. WHO'S WITH ME?

Miles Hansen on Feb 11, 2010


didn't Gemma's character replace Bubo?

Christopher M. on Feb 11, 2010


Listen to the way all you nerds are getting on so serious about a mechanical owl name Bubo LOL Look into the mirror you retards because you will no doubt see the word LOSER stamped across your foreheads LOL

Sam Shadey on Feb 11, 2010


SHIT!!!!!!! I WAS REALLY WORRIED ABOUT THIS.... for a moment I even touhgt all the hope was lost, but no!!!! BUBO IS BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Godius333 on Feb 11, 2010


@ Sam Shadey Yes, you're right, I do see Loser stamped across my forehead... but your stamp says BITCH. I hope the Gods send Bubo flying down and polk out your BITCH eyes out, then you'll become a Blind Bitch....

The One on Feb 11, 2010


Haha, Bubo the Mechanical Owl was also something I was wondering about when I first heard about the remake. So this is great news 🙂

Darren Albert on Feb 12, 2010


@ sam shadey, alex t. and 9mm you were all either born in the 90s or don't understand how the mechanical owl was the single best creation in the entire original movie from back in the day. Bubo grandfathered your style

gstatty on Mar 4, 2010


The people here bashing poor lil Bubo, should maybe go read the ACTUAL book! He was a HUGE part of the story......! And I actually went looking online to see if he was going to be in the Bubo....I will maybe rent it later. I hate when they screw up a good story! ANd wasn't how did Pegasus get black? 😉

Bubo Fan on Mar 6, 2010


Hopefully Bubo is *not* in this: the whole point of this remake is to be better than the original. One of the film's many flaws is Bubo. Bubo is a creation of the original film *not* Classical Mythology!

Steve the Dude on Mar 9, 2010


I was really hoping that Bubo would be in the movie. If he is really in only one scene I will not watch it. Bubo certainly was ahead of his time and is intergral part. What a sham if he is not in it.

zach on Mar 15, 2010


No Bubo, No $ $ $ .

Cam on Apr 1, 2010


Bubo IS IN THE MOVIE!!!! But only for about 2 seconds.... you have to see!!! also join this facebook page when you see it!/pages/Is-it-just-me-or-does-Sheikh-from-Clash-of-the-Titans-look-like-Megatron/113713708644171?ref=ts

STEVE-O on Apr 1, 2010


Yes he is IN the movie. I only watched the original once 10 years ago, and I knew that owl looked familiar. Thanks to this post, I found out his name was Bubo!

Vladimir Caluya on Apr 5, 2010


BUBO ROX!!! I am so glad they gave him a cameo in the new one..the new one blows compared to the orginal..but I waS REALLY wondering if they were going to put him in there...poor little guy..they decided to leave him behind for the adventure...he deserves better!!

Shuree on Apr 6, 2010


Thank you for telling us Alex! That character was my favorite part too! The story was fine and all, but I could see similar wonders in Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts and his Sinbad movie. Bubo is only in his Clash and now, here. I hope he's as comical, though, in this one. I'm more inclined to watch it now, but in 2D. I read the upconvert job was weak and so I could save some cash.

Phil on Apr 13, 2010


I too am a fan and have just finished watching the 2010 remake, and am now truelt gutted that Bubo wasn't used more. He did play a big part in the original and i think this has taken something away from the new film. (perhaps it was too difficult to create scenes with him that look good enough???), but whatever the reasons, i think it was a mistake to leave it out!

Stephanie Bovis on Aug 9, 2010


I'm sure they could find a less gay way to get persious there.

steev on Oct 9, 2010


I was totally bummed when I didin't see the owl anymore after his 3 seconds on screen. It was still a good move, but boooooo for not giving Bubo a more significant role.

Brandon on Oct 26, 2010


It was down right insulting to poor Boobo! Treated him like he was just an old prop!! Disrespectful to our little Boobo! We are with you on this, lots of fans!! Give us back Boobo damn it!!

Elissabra on Mar 16, 2012

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