Confirmed: Scorsese Shooting 'Invention of Hugo Cabret' in 3D

April 13, 2010

Martin Scorsese / Hugo Cabret Book

Not too long ago, Martin Scorsese somewhat dangerously proclaimed his love for the potential of 3D by saying, in so many words, that a movie like Precious should be seen in 3D. While I think this is a bit of an overzealous claim for a technology that is still being mastered by some of the best filmmakers, it certainly has promise as long as we all heed Uncle Ben's words: "With great power comes great responsibility." Now Scorsese will put his money where his mouth is as Variety confirms that he will shoot his adaptation of The Invention of Hugo Cabret in 3D. For those 3D haters, it could be worse - he could have converted to 3D.

Based on the children's book of the same name, the story will take Scorsese and his cast back to 1930's Paris, France, where the story centers on a 12-year-old orphan named Hugo who lives in a train station and is still dedicated to his late father's ambition to solve the mystery of a broken robot. Sacha Baron Cohen and Ben Kinglsey have already been cast in the film as the station inspector and the famous real-life silent filmmaker, George Melies, who plays a pivotal role in the story. No doubt, plenty of people are interested in seeing how a director like Scorsese, who is no stranger to violence and darkness, will tackle family friendly fare (in 3D). I suppose we'll find out when this hits theaters in December of 2011. Is anyone upset by this decision?

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Didnt think Marty would half-ass the 3D.

People's Champ on Apr 14, 2010


This will be very interesting. A genius like Scorsese using 3D can show us another level of what 3D can be used right, I seriously doubt Scorsese will fail using 3D to it`s fullest. This could change the minds of those who doubt 3D.

Loser on Apr 14, 2010


I like 3D, just not for every single movie but it looks like it is the way of the future 🙁

Dad on Apr 14, 2010


I still like 3D, and I think it's because I didn't see Alice in Wonderland or Clash of The Titans. They looked terrible with or without the false depth.

prestron on Apr 14, 2010


I'm fine with this. Scorsese is smart enough to know how to do this the right way (i.e. film it in 3D from the start). I wonder who he will get to be DP on this, since Balhaus has retired.

Corran Horn on Apr 14, 2010


I think Scorsese should go back to what he is good at and that Gangster type films, Shutter Island for me wasn't that intresting and the twist was disapointing for me. Everyone it jumping on the band wagon for 3D it crap, the conversion is even worse. I saw Clash of the Titans the other week and was pissed off with it. it was Rubbish.

Cineprog on Apr 14, 2010


Yeah, fuck 3-D, this will be the one Scorsese film I'll probably never see, every director makes a mistake eventually in their career and this is his, so pass on 'Invention of Hugo Cabret.'

Xerxex on Apr 14, 2010


The end of a hero is always met with tears. You were a humble man, a smart man, a man truly in love with the art of cinema. RIP Scorsese, you will be missed. 🙁

Al on Apr 14, 2010


cry babies without vision watch a master at work before you start crying

Loser on Apr 14, 2010


For the record, because producers pick and choose which images jump out, and thus far we have never seen even one frame where every image is proportionately displayed in the third dimension, 3D actually destroys the illusion of reality, rather than crafts it. Theres also a matter of producers rack focusing to save $$$ on rendering, and the fact that 3D, unlike reality, stays the same size, the closer it gets, rather than appearing bigger like in real life. So, if Marty were to make a film in 3D, im still hoping this is the worst nightmare of my life, he'd better fix all those problems before I can be please. Its all far to distracting as is. Oh yeah....and its blurry as fuck.

Al on Apr 14, 2010


yeah! scorsese is the man! can;t wait to see his next film. Shutter Island was visually great!

sb on Apr 14, 2010


I love Scorses but I hate 3d. we'll see how this goes.

Colt on Apr 14, 2010


This is fine by me. It's being shot in 3D and the story seems fit for it. And who better to provide a something new to the format than the great Martin Scorsese?

SlashBeast on Apr 17, 2010


#1 - People's Champ Why would he half-ass it?

Governor on Apr 18, 2010


DiCaprio, truth to tell, has less depth than a bird bath ---AND Scorsese's been creatively bankrupt since before the turn of the century. -It's 2010! ---Hollywood's been sold-out, sucking up and catering to history's --MOST-- awesomely genocidal regime ---for decades! NOW the entire US economy is being underwritten by the same. Marty cluelessly lurches from one over-wrought, uninspired retread to another. MEANWHILE Hollywood once again manages to 'mysteriously overlooked' 60th Anniversary of the staggeringly relevant, indeed, STILL unfolding ---KOREN WAR ---even as people continue to suffer and die ---BY--THE ---MILLION... $$$trange --don't you think?

eber hart on Apr 26, 2010


^ Shut the fuck up.

SlashBeast on Apr 29, 2010


#6 - Cineprog Oh, yes, let's have Scorsese make MORE gangster films because he's not allowed to do anything else. More gnagster films like his classics Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, oh, wait... Fuck you you philistine.

SlashBeast on May 10, 2010


Even Scorsese's early primitive work was visceral. He has always tried to grab his audience and I don't think he will do less here. I haven't DISLIKED 3D but haven't been impressed with it. Avatar's 3D could have been awesome but it was mediocre at best. I think someone like Scorsese  won't settle for mediocre. While I don't expect miracles I do expect him to push the envelope and that in and of itself will be an achievement.

Sylent1 on Dec 5, 2011

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