Confirmed: Spider-Man 4 on Hold, Sam Raimi 'Hates' the Script

January 5, 2010
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Spider-Man Choice

This sounds bad. We wrote a few stories at the end of last year about Spider-Man 4 being put on hold because Sony and Sam Raimi were fighting about the script for the fourth movie. Sony wants another record-breaking blockbuster while Raimi wants to get "back to basics" and make a movie that everyone actually enjoys this time. Well, Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood has now confirmed that Spider-Man 4 is indeed on hold and it may not even make its May 2011 release date. "We will be extending the production hiatus on the film. The studio is firmly committed to this franchise but, for us, the script must come first."

If you thought thinks were bad last year, apparently they've only gotten much worse. Drew McWeeny of HitFix says: "Since that first story ran, I've been hearing some really terrible things about what's going on between Sam Raimi, the studio, and the writers, and I've been starting to wonder if there's any chance they can reach an agreement that will make all involved parties happy." I'm starting to worry about that as well. Will Raimi and Sony be able to work things out? I'm surprised that they're even fighting with Raimi, especially if they paid copious amounts to make sure he would return to begin with. Doesn't make sense?

Anyway, word from Finke is that the Raimi "hated" the latest draft of the script. Sony has hired a fourth writer, Alvin Sargent, who wrote Spider-Man 2 and 3, to work on a new draft (which they're waiting on). But the problem is they're already behind schedule waiting on this script and therefore, according to an insider at Sony, "it is unlikely that May 11, 2011, date will be made." But of course, "it depends on how quickly the script can get in," and if Raimi and Sony both like it. Finke says that Sony still wants to release Spider-Man 4 that summer, even if they have to do push it back to July. But they'll be losing that May spot.

So what's the big fight all about? Well, referring to the article we wrote in December, it sounds like Raimi really wants John Malkovich to play Vulture, and Sony doesn't like that idea. They also don't like the idea of hiring Anne Hathaway as Vulturess (or some other key female character) because "she'd cost too much and that they probably don't need 'such a big star' for the pic." And let's not forget why they don't want Dr. Connors to ever turn into The Lizard - because they "can't bring themselves to sign off on such an odd-looking enemy." Raimi is the one who should win this - he knows his franchise better than anyone.

I really have no more energy to write about Spider-Man 4 or Spider-M4n or whatever it'll be called. The more I hear, the more depressed I get. If only Sony would listen to Raimi and go with what he wants in his movie, then we'd not only have another big record-breaker in the works, but it'd probably be an awesome movie as well (just like Spider-Man 2). We'll keep you update on this anyway, hopefully with better news.

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I'm starting to lose faith in Raimi, he forced Venom in Spidey 4 and he hate's that character, so Carnage is out, and he seems to be in love with is own ego. I hope I'm wrong and he delivers but as of right now I'm losing faith.

Xerxex on Jan 5, 2010


One slight problem. The guy who wrote Spiderman 2 and 3 is involved in this? Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind? That is complete and utter madness. Sorry guys, Spiderman was on the wrong track from day one with Raimi. I think I would have preferred Cameron's take. HH

Have Hope on Jan 5, 2010


ok wow, spidey 3 not spidey 4. he forced Venom in spidey 3. SORRY!!!!

Xerxex on Jan 5, 2010


Why the fuck "should" Raimi win this battle? Please explain it to me. He and his brother came up with the terrible story and then co-wrote the equally putrid screenplay for the third movie. Conversely, he had no hand in the writing process for the first two movies and look how those turned out. If anything, Spider-Man 3 proved that Raimi had too much power over the overall creative process and proceeded to drive the franchise right into the ground. I know it's very chic to always side with so-called "artists" struggling against the establishment, but perhaps in this case the big bad studio maybe in the right and Raimi should just do what he's hired to do, direct.

xtheory on Jan 5, 2010


#1 - You have it the other way around ENTIRELY. Raimi was forced by Avi Arad to include Venom in Spider-Man 3. Raimi did NOT force anything. Where the hell do you guys get your info?! #4 - Same with you! I'll explain it to you because obviously you have never even researched this at all. You're probably making this argument strictly on your emotions and feelings about Spider-Man 3. Yes, that movie sucked, but it was not Raimi's fault. I was involved in the thick of SM3 when it was coming out. I watched press conferences with the producers and cast and interviewed Raimi and I heard all the details directly from everyone involved. Raimi is a great director and was just forced to include so much in SM3 that it turned out terrible. You really think that it was Raimi who wrote that shitty 3rd script? We can obviously tell Sony likes hiring writers left 'n right to get a script they want. You guys have it completely opposite. Raimi was NOT the one who forced anything in SM3. When Raimi made the movie he wanted to make he got Spider-Man 2 - one of the best superhero movies ever made. That's EXACTLY what he's trying to do with SM4 but it's SONY who is making it into SM3. That's why he should win, because Raimi wants to make another SM2!

Alex Billington on Jan 5, 2010


I hate these directors and studios. Ive always wondered why they dont hire comic book writers to write the damn script; someone who is actually invested in the spiderman world and knows it backwards and forwards. Then hire a director who loves spiderman and actually reads the comics. Many fans know how to make a badass movie, but no one listens to us. Its pathetic and frustrating.

Johnny Crow on Jan 5, 2010


He's terrible at making movies. Spider-Man 3 was his fault completely, can't wait for the reboot of this franchise. Topher Grace? Please.

Sam Sucks on Jan 5, 2010


THIS WILL BE THE NEXT BATMAN AND ROBIN!!!! This Franchise is DEAD! in the words of my chemical romance unless Raimi can pull of a freaking miracle!!! Leave Spidey alone and make Drag Me To Hell 2

movie mike on Jan 5, 2010


all right Alex dude chill, I wanna blame someone and Raimi unfortunately fell underneath that axe. Venom is the most important villian in the spidey universe, he's the joker of that world and he was underused and all around ruined by a lazy write in and lazy directing I'm sorry but that was how it came off. Spiderman 3 gets worse everytime I watch the damn film, and now we get for spiderman 4 the vulture? really thats his big plan? I Spiderman 2 was an amazing film no doubt but sitting through spiderman 3 was painful. Now we get a Venom spinoff and oh yay it will probably have Carnage in it, but its a spinoff those usually don't bode well. Can Raimi bring us a better Spiderman film? No doubt, but the Vulture will be hard to sell as a serious threat, I'd rather see Scorpion, Mysterio, Electro, or CARNAGE but no...we get The Vulture, let me wave my hands in celebration!

Xerxex on Jan 5, 2010


Good to see you defend yourself from these tards Alex. Although I personally have no love for the franchise any longer, and I do believe Raimi had a heavy hand in it - Alex correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it entirely Sam's idea, once he was forced to include Venom, to write him as a doppleganger? And completely mis-cast Topher Grace (someone I normally like well enough) as Eddie Brock, plus constantly show his face through the mask? Etc, etc. Venom is one of the most current and relevant villians in the Marvel universe, and I've always thought Sam Raimi castrated and killed him off. It killed my interest in anything further, because after Doc Oc and Venom, I have few conflicts to look forward to. Forgive the long post, but man, I've never gotten over feeling robbed of the Spider Man vs Venom conflict, ultimately being a three-way with Carnage. Wouldn't that have been an amazing set up a future move

Mark D on Jan 5, 2010


Mark D in a nutshell thats how I feel, a Carnage, Venom, Spiderman battle royal would have been the perfect Spidey movie, but as I said we got The Vulture.

Xerxex on Jan 5, 2010


#7 So I guess you've never seen any of his Evil dead films or the recent Drag me to Hell and are just one of those pathetic tools who'll jump on any internet band wagon they see #8 No it won't. " Many fans know how to make a badass movie, but no one listens to us. Its pathetic and frustrating." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh you're serious. Do you honestly believe that a fanboy would actually make a decent comic book movie? There is a reason why no one listens to neckbeards and it's that most of them are idiots.

SkaOreo on Jan 5, 2010


Raimi and the Vulture? Oh gosh! I know Venom was Sony's fault, but still, the rest of 3 wasn't. Venom was just icing on how bad 3 was overall. They need to just let him go. I'd rather hate the movie with a new director after going to see it than simply wait for Netflix or the internet knowing I'll hate since Raimi is directing it again.

tra la la la la di da on Jan 5, 2010


I absolutely agree with Alex on this one!! It's clearly obvious that Raimi is fighting to give us fan boys a kick-ass Spider-Man flick! I've always believed in that if the script was right, Raimi would deliver. The suits are generally the ones who stick their noses in the filmmakers vision and tamper with the final product--thus, bringing us crappy flicks. Avi Arad forced Raimi to include Venom because that was a contemporary villain and that it was the fan boys villain of choice for the 3rd flick,.... or so he thought!!!! This is reminding me of the Fox studio's predicament! I say, let RAIMI DO HIS FLICK HIS WAY! STEER CLEAR! I'm sure he's got it all figured out --whether it's The Vulture or The Lizard---how to bring it alive on the silver screen and in these times!!! GO SAM GO!! I'm with ya!

Spider on Jan 5, 2010


Raimi was the one that screwed up Spidey 3 so I am not really on his side. I know a lot of people say Arad "forced" Raimi to put Venom in Spidey 3. So what? First of all I don't really think Raimi was "forced" to do anything, and second of all even if he was "forced", was he forced to put in dancing scenes and to turn the whole symbiote story into a comedy? Was he "forced" to make Harry have amnesia, or Sandman to be the killer of Uncle Ben?

ShriekoftheVulture on Jan 5, 2010


Cant see Spidey 4 being kick ass with Vulture in it, I thought Spidey 3 was god awful, but to Sony they dont see anything wrong with it. Spidey 3 grossed $890 million worldwide. !!!!TOTALLY FUCKIN INSANE!!!! I would LOVE to see Electro and Mysterio in Spidey 4! Maybe it's just time for a new director.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 5, 2010


LMAO @ Billington. "You really think that it was Raimi who wrote that shitty 3rd script?" OK mister Hollywood insider, please spin more bullshit as to why during the film credits it reads: Screen Story by Sam Raimi & Ivan Raimi Screenplay by Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi & Alvin Sargent Gee, whatever gave me the idea that Raimi had a hand in writing "that shitty 3rd script." What was I thinking?! Oh wait, it must purely be my emotions and feelings on the matter. Hilarious. It amazes me what a huge ass you come off as, making yourself sound as if you're the only person who can write and speak objectively about it. But why speculate? I'm sure you have Sam Raimi's phone # in your rolodex, being the connected biz insider that you are. Give ol' Sammy a call and clear it all up.

xtheory on Jan 5, 2010


#17 - Uh if you know anything about Hollywood, not all writers get the credit. The WGA controls whose name(s) ends up in the credits and if tweaks were made places by multiple writers (and if Sony forced Raimi to include Venom) that kind of stuff wouldn't show up in the credits. There's more to it than just who's name is in the credits. Do some research of your own, you'll find out the truth soon enough.

Alex Billington on Jan 5, 2010


Sam Raimi had nothing to do with Venom being in Spider-Man 3. His script had The Vulture and Sandman as villains (Vulture being the real villain, Sandman being a manipulated pawn). At the eleventh hour Avi Arad forced Venom into the film, resulting in a script that was re-written in a very short period of time, knowing that certain set-pieces would need to be retained, not to mention it was written by someone who hated Venom as a character. At best they filmed a first-draft pass of the story. Spider-Man 2 is the one where Raimi had control of the film, coming off of Spider-Man 1, the studio pretty much gave him carte blanche. No, he didn't write the script, but he worked closely with the writers. Spider-Man 3 was the studio's film. Be very wary of jumping to conclusions about who wrote the story for a film based purely on the credit "screenplay by"... It can mean many things, right down to transcribing a producer's notes. There are a lot of writers angry at how this credit can ruin their reputation when they never had any control over the final draft.

Mark on Jan 5, 2010


Even though I wanna side with Raimi on this... I can't believe he's still pushing for a Felicia Hardy Vulturess. That's the stupidest idea ever. WTH's wrong with just keeping her as Black Cat?

Alfredo on Jan 5, 2010


I hope he just dumps the franchise all together and go back to what he does best. fun horror.

JimD on Jan 5, 2010


give it to michael bay and sony will have their pound of flesh. movie studios need to get out of pumping out what they think are 'blockbusters' and try to make good movies. If a movie is good people go see it, if you pump out crap people may be lured once or twice but eventually you will lose your customers i absolutely disregard spiderman 3... other than character names it represented nothing of the universe (imo) and was a flaming sack hippo bloody diharrea. I would rather watch daredevil and elektra back to back than to watch half of that film. Spiderman 4 should be the last chance in this franchise, if they do it they better to do on par with at least spiderman 1, anything else and i will avoid anything with the name 'sony' attached to it

Janny on Jan 5, 2010


this development is no surprise.

jake the snake on Jan 5, 2010


alex i agree with you a hundred percent spider-man 2 is one of the best comic movies ever. but its really hard to sell the vulture to me. I have faith that raimi could pull it off and make it awesome but the vulture is just so old in the comics. I would really like to the the lizard but sony doesn't like that idea. we will see what happens and even though raimi isn't going to win against sony, i hope he still gets some input on what his movie is going to be in the end.

eric on Jan 5, 2010


Maybe you should stop arguing with the guy you get movie news from every damn day. I mean seriously you honestly think he talks out his ass or something? #17 your a dickhead plain and simple, I would pick apart how much of an ass YOU come off as (cause I dont really ever see Alex coming off as an ass) but Im sure youd have an answer for everything I say, cause your obviously such an intelligent human being. I am not trying to totally defend Alex here cause he makes his mistakes, But I dont see you posting 10 news posts a day of anything new in hollywood nor do I see you interviewing directors and actors. So please enlighten me on how much of a "connected biz insider" you are. If you dont think his info is legit then why the fuck do you come here? O I think I know your a fucking TROLL. /end self righteous rant

Cody on Jan 5, 2010


Ugh....sick of hollywood.

Cody on Jan 5, 2010


Who cares? 3 was the nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned. Get another director or whatever. I'd rather Raimi start focussing his vision and energy on the World Of Warcraft adaptation and hopefully doesn't treat it like Army Of Darkness.

twittwit on Jan 5, 2010


*bangs head against the wall* Where is the proof Venom was "forced" into the film. I think Arad pressured Raimi to put Venom in but there was no forcing involved. Think about it. Why would the studio start being all cruel to Raimi after he gave them their two highest grossing movies? Also, if its true the studio and producers treated Raimi badly during the production of Spider-Man 3, why would he want to return for 4? Surely after an experience like that he'd want to stay far away from them. And like I said, even if he was forced to put Venom in. That's no excuse to turn a serious dark storyline like the symbiote into a comedic storyline, or to make Sandman Uncle Ben's killer, or to make Mary Jane an annoying bitch, or to put in dance numbers. Face it guys, Raimi made mistakes on SM3 and its not right to put blind faith into him.

ShriekoftheVulture on Jan 5, 2010


If he hates the script then it's probably a VERY GOOD script!!!

israeliDude on Jan 5, 2010


Spiderman's a dick. Who cares.

Crapola on Jan 5, 2010


Haha #18.

Mark D on Jan 5, 2010


it's impossible to really say what happened behind the scenes, because no one is actually allowed to talk about it, but I think Sam Raimi deserves another shot. No, I don't blindly trust him, because there were some really horrible moments in SM3 (the dancing). But I do think he deserves a chance to make one more on his own terms. And, yes, Avi Arad did force Venom into SM3. He announced publically that venom would be in the film before he even told Raimi, just to put him in a position where he wouldn't be able to say no. This was after Sam Raimi had said as long as he was doing Spider-Man, Venom would never be in the films.

Mark on Jan 5, 2010


I think it'll be fine. Most of the backlash SM3 came from the disappointment with the Venom, who is a completely pointless and overrated character anyways, and the same goes for Black Cat. And how can people blame Raimi for his involvement in the SM3 and then at the same time blame him for forcing in Venom? Those are completely conflicting accusations. Why would someone who has "too much" involvement in the movie add a character he hates? At least Vulture is an actual villain. Probably the best, actually, out of all the remaining villains. Honestly, bashing SM3 and Raimi just became a huge fad right away when all the Venom fangirls got their panties in a bunch because he wasn't a big hulking blob of CGI. I'm just keeping in mind the very convenient fact that SM3 was a bomb and then Sony quickly confirmed 3 more movies before anyone, including both Raimi and the fans, was even ready to start thinking about the next movie.

Rubix on Jan 5, 2010


all they really have to do is keep the story simple i mean think about it the best superhero movies were all pretty basic its when they try to jazz these things up that it goes wrong

rowdy on Jan 5, 2010

35's simple. i hope they won't do another one. why? when i see how scripts are made/written by people who really couldn't care less about the character/fans. money is what counts in these movies, and how to draw more dummies to see it and get more, more money. And Sam is money driven too, tbh who wouldn't be. This "Franchise" has reached its end imo, the damage has been done with spider man 3..enough is enough. Could you tell me how can Mary Jane get more annoying? I mean she's the kind of girl that humps every dick in that town but she gives spidey the finger on every god damn occasion. Seriously..see that again? over and over? CMON! who writes this bullshit

4toothtony on Jan 6, 2010


...and what's next? Married with spideys? they shifted the focus from Peter Parker...from spiderman and this shit will probably change from action to SOAP OPERA DRAMA. SpiderMan 4: Mary Jane left me (again). She is in danger (again). She's gonna get killed by the purple goblin with a 22 inch rod (Again).

4toothtony on Jan 6, 2010


finally,some good news!!!!i hope they never make spider-man 4.....

splinter on Jan 6, 2010


sony give it the fuck back to marvel studio's.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 6, 2010


I've lost a lot of faith in Sony. Raimi should have been given final cut (carte blanche) after Spidey 1 & 2, but Sony meddled in the creative process, resulting in the mediocrity that was Spider-Man 3. Now they're purposely doin' the same thing with 4. Learn from your mistakes, gentlemen.

Nada Nuff on Jan 6, 2010


Give it back to Marvel and let them start over after the Avengers

Matt on Jan 6, 2010


Sam Raimi may have been forced to include Venom. But then whose idea was the bloody dancing emo-Peter?

SlashBeast on Jan 6, 2010


i rarely agree with Alex and his post on this website, but i agree definitely with him that Raimi did not have a say in spiderman 3. whoever actually believes that is an idiot. Raimi is a better director then that and he is a fan. BTW.. "xtheory" your a jackass. If you dont agree with Alex GTFO! i dont agree with the man on everything, but i do know when something is legit and true. What the fuck do you know about the industry? dumbass.

LC on Jan 6, 2010


2 words...Evil Dead. The man knows what he is doing. Spidey3 was all on Sony, do some research.

Nick on Jan 6, 2010


**Spiderman 2 sucked.** **The film was morally bankrupt.** Raimi completely ruined the WHOLE IDEA of doc oc. If Sony were smart they would fire him. Dr. Oc was a character Stan Lee created to show that even the best and brightest among us can easily go down the dark path. It also serves as a warning, that technology increasingly gives individuals the power to become great "do-ers of evil", and can pervert anyone. This was a popular theme in the 60's. Then Raimi comes along and decides to give the arms Artificial Intelligence, and that the arms are in essence controlling Octavius... It was a 100% cop out. A bitchmade maneuver. It completely raped the character of any depth and ruined the symbolism of Doc Ock. He is supposed to show Man's struggle with technology. That we use technology to kill hundreds of thousands with a single bomb, and then use the same technology to bring reliable power to millions. Octavius IS NOT supposed to be some beleeding heart homo who's will is so weak that some robot arms make him go around and randomly hurt people so he can finish his science experiment. 100% cop out. It is similar to the whole metachlorians shit with George Lucas. Its a bitch move.

9mm on Jan 6, 2010



blue & orange NY on Jan 6, 2010


Raimi said the same before last film,deja vu. Would have preferred Camerons version with Biehn as an adult Spidey and Arnie as the Sandman. Bring in a new director,Blomkamp maybe of District 9,but they wont mess with formula unless they have to.

tir na nog on Jan 6, 2010


Give Marvel the filmrights. Remove Raimi. Reboot. Do a 3-4 movie arc with the Sinister Six. Spider-Man was doomed from the beginning. I don't like the movies, no weight to them and feels cheap, more like a television series in ways than movies. Not a fan of how Raimi treated it.

ryderup on Jan 6, 2010


All dick swinging aside, this is a poorly written article. Poor wording, sentence structure, etc- this article has it all! How hard could it possibly be to proof something? If you're going to call yourself a journalist, even in the loosest sense of the word, then at least learn how to write a damn paragraph.

Daniel W. on Jan 6, 2010


what a very funny world....what all you guys fighting at??? let the director and studio do the fight...they are the one who make the movie...our job is only to watch it...if you dont like it, dont watch it...its simple as that.....hahahahahahahaha....funny,funny...

safichan on Jan 6, 2010


If this type of news continues and Spider-Man 4 sucks the big one, Marvel Studios will have no problem getting the rights back so they can craft a reboot! Ryderup - a Sinister Six arc would be awesome.

Bill Rusnak on Jan 6, 2010


spiderman sucks! nuff said

indyjack on Jan 6, 2010


Alex - Thank you for trying to get through some of these retarded fanKIDS that don't know what the hell they are talking about. That said, the entire Eddie Brock subplot was half-assed and miscasted... maybe on purpose by Raimi to make the character as ridiculous as possible. (same with the whole EMO Parker dancing) fanKIDS - I like Venom as much as the next comic geek but there was no way would we have any satisfactory translation of the character to film. TOO MUCH would have to be explained. Examples? The alien symbiote/black costumes was introduced in SECRET WARS 1. An epic far too old for some here remember and far too much tell to retell here but nevertheless you'd have to get around that. Next they (filmmakers) would have actually make the alien symbiote/black costume its own character because the reason why it goes batty when it gets to Eddie Brock is because it "loved" Parker so much it never wanted to be apart and feels angry when it gets rejected; that added to Brock's hatred for Parker creates Venom. See how convoluted this already is?! It makes for creat Comic book drama but unless this thing got its own movie with some really creative people to adapt some of the sci-fi stuff... MAYBE it would be watchable. I'm with Raimi this time. Do it right or walk away. Just please lose that Vultress idea... thats dumb.

The Rob on Jan 6, 2010


Good for Raimi! Sony interfered too much with Spidey 3, and it wasn't as good as a result. Hopefully Raimi will stick to his guns and give us a great movie.

deltavoyage on Jan 6, 2010


NEWSFLASH! Everyone who had a hand in making Spider-Man 3, down to the damn production assistants are responsible for that onslaught of shittiness. The only difference is how much everyone gets paid, which is usually indicative of how much involvement they had in the film. My point is any creative force can make something great so long as all the members are working efficiently and in unison. On the flip side, the same creative team can make absolute drivel if the processes to get to their end product meets difficult barriers... whatever they may be. Raimi and his team have proven that they can make something fantastic. I give Spidey 2 as my example. Now I just hope that everyone can get on the same page and work together. Otherwise, I think it's best that this franchise does end abruptly. Spidey 4 cannot suffer as 3 did, or they'll be waiting 10 more years to reboot the series. Well, 5 years as Hollywood seems to restart everything so often now.

Dan the Fan on Jan 6, 2010


It’s not about what the Director wants it about what the Executives want Sony. They want the product that they think is the best and sellable to make as much money for the studio without costing a lot. I hope Raimi gets John Malkovich to play Vulture and Ann Hathaway to play Vulturess. If they hold off anymore Toby McGuire will be too old to play Spider-M4n.

Cineprog on Jan 6, 2010


It's all a matter of money. I can understand Sony and I would recommend Raimi to do what they want. Maybe he's able to find an agreement with them that will make both parties happy. Spider-Man 4 must become a blockbuster else it wouldn't be Spider-Man. I really cannot understand why Raimi is not willing to understand this.

Wolfgang on Jan 6, 2010


C'mon Alex, no one apart from yourself, Raimi and a handfull of fanboys want to see the Vulture/Vulturess on screen... NO ONE ELSE DOES!!... I propose a reboot with decent actors, and a better director. I cant take anymore of Toby 'Seabiscuit' Maguire or that ogre Kirsten Dunst. or, why not just contunue on the downward spiral and make it more comical, we could have a joint smoking, dreadlocked Peter instead of Emo peter this time...

Metatasian on Jan 6, 2010


Forget about Sony forcing Raimi to include Venom. Despite that, the fact remains that RAIMI WROTE SPIDERMAN 3. He wrote that terrible dialog, he wrote all those stupid dance scenes, he decided to make the symbiote a be-guylinered emo, he fought and won the right to make Harry Osborn into that weird Rocket Racer/Green Goblin/XXX/Skateboarder guy. To this day, he'll still defend that jazz-dancing scene as a great part of the movie. I like Raimi as a horror director, but he doesn't have the writing chops to handle the Spider-Man franchise. His casting is totally wrong, the actors are terrible, the writing is bad, and if Sony is trying to make Raimi happy, then Spider-Man 4 is doomed from the start. So they made him add Venom... big whoop. Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Just because they made him include Venom doesn't mean Raimi had to write such a terrible script.

Pete the Geek on Jan 6, 2010


weird Rocket Racer/Green Goblin/XXX/Skateboarder guy? You mean the New Goblin? If you're going to complain about a lack-luster Spidey film, at least be a Spidey fan.

LB on Jul 9, 2012


I doubt it could be worse than Spider-Man 3, but I'd rather not give Raimi any ideas...

Sparkle on Jan 6, 2010


Well said Alex (#5) Agreed on all points! Spider-man 2 is still the best Marvel movie by far (even tho X2 & Iron Man are great) and we want to see a worthy follow up to it just like how Raimi wants to make one! Though I've said it before if anyone other than Raimi can save this its Greg Weismann show runner of the Spectacular Spiderman animated series - that show captures everything that is great about the world of Spidey to a tee!

Sumit on Jan 6, 2010


yeah...*sigh* every Spiderman sucked.

DoomCanoe on Jan 6, 2010


Hire Chris and Jon Nolan to rewrite the script and rework the franchise. Game, set, match. Good night.

Rod Tidwell on Jan 6, 2010


It sounds like it's going to be a long time before Spiderman 4 hits the cinemas.

TSlice on Jan 7, 2010


God, I don't know where you pathetic fans get your info from. Sam Raimi forced Venom into Spidey 3. What a crock of shit! Seriously, unintellectual "fans" like you make me despise reading these comments. Here's the thing. The Spider-man series is not ruined. It's a great series of movies which could have been better. But, there ain't much anybody can do about how the plot has turned out now so we should all just accept that things can't be changed and just appreciate what we get. If you don't wanna watch it. Don't fucking watch it, just let other people who enjoy watching it, enjoy watching it. As for Sam Raimi fighting with Sony. Good on him, to an extent. We need him to fight to make the movie as good as it can be but at the same time, he needs to learn when to let it be if he truly is as passionate about the films as he seems to be because if he pushes it too far and gets fired and then we end up with some dick cheese director who doesn't give a shit about Spider-Man, then we'll be guaranteed to get a terrible movie. At least if Raimi remains director he can salvage what he's given to make it as good as it can be..... But like I said. There's nothing really wrong with the movies at all. They could have been better but they're all still great movies.

Vinny Valenitno on Jan 7, 2010


Raimi vs. Sony is just the lesser of two evils. Sony is run by a bunch of creatively bankrupt idiots that have forgotten that movies are not just a product to be manufactured. Raimi, on the other hand, is a complete tool that has pissed all over Spider-Man since day one. There have been exactly two good things to come out of his Spidey movies. Web-slinging sequences and Doc Ock. And he even ruined Doc Ock at the end. Every frame of film that doesn't have one of those two things has been a complete waste of time.

Charagon on Jan 7, 2010


Jesus, is Sam seriously still wanting a "Vulturess" villain? If so, That should make any Spidey fan lose faith in him. Sure Sony execs are being morons but Sam is still wanting Felicia Hardy to be this Vulturess and also wants her to be The Vulture's daughter!! That should set off all kinds of shit alarms. Fuck me

Garrett on Jan 7, 2010


Raimi can beat it. Yeah the first and second were good, but the third blew.. and the vulture would be brutal. The only way that would work is if the movie was released in 1970. Man they should bring back Venom, but make him good and just do Venom.. or Carnage.. or the Hob Goblin.. or even Mystery could be solid.

Guy on Jan 7, 2010


Haha I meant Mysterio... the mystery. yeah thats what i meant. I do respect Raimi for holding out for a good script though.. I don't think anyone wants another mess like Spiderman 3.

Guy on Jan 7, 2010


I wrote a full-length Spider-Man 4 script and so far people are loving it! You can read it at ifiwrotespiderman4 dot com and I'd love to know what you think!

Michael on Jan 9, 2010


I'm looking forward to it!!! This movie will be great and an extreme epic.

Sandra on May 12, 2010


I am with Raimi about this. He knows what spiderman should be and how people wants spiderman in screen. So Sony should give Raimi full authority whatever he wants to do about the spiderman 4. I can't wait to see this movie.

Julie on May 24, 2010


It seems someone else didn't like the idea of the Vultress. I don't blame them. The studio's are stupid if they don't bring in the Lizard.

Katie on May 28, 2010


Totally with Raimi on this. Spiderman is something people expects more and more. Now i think Raimi knows what people want. So let the man do his job.

Jackie on May 31, 2010


doesn't look like it's ever going to be a good movie...the subtitle of ANY fourth film should probably read: We Got Nuthin'!

Monica on Jun 5, 2010


I'm looking forward to it!!! This movie will be great and an extreme pictures.

Molly on Jun 30, 2010


I think Somy Pictures gave the fans a huge smack in the face for screwing up "spiderman 3" and now that they're rebooting my favorite comic book character it pisses me off. It's bullcrap and a reboot is NOT necessary, Avi & Sony should not have forced Sam to use a shitty storyline that made the third film "too" complex and I honestly HATE the dancing scenes in Spiderman 3 I felt it killed the film and the reboot idea is retarted. I think Sam Raimi knows how to make a Spiderman film really well. also I can't understand why would Sony want to re-start the trilogy when the movies made HUGE amounts of money?! The whole trilogy made 2 billion dollars worldwide so why would the studio want to reboot a storyline that everyone loves and does not care about seeing it again and not paying for it again. Most people I know, don't care to see him becoming Spiderman again, and also the first film in 2002 is what got me into liking Spiderman. Overall I hope the reboot sucks and I was totally looking foward to seeing Spider-Man 4 by Sam Raimi.

John on Oct 3, 2010


Sam Raimi and Sony should have quit after the first Spider-Man movie, which was the best one. 2 was mediocre, and 3 just plain sucked. Sam Raimi should have quit because he really isn't a Spider-Man fan. HE HATES VENOM. You can't be a Spider-Man fan and not like Venom. He also made it clear that he was more interested in Peter Parker's love life, than Spider-Man's battles. Sony should have quit because they don't care about making a good Spider-Man movie, they just want to cash in on the profits. Sony should give the rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel (even though that most likely won't happen), and give Marvel full control. Then Marvel should find a director that isn't Raimi, and is a true Spider-Man fan.

Venomfan on Oct 10, 2010


wow im going to cry

bam bam on Oct 16, 2010


I understand Sam Raimi's point, he's basically not into the script and with that it's basically the problem why the movie has been delayed. You can't actually force a person if he does not want what he's going to do, especially since his an actor he needs to internalize his scripts.

Sandra Hopkins on Jan 11, 2011


What do you think about the delays? Do you even want to see another Spider-Man?

Allison Clark on Mar 16, 2011


Can't wait for Spidey! I love Spidey.. And I wan't him to hit the big screen this year. 

Nicole Smith on Jun 3, 2011


So sad to hear the spider man 4 hold,, hope their ok now and be friends again so that they can make the movie good performance. I like spider man hope they make more episodes.. 

Andrea Bakurva on Jun 27, 2011

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