Crank Directors Neveldine/Taylor Confirmed for Ghost Rider

July 16, 2010
Source: ComingSoon

Ghost Rider

In June one big story that caused quite a ruckus was about Crank 1 & 2, Gamer directors Mark Neveldine and Brain Taylor, collectively known as Neveldine/Taylor, directing the Ghost Rider sequel titled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance at Sony. Obviously they're putting this one together more as a reboot than a direct sequel, and hiring Neveldine/Taylor for hopefully an R-rated Ghost Rider is a major step in the right direction. Apparently Nicolas Cage appeared on Craig Ferguson's Late, Late Show last night (watch video here, via ComingSoon) and talked briefly about the sequel, confirming that Neveldine/Taylor are directing.

"There is going to be a new one," Cage said. "I just made the deal today." A few sentences later, in a funky conversation, Ferguson asked "who's the director?" and Cage replied: "Well, they're the wonderful directors, the team from Crank - Neveldine and Taylor - they're fantastic." That's some high praise. Unfortunately, Cage did not confirm if this means we'll actually get an R-rated Ghost Rider movie, because I think that is one of the few ways they might be able to salvage this franchise. I'm hoping these two amp up the intensity, darkness, and violence, but I'm worried they're going to force them to make this PG-13. We'll find out soon.

We don't really know how soon this Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance sequel will get underway, but I should remind you that last year, David S. Goyer talked a bit about his old Ghost Rider screenplay that they're using for this sequel (at least as as starting point): "It was definitely written as a hard R… It was a Blade-type film. And now they want it to be PG-13." Let's hope now that Neveldine/Taylor are confirmed to direct, they can convince Sony otherwise, or else this might be another mistake in the making. What do you guys think?

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Chev Chelios!

MiKeDeEz on Jul 16, 2010


I'm pretty sure his name is Brian Taylor. Not Brain. But this is pretty good news. Unfortunately I'm sure the production will go off the rails and the studios will micromanage the shit out of it considering they've never made a mass appeal movie in their life.

LINKFX on Jul 16, 2010


yeah i smell a pg13 rating lol,there is no wayy sony would go with a hard r rating with ghost rider

Spider94 on Jul 16, 2010


As long as Cage is involved, count me out. They only thing he's been good in within the last decade was Kickass and Lord of War.

Cmurder on Jul 16, 2010


Meh - not excited about cage still being part of this. Seriously how in the hell does Sony keep Cage but Marvel ditches Norton? gah. Regarding Neveldine and Taylor - the closing scenes of Crank 2 convinced me that they would be GREAT at this. With Statham stalking poolside in a leather jacket (I think) while he's on fire was AWESOME! Yes make it a real R rated movie. A real Ghost Rider movie. Flames and hell and the devil. HELLYEAH!

harm on Jul 16, 2010


@4... How about Bad Lieutenant, Adaptation, Matchstick Men, The Weather Man, or Gone in 60 Seconds? I even thought Astro Boy and the National Treasure series were pretty fun, but I'm probably in the minority there. He was great in all of those and I think he's the hardest working actor in Hollywood today with a new project being released every few months. I hear good things about Season of the Witch too. You can't write Cage off completely, sure he makes some garbage, but he just enjoys working as much as possible and when you do that you're gonna fall into a bad script every once in awhile.

peloquin on Jul 16, 2010


I don't care if it's PG-13 or R as long as it doesn't suck.

S on Jul 16, 2010


oh man FUCK as long as fuking sony is involve the movies are going to be fuck up like the stupid spider-man reboot, i hope they rate this R and hope to see a 2 hour and 30 minutes movie........

Tormentous on Jul 16, 2010


i fucking hate Nicolas Cage so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! only way they could save this series is by getting rid of that talentless butthead

DoomCanoe on Jul 17, 2010


@9 woowww dude, hold your horses bud. Harsh written all over your msg. Cage is a talented actor, he just had a bad movie (G.Rider) now he wants to show that he can and will be "that" Ghost Rider all fans waiting for. He can pull it off. Like Cage says: "It's like looking in a mirror, only, not."

AgentX on Jul 18, 2010


cage is a great actor, #9 didnt get his chocolate milk this morning.

AC on Jul 19, 2010


Neveldine/Taylor was supposed to direct jonah hex, but they took them off the project because they didnt like the way it was going (which probably means r-rated) so who knows. these guys are geniuses and everything theyve done is special. hopefully the douches with the cash see this as well when trying to save one of the should be best fanboy films to date. they really blew it last time, ghost rider has always been a more mature category comic and so should be the film. casting was obviously one of many mistakes in the last film, lets see how on point they get it this time around.

concerned on Jul 19, 2010


I hope it's R-rated, pg-13 doesn't have any class, it just makes me feel like the makers of it only care about making money and don't care if i have a good time watching it

Agent smith on Aug 9, 2010

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