Creepy Viral Babysitter Needed Ad for The House of the Devil

January 18, 2010
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

The House of the Devil

As a reader of this blog, you probably already know that we're big fans of viral marketing and usually write about every little viral that pops up. Peter from SlashFilm informed me that there's a creepy viral for The House of the Devil that the filmmakers have been running recently. And coincidentally ShockTillYouDrop just wrote an article about this exact viral so I thought we'd point it out too because its pretty frickin' creepy. For those who don't know, The House of the Devil is a horror movie that first premiered last year set in the 80's and made to feel completely like it was made in the 80's (they even sent VHS tapes to some websites).

So in the movie, a desperate college student named Samantha Hughes (Jocelin Donahue) takes a strange babysitting job that coincides with a full lunar eclipse. But she slowly realizes her clients harbor a terrifying secret - they plan to use her in a satanic ritual. The House of the Devil hits DVD and Blu-Ray on February 2nd in a few weeks (which is why they're doing this viral). This is the same film that had those gorgeous old school posters. Dark Sky Films, who is distributing in the US, has been doing some fun marketing (like those VHS tapes) and has upped the ante again with a real world viral "Baby$itter Needed" ad. Take a look below:

House of the Devil - Babysitter Wanted Ad

This is the exact same flyer that was used in the movie to lure Samantha to the "House of the Devil." I was told that Dark Sky has been posting these babysitter ads in a few cities. And if you call the number you'll get a super creepy message from Mr. Ulman (played by Tom Noonan), the guy who is looking for a "babysitter." The best part about this is that there are probably some unsuspecting girls out there who are actually taking this seriously. There is a disclaimer on the ad, but I don't think that's good enough. Someone out there must have been fooled into thinking this was legit (and then didn't understand the message when they called).

I'm not sure where this photo originally came from, its been floating around the web for a while. I'd like to know what cities and what locations these ads were posted. This looks like it's a photo of the ad re-printed in a newspaper ad slot, so it looks like it's not actually on display anywhere (they'd probably get in trouble), but rather a newspaper viral ad. Not bad, I still like the concept. I think this is a fun little viral and it could help House of the Devil gain some cult status (if it works well). What do you think? Will you call the number?

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seems legit... I would babysit for them...

Neil on Jan 18, 2010


Notice above the photo it says My Neighbor My Killer? A coincidental juxtaposition?

Johnny Crow on Jan 18, 2010


This movie was a huge let down. I enjoyed it throughly until the last 15 minutes. It kinda just makes you say "wtf" and not in a good way.

Zak on Jan 18, 2010


Oh man! who edited this trailer? Fire him/her.

dex on Jan 18, 2010


I'm looking forward to watching the blu-ray of The House of the Devil. From everything I'm hearing, it should be entertaining.

ProMovieBlogger on Jan 18, 2010


this film was a huge let down. I love 80s horror movies, but let them stay in the 80s, create something new we can love.

D on Jan 19, 2010


it was an ok but slow moving movie and the end WAS a let down.....started off ok but to me it fell apart mid way and left you hanging thinking are you serious, that's the end?

thejugfather on Jan 19, 2010


So has anybody tried dialing the number? lol

bigT on Jan 19, 2010


I just called (added a 1) in front of 866-666-8968 (calling from Canada) and some dude answered that did not have a creepy voice. Another let down.

Lester on Jan 20, 2010


Wait, so calling from Canada wont work? 🙁

some guy on Jan 20, 2010


can someone tell me how it ended as the stupid thing went of just as it was about to go into the room in the hospital at the end, dont tell me she was still alive after blowing her brains out?

Denise on Mar 19, 2012

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