Daniel Craig Starring in Fincher's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

June 3, 2010

Daniel Craig / The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

More interesting casting news to report tonight. The Wrap, Deadline, and even, are all exclusively reporting that Daniel Craig has been cast as the lead in the David Fincher directed remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which is coming up next for Fincher after he finished The Social Network. But, as always: "Nothing's set, but I hear they're talking." You may remember hearing about this remake before, as its sort of the hot thing in Hollywood right now, even though we don't actually know who is playing the lead girl yet (since it sounds like Carey Mulligan, who was the top contender, has moved on to other roles).

The way this project is coming together is a bit odd. There's buzz inside of Hollywood, but not outside of it, at all. The Wrap even says that "one of the biggest roles in Hollywood is about to be taken off the table." Uh, really? I'm pretty sure barely anyone reading this even knows much about it nor are they even interested yet, unless you're from Sweden and/or read the books/seen the Swedish films. I'm not trying to say anything bad about this series, I'm just kind of amazed that it's such a hot project without much general interest. Anyway, apparently Brad Pitt was interested in the same role as Craig, but Sony is denying all of this (obviously).

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the first in a very popular series called the Millennium trilogy, is about a computer hacker named Lisbeth Salander recruited by a journalist to find a woman who has been missing for 40 years. Craig will play the role of a journalist named Mikael Blomkvist who is looking for the missing woman, Harriet Vanger. You can watch the trailer for the Swedish adaptation online right here. Obviously with a project that's drawing talent like this, we'll certainly keep you updated. And if you are interested in this, please make yourself known, so I know that some readers here are looking forward to this! Anyone?

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im definitely excited, read the book and it was great

rick on Jun 3, 2010


Definitely interested. All three books are excellent and the first two films are superb, though why we're so quick to remake them I'll never know. Still, with Fincher and Craig in place, this could be pretty damn great.

Daniel on Jun 3, 2010


This is SO great to hear. I think this is a great casting choice and David Fincher as the director! This can't fail. Well maybe...

David on Jun 3, 2010


It's not a remake. Also - Alex, go read a book, any book. GREAT NEWS!!!

m4st4 on Jun 3, 2010


#4 - Right, you mean it's a re-adaptation of the book? Yea, the same as Let Me In, the Let the Right One In "remake", but it's just a more common term for this project. Also, I do read a lot of books, currently reading one about DreamWorks called The Men Who Would Be King. Read Guillermo del Toro's The Strain last year, too.

Alex Billington on Jun 3, 2010


Haven't read the book. Terribly, terribly excited. Fincher is an immensely important director.

Jim Smith on Jun 3, 2010


best casting news ever. I would much rather see Noomi Rapace take the role again...

Xerxex on Jun 3, 2010


Hey Alex, I read 'The Strain' too. It wasn't bad actually. Having read All 3 'Millenium' novels My wife and I had this discussion, as to who would WE cast in the american version. Daniel Craig came in at #1 for Blomkvist. Our choice for Lisbeth Salander was....Ellen Page. Salander is meant to look MUCH younger than she is. We saw the Swedish film recently, and both of us thought that the Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, although good, didn't match the character profile in this respect.

Ultim8 on Jun 3, 2010


Well the original was a massive hit everywhere except the US, so I'm sure that is where the buzz is coming from. Plus the novel is also massive.

Ben on Jun 4, 2010


i'm definitely excited. as if i wasn't excited enough to hear fincher was tackling this next (what i predict to be a come-back after another off-style Social Network), learning of craig as blomkvist is perfect. as for lisbeth, i might have to agree with ultim8 on page...mulligan would've been so wrong, i think.

Eric Odenheimer on Jun 4, 2010


I'm all for Ellen Page. Swedish version was overrated, especially II. and III. part...massive fail (compared to books).

m4st4 on Jun 4, 2010


Xerxex - No you do not want Noomi. She plays it very forced, strain(?) and bad. I'm from Sweden, its in the Steven Seagal league of acting IMO. twodimensional, bad and boring. the first one was a "OK" film but still very muched "playing by the rules" and not surprising in ANY way. The sequals (which were made for TV) sucked.

ryderup on Jun 4, 2010


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a good film what James Bond will make jerno Mikael Bloomkvist i don't no but i hope they don't water the story down we shall have to wait and see.

Cineprog on Jun 4, 2010


- Right, you mean it's a re-adaptation of the book? Yea, the same as Let Me In, the Let the Right One In "remake", but it's just a more common term for this project." No it isn't. It's an adaptation of a book. LMI is said to be closer to the book, as is the new True Grit movie. It's really a backhanded insult.

Rashad on Jun 4, 2010


by being the hottest role in hollywood, i think they meant for Actors...obviously not for the viewers....

vlad on Jun 4, 2010


Just finished the first book last night! Great pick in Daniel Craig! Can't wait for this movie to come out...

chuck on Jun 6, 2010


Defintely Ellen Page...! She will fit into the role quite nicely.. if anyone saw her movie"mouth to mouth". as the gothic teen rebel, she will fit in the lead role of Lisbeth quite easily.. theres talk about CArey Mulligan as the lead, but she looks too wholesome and sweet to play a bad-ass...

vinay on Jun 7, 2010


Well, actually us Europeans had a chance to read the books before US, and we had a comely theatrical coverage of the Swedish movies (movie 3 on air right now here). So there are many interested fans out here. And while fishing the net about this rumor of an US remake of the 1st movie, with Daniel Craig cast in it, no less, I found your review. I was very disappointed with the Swedish actor of the lead role, his acting is fine but he lacks the allure and innuendo Mikael has in the books. I guess Craig is perfect for the part, he's a fine actor and very charming. I hope to get more updates about this movie, I'm very excited about a Hollywood project about Larsson.

Arisa on Jun 11, 2010


I say cast Missy Peregrym or Ellen Page in the role of Lisbeth, Carey Mulligan looks way too wholesome.

Bellrules on Jun 15, 2010


whos missy peregrym?

vinay on Jun 17, 2010


Reading this article I am 100% positive that this is going to be just another awful and dull Hollywood remake. Hopefully they won't call it the "Banger Clan" in the english version...

silke on Jun 30, 2010


Ellen Page would do fine in the part,but to me Stephanie Hunt has the better eyes to go with the part.

Lewis on Jul 9, 2010


How about Kristen Bell (of Veronica Mars fame) as the American Lisbeth? Daniel Craig is okay.

Raoul Raoul on Jul 12, 2010


I tend to go with Stephanie hunt. An unknown in since. She plays Devin on Friday Night Lights.

Lewis on Jul 13, 2010


Its Harriet Vanger you pair of clown shoes niot Harriet Banger...serious journo fail. Tard. Just reading the third book now and its freaking awesome. Daniel Craig is an excellent choice for Kalle B but for the Salander character I think Ellen Page would be better suited. Plus she's done a gritty role already in the excellent Hard Candy. Seriously Mr Billington..facts mon facts!

LA Irwin on Jul 20, 2010


Ellen Page is ok for the Salander character, but I think she might look a bit too girly (since Salander in the books sometimes are misstaken for a teenage boy). I would however love to see Leelee Sobieski play Salander. She can portrait the tough attitude better I think. She would be perfect for the role.

Alex on Jul 23, 2010


go see the ellen page movie 'mouth to mouth".. shes anything BUT girly..with the rebel, gothic look and some body piercings in that movie, she can pass for Lisbeth quite easily.. and you forget that she s a natural tomboy:)

vinay on Jul 25, 2010


Of course interested! All my friends have read the series (along with myself) and were so excited to hear there was going to be a US version of the movie made. Keep updating!

Shawna on Jul 27, 2010


As a fan of Stieg Larsson's work I know that the Americans will bastardise this for sure. I think Hollywood needs to stick to what they do best: predictable romantic comedies, aliens invading New York, and triumphant, feel good sports films. I won't be watching the American version because it is obvious they are wanting to remake the already perfect Swedish versions in order to stick their greedy fingers in the money pie.

Laboucane on Mar 15, 2011

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