Danny Elfman is Scoring Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet

January 29, 2010
Source: Film Score Daily

Green Hornet - Black Beauty

Great news for fans of Danny Elfman - the legendary composer will apparently be scoring Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz and Christoph Waltz. I received an email earlier tonight linking to Film Score Daily's Top Forty Composer Countdown where, in the #2 spot, they list all kinds of details about Elfman. At the end, they mention that "he returns to the superhero genre with The Green Hornet." This is the first time we've heard anything about this and it's not confirmed by Sony yet, but Film Score Daily is a trustworthy site with a lot of inside information, so I'm fairly certain this is accurate.

Elfman last scored Milk, Terminator Salvation, and Taking Woodstock, and also has Alice in Wonderland coming up. The Green Hornet already finished shooting in December and is in post-production. Sony has slated a December 22nd, 2010 release for the film this year. So far I've been impressed by the talent that Seth Rogen and Sony have brought together for this. There's a great line-up of actors (except for Cameron Diaz) and they've got the always-genius Michel Gondry directing. I'm excited for Green Hornet primarily because I think there's almost no way it can be bad with the talent they've got. Happy to see Elfman join?

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this is looking quite good now... i love Michel Gondry!

12oz.mouse on Jan 29, 2010


Except for Cameron Diaz. Hah! Well said.

Dan on Jan 29, 2010


So I guess we are still a couple months(?) away from a teaser trailer??

d1rEct on Jan 29, 2010



Bruce Wayne on Jan 29, 2010


Thats a badass car!

Cmurder on Jan 29, 2010


can't wait.

Al on Jan 29, 2010


Lame? Danny Elfman is lame now? Since you go by "Bruce Wayne" then I'm sure you're aware that Elfman scored the first Batman film right? You know, the one with a memorable Batman theme. Can anyone here hum The Dark Night theme? I've seen that movie 3 times and couldn't tell you how the theme goes. Lame is being 17 and never watching/respecting a movie made before 2003

bart on Jan 29, 2010


So...the score is going to be the only good thing about this movie now? And Elfman is lame? Please...

Mike on Jan 29, 2010


This film just keeps better and better, I very excited to see what Rogen can do!

Xerxex on Jan 29, 2010


It does not matter who else Sony hires for this new movie. This is Seth Rogen's vanity project and he has completely miscast himself in that. *Nothing* can change that. Not Cameron Diaz, not the new Black Beauty, not Michel Gondry or Danny Elfman.

Steve the Dude on Jan 29, 2010


danny elfman + the green hornet = cool,but i don't know if i fancy this film or not.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 29, 2010


I could hum the dark knight theme.

Cody on Jan 29, 2010


Steve the Dude what about Christoph Waltz? He's the villian. Rogen is gonna do just fine.

Xerxex on Jan 29, 2010


Apparently he will.

Apparently on Jan 29, 2010


oompa loompa; oompa loompa; oompa loompa... etc. ad nauseum.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jan 29, 2010


Xerxex, what about Christoph Waltz? He's playing the villain not the Green Hornet. Seth Rogen is playing the Green Hornet. Seth Rogen is completely wrong fro the Green Hornet. No way can he pull this off.

Steve the Dude on Jan 29, 2010


Xerxex, what about Christoph Waltz? He's playing the villain not the Green Hornet. Seth Rogen is playing the Green Hornet. Seth Rogen is completely wrong for the Green Hornet. No way can he pull this off.

Steve the Dude on Jan 29, 2010


I beg to differ, I'm all for Rogen as the Green Hornet, who's to say he can't do it? I say give a fucking chance, you never know Rogen may surprise you. p.s. thanks for spelling Xerxex properly. There is no "S" and yet people put an S!

Xerxex on Jan 29, 2010


Xerxex, *I* say he can't do it. Pigs can't fly. Seth Rogen is rfugly and can not act seriously in a starring role. You obviously know nothing about the Green Hornet. Go educate yourself and you will see for yourself. I will NEVER give that scumbag a chance. Seth Rogen does not deserve it. p.s. you are welcome, sorry for the multiple posts.

Steve the Dude on Jan 29, 2010


I know Green Hornet, grew up with watching it, and i've already convinced myself that nothing will compare to the original series, and am willing to give Rogen the benefit of the doubt. Calling Rogen a scumbag seems a little harsh, I'd much rather see you insult his acting, now rip the guy down as a person you're better than that! p.s. its cool!

Xerxex on Jan 29, 2010


#7 - bart Elfman's laughable Batman theme is cartoony and weightless. Zimmer's is superior. Elfman will ruin this with his lame circus music. And, yes, Elfman IS lame.

SlashBeast on Jan 30, 2010


Ok there SlashBeast... "Elfman's laughable Batman theme is cartoony and weightless" I bet you think Nolan (& Zimmer) should get credit for bringing a dark, edgy, and realistic tone to Batman right, since they were the first?" Batman in the late eighties was still best known for Adam West and BIFF BAM & POW! Tim Burton, along with Elfman's score, delivered the first dark and yes edgy take on the character. In other words, they redefined the character in film. Frank Miller gets credit in the comics of course, and if not for him we wouldn't be discussing this at all. To call one of the most prolific musical composers for film "lame" is just stupid. Maybe he's not edgy or "realistic" enough for you, but no one can match his quality output on sci-fi and fantasy films, no one. Look it up. Zimmer is terrific, but he should stick to drama or epics, leave the sci-fi & superhero films alone. As for the Rogen haters, look up some old press clippings about the casting of Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman. "He's a comic actor, he's too short, it's gonna bomb with him." Sound familiar? Batman turned out to be one of the biggest, highest grossing films of the 80s. The fair-weather fanboy, haters will be first on line!

bart on Jan 30, 2010


Why are trying to make this about the Batman '89 itself? Stay on-topic fool. Elfman recycles the same circus music over and over again. His Batman theme is cartoony, weightless and lacks any depth. The guy's pretty much on auto-pilot for 99% of his scores for Tim Burton films. The only time he's experimented with some music with depth is when he isn't composing repetitive carnival music. His music is stuff for kids movies. Zimmer's score is for true adults, unlike Elfman's.

SlashBeast on Feb 11, 2010


bart, I can hum the latest Black Eyed Peas song, doesn't mean it's any fucking good.

1-7 on Feb 12, 2010


Lol, you're so right. Almost all of Elfman's shit sounds like carnival music! That Family Guy poke at him was absolutely spot-on! He's a poor-man's John Williams.

Governor on Feb 21, 2010

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