Danny Trejo Will Not Actually Appear in Expendables After All

April 29, 2010
Source: AV Club

Danny Trejo

While it looks like nothing more than a throwback to insane 80's/90's action flicks mixing stars of the past and present, The Expendables certainly has some people excited. After all, how can fans of high-octane action not be excited for a film that puts Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, Danny Trejo, Bruce Willis and even Arnold Schwarzenegger into one flick? Sadly, there's a bit of un-casting news as it turns out Danny Trejo doesn't actually appear in the film, and while this isn't a dealbreaker, the circumstances are kind of shitty.

In speaking to The Onion's AV Club (via The Playlist), Trejo revealed that writer, director and star Sylvester Stallone merely used him so he could raise money for the film in order to get it off the ground. Sounds like being one of the "Expendables" turned out to be a bit too much of a literal title to have in his casting. Here's what Trejo had to say about the situation and his brief thoughts on it:

"Stallone said I was in The Expendables so he could raise his money, you know what I mean? [Laughs.] Because I bring in the Latin audience. So I was in The Expendables all the way up until the time they started casting. I'm not in The Expendables. That's one of Hollywood's ploys to… how do you say it? They have this huge cast, and then all of a sudden, when it comes time to cast, the people that actually raised the money aren't in it."

Yes, there often shady dealings in order to raise money for films in Hollywood, but this is some frustrating and deceptive stuff. Sure, Trejo isn't the biggest selling point on top of the cast that is involved, but Stallone seriously couldn't figure out a way to have him appear in a film that is now without a Hispanic ass-kicker? That's some bullshit. Trejo seems to have let it roll off his back, but it doesn't sound like he's all that happy with Stallone or much of the rest of the beefcake cast: "All them guys—supplements are making them nuts." Well said, sir. It's kind of disappointing that we won't get to see Trejo kicking asses too, but we will see him go crazy in the forthcoming Grindhouse fueled bonanza Machete. Does this disappoint anyone else?

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awh man i hope he does machete

pulp fiction212 on Apr 29, 2010


Well... theres always Predator and Machete! ESPECIALLY Machete 😀

Toucmyinfection on Apr 29, 2010


I'd like to hear the other side of the story before I pass judgment.

germs on Apr 29, 2010


Fuck Stallone! Good thing we got Machete on the way!!!

Peace Love & GaGa on Apr 29, 2010


Damn!!! That's nasty.

dexter on Apr 29, 2010


#4 damn right! MACHETE!!!!!!!

TediusTed on Apr 29, 2010


They should have put him in at least as the mechanic or something!

cris on Apr 29, 2010


Only if he was a bad guy...he's alright but nothing great.

tra la la la la di da on Apr 29, 2010


he not beeing in it, not that much, a lot of sh!t can happen. The real reason why he isnt, just sux

Ricardo on Apr 29, 2010


#1 - He already DID do Machete... It was shot last year and it's slated to come out on September 3rd in wide release from Fox. They're currently in post-production right now!

Alex Billington on Apr 29, 2010


I'm not much of a Trejo fan but I did enjoy him in From Dusk til Dawn. Sounds like someone got the big stiffy. O well, sorry Trejo, Guess they didn't want you upstaging Statham! lol.

Rooney on Apr 29, 2010


I didn't really see anyone miss him in the trailer. so i guess it's not a big deal.

Deckter on Apr 29, 2010


Looks like the year of the Trejo will only consist of 2 films. But those 2 films will be unholy ass kicking and sheer joy.

Al on Apr 29, 2010


They fucked with the wrong Mexican!!!!

REAL6 on Apr 29, 2010


Yeah....MAchete ... of course.. TRejo esta mejor sin esos suckers

Sakyo on Apr 29, 2010


Yes, this is disappointing.

Roderick on Apr 29, 2010


Well now he needs to become his character in Machete can chop some executive heads off! He's a MexiCAN

Dan W on Apr 29, 2010


Oh Well. It's not like the guy cant get a job or anything. He's got his own starring movie coming out, then Predators. He doesnt needs to play fourth banana in The Expendables. I'm seeing all three regardless.

People's Champ on Apr 29, 2010


Danny Trejo is a has been at best. The only reason he was ever in movies is because of pity from a family member. Sorry to be so blunt. It's pretty funny that Trejo thought he was going to be carrying the weight of a such a significantly large group of fans. I'm not saying that no one likes Trejo but hes not the actor whos going to be drawing in more of crowd just because the movie drops his name. I mean if Stallone is already in it then anyone who likes Trejo was probably already going to see the movie because of Stallone. Now if it was Schwarzenegger trying to make this argument I might say hes got a point.

Alex T. on Apr 29, 2010


When the trailer for the expendables came out none of you were screaming "Wheres Trejo?!??!?", its not that big of a deal. You can only fit so many badasses into one movie.

Cody w on Apr 29, 2010


#20 Right on. No one noticed Trejos absence when the first trailer came out. Expendables is not a three hour epic. Squeezing all badasses in it may get us all quite disappointed with the very possible "lack of screen time" of the "expendable badasses". Predators and Machete are promising to be a much more bloody flicks. The badass of the year may still be Trejo.

Ostilad on Apr 29, 2010


I liked Trejo in Bubble Boy!

Deathtoll 2010 on Apr 30, 2010


Apparently, Van Damme didn't sign on due to same reasons, his role wasnt much of it really

Fearl3ss on Apr 30, 2010


Not news really - I think I read somewhere early on that Trejo wasn't in it. Stallone said something about a schedule clash, and with Trejo making Predators and Machete around the time he would be needed, I can believe it. Stallone clearly wanted as many names as possible, so I doubt he would abandon a cult star if he had any other option. Oh, and before we keep recycling the Van Damme myth, try reading Stallone's response to why The Muscles from Brussels isn't in it either: So, as #4 said, let's wait to hear the other side of the story before throwing our toys out of the pram...

PhoenixWright on Apr 30, 2010


Correction - I was referring to number 3's comment ('germs'), not number 4. Apologies. We need an edit function on these comments, Alex!

PhoenixWright on Apr 30, 2010


This movie is for man-boys. All of the men in the film act like a badass. Danny Trejo actually is a bad ass. Steroids and more steroids.

Crapola on Apr 30, 2010


As long as Machete is still happening, I'm still happy.

Craig on Apr 30, 2010


I was really excited about the film (Expendables) but know I'm not. I'm just going to wait until its released on DVD.

Will on May 3, 2010


I once knew Danny's family. I remember him: though I doubt he remembers me. I did know some of his relatives well however. He always made me proud. I knew how he raised himself above the crowd.... I was happy for him and very proud of what he had done with his life and career. Stallone is a serious Hollywood ACTOR (professional BS guy). Danny will find better things along life's highways. Bless you my brother: from the "guy who doesn't talk that much."

Johnny R. on Sep 3, 2010

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