'Darkest of Days' Time Travel Game Headed to the Big Screen

February 11, 2010
Source: SlashFilm

Darkest of Days

Video game movies still aren't a hot commodity yet (maybe after Prince of Persia?), but it doesn't mean we can't be excited for more adaptations coming up (like BioShock, too). SlashFilm has learned that writers Douglas Cook and David Weisberg, of The Rock and Double Jeopardy previously, will be adapting the video game Darkest of Days released by Phantom EFX last year (for Xbox 360 and PC). The project is being produced by Joe Roth (Hellboy II, Alice in Wonderland, Knight & Day) and is currently be shopped around to Hollywood studios by CAA. You've got to hear what the plot of this game is, though, it's pretty awesome!

Here's a brief synopsis of the introduction to our protagonist and story in the Darkest of Days video game.

In Darkest of Days, the player controls Alexander Morris, a soldier fighting in General Custer’s army during the Battle of Little Big Horn at the beginning of the game. After Custer is killed and Morris is wounded he is suddenly rescued by a man in futuristic armor and taken through a strange portal.

Morris then awakens in the headquarters of Kronotek, an organization that has managed to develop time travel technology and is apparently dedicated to researching and protecting history. A Kronotek higher-up known as "Mother" tells Morris that the organization’s founder has gone missing and disturbances have started appearing through history, causing individuals that have played key roles in history to be placed in danger, and tasks Morris with helping Kronotek restore history.

So although Darkest of Days isn't the greatest game, it has such a cool concept, that I'm just excited to see it adapted into a movie. Reading that synopsis above fills my mind with so many cool ideas and thoughts. I'm a sucker for anything time travel, too, and this takes it to a whole other level. As a game, Darkest of Days is a first-person shooter that takes players back in time into historic battles in an effort to save certain people from death to keep the continuity of history. I'd love to see someone put some money into this and create a world where we, as moviegoers, get to see them travel back to different battles. As long as it's not as cheesy as Night at the Museum, I think we'll be fine. We will definitely keep you updated on this, so stay tuned.

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What's the phrase... trees alone does not a forest make? Torah alone does not a mench make? Plot alone does not a movie make!! And movie adaptations of games are not necessary. There's hardly anything sporting of many games. These would be better classified as interactive narratives. Yes, I have been playing a lot of Mass Effect 2 lately.

prestron on Feb 11, 2010


so video game movies typically suck, and this movie is based on source material that REALLY FUCKING SUCKS, yay for another pointless and shitty video game movie!

bo on Feb 11, 2010


This should have been a movie in the first place. Ignore the game existed and you have a great plot for a movie.

RC on Feb 12, 2010


Terrible game, terrible movie game.

Gill on Feb 12, 2010


The premise sounds pretty cool to me. Just because video games have a history of poor conversion to film, that doesn't mean there can't also be successful conversions. There seem to be a number in the wind now that may turn out to balance those scales. I'm always open to the potential of anything until I see the potential has been blown. I see no reason to fire off whining about something new based on something old and unrelated. One day we might all be posting how this movie is awesome. Give it a chance.

Darren Albert on Feb 12, 2010


Well, the game was awful. Just awful. But maybe that's the recipe for success with video game movies? Make a movie based on a game that was terrible rather than good.. and keep Uwe Boll far, far away.

Syphous on Feb 12, 2010


This could be one of those things where the movie would probably be better then the game.

TigerClaw on Feb 12, 2010


Darren Albert: We whine because we make predictions based on past experiences and hypothetical situations. It's how intelligent animals survive, and how studios decide to make movies with pre-established awareness and fans. They know that any adaptation will be more familiar therefore reaching a greater paying audience. This doesn't mean it will be any good, but contrarily that corners can be cut without effecting the bottom line. I really don't have the research or market experience to state these things factually. It is just my opinion based on past experiences and hypothetical situations.

Prestron on Feb 12, 2010


The game was pretty awful, but I loved the concept so much that I bought it anyway hoping it would be good. Boy was I wrong but I can't say I expected much. This seems like a better concept for a new show on the syfy channel, rather than a feature film. It's going to be a very weird movie if it's actually made. I'd love to see soldiers from the civil war and roman warriors get lit up with futuristic machine gun/grenade launcher combos.

Chris H. on Feb 12, 2010


Forget this I'm more worried about Bioshock!

Xerxex on Feb 12, 2010


so... any updates on this?? hahah

Vlad Bunin on Sep 25, 2012

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