Darren Aronofsky Developing New Sci-Fi Project 'Machine Man'

October 26, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Darren Aronofsky

Holy crap, this project came out of nowhere! Heat Vision is reporting that acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky is now developing a "cybernetic thriller" called Machine Man for Mandalay Pictures. While it sounds like this is based on a comic book, it's actually based on an original idea from author Max Barry that is first being written as a novel then adapted as a script by Mark Heyman, who co-wrote Black Swan with Aronofsky. They do mention that he's still working on closing his deal to direct Wolverine 2, which will most likely start shooting next year, but it sounds like this could be after that if everything falls into place on time.

Max Barry's Machine Man is described by Mandalay via Deadline as an "amped up pop-thriller" (that's not so bad) that centers on a gadget geek and engineer at a forward thinking tech firm who is tired of going through life average and unnoticed. He's obsessed with his own self improvement, so he decides to replace his "weak, fleshy parts" with high-end titanium performance upgrades of his own design but then discovers other entities have designs on him [sic] for their own motives. That sounds pretty damn cool, despite being fairly vague. With this and Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse coming up, there are quite a few awesome sci-fi robot movies in the works. And hell yes I can't frickin' wait to see Aronofsky get into sci-fi. Thoughts?

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Sounds amazing. Aronofsky does a lot of psychological penetration. Identity stuff

Stock on Oct 26, 2010


Sounds like a prequel to the Deus Ex videogames... not that I'm a geek... much... Anyways, it'll be cool to see Aronofsky take on something like this:

Bogart on Oct 26, 2010


meh.......could be ok. i'm not a big "robot" guy.

beavis on Oct 26, 2010


Aronofsky can do no wrong. I'll see anything he makes.

Ben on Oct 26, 2010


That'd be awesome if this film took cues from Tetsuo: The Iron Man...i know Arronofsky loves his japanese cinema...

LINKFX on Oct 26, 2010


How about he forgets Wolverine and does this next... and then never thinks about Wolverine again.

Tomi on Oct 26, 2010


Anyone here recalls that crazy Japanese flick Tetsuo in which the protagonist mutates into/merges with strange biomechanicals. I can't wait for Aranofsky to do sf. Remember you can't spell Aranofsky without SF.

Gary the Bruce on Oct 26, 2010


@ gary the bruce, did you see my comment above? There is definitely a similarity here, right? Wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional given Aronofsky's love of Japanese cinema. @ alex, he did the Fountain, which was pretty sci fi in a way.

LINKFX on Oct 26, 2010


I was thinking the same #5

Eric on Oct 26, 2010


"And hell yes I can't frickin' wait to see Aronofsky get into sci-fi" he did one of the best sci fi movies in recent years, it was called The Fountain.

samir on Oct 26, 2010


9# The Sci-fi part in Fountain was lost in the psychological context of the movie. But True. It did involve sci-fi

Andy on Oct 27, 2010


Sounds as if he is finally going to make that Robocop remake he was going to do but in a totally different way

Live for Films on Oct 27, 2010


I can't wait to see it! It was a cool idea Max came up with to write a page a day and deliver it to your inbox to create this story. hxxp://

floppytall on Oct 27, 2010



Alex O on Oct 27, 2010


Aronofsky was attached to the Robocop remake for a longggg time. Supposedly he was pretty upset when it fell through. This sounds like a natural follow-up. Stoked to see how it comes together.

Jason on Oct 27, 2010


Sounds interesting. Aronofsky has been hit or miss with me, but I'll still see everything he makes.

Adam on Oct 27, 2010


A darker, twisted Iron Man I am in!

Gary the Bruce on Oct 27, 2010

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