Darren Aronofsky Joins the Shortlist to Helm 'The Man of Steel'

September 27, 2010
Source: 24 Frames

Superman / Aronofsky

Though we'd recently heard that director Darren Aronofsky may be in the running to direct the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, we now hear that there's potential for the auteur to make his studio film debut with another superhero. We've heard that producer Chris Nolan has started taking meetings with directors like Matt Reeves and Duncan Jones to possibly helm The Man of Steel, Nolan's Superman reboot. Now 24 Frames has discovered that Nolan may have also met with Aronofsky about the project. That's quite an undertaking for a filmmaker that hasn't directed a major studio film like this, but it's not the craziest idea.

Surely a director like Aronofsky could deliver Superman in the same way Nolan delivered a new Batman, but it's still quite risky. Once again, Aronofsky's name is just one amongst an intimidating selection of directors, some with much more studio experience and box office success. It would be interesting to see just how much creative freedom would be given to a director like Aronofsky with such a precious property. I'm sure Warner Bros is ready to trust Nolan's every decision, and he likely won't pick a director that doesn't line-up with his proposed take on the reboot, but this just seems a little to off-the-wall (no matter how good the buzz on Black Swan may be) to actually happen. We'll find out in the next few weeks once Nolan and Warner Bros make their decision. In the meantime check out Alex's fresh video interview with Aronofsky himself. Do you want Aronofsky to direct The Man of Steel?

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I don't know. He seems like one of those creative types who might take this in a wierd direction. I mean I'm all about originality, but it seems kinda risky with someone as iconic as Superman.

Da Man on Sep 27, 2010


Darren Aronofsky's movies suck. I've seen all of them and they always come up short when it comes to story and direction. The Fountain was two hours of my life that I will never get back. His only good movie is The Wrestler. However, The Wrestler didn't have an ounce of commercial appeal which a big budget movie like Super-Man requires if the studio wants there total money back. Not only that, Darren Aronofsky goes out of his way to make sure that the photography and set design of his movies look like the inside of a run down-disgusting trucker-stop bathroom. My vote is for Tony Scott. He's more talented than all the director's on that list including Christopher Nolan. Tony Scott directed one of the biggest legends of all time: Top Gun. I think that Beverly Hill Cop 2 which is also directed by Scott was the highest grossing action-comedy when it first came out (well besides part 1). So he is more than qualified.

Greg on Sep 27, 2010


Darren looks like Christian Bale don't you think? I think that as long as the script by nolan is solid enough it'll be good to go.

Eli on Sep 27, 2010


^The Taking of Pelham 123 is one of the WORST MOVIES ever made. BIG NO to Tony Scott.

Richard on Sep 27, 2010


Greg you are entitled to your opinion...but you are definitely in the minority, Aronofsky is a great director. I for one loved The Fountain, but found The Wrestler kinda bad...however Tony Scott isn't that great of a director...I mean I enjoyed Crimson Tide and Man on Fire but he isn't what I'd say as "Able to do a proper supes film." I for one would love to see Aronofsky helm "Man of Steel."

Xerxex on Sep 27, 2010


@ greg, Aronofsky bad? really...i didn't know... sure i mean Fountain was his weakest, but Requim and Pi..come on. the only good movie tony scotts made as far as i'm concerned is True Romance. Man on Fire was above average sure, but everything else he's done was average at best. the Pelham remake was pretty shitty. Aronofsky over Scott any day. I just wish he'd remake Robocop already.

lego on Sep 27, 2010


Last night's episode of Mad Men had Jon Hamm ripping his shirt off, buttons flying everywhere. That's all I'm saying.

Craig on Sep 27, 2010


How much have Tony Scott's movies made? Around a Billion Dollars!! How much have Darren Aronofsky's movies made? Around 100 million which is TEN PERCENT OF WHAT TONY SCOTT HAS DONE. It's true a lot of the internet and comic fan's love Aronofsky's movies because they are original. Original doesn't mean box office that most people want to see them. Most of his movies have been box office failures and the numbers speak for themselves. But, the ENTIRE world loves Tony Scott's movies ten times more. I think that some of you failed math in the fifth grade. Greg is totally right. Mention The Fountain to your average person and they won't know what you are talking about. But, EVERYONE knows and have seen Top Gun and several other Tony Scott movies. End of debate.

Sam on Sep 27, 2010


#9 - But what the hell does box office have to do with the quality of a movie AT ALL?!! Aronofsky is a BRILLIANT filmmaker and if you can't see that, I feel quite sad for you, as his films have been some of the best in the last decade. I don't know if he's the perfect fit for Superman, but his films have been a lot better than the crap Tony Scott has been churning out recently. Seriously, I don't understand your argument at all. Just because someone has made a lot of money putting out pure crap that mindless audiences eat up doesn't mean he's a) the best director for a project like Superman or b) even going to make Superman a success. Audiences are smart enough nowadays to pick up on great films and support them, and subsequently those films make a LOT of money. Inception is a great example of that. Aronofsky is much better than (the current) Tony Scott in every way.

Alex Billington on Sep 27, 2010



Cracky on Sep 27, 2010


i'm asian, my math is impeccable. nuff said.....lulz. tho figuring out the relationship between your point and comparing the differences between Aronofskys talent and most of Scotts crap is likely to be a problem that i'll never be able to solve. guess you win. mmm

lego on Sep 27, 2010


#9 I suppose you think Michael Bay is immensely talented as well?

Craig on Sep 27, 2010


i would totally go for a film where Superman's pupils dilate at rapid speed and shoot up to get his super powers. Bring on Requiem of a Superman.

wm on Sep 27, 2010


Im sorry but Tony Scott sucks lately(like Alex said) and I love Aronofsky's stuff but damn Superman just doesnt fit him IMO.

Cody w on Sep 28, 2010


#9 mention Chris Nolan "Follwoing" and the average person won't know what you are talking about also. but Chris Nolan made one of the greatess comic book movie. Tony Scott has fall from grace everyone can bring on Top Gun all they want but thats not his recent movies. his recent movies have been a miss

tazz on Sep 28, 2010


Me and my dad were having a discussion about the superman reboot. We both agreed we want to see superman bleeding....shirt ripped up and in true PAIN!!!! Someone has to make this superman memorable and not in the Christopher Reeves 1980's way...but the 2000's Batman Dark Knight way!!

TREY on Sep 28, 2010


I think Tarrantino would be perfect for this, Pam Grier as Lois Lane, Samuel as Lex Louther, Steve Buschemi as Jimmy and.... John Travolta as Superman. The story would be...

Mr Black on Sep 28, 2010


#19...the story would be go to sleep

TREY on Sep 28, 2010


I think Uwe Boll should direct this...HAHA!....seriously, I would kill myself if that happened.

Cmurder on Sep 28, 2010


#17 - if you're referring to the Batman+Superman logo that was in I Am Legend, that was never serious. It was just an easter egg.

Craig on Sep 28, 2010


My dream director for this would be David Fincher!

Cmurder on Sep 28, 2010


While I think Aronofsky is a great filmmaker, I think a better superhero choice for him, if it were under discussion, would be Doctor Strange - someone more angst-ridden and surreal. While I enjoy Tony Scott's films on a visceral level, he is a B-film director riding on his brother's coattails. He is far more suited to be working for Roger Corman. His films all fall more in the middle of the bell curve, thus having a greater appeal for people who think that going to see a film requires giant slurpies and jumbo popcorn. Michael Bay? Gary of Team America got that one right...

Suilebhain on Oct 12, 2010


I wrote a script about 10 years ago and a few people told me it reminded them of the movie Pi, which prompted me to view it. I thought it was a painfully slow yawn which pissed me off since I had so many comparisons from others. I watched two more Aronofsky gems and grew angry at how I continued to waste my time with this guys movies, and vowed never again. Well, just tonight we decided to stream The Wrestler, and as soon as I saw that f*ckers name, I was*t, this a*shole again? So I watched it, and again it reminded me why Aronofsky is still my least favorite director. A big giant unresolved piece of crap IMO. Others may make worse movies, but collectively, nobody is as consistently poor as Aronofsky. Never again Mr Aronofsky (which is unfortunate because I really wanted to see Portman and Kunis kiss). LOL

Jim on Dec 4, 2010


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